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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Trenches on the Web - Timeline: 28-Oct-1908 - The Daily Telegraph Affair
Kaiser Wilhelm II as published in the London Daily Telegraph 8-Oct-1908.
It was published, "as-is", in the Daily Telegraph on 8-Oct-1908.
Rather than further von Bulow’s career, the Daily Telegraph affair greatly contributed to the end of it.
www.worldwar1.com /tldts.htm   (0 words)

 PM defends ID cards scheme for The Daily Telegraph
Tony Blair wrote an article for the Daily Telegraph about ID cards and the national identity database.
I know this will outrage some people but, in a world in which we daily provide information to a whole host of companies and organisations and willingly carry a variety of cards to identify us, I don't think the civil liberties argument carries much weight.
More than two million shoppers in the US already use a "Pay by Touch" system that links their fingerprints to their bank accounts, and a similar system is on trial here in the UK.
www.number-10.gov.uk /output/Page10360.asp   (0 words)

 Strange days at the Daily Telegraph. - By Bryan Curtis - Slate Magazine
As Max Hastings, who edited the Daily Telegraph from 1986 to 1995, noted in his memoirs, what the Telegraph reader wants from his newspaper is a narcotic experience.
So, while the digital Telegraph was being beamed to the Tory diaspora around the world, it was not readily available at its reporters' desks.
A survey of the Telegraph's bloggers this week reveals a post about the sinister side of online gaming, a dispatch from a London screening of The Prestige, and a reporter's evocation of his "stunning and atmospheric" night in Kraków.
www.slate.com /id/2152196   (0 words)

  Bayer Global HR - Bayer sponsors Daily Telegraph Science Writer Awards
Taking a break from judging the Daily Telegraph and Bayer Science Writer Awards are, left to right: (back row) Lord Martin Rees, Sir David Attenborough, Bill Bryson, Dr Roger Highfield, Steve Painter, (front row) Adam Hart-Davies, Lady Mary Archer, Dr Philip Campbell, Jeremy Webb.
The results were announced recently in a full page article in the Daily Telegraph, a leading national UK newspaper.
Part of their prize will be a research trip to Bayer's headquarters and their further writing eventually appearing in the Daily Telegraph.
www.mybayerjob.com /en/regionalandcountrynews/sciencewritingcompetition   (336 words)

  Daily Telegraph
Berry was raised to the peerage (Baron Camrose) in 1929.
In 1939 the circulation of the Daily Telegraph was 830,000.
Persistently the telegraph pursued its campaign for the reform of the House of Lords - "the chartered lords of misrule ogling in the ancient face of bigotry".
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /Jtelegraph.htm   (2252 words)

  The Daily Telegraph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Daily Telegraph is a British broadsheet newspaper founded in 1855.
In 1882 the Daily Telegraph moved to new Fleet Street premises, which were pictured in the Illustrated London News.
The Daily Telegraph was established on June 29, 1855 by Colonel Arthur B. Sleigh.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Daily_Telegraph   (1585 words)

 The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Daily Telegraph is a tabloid newspaper published in Sydney, New South Wales, by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.
The Tele, as it is affectionately known, was founded in 1879 and was a staple in Sydney print media right up until 1990 when it merged with its afternoon sister paper The Daily Mirror to form The Daily Telegraph-Mirror with morning and afternoon editions though the afternoon editions were later discontinued.
The Saturday edition is called The Saturday Daily Telegraph and the Sunday edition is called The Sunday Telegraph.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Daily_Telegraph_(Australia)   (252 words)

 The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph is the highest selling daily newspaper in New South Wales, reaching the general and upmarket population in Australia.
With a readership of 1,194,000*, The Daily Telegraph is the leading daily newspaper in NSW, capturing the life and personality of the people it serves.
The Daily Telegraph's three daily editions - State, Extended Metro and City Final - ensure that readers are served across the state with the best coverage of news as it happens.
www.husonusa.com /daily_telegraph.html   (222 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Galloway victory 'a bad day for journalism'
The Daily Telegraph has condemned George Galloway's libel victory as "a blow to the principle of freedom of expression in this country" and a "bad day for investigative journalism", and said it would appeal against the judgment.
He said that the Telegraph had never argued that the allegations in the documents were true, merely that it was in the public interest to make them public.
Mr Price argued that there was confusion over whether the Daily Telegraph was entitled to publish the documents at all without verifying them, and that the media needed greater clarity over the law.
politics.guardian.co.uk /iraq/story/0,12956,1364699,00.html   (1194 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Daily Telegraph's editor resigns
The Telegraph had been losing sales to rivals which had ditched the broadsheet format, he added.
Telegraph Group chief executive Murdoch MacLennan said: "Martin Newland has guided the Daily Telegraph with distinction through a difficult period, especially during the sale of the company by Lord Black.
Prior to that he was previously home editor, news editor and a reporter for The Daily Telegraph.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/uk_news/4449348.stm   (424 words)

 The Daily Telegraph - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Known more commonly as "The Daily Torygraph", the Telegraph is one of only two remaining British newspapers to publish in the broadsheet format.
A study conducted in 2005 found that in the 8 years since her death more than 80% of Telegraph front pages had included a picture of the late princess (although it should be noted that some proportion of this was illustrating advertisements for Diana-related commemorative plates, posters, stickers, tea-sets, magazines and blow-up dolls).
Baroness Thatcher has remained a political idol of the Telegraph even after she had restraining orders put on several of its reporters for stalking her- she noted that it would have been understandable in press members usually, were it not fo the indecent propositions (and exposure) associated with their harassment.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/The_Daily_Telegraph   (837 words)

 noodlepie: Daily Telegraph blogs
Following the Blog Relations podcast about journalism and blogs, Marcus Warren, Deputy Foreign Editor at The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK emailed me asking for my thoughts on the newspaper's foreign correspondent blogs.
The thing is, the Telegraph has these fantastic correspondents in these fantastic places, their blogs are country or city specific and as such they should function as places where people can come to touch base with the buzz on the streets, pick up what the local papers and bloggers are saying.
Perhaps the telegraph should open their blog to their younger stringers, who might feed in posts from their own blogs.
www.noodlepie.com /2006/01/daily_telegraph.html   (1279 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Telegraph buy-out is 'done deal'
The interview with the Guardian had suggested that under the Barclay brothers, the Telegraph might switch from backing the Tories to Labour.
His statement comes after he was quoted in the Guardian as saying the editorial stance of the traditionally right-wing Telegraph was flexible.
But he also suggested the Telegraph would not automatically follow the Conservative party line, hinting it might swap allegiances to Labour.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/3412517.stm   (799 words)

 Daily Telegraph gets new editor - Creative & Media - www.theage.com.au
The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney has a new editor, with David Penberthy to take over from outgoing editor Campbell Reid.
Mr Penberthy, who was most recently a columnist and opinion page editor for the Telegraph, joined the paper's owner, News Ltd, in 1992 as a cadet on The Advertiser in his home town of Adelaide.
Prior to becoming editor of the Telegraph in 2001, Mr Reid was editor of The Australian, also part the Rupert Murdoch-owned News Ltd Group.
www.theage.com.au /news/Creative--Media/Daily-Telegraph-gets-new-editor/2005/04/01/1112302229391.html   (293 words)

 Daily Telegraph   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For the fourth time the Daily Telegraph 'league table' of teaching quality in British universities places the University of York second out of 99 universities.
At York the inspectors found 'teaching of very high quality that was in some cases exemplary.' They also said that 'students demonstrated a high level of self-direction and engagement in their learning, and the quality of support and guidance they received was impressive.'
The table was published in the Daily Telegraph on 27 July 2002 and ranks universities in a premier league, first, second, third and fourth divisions.
www.york.ac.uk /admin/presspr/dtleague.htm   (157 words)

 NewsFromRussia.Com Daily Telegraph owes George Galloway £150,000
The case pitted the Telegraph, the nation's most-read broadsheet and supporter of Britain's main opposition Conservative party, against a Scottish socialist who swore devotion to the Palestinian and Arab cause in a Dundee bar after a visit to the Middle East in 1977.
The Telegraph did not try to prove the claims were true, but denied libel, claiming the articles were responsible journalism and in the public interest, tells CNN.
The case pitted the Telegraph, the nation's most-read broadsheet and supporter of Britain's main opposition Conservative party, against a Scottish socialist who swore devotion to the Palestinian and Arab cause in a Dundee bar after a visit to the Middle East in 1977 More details...
newsfromrussia.com /world/2004/12/02/57344.html   (1749 words)

 Royal Dutch Shell plc .com
Daily Telegraph: BP ‘deficiencies at all levels’ blamed for Texas explosion
Daily Telegraph: EU power station carbon to be buried
Daily Telegraph: BP settles at 11th hour as legal claims continue to pile up
royaldutchshellplc.com /category/daily-telegraph   (4785 words)

 Minette Marrin: The Daily Telegraph   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is, however, being defended in The Daily Telegraph.
Be that as it may, at almost exactly the moment that the Telegraph announced its campaign for A Free Country, a perfect example of British unfreedom hit the news.
The point is that the council had no right to impose them on this young girl, against her express wishes and against the known wishes of what they would call, in carespeak, her "network of support", anglice her family and friends.
www.minettemarrin.com /minettemarrin/the_daily_telegraph   (21577 words)

 Daily Telegraph Project
It's now exactly a year since I was sacked by The Telegraph, and as yet I haven't been paid.
One of their readers noticed I've been putting braille messages into the images in my new regular slot like "You are too fat", "Thatcher Fucked Us" and "Empty the Whitehall Cesspit".
The Telegraph is 'Britain's biggest selling quality daily' - and also publishes artist's work without paying.Below are a selection of the images.
www.periphery.co.uk /telegraph/index.htm   (247 words)

 Daily-Telegraph-Fantasy-Football   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football (TFF) transfer password is posted on the forum every week.
Today's newsletter should be of particular interest to Telegraph fans for we caught up with Jed Pitman last week who looks after The Telegraph's Fantasy Sports games and does the 'write up' on Wednesdays (Football) and Fridays (Cricket).
They are great fun, reflect the real games well and truly offer managers a real test of their knowledge of the sports, particularly when making transfers which, to do well, is the crucial part of the game.
www.fiso.co.uk /daily-telegraph-fantasy-football.htm   (2434 words)

 Instapundit.com -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The other day, while taking a break by the Al-Hamra Hotel pool, fringed with the usual cast of tattooed defence contractors, I was accosted by an American magazine journalist of serious accomplishment and impeccable liberal credentials.
The moral degeneracy of these sentiments didn’t really hit me until later when I dined at the home of Abu Salah, a father of six who took over as the Daily Telegraph’s chief driver in Baghdad when his predecessor was killed a year ago.
You hate to think that any American journalist could feel this way, but we've had other admissions of this sort in the past.
www.instapundit.com /archives/015545.php   (513 words)

 Open (finds, minds, conversations)...: Daily Telegraph website relaunch / Daily Mail new media / Emily Bell's favourite ...
The Daily Telegraph became the latest newspaper to unveil an online re-think with its fresher, more elegant website redesign.
The Telegraph apparently responded to reader feedback that they would like fewer ads on the website and it looks all the better for it.
Not wanting to be left behind the Daily Mail this week launched a new media division.
open.typepad.com /open/2006/05/daily_telegraph.html   (884 words)

 People's Daily Online -- Daily Telegraph loses Galloway libel appeal
LONDON: Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper lost its libel appeal against maverick politician George Galloway yesterday over a story saying he had been "in the pay" of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.
At no point in the judgment is The Daily Telegraph said to have been motivated by malice, or to have told any deliberate untruths."
The Telegraph had argued it had privilege against libel, saying it was in the public interest to publish the documents.
english.people.com.cn /200601/26/eng20060126_238532.html   (619 words)

 United Kingdom Newspapers -- DailyEarth
Exclusive news, showbiz and sports coverage as well as all the scoop on the Royal Family.
TGL is owned by Hollinger International Inc, a newspaper publishing company with newspaper properties in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Israel.
One of the world's premier newspapers, The Telegraph offers extensive coverage of British news, worldwide news and thorough financial coverage.
www.dailyearth.com /IntnNews/unitedkingdom.html   (360 words)

 Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV - Legacy of giving:
For more than a half century, the Telegraph has published the names of individuals and companies who have contributed to the goal set at $25,000 this year by Tom Colley, executive editor of the newspaper.
Colley returned to Bluefield as executive editor of the Telegraph in the spring of 1985, and has been the driving force behind the annual event for the past 21 years.
But until that day, the burden of supporting shifts to the readers of the Daily Telegraph who have supported the program through their contributions year after year.
www.bdtonline.com /homepage/local_story_329200202.html?keyword=leadpicturestory   (953 words)

 New Iraq 'well on way to becoming Islamic state'
29 October 2003: (The Daily Telegraph) THE United States is failing in its mission to create a secular, overtly pro-Western Iraq, a leading adviser to the American administrator Paul Bremer said yesterday.
Instead, the new, democratic Iraq appears bound to be an Islamic state - with an official role for Islam, and Islamic law enshrined in its constitution.
That prospect is triggering alarm and opposition from the White House and the Pentagon, Noah Feldman, a leading American expert in Islamic law, told The Daily Telegraph.
www.informationclearinghouse.info /article5099.htm   (570 words)

 The Daily Telegraph challenged by modernizing newsroom - Editors Weblog
Internal rifts at the Telegraph root deeper though, as one staffer commented that « it’s not so much the shifts» causing trouble, rather than the daily fear of losing their job.
In a year, the Telegraph trimmed roughly a quarter of its staff (link in French).
The upcoming results of Lewis at the head of the traditionally conservative Telegraph can serve as lesson to all modernizing newspapers, concerned about maintaining positive management-staff relations, as well as a quality publication.
www.editorsweblog.org /print_newspapers/2006/11/the_daily_telegraph_challenged_by_modern.php   (370 words)

 Tags - Daily Telegraph - Instablogs Community   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The UN declared that it would launch an investigation after the Daily Telegraph reported allegations that UN personnel have abused minors in southern Sudan.
The growing stage of a child is very crucial in the context that they pick up everything that they see in their surroundings.
According to reports from Sydney's Daily Telegraph, Director Baz Luhman is about to start filming all-encompassing romantic movies which will be kick start its shooting sessions by the end of this year.
www.instablogs.com /tags/daily-telegraph   (221 words)

 Email Subscription | The Daily Telegraph
PRIVACY NOTE:: This information will be retained by The Daily Telegraph to enable us to provide you with the service you have requested, and to assist us in improving our products and services.
We may share your information with other companies which are helping us to provide or market our goods and services, or with companies related to News Ltd anywhere in the world.
Yes, I would like to receive the Daily Telegraph's daily MainGame mailout giving me my fix of sporting headlines from the website which breaks the big exclusives.
news.reply.com.au /ni/dailytele.asp   (0 words)

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