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Topic: The Digital Village

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Video Production Crew Vancouver, Nanaimo | Documentary, Promotional, Corporate Video
Digital Village is a production company offering a wide range of services to suit your documentary, promotional, or corporate video needs.
In a world where digital dominates, it's almost nostalgic to capture images on gelatin.
Digital SLRs have risen significantly, representing five percent or 5 million units.
www.digitalvillageproductions.com   (0 words)

  broadcast-quality video production - Digital Village Productions
In a world where digital dominates, it's almost nostalgic to capture images on gelatin.
Digital SLRs have risen significantly, representing five percent or 5 million units.
While digital cameras cater superbly to the majority of photographers' needs, fine art photographers still rely on the detail of film to produce their breathtaking imagery.
www.digitalvillageproductions.com /digital_video_talk_archives.php   (640 words)

  Hal Berghel, Digital Village, Digital Villages and Cyberspace, 1995
We are at the dawn of a new digital era - the age of cyberspace and cybermedia.
Digital villages will have focus; but the focus will be a moving target.
Like many in-person activities, digital villages will typically form around members with common interests, programs which those members wish to participate in, and services which will be offered to some constituency.
www.berghel.net /col-edit/digital_village/nov-95/dv_11-95.php   (1921 words)

 HP Digital Village
HP's Digital Village Program represents the multi-dimensional strategy that directly targets the issue; draws from the experiences and insights we've gained in working with public and community organizations to integrate technology in a meaningful way; and listens to communities the way we listen to customers to jointly develop the solutions that meet their needs.
Prior to creating the Digital Village Program, HP developed its own vision of the future where technology is accessible to everyone in the world as a means to learn, work and benefit from information.
HP's Digital Village portfolio consists of communities that are varied on many levels and present us with the opportunity to discover and share multiple learnings.
www.witsa.org /awards02/nominees/itaa/HPDigitalVillageFAQ.htm   (990 words)

 Inergize Digital Media - A Division of Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc.
Our focus is to help stations build a digital distribution strategy that allows them to extend their reach in the market place, increase effectiveness for advertisers, drive new revenue streams and increase our share of time and provide engaging opportunities for our advertiser.
Inergize Digital Media works with the various departments at the TV station's to teach their staff how to integrate the web into their everyday operations.
Inergize Digital Media has negotiated a number of revenue generating partnerships with a number of companies.
www.inergizedigitalmedia.com   (0 words)

 ICTvillage.com .. Making Kenya the ICT hub of Africa
The Digital Village Concept was launched on Tuesday 31st July 2007 in Nairobi.
Please click here if you are interested in setting up and/or running a digital facility (centre, school, kiosk) under the Digital Village Network.
Please click here if you are interested in supplying products/services as a digital business partner under the Digital Village Network.
www.ictvillage.com   (0 words)

 Digital Art Photo Gallery - ComputerGraphicsArtists.com
This gallery is based upon the Photo Manipulations from Graphic Chaos.
Having fun with my digital jewelry images in Photoshop.
ComputerGraphicsArtists.com is a free online photo gallery and community for Digital Art.
www.computergraphicsartists.com   (0 words)

 About the Film Production Crew - Digital Village Productions - Vancouver and Nanaimo
Founded by a group of media veterans, Digital Village Productions has dozens of years of combined television, documentary and news experience.
She now lives in Canada and is a production assistant and researcher for Digital Village Productions.
He brings his film sense from budgeting to writing and directing to the Digital Village Productions team.
www.digitalvillageproductions.com /about_us.html   (398 words)

 Digital Journal - Village has Bribery problem: there isn't Any
Villagers in southeastern China are up in arms after missing out on lucrative bribes during a recent village elections when candidates foreswore the practice at a temple, according to a Communist Party mont
Villagers in southeastern China are up in arms after missing out on lucrative bribes during a recent village elections when candidates foreswore the practice at a temple, according to a Communist Party monthly magazine.
I hope this is not true in other villages where villagers want the officials to bribe, the residents should be happy that these officials have swore not to take bribery.
www.digitaljournal.com /article/145416/Village_has_Bribery_problem_there_isn_t_Any   (737 words)

 Dispatch 2: Dancing in the highlands - Sponsored Feature - MSNBC.com
He is the only one in the family to have ever left the village hearth, the first to ever land a job with a wage, and he feels both proud and a bit guilty.
The village is honored, we’re told, that we chose to call, and they want to show off their best spectacle.
The village elders, he says, are concerned about losing their culture, and they call some who have left for the lights of town “long-long,” which means crazy.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/6632374   (1622 words)

 Welcome to iConnect Online - The Digital Village: Towards a sustainable community technology center   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Digital Villages are computer education and resource centers located within disadvantaged communities intended to provide training in and access to information and communication technology (ICT).
Digital Village operating hours are divided between training and access times, allowing members access to IT education, as well as time to utilize these resources for whatever they desire, including Internet and Email, Adult Basic Education, Small Business Entrepreneurship, Vocational Skills, and Personal Finance Management.
A recent evaluation of the Digital Village project completed by the Joint Education Trust reports that “In establishing the centres, Africare has taken pains to engage with community structures in as comprehensive manner as possible, including lengthy negotiations and the development of management committees which should be representative of the community concerned.
www.iicd.org /photos/iconnect/Stories/Story.import4452   (3454 words)

 Digital Village: About the technology - Sponsored Feature - MSNBC.com
Hewlett-Packard, which is sponsoring this project, is contributing two of their consumer-model digital cameras for use throughout our expedition, and at the “digital village” itself.
For the Digital Village: New Guinea project, we are faced with all these issues, as well as a final challenge: getting the images from the field to the Internet.
This is what we hope to accomplish with Digital Village: New Guinea — to let the people we visit show us images of what they see, the world through their eyes.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/6473113   (1288 words)

 Meeting Mentors @ the Lagos Digital Village   (Site not responding. Last check: )
That is why the Lagos Digital Village focuses on the need to introduce young people to role models whose activities and/or life fit the picture of the New Nigerian we seek to weave.
These are the mentors that the Lagos Digital Village brings to the students at the centre.
Either a mentor is from the academia or the private sector, media, civil society or government; we welcome them and encourage them to share best practices with youth at the Lagos Digital Village, while also fulfilling their own dreams of reproducing their virtuous ideals in others.
www.lagosdigitalvillage.org.ng /mentors.php   (487 words)

Digital Village assemble their own PCs in-house, and claim to spend several hours on installation, setup and operating system tweaks for each machine they build.
Digital Village also score in having eight shops (four in London, with others in Cambridge, Southampton, Bristol and Birmingham), as well as a dedicated educational sales department, so more musicians are able to try out a sample system in the flesh before making a decision.
Digital Village told me that this setting had circumvented several audio problems in the past, and that it doesn't make a noticeable difference to music applications, but it's quick enough to change back if you intend to run any serious graphics applications.
www.soundonsound.com /sos/Oct02/articles/digitalvillagepc.asp   (3913 words)

 DDN Articles - Owerri Digital Village: A grassroots approach to empowering Nigerian youth and their communities
In September 2001, the Owerri Digital Village was launched in Imo State, Eastern Nigeria, by Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF).
Programs offered at the Owerri Digital Village have successfully demonstrated to the community how technology can effectively be used in grassroots communities and how people are welcoming to accepting and integrating solutions into their indigenous lifestyles.
As one villager requested an application to join the program, she stated with excitement in her voice, "I will learn the necessary skills to assist me with my shop in the market." The YTF program manager agreed as she stood in the classroom doorway, with light pouring in on a beautiful Owerri Day.
www.digitaldivide.net /articles/view.php?ArticleID=289   (975 words)

 Digital Dividends : Publications & Analysis : Education
The Centre aims to address this education crisis by providing the digital, technical and academic resources to as many learners as it can.
In some cases, learners are from areas that do not have electricity at all and have never seen television in their lives.
An Africare assessment of the eight "Digital Villages" it has helped set up has determined that the Sappi Kwa-Dukuza Resource Center is a model that should be replicated.
www.digitaldividend.org /pubs/pubs_03_sappi.htm   (1259 words)

 Digital Vision Program » blog » Owerri Digital Village — Teaching Young People to Use Technology to ...
The Owerri Digital Village is a paradigm community technology and learning center, the first of its kind in West Africa, serving rural people between ages 8 and 25.
The Owerri Digital Village is an extended learning model bridging the technology, gender, education and community divides.
Chinyere Mbachu, Program Manager at the Owerri Digital Village, explained, “the most effective method to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and diseases brought about by unclean water is through community awareness and education.
rdvp.org /archives/2005/01/31/owerri-digital-village-teaching-young-people-to-use-technology-to-address-concrete-realities   (800 words)

 Digital Media Center-Illinois Institute of Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Digital Village Academics is a Chicago-based organization that motivates and prepares high-school youth to be successful in our century's econimic mainstream.
Digital Village Academics believes that success in the mainstream of the new "e-conomy" is the product of education and training.
Digital Village Academies is sponsored by Chicago Childcare Society.
dmc.iit.edu /digitalvillage.asp   (101 words)

 BW Online | June 28, 2004 | The Digital Village
Instead, farmers from nearby villages can use the terminal to see computerized copies of the deeds to the tiny patches of wheat, rice, and vegetables they till for a living.
With all the information digitized, land reform -- which had slowed because limited access to records made it hard to prove ownership -- could now be restarted.
In the poor, dusty village of Shahpur in Uttar Pradesh, for instance, impoverished farmers save their rupees to send their children to school in the neighboring town of Barabanki.
www.businessweek.com /magazine/content/04_26/b3889003.htm   (2979 words)

 NOVA Online | The Vikings | Explore a Viking Village
Certain streets in the model village were designed especially with filmmaking in mind.
Notice the extraordinary attention to detail and the powerful sense you get of "walking" through the village at the eye level of a person scaled down 30 times in size.
The filmmakers used a jib arm, also known as a camera crane, with a remote-controlled digital beta video camera fitted with a so-called snorkel lens.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/nova/vikings/village.html   (469 words)

 HP e-inclusion: Tribal Digital Village
Since the Tribal Digital Village was launched in 2001 with a $5 million HP grant to SCTCA, the program has successfully fostered cultural, educational, community and economic development in the Southern California tribal community.
The Tribal Digital Village has engaged community youth and adults to ensure the development and transfer of technical knowledge and expertise going forward.
In addition, the Tribal Digital Village has conducted outreach to communicate its goals to organizations and institutions outside of the tribal community.
www.hp.com /e-inclusion/en/project/project_tdv.html   (554 words)

 Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Digital tools are enabling and enriching scholarship in the humanities to a great extent.
Within the past few years, humanities scholars have begun to design, develop, and apply digital tools for their own scholarship.
Both the tool-building and tool-using communities are growing, and there is a need for a summit that can assess the state of development of digital tools for humanities research, as well as the effectiveness of the supporting and integrating cyberinfrastructure.
jefferson.village.virginia.edu /dtsummit   (184 words)

 Lakewood Ranch - Digital Village
Digital Village is the proprietary Intranet of Lakewood Ranch.
Digital Village -- your gateway to a virtual tour of Lakewood Ranch and its unique lifestyle.
Download our Digital Village Brochure (313 KB -.pdf) or visit the www.lwrdv.com for more information.
www.lakewoodranch.com /community/digitalVillage.cfm   (136 words)

 Digital Journal - Village sells street names to raise cash
There is a Hungarian Village that needs funds, they are cash strapped.
The village is hoping world famous celebrities will jump at the chance or anyone with cash.
The northeastern village of Ivad is charging around 100,000 forints ($511) per meter to name its eight streets and guarantees on its http://ivad.hu/index2.html Web site that the name will not be altered for 300 years.
www.digitaljournal.com /article/116249/Village_sells_street_names_to_raise_cash   (206 words)

 Digital Village Associates: Don Means
Digital Village Associates, a 10-year old consulting enterprise that focuses on information /communications technology as both tool and subject for building local communities everywhere.
Since April 2003, Means has held the position of Senior Political Advisor to Meetup.com, the 2-year old community-building Web service with over 1.5 million members that provides an organizing tool for like-interested people, enabling them to gather off-line in localities anywhere in the world.
TriWorks is a 9 year old software and services company specializing in "Digital Image Communications" for a range of consumer and commercial applications.
www.digitalvillage.com /bio.htm   (226 words)

 Owerri Digital Village Photos
Njideka Ugwuegbu, the visionary of the community technology center model and pioneer of the Owerri Digital Village in Nigeria.
The Owerri Digital Village prior to the completion of centers' renovations.
The Owerri Digital Village model is a YTF program hosted by the Imo State Government.
www.youthfortechnology.org /owerri_first_photos.html   (301 words)

 The Communication Initiative - Experiences - Hewlett-Packard's Digital Village - Africa and France   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Through the Digital Village programme, HP works with local partners, including schools, universities, government agencies, community service organisations, non-profit organisations, and small businesses, to implement and train local people in new technologies.
East Baltimore's Digital Village is building a community network that supports learning for youths and adults, connects community organisations and businesses, and enhances the delivery of community services.
The Tribal Digital Village, a community of 18 Indian reservations scattered across 150 miles and 124,000 acres in Southern California, has begun a project to provide wireless access to connect the reservations, promote cultural preservation, and widen economic opportunities.
www.comminit.com /experiences/pdskdv32002/experiences-1209.html   (315 words)

 Gamesup|Industry|Developer|The Digital Village Ltd.
Closed May 2001 on the death of owner and author, Douglas Adams.
Curiously, although the website remains (September 2001), most material about the company and its history was deleted shortly after the authors death - an odd tribute to one who promoted the potential of the Internet and digital media.
TDV's online version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, www.h2g2.com, was acquired by BBC New Media, February 2001.
www.gamesup.com /data/industry/companies/The_Digital_Village_Ltd..html   (68 words)

 Albion College News & Sports
The Digital Village Program is designed to help “underserved” communities fulfill their goals to participate more fully in the digital age by earmarking millions of dollars in resources for K-12 school programs, neighborhood centers, and home-based initiatives, according to the company.
That Hewlett-Packard’s Digital Village plan will guide the investment of HP resources, including products, people and partnerships aimed at making information and skills broadly accessible.
Albion’s plan as an HP Digital Village is to “unleash the power of information technology as a vehicle to bridge the ‘digital divide,’” according to a proposal submitted to Hewlett-Packard.
www.albion.edu /ac_news/archives/HPdigitalvillage.asp   (545 words)

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