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Topic: The Facts of Life

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In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  Facts for Life Wall Calendar - Programmes - Health Education to Villages
This programme will create and distribute Facts for Life Wall Calendars, in Marathi, to give to all mothers with the 13 Facts for Life messages accompanying each month.
Each month will be accompanied by a relevant picture to the Facts for Life health message that all mothers have the right to know.
These calendars will provide knowledge to mothers about the Facts for Life messages, and also mobilize the community for local health events by providing necessary information in the calendar.
hetv.org /programmes/facts-for-life-wall-calendar.htm   (1259 words)

 DVD Talk Review: The Facts of Life - The Complete First & Second Seasons
The first season of The Facts of Life is a pretty overstuffed affair.
Remembering The Facts of Life (18:23) is your standard retrospective piece, full of wistful memories and effusive praise.
My idea of hell is the Facts of Life theme song played on an endless loop for all eternity.
www.dvdtalk.com /reviews/read.php?ID=21189   (1446 words)

 Abortion Pro life Planned Parenthood at Life Dynamics
Facts on abortion procedures used in abortion clinics.
Life Dynamics seeks to educate doctors and medical students about the abortion controversy and the stigma that attaches to those who become abortionists.
Life Dynamics offers a variety of materials for prolifers involved with pregnancy centers, sidewalk counseling, teachers, and leaders.
www.lifedynamics.com   (911 words)

  Flow of Life Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In fact, I needed this kind of the “facts of life” story much more than I had needed to hear the story about the sexual “facts of life.” In 2002, I was gifted a version of the “facts of life” story I had needed since I was six years old.
The “facts of life,” my child, are that how your life will go has little to do with what happens to you and lots to do with how well you digest those experiences.
You can trust that you have properly digested a life experience is when you feel more connected to source than before, you feel more loving and safe and joy-filled, when you have embraced in your heart the gifts of light you harvested from that experience, regardless of whether the experience itself seemed wonderful or awful.
www.willingness.com /html/articles/flowfacts.html   (5516 words)

 Welcome To The Facts Of Life
Yet, we have regressed from debating the language of a constitutional Human Life Amendment to arguing over legislation regulating the conditions under which our precious unborn brothers and sisters can be aborted.
We have retreated from insisting that our candidates publicly proclaim their belief in the sanctity of human life to allowing politicians to quietly assure us of their support without even mentioning our issues in their campaign materials.
We have shifted from requiring the candidates we back to support only pro-life candidates to excusing the actions of "pro-life" office holders who openly embrace abortion advocates in the name of party loyalty.
www.factsoflife.org /html/art_stayontarget.html   (903 words)

 NCHR - Immigration News - Facts about LIFE
LIFE is what was passed instead of the Latino Immigration Fairness Act - better known as LIFA.
Instead, LIFE contains a series of immigration benefits destined to alleviate some of the backlog of certain family and work visas and to provide additional possibilities for a limited number of immigrants who have been unable to regularize their situations under previous amnesty and other laws.
It’s main benefit is that it allows certain people to become permanent residents while either remaining in the US instead of a mandatory wait in their home country or to enter the US while awaiting completion of their petition for residency.
www.nchr.org /irp/life_facts.htm   (1056 words)

 The Facts Of Life - Personal Finance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
For older empty-nesters, though, life insurance is often an expense you don't need as long as your retirement nest egg is big enough to support your surviving spouse.
Term life insurance is as cheap as it's been in two decades, thanks to increasing life expectancies and cutthroat competition.
In California, for example, 16 life insurers have a complaint ratio of 0, meaning no gripes have been filed that the state has found to be justified.
www.wftv.com /personalfinance/8037565/detail.html   (3565 words)

 Facts of Life
Facts of Life 135 - Into the Frying Pan Part II The girls and Mrs.
Facts of Life 136 - Grand Opening Part III Construction is finished, merchandise is stocked and the girls and Mrs.
Facts of Life 140 - Doo Wah Despite the girls’ objections, Andy enters them in a teen magazine contest to sing back-up for rock star El DeBarge—but when they surprisingly make the semi-finals, the girls try singing their way to the top.
www.sightssounds.net /facts_of_life1.htm   (213 words)

 The SF Site Featured Review: The Facts of Life
It was Graham Joyce's stated intention to write about "the fantastic and the domestic, side by side" and that is exactly what The Facts of Life is. It is as if a magical realist matriarchy has parachuted into the prosaic setting of the mid-Twentieth Century Midlands (though Joyce himself may well recoil from that description).
The Facts of Life is very much about the facts of life; birth, sex and death feature prominently.
Often these themes are manifested in decidedly unpleasant events but again these are facts of life, nothing more, nothing less.
www.sfsite.com /03a/fl147.htm   (818 words)

 SLS · Bibliography · The Facts of Life
In The Facts of Life, however, Laing sought the meaning of phantasy and the source of lingering conflict and trauma among all patients - schizophrenic and otherwise - in distant reverberations from "birth and before", thereby minimizing, obscuring or merely ignoring the theoretical implications of phases one and two of his work.
What is here is sketches of my childhood, first questions, speculations, observations, reflections on conception, intra-uterine life, being born and giving birth: allusions to behavior and experience of adults which seem to belong to the same class as traumatic neuroses.
The main fact of life for me is love or its absence.
laingsociety.org /biblio/factsolife.htm   (745 words)

 The Facts of Life  -  Jokes-Funnies.com
Life not only begins at forty, it begins to show.
Life is like a shower - one wrong move and your in hot water.
Life is like hemorrhoids: sometimes even the little crap can be really painful.
www.unwind.com /jokes-funnies/miscjokes/factsoflife.shtml   (2105 words)

 The Facts of Life TV Show - The Facts of Life Television Show - TV.com
The Facts of Life began in August of 1979 and aired on NBC.
Garrett is heading back to America, ready for a new life and new romance, and also looking forward to seeing the girls again.
Natalie is a dedicated TV news producer, juggling an active love life with a frenetic work schedule that takes her all over the world.
www.tv.com /facts-of-life/show/357/summary.html   (853 words)

 The Facts Of Life - Personal Finance News Story - KPRC Houston
For older empty-nesters, though, life insurance is often an expense you don't need as long as your retirement nest egg is big enough to support your surviving spouse.
Term life insurance is as cheap as it's been in two decades, thanks to increasing life expectancies and cutthroat competition.
In California, for example, 16 life insurers have a complaint ratio of 0, meaning no gripes have been filed that the state has found to be justified.
www.click2houston.com /personalfinance/8037565/detail.html   (3622 words)

 tipperography: The Facts of Life
I mean these Facts of Life (via QandO blog) which would probably come naturally to most people except that the education system does its darned best to keep kids from learning them.
This is the flip side of "It's my life," and "You're not the boss of me," and other eloquent proclamations of your generation.
It's absolutely true, "life is not fair" and you should never expect it to be.
tipperography.typepad.com /tipperography/2005/05/the_facts_of_li.html   (1050 words)

 Ancient Dynasties: II
Many of the thinkers were itinerant intellectuals who, besides teaching their disciples, were employed as advisers to one or another of the various state rulers on the methods of government, war, and diplomacy.
To Confucius, the functions of government and social stratification were facts of life to be sustained by ethical values.
It holds that the goal of life for each individual is to find one's own personal adjustment to the rhythm of the natural (and supernatural) world, to follow the Way (dao) of the universe.
www-chaos.umd.edu /history/ancient2.html   (1201 words)

 Amazon.com: The Facts of Life - The Complete First & Second Seasons: DVD: Cloris Leachman,Mackenzie Astin,Pamela ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A spin-off of Diff'rent Strokes, The Facts of Life was designed as a showcase for Charlotte Rae, who played jack-of-all-trades den mother Edna Garrett.
A spin-off of the tremendously popular Diff'rent Strokes, THE FACTS OF LIFE is the hilarious series that follows Mrs.
"The Facts Of Life" was one of my favorite shows growing up because all of the characters were so likeable, and everyone could relate to them.
www.amazon.com /Facts-Life-Complete-Second-Seasons/dp/B000EQ45BU   (2845 words)

 The Facts of Life (Insurance: Personal Finance) | SmartMoney.com
For older empty-nesters, though, life insurance is often an expense you don't need — as long as your retirement nest egg is big enough to support your surviving spouse.
The average insurance-owning household had $196,200 worth of life coverage in 2000 —; and if that seems like a thin lifeline in the age of the $400,000 mortgage, your instincts are right.
That gives you the option to switch it to permanent at that point, regardless of your medical condition — a key benefit, because premiums for brand-new policies can skyrocket as people pass middle age or as their health deteriorates.
www.smartmoney.com /insurance/life/index.cfm?story=oct02-life   (3719 words)

 Amazon.com: The Facts of Life: Music: Black Box Recorder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Facts of Life is a good album, which seems better than it is mostly because the first BBR album was as pretentious as it was, which was very.
More interesting, and less planned, is their conception of life as a Descartean inversion of reality and dream, where nothing ever really happens -- nothing sexual, that is, which is all BBR cares about -- except in your overheated imagination.
Maturing from the distinctive "England Made Me" slightly, "The Facts of Life" is a swirling group of songs that were so unashamed to be beautiful...it's terrifying.
www.amazon.com /Facts-Life-Black-Box-Recorder/dp/B00005AKF5   (1956 words)

 Facts Of Life Programs - Home Page
The Facts of Life Seminar and Lessons on The Facts of Life are character development programs which motivate adolescents and young adults to do what's right by demonstrating how it is in their best interest to act on principle in daily living.
This series of lessons is based on cutting-edge research on the relationship between happiness and human behavior, which has attracted worldwide attention since it was originally introduced to the scientific community in New Ideas in Psychology, an international journal of innovative theory in psychology in 1996.
Lessons on The Facts of Life is a set of instructional sessions which can be integrated within existing programs or classes on self-awareness, decision making and personal growth.
www.factsoflifeprograms.com   (232 words)

 VQR » The Facts of Life
He has finished a new comic novel, Second Life, and his previously published CLR story, "Afternoons with Klaatu," was taken from this book and nominated for the 2003 Pushcart Award.
My great dream was to be told the Facts of Life well before we reached Chicago, and to be taken, once we got there, to Cinerama Holiday—for Lord knows it would never come to Seattle.
There was my old friend, the Venus de Milo, but more tellingly for me, in my search for the Facts of Life, was a huge colossus of Hercules, done in apparent fl marble, and it was between his legs that we were presently standing.
www.vqronline.org /articles/2002/summer/alley-facts-life   (2886 words)

 Facts of Life for kids - educational books
Facts of Life for kids - educational books
Revised and updated, this highly praised book traces the growth and development of a baby from conception to birth and during the first years of life.
The effects of pregnancy on the mother's body are described in full, along with practical information on how to help look after a baby.
www.eduresources.net /science/anatomy/bsh25.htm   (206 words)

 Facts for Life - Diarrhoea, Diarrhea, Diarrea, Dehydration and Oral Rehydration - Rehydration Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
As soon as diarrhoea starts, it is essential that the child be given extra fluids as well as regular foods and fluids.
A child's life is in danger if there are several watery stools within an hour or if there is blood in the faeces.
All refuse should be buried, burned or safely disposed of to stop flies from spreading disease.
rehydrate.org /diarrhoea/prime_messages.htm   (1991 words)

 Inside The Oscar Nominations: 'The Facts Of Life' Factor - Defamer
Inside The Oscar Nominations: 'The Facts Of Life' Factor
CLOONEY: I was on the series "The Facts of Life," and Paul was a writer.
The two old friends, suddenly Oscar-nominated peers, can laugh about that once-controversial Facts of Life episode, in which a collision between novice driver Tootie's new car and handyman George's primer-spotted pick-up truck set off an improbable chain reaction of racial divisiveness in Mrs.
www.defamer.com /hollywood/oscars/inside-the-oscar-nominations-the-facts-of-life-factor-151812.php   (429 words)

 Misconceptions About Usability (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Knowing real-world facts increases creativity because it offers designers ideas about design improvement and inspires them to focus their energy on real problems.
Conventions and standards for interface design are like a dictionary for the English language: they define the meaning of interface units and offer guidelines for stringing them together.
Market research methods such as focus groups and customer satisfaction surveys are great at researching your positioning or which messages to choose for an advertising campaign.
www.useit.com /alertbox/20030908.html   (926 words)

 Beyond The Facts of Life: Slots & Ratings
Beyond The Facts of Life: Slots and Ratings
Note: 1979 was The Facts of Life first year
Note: 1988 was The Facts of Life last year
factsoflifeshow.tripod.com /ratings.html   (26 words)

 "The Facts of Life" Scripts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Some episodes are transcripts from just one network, some are episodes from Nick at Nite combined with the Hallmark Channel, show what parts the networks left in and cut out.
My goal for this website is to have ALL 209 episodes of The Facts of Life on here.
If every fan of The Facts of Life that came here could transcript an episode we would have them all before we knew it.
www.geocities.com /factsoflife1979   (171 words)

 "Facts of Life" Email
Lutheran's for Life Conference, April 17th in Sacramento, at Stanford University, April 23rd in Palo Alto, and at the Arkansas Right to Life Conference, on April 30th.
You are always welcome to forward "Facts of Life" to your pro-life friends and family!
We seek to educate our community in regard to abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide, to identify and organize the pro-life population of the state into an effective team, and to restore respect for human life to public policy.
www.californiaprolife.org /factsoflife/2005/factsoflife041405.html   (648 words)

 Facts for Life - Health Education To Villages
Facts for Life - Health Education To Villages
Every year, nearly 11 million children die from preventable causes before reaching their fifth birthday.
We urge everyone to share and use these health messages to help save children's lives.
hetv.org /resources/ffl   (181 words)

 Pro Life Facts
One of the reasons that Central Illinois Right To Life exists is to be a source of information about Pro Life Issues.
It is the truth that makes us free, but we must first know the truth for in matters of life and death; ignorance is not bliss, rather, ignorance is disaster.
Politicians sometimes say one thing and do another but many try to avoid stating their position on Pro Life Issues.
www.cirtl.org /faqs.htm   (216 words)

 Lisa Whelchel: Official Site
As most of you are aware, I played the role of Blair Warner for nine years on NBC's "The Facts of Life" from 1979 to 1988.
Nancy, Kim, Mindy, Charlotte and I became like family and everyday was a joy to come to work.
To buy the first two seasons of "The Facts of Life" on DVD click here.
www.lisawhelchel.com /facts_of_life.htm   (113 words)

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