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Topic: Franchising

In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Franchise Consultants - Franchising and Business Development Consultant Services
With over 30 years experience as franchise consultants in major franchising operations, we will provide expert and professional assistance in developing your franchise system.
A franchising consultant is available to answer all of your questions about business expansion and the various alternative systems.
Franchising is often the best method to expand your market, sales and profits.
www.franchising-consultants.com   (341 words)

  Regulation Overview (Franchise)
Franchisees often place their life savings, time, and energy into the franchise and, as a result, the loss of a franchise investment may be even more catastrophic than the loss of a securities investment.
The booming popularity and growth of franchising, the profits which inured to franchisors, and oft-repeated stories of franchisees who "struck it rich" through franchising were accompanied by the abuse of that system by a few fly-by-night, unethical and, often, criminal operators.
The state franchise laws require that an offering circular proposed for use must not only be prepared according to NASAA Guidelines, but must first be submitted to, scrutinized, and permitted or disallowed by the respective state.
www.wdfi.org /fi/securities/franchise/regulatn.htm   (677 words)

  Franchising - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Franchising (from the French for free) is a method of doing business wherein a franchisor licenses trademarks and methods of doing business to a franchisee in exchange for a recurring payment.
As practiced in retailing, franchising offers franchisees the advantage of starting up a new business quickly based on a proven trademark and formula of doing business, as opposed to having to build a new business and brand from scratch (often in the face of aggressive competition from franchise operators).
Many retail sectors, particularly in the United States, are now dominated by franchising to the point where independently-run operations are the exception rather than the rule.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Franchising   (899 words)

Given that franchising has a strong spin-off job creation factor between 1 and 1.5 additional jobs for every one franchise employee, the estimated current job creation potential in South Africa, in direct and indirect jobs is in the region of 600,000.
Crucial to the overall success of franchising was an adherence to the international principals and code of ethics set down by the international franchising community.
Franchise Week will bring together the successful franchise nations of the world to meet the viable nations of Africa in a week of communication, interaction and endless possibilities.
www.africa-ata.org /franchising.htm   (1751 words)

 Franchising.com - Franchising Opportunities
We were told that franchising accounts for more than 40% of retail sales in the U.S. economy, generating over a trillion dollars in sales per year, and that franchising companies provide the source of employment for more than eight million American workers.
Franchise UPDATE, an industry-leading information resource that educates the franchise community through publications, conventions and research, today announced the launch of Area Developer magazine, a four-color, high-gloss quarterly publication offering business solutions for multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees.
Franchised businesses generate jobs for more than 18 million Americans and account for 9.5 percent of the private-sector economic output, a study released today by International Franchise Association Educational Foundation reported.
www.franchising.com /archive.shtml   (1152 words)

 Franchising your business   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Franchising allows entrepreneurs to overcome many of these problems by substituting a motivated franchisee for a unit manager.
At a minimum, you'll need a franchise contract, an offering circular (as required under FTC Rule 436), and, depending on where franchises are being sold, state registrations.
Moreover, since the franchise sales process is highly regulated, you'll need to be educated in proper sales, disclosure and compliance techniques.
www.entrepreneur.com /article/0,4621,316492,00.html   (1088 words)

 Franchising   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Franchising Code of Conduct ensures that franchisees are informed of all relevant facts when starting their business, and that they can access a fast and relatively inexpensive way to resolve any disputes.
The franchisees guide outlines the information you are entitled to before you enter into a franchise agreement, the rules that apply for transfer and termination of an agreement, and the dispute resolution requirements.
Given the unique structure of franchising arrangements it is likely that when a dispute occurs there may be an inequality of bargaining power—the very nature of franchising almost always results in smaller business dealing with a larger business whose position affords them a degree of power and control.
www.accc.gov.au /content/index.phtml/itemId/6118   (1404 words)

 Wisconsin.gov - Build Your Business - Franchising   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Franchising involves duties, obligations, and promises, as well as Wisconsin regulations.
Franchise Workshop - SBA's on-line self-paced activities with lessons.
Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law - Chapter 553 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
www.wisconsin.gov /state/byb/franchise.html   (78 words)

 Franchise Business Opportunity - Ruby Tuesday
The franchise philosophy at Ruby Tuesday is to leverage the strength of our proven, casual dining restaurant and culture to deliver a lower risk, solid return offering to select investment partners.
Since beginning our franchise program in 1997, we have created a franchise structure that not only attracts qualified franchisees to Ruby Tuesday, but supports them in strategic ways that allow them to make solid returns on their investment.
Franchise opportunities are now available for interested investors and potential restaurant franchisees in many areas of the world, both internationally and domestically.
www.rubytuesday.com /franchising.asp   (254 words)

 Business Franchise Advice and Resources from AllBusiness.com
Franchising basics: online courses and resources: what you need to know when buying a franchise and where to learn it.
The profile of franchising: 2006: this is fifth in the series of IFA Educational Foundation-FRANdata research reports about the franchising sector.
The profile of franchising: 2006: this is the third in the series of IFA Educational Foundation-FRANdata research reports about the franchising sector.
www.allbusiness.com /buying-exiting-businesses/franchising/2976250-1.html   (869 words)

 Franchising (Order Negosyo)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Franchising is a method of doing business where the buyer (the franchisee) runs a business by using the system and trademark of the seller (the franchisor).
According to the Philippine Franchise Association, "a franchised business is three times more likely to succeed as compared to one put up from square one".
Depending on the franchise business you choose, your recovery period can be anywhere from six (6) to thirty-six (36) months.
www.dti.gov.ph /contentment/9/17/107/272.jsp   (865 words)

 Franchising Ventures Group Funds Development of Franchise Opportunities - Franchise Development
Franchising Ventures Group was formed by a group of executives with business building, marketing, franchising and financial skills.
Franchising Ventures Group would then form, by contractual agreement with Sue's Emporium, a separate entity that would be capitalized, managed by Franchising Ventures Group for the purpose of franchising Sue's business format across America and perhaps beyond, with both Sue and Franchising Ventures Group sharing in the stream of royalties paid by the franchisees.
The number of U. companies choosing to franchise has grown from about 100 in 1950 to over 2,500 today, with hundreds of thousands of franchised outlets (figures vary, but the number is somewhere more than 500,000 such outlets) and its believed to account for about 40% of all retail sales in the United States.
www.franchisingventures.com /release1.html   (1007 words)

 Franchising in Baltics
Looking for the new possibilities for Latvia in the franchising business, she has collected current information on business providers and new tendencies.
At the moment, the part of the franchising companies on the American market is more than 40% of the whole trade volume, in which 7,2 millions of employees are involved.
Although among the companies, working on the franchising system, only 8 of 100 companies splits in the further 5 years, and 10 of 100 — in further 10 years.
www.franchising.lv /en/jaunumi.shtml   (351 words)

 International Franchise Association - Over 1,250 franchise opportunities - Information on franchising, selecting a ...
That’s why it is so important before joining the ranks of franchisees that you carefully investigate all the aspects of any franchise concept you’re considering; and franchise.org is the place all prospective franchisees should begin.
As a franchisee, you’ll need to keep up with the franchising sector as it continues to flourish and adapt to the ever-evolving economic environment.
A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that the franchising sector generates 18 million jobs in the United States alone and yields $1.53 trillion in economic output.
www.franchise.org   (376 words)

 Small Business Franchising Information at Business.com
Franchise rankings, guides and advice on getting started as well as other useful franchising tips from Entrepreneur.com.
Directory of franchises and business opportunities for sale that are available in the USA and worldwide.
Directory of franchise opportunities in several industries, such as technology, food, automotive, home-based, computing, and retail.
www.business.com /directory/small_business/franchising   (560 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Franchising Works"
Your total costs to open the restaurant, however, will be anywhere from $430,000 to $750,000, which goes to paying for the building, equipment, etc. Forty percent of this cost has to be from your own (non-borrowed) funds.
Think of franchising as paying someone for his or her business strategy, marketing strategy, operations strategy, and the use of his or her name.
That's pretty much what franchising is -- you are establishing a relationship with a successful business so you can use its systems and capitalize on its existing brand awareness in order to get a quicker return on your own investment.
money.howstuffworks.com /franchising1.htm   (411 words)

 Franchising with Retail Food Group (Australia)
Franchising is a method of marketing goods and services and has almost no limits in terms of business categories it can apply to.
Franchising is a very popular and successful business format and the franchising sector in Australia and New Zealand has over three times the number of systems per capita than the United States.
The trend in the consolidation of franchise systems and strong growth in franchise units combined with the greater acceptance of multiple unit and mobile franchising practises, indicate that the Australian and New Zealand franchising sector is maturing.
www.rfg.com.au /rfg/franchising   (249 words)

 Unbeatable franchising law expertise from Pitegoff Law Office
Franchising is an important component of the U.S. economy and a growing factor in international business.
Franchising is a method of financing as well as a means of distribution.
When appropriate, we also help companies to establish distribution and licensing systems that are not franchises, and we advise companies whose businesses may inadvertently fall within the scope of the franchise laws.
www.pitlaw.com /index.php?page=franchising.html   (339 words)

 Franchising Attorneys New York NY Lawyers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Susan Morton, who is nationally acclaimed by both clients and government officials for her ability to generate franchise agreements and disclosure documents which are comprehensive, as sophisticated as the situation warrants and yet facilitate the franchise marketing process by being so “user friendly”.
This remarkably talented team of franchise attorneys devotes itself to furnishing every type of legal counsel and representation that a franchisor may need - - whether the franchisor is a “start-up” or, as is the case with many of Kaufmann Feiner’s clients, one of the largest franchisors in the world.
Kaufmann Feiner’s extraordinary abilities in the field of franchising are perhaps best reflected by the treasured clients who place their trust and confidence in us when confronting significant opportunities, crises or simply the need for everyday legal counsel and support.
www.kaufmannfeiner.com /FSL5CS/Custom/TOCFranchising.asp   (1481 words)

 FRANCHISING ||| InfoFranchising Italia - Il 1° portale dei negozi in franchising
Franchise e Franchising - Il Franchising è la forma più diffusa nel mondo per l'iniziativa d'impresa.
Tutte le parole del franchising, da Affiliante a Zona di competenza...
Guarda come Cinemastore, Franchising di video noleggio, ha utilizzato la Corporate Presentation per la comunicazione nel Franchising...
www.infofranchising.it   (522 words)

 Franchising   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Franchising is becoming a popular way in Kuwait and throughout the Middle East for foreign entities wishing to sell their goods or services.
The Firm has assisted in setting up franchise concepts varying from technology to food to retail.
The Firm is eager to assist its clients in all their franchising needs.
www.asarlegal.com /franchising.shtml   (88 words)

 Franchising: Is It For You?
According to the International Franchise Association (www.franchise.org), a new franchised business opens in the United States every eight minutes of every business day.
Franchising is a partnership, not a quick, easy way to shed the shackles of corporate America.
The success of franchising, after all, is contingent on a uniform concept.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/franchising/15227   (382 words)

 Extending the Front Lines of Franchising
The recent surge in interest within the investment community, which views franchisers' strong brands and steady cash flows as sound opportunities, is one sign of franchising's rising prominence.
And although franchising by no means offers guaranteed success, it has developed as a welcomed option for individuals burned by downturns and layoffs and eager to start their own businesses with mitigated risk built in.
Franchises geared toward baby boomers and an aging population are among the fastest growing.
www.businessweek.com /smallbiz/content/apr2005/sb20050412_7035.htm   (1419 words)

 Books on Franchising
Bond’s Franchise Guide; Here is his site; ---- http://www.worldfranchising.com ---- Franchising and specifically being a franchisor is the toughest job any person in the world could ever do.
If you are doing a school project on franchising, I hope this helps you in your school project, thesis, or whatever you are studying.
If you will read a wide variety of books on franchising you should come to understand it better and see if a career in franchising is right for you.
www.franchising.org /_bbs/00000133.htm   (480 words)

 Franchising Your Business
One reason franchising has become so popular is that when a business operation franchises its concept, growth can be fueled at least in part with the capital provided by franchisees.
The operation of the franchise must be capable of being set into a process or system and the franchise should be capable of being operated without the need for special skills.
The franchise attorney and consultant got paid their money and provided the tools but the new Franchisor didn't know how to use the tools.
www.businessknowhow.com /manage/franchising.htm   (987 words)

 AGG > Practice Area > Franchising
Its expanding franchise law practice is a natural outgrowth of this approach.
Franchising allows businesses to achieve rapid market penetration with less capital investment.
Franchising may be one of the best ways for a businessperson with a successful concept, but limited resources, to expand.
www.agg.com /Contents/PracticeAreaDetail.aspx?ID=193   (351 words)

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