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Topic: The Hooters

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  Hooters.com :: About Hooters
To Hooters, the women's rights movement is important because it guarantees women have the right to choose their own careers, be it a Supreme Court Justice or Hooters Girl.
Hooters believes critics of the concept are a vocal minority of politically correct minded individuals.
Hooters marketing, emphasizing the Hooters Girl and her sex appeal, along with its commitment to quality operations continues to build and contributes to the chain's success.
www.hooters.com /company/about_hooters   (1342 words)

Hooters of America, Inc. is the Atlanta –based operator and franchiser of over 359 Hooters location in 45 states.
The Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant is an annual event that is broadcasted live in the restaurants in which the top Hooters Girls compete for the title of Miss Hooters International and the 1st place prize package (in 2004 worth over $25,000).
Hooters is well known for its brand of food and fun, featuring a casual beach-theme atmosphere, a menu that features seafood, sandwiches and Hooters' signature spicy chicken wings, and service provided by the All-American cheerleaders, the Hooters Girls.
www.hootindia.com /abouthooters.html   (522 words)

 SIVACRACY.NET: "Hooters" Loses Its Appeal
Through this litigation, Hooters was trying to obtain a monopoly on the ability to have women in tight, revealing tops and short running shorts serve food in a restaurant, apparently believing that this would give the chain a competitive advantage.
Hooters was able to establish the distinctiveness of the particular uniform it has its waitstaff wear, but not that the uniform was primarily nonfunctional.
The ruling is also a small victory for women, as a victory for Hooters might have meant that competing restaurant chains would have to put their wait staff in bikinis or cellophane wrap or even more awful costumes to avoid "infringing" upon tank tops and running shorts.
www.nyu.edu /classes/siva/archives/003213.html   (832 words)

 The Hooters Cruise Night
Every last Thursday during the summer, it's cruise night at the Bensalem Hooters!
This summer the organizers awarded trophies to the cars that the Hooter's girls liked best.
Every inch of Hooter's lawn and parking lot is filled...and the cars never really stop coming.
www.homestead.com /vfmc3/hooters.html   (181 words)

 USATODAY.com - Hooters hotel coming to Las Vegas   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hooters founders will have a management stake in the hotel-casino and are beginning the process of obtaining a Nevada gambling license.
Hooters has been looking to get into the casino business and was scouting the Las Vegas market for the last three and a half years, said Hessling.
Hessling said the Hooters hotel-casino and the new ownership structure are expected to be "the future of the property." If the property is successful it could expand onto several acres of unused land at the site, he said.
www.usatoday.com /travel/hotels/2004-08-17-hooters-hotel_x.htm   (486 words)

 Business: Hooters defends wings-and-winks turf
Describing Hooters' decor as a unique combination of elements that the chain's founders "bled and sweat for," Hill of Atlanta said, "Hooters blazed a trail that was a different trail from other sports bars and it paved that road with a substantial investment in marketing and promotion.
Hooters' legal team also came to court Wednesday with a surfboard on a dolly, to be entered as an exhibit.
Hooters, which has stores in China and Croatia, is bringing its case against the five WingHouse locations that have opened since mid-2001 in the Orlando/Daytona area.
www.sptimes.com /2004/11/18/Business/Hooters_defends_wings.shtml   (1010 words)

Hooters of America, Inc. was awarded the 2007 Nations Restaurant News Technology Innovation Award for its implementation of the new ITWERCS Enterprise Point of Sale System in all of its 123 corporately owned and operated restaurants.
Hooters Restaurants has made its largest single donation ever with the presentation of a $250,000 check to the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research.
Kelly Jo was one of the original Hooters Girls at the first location in Clearwater, Florida, and recently lost her battle with breast cancer after battling the dreaded disease for the past 5 years.
www.hooters.com   (770 words)

 Official Ticketmaster site. The Hooters tickets, concerts and tour dates
Best remembered for a string of mid-'80s hits including the MTV staple "And We Danced," Philadelphia rockers the Hooters were led by singer/keyboardist Rob Hyman and singer/guitarist Eric Bazilian, whose longtime creative partnership also yielded hits for artists including Cyndi Lauper and Joan Osborne.
The Hooters' debut LP, Amore, appeared on the tiny local imprint Antenna in 1983 as well, and the group issued its major label debut, Nervous Night, in 1985 upon signing to Columbia.
The following year's The Hooters Live remains their final effort to date, although Hyman and Bazilian continued their busy writing and arranging careers, appearing on albums from artists ranging from Sophie B. Hawkins to Jon Bon Jovi.
www.ticketmaster.com /artist/735294?brand=none   (575 words)

 The Hooters - Bio
The Hooters strong and powerful presence, as performers and as songwriters was shouting to be heard and in 1984 Columbia Records signed The Hooters to their first major record deal.
In 1987 The Hooters released "One Way Home", a slight departure from "Nervous Night", introducing their fans to a new sound of exhilarating, cross-cultural textures that were starting to characterize the bands ever-evolving sound.
In 1998, Rob and Hooters producer Rick (Chertoff) gathered an all-star cast of musicians and friends, such as Carole King, The Chieftains, Taj Mahal, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne and members of The Band to record the album "Largo", a truly creative exploration of American music, which is currently being developed as a possible Broadway musical.
home.comcast.net /~thehooters/bio.html   (1255 words)

 Hooters — American Executive Spotlight   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hooters believes its marketing, which does focus on the sex appeal of the Hooters Girl, paired with the company’s commitment to quality is the key to its success.
Although the Hooters Girl may be the most recognized part of the company, what goes on behind the scenes has made Hooters into one of the fastest growing restaurant groups in the US.
Hooters University is a six-day course that compliments the manager-in-training process by providing information on managing the kitchen and the restaurant floor, as well as promoting their Hooters store.
www.redcoatpublishing.com /spotlights/sl_10_04_Hooters.asp   (967 words)

 Amazon.com: Nervous Night: Music: The Hooters   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It's sad to say that Hooters is more known for being a restaurant and bar chain as opposed to a music band.
It is kind of ironic that The Hooters were in the middle of this transformation.
Like John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, The Hooters made the type of music that was the heart of the nation.
www.amazon.com /Nervous-Night-Hooters/dp/B000002636   (2031 words)

 INTERVIEW: Eric Bazilian of the Hooters -Bob Gajarsky
The experience did bring future better-known results: one of the tracks, "Never Enough" was slightly re-written as the title track for her post-Scandal solo debut, and the producer for that release was none other than Rick Chertoff.
Before Hooters albums come out, it seems like there are test runs live in concert to see which songs perform well and which don't.
We're trying to take Hooterization to the next level." If it's anything like it has been in the past, it will include a healthy mix of rock and pop with a slight touch of reggae for flavoring, a great live show, and most importantly, some great fun.
www.westnet.com /consumable/1996/10.01/revhoote.html   (862 words)

 The Alternate Hooters WWW Page
Hooterization: A Retrospective was released on September 5 in the USA.
Of main interest on it are the 1st ever USA CD release of the live track "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (recorded live 10/20/85) and the 1st ever anywhere release of "Time After Time" (also recorded live 10/20/85)
The Hooters Live, 1994 (MCA Records; BMG in Europe, MCA in Japan,
hometown.aol.com /drldeboer/hoo/althoot.htm   (130 words)

 Jesus and the Hooters Girl
According to Harper’s Magazine, Hooters charged Winghouse with mimicking its concept of “an all female wait staff featuring beautiful young girls in tight shorts and tank tops.” Thus, the wrangling is not over “atmosphere” but over the sale of a product—namely the displayed body parts of human women.
And the Hooters Girls are just one in a long line of men and women victimized by the culture of sex-as-commodity.
We should stand against the Hooters corporation, not only because it rips apart the moral fabric of society, but also because it renders women created in the image of God as one more “product” to be bought and sold.
www.gender-news.com /other.php?id=85   (710 words)

 What A Hoot! The Hooters Air Story
Hooters Air flights are manned by a flight crew consisting of two pilots, three flight attendants and two Hooters Girls.
The Hooters Girls themselves wear the traditional restaurant uniforms-the snug, form-fitting outfits that the Girls are famous for.
The Hooters Girls are actually restaurant employees who assist with the hostess and food and beverage functions in flight.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/airline_liveries/113193   (475 words)

 The Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada - Associated Content
Contrary to what one may think, the world- famous Hooters Girls, with their short- shorts, pantyhose and owl- bedecked, low- cut tank tops, are not running around everywhere at the Hooters Casino Hotel.
In fact, the only places where visitors are likely to see Hooters Girls dressed in uniform, is on the casino floor, at the outdoor pool area, or working as taxi attendants at the front entrance.
While some people might consider the Hooters Girls' attire and image to be risque', or undesirable, in a city like Las Vegas, where toplessness is as common as jelly on toast, the Hooters Girls are downright wholesome and virtuous.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/60193/the_hooters_casino_hotel_in_las_vegas.html   (758 words)

 Hooters MasterCard®
A: Hooters MasterCard is a loyalty card that gives you great rewards simply for doing what you do everyday.
You'll get Hooters Card Points that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including food at Hooters, merchandise, travel, gift cards/certificates, and almost anything with our "Imagine If" Program.
You may have to work a little harder to remember your passwords, but it is much safer in the long run.
www.hooterscard.com /faq/general_faq.aspx   (485 words)

 Hooters to change — but not what works - U.S. Business - MSNBC.com
These “girls” are the Hooters Girls, a cadre of more than 17,000 women who work at the Atlanta-based chain’s 438 restaurants across the U.S. and in 20 countries.
Although Hooters executives declined to disclose the company’s profits, business is booming enough for it to make over some of its oldest restaurants this year for the first time, including adding more seating and plasma TVs and remodeling with higher ceilings and restroom upgrades.
It lost $16.1 million in its first eight months of operation, which Hooters of America VP Mike McNeil said was due to pre-opening expenses and other costs.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/16209446   (711 words)

 Review of the Hooters Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky - Associated Content
I also asked the waitress to bring one of the new Hooters calendars, they were on sale for $9.99 and I thought that was a good price.
Most Hooters restaurants you go to the girls are so stick skinny, it almost makes you not want to eat the food.
Guest number one and I are from the same little small town in Florida and we had a Hooters Restaurant there and we were shocked to see a girl from our hometown restaurant.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/88911/review_of_the_hooters_restaurant_in.html   (664 words)

 The Hooters Saga
After announcing their plans, the "Hooter Six" as they are now called, were promptly arrested for impersonating restauranteurs.
Hence, the name -- Hooters -- It is supposed that they were into owls.
After hearing from some "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" of the mysterious existence of the world's largest bowl of roses, the decision was unanimous, and the newest Hooters restaurant would open in Old Town Pasadena, on Colorado Boulevard.
www.sangabrielvalleymenus.com /pasadena/hooters/hooters_saga.htm   (542 words)

 Hooters of Trinidad   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Atlanta, GA - Hooters of America, Inc. announced a new international franchise scheduled to open in Trinidad and Tobago.
This location will join Hooters of Aruba in the Caribbean in this region of vast economic and commercial potential.
Carlos Bocas, Hooters of Trinidad spokesperson, stated: "Our Company had a vision of bringing the Hooters casual beach-theme restaurant to the Caribbean and today, that vision has become a reality.
www.hooters-trinidad.com /aboutus.htm   (243 words)

 Hooters Casino Hotel Press Releases   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Hooters has 381 worldwide locations from Aruba to Venezuela and bringing the Hooters fun concept to the fun capital of the world seemed an obvious choice for us," stated Neil Kiefer, Chief Executive Officer for the new Hooters Hotel Casino and President and Chief Executive Officer of Hooters, Incorporated.
The 711 room hotel and casino resort will remain open as it evolves into an oasis of carefree fun and entertainment for which the famous Hooters brand is so well known.
Hooters President, Neil Kiefer, says, "We think we have a winner in bringing the notoriety and wackiness of our brand together with this great location and the experienced and dedicated folks of the San Rémo."
www.hooterslv.com /archives/pressrelease.htm   (535 words)

 How To Be A "Hooters" Girl - September 15, 2005
How To Be A "Hooters" Girl - September 15, 2005
SEPTEMBER 15--"Only approved Orange Hooters Girl Shorts are to be worn, sized to fit, and should NOT BE SO TIGHT THAT THE BUTTOCKS SHOW." That's just one of the important "image and grooming standards" addressed in the beer and boob emporium's entertaining employee handbook, key excerpts of which you'll find below.
The "essence" of the chain, the handbook notes, is "entertainment through female sex appeal, of which the LOOK is a key part." While there are too many amusing parts in the handbook to point out, here's hoping that none of the buxom waitresses run afoul of the chain's Pantyhose Police.
www.thesmokinggun.com /archive/0915051hooters1.html   (156 words)

 The Hooters - Moviefone
In 1983, The Hooters released their first independent album, Amore, which sold over...
The Original Hooters took the place of a failed seafood restaurant.
A Hooters Girl is a female waitress employed by the Hooters restaurant chain.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/the-hooters/33154/main   (79 words)

 All You Zombies by The Hooters Songfacts
They were from the area and given the slot opening the concert after the introduction ceremonies and a performance by Joan Baez.
I also have the original 45 album sleeve for All You Zombies that was in the jukebox at Vernon's Tavern before they got their big break.
After reforming as the Hooters, the band consisted of, Rob Hyman (keys and hooter), Eric Bazilian (guitar), Bobby Woods (bass), John Kuzma (lead guitar), and Dave Usekeinen (not sure on the spelling, but he was the drummer).
www.songfacts.com /detail.php?id=3237   (1348 words)

 GameSpy: Hooters Road Trip
There can truly be no reward as fulfilling as getting to hang out with the Hooters waitresses, and that's what you'll get if you can manage to keep your mind on the track and win a few races.
The graphics in HOOTERS ROAD TRIP are absolutely awesome, focusing on detailed character animation and realistic vehicles.
The promise of meeting the Hooters girls is quite a bit of incentive, and the computer AI opponents respond accordingly.
cheats.gamespy.com /playstation/hooters-road-trip   (229 words)

 The Hooters Commission Report - Gridskipper
(Always wanted to say that.) The Hooters Casino Hotel used to be the San Remo, an aging property principally known for a spectacularly heinous all-day prime rib special ($5.95, and perhaps overpriced).
All public spaces have been Hooterized, with blonde wood and orange accents (though fewer of the latter than you might expect) making the casino in particular much brighter and more cheerful than most gaming spaces in town.
There is in fact a Hooters restaurant, plus a cafe-diner, a steakhouse, a couple of pool bars, and a martini bar that is one of the few Hooterism-free areas in the hotel.
www.gridskipper.com /travel/las-vegas/the-hooters-commission-report-167349.php   (418 words)

 Hooters Tour alumni step into spotlight   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Now Micheel is the PGA champion, having beaten the world at Oak Hill Sunday with a shot so close to the flagstick at 18 that a Hooters chicken wing barely could have fit between it and the hole.
Schreyer is still on the Hooters Tour, optimistic again for a return to the PGA Tour through Q-School this fall, but pleased with recent developments.
When former Hooters Tour players excel in golf's largest arena, such as Micheel and Ben Curtis, who won the British Open last month in his first major, it pumps up the pride of those guys battling to get there.
www.golf.com /gdc/news/article.asp?id=16957   (731 words)

 Hooters Australia
Six fun loving businessmen with roots in the Midwest of America and with no experience in the food service business were opening the doors to a restaurant with an owl in the logo, chicken wings as the feature item and girls in orange shorts.
After frantically locating a friend to show them how to start the fryer (after all it was April Fool’s Day), Hooters was off and crawling.
The crawl soon turned into a stride and now Hooters is running at full speed with more than 400 restaurants operating worldwide in USA, England, Japan, South Africa, China, Greece, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Austria, Singapore, Chile, Spain, and now Australia.
www.hooters-oz.com /abouthooters_01.html   (236 words)

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