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Topic: The Lone Gunmen

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  The Lone Gunmen | Movie and TV Reviews | SCI FI Weekly
However, the Gunmen believe the new chip is actually designed to spy on the users and steal their personal information.
Leaving behind the spooky darkness of the original, The Lone Gunmen goes for laughs while still staying true to the beloved characters of Byers, Frohike and Langly.
The actors try too hard and the serious nature of the storyline, with the Gunmen investigating the murder of Byers' father, is at odds with the otherwise lighthearted tone of the show.
www.scifi.com /sfw/screen/sfw6701.html   (650 words)

  Lone Gunmen, X-Files, Fox Television   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
For those who aren't "X-philes," the Lone Gunmen are a trio of geeky conspiracy theorists who publish their findings in a newsletter called "The Lone Gunman." The Gunmen have made occasional appearances on The X-Files (and in the feature film Fight the Future), and are among the most popular of the recurring characters.
Lone Gunmen is a cross between a 007 flick and Revenge of the Nerds.
Is Lone Gunmen a worthy heir to The X-Files, or is it a lame attempt to milk the franchise?
www.scifidimensions.com /Mar01/lonegunmen.htm   (534 words)

 The Lone Gunmen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Lone Gunmen is one of the best TV shows of all time, I was so hooked when I saw the first episode and I saw all 10 episodes after that.
The Lone Gunmen was the light at the end of television's proverbial tunnel, and with the light extinguished, we are again left in the dark.
The Lone Gunmen ended the 2001-2002 season with a cliffhanger, and as near as I can tell, the story was never wrapped up, and the 4/21/02 episode of the X-Files ("Jump the Shark") seemed to tie up a few of the loose ends.
www.jumptheshark.com /l/lonegunmen.htm   (2932 words)

 The Lone Gunmen Timeline
The Lone Gunmen warn Mulder that an international commando "fl" organization is trying to recover secret materials from their friend, who they call "The Thinker." Lone Gunmen call the commando group "Garnet." Mulder obtains the tape from The Thinker, who believes it to be the original Defense Department file on UFOs.
Scully takes the test results to the Lone Gunmen for analysis "with an eye to the parapsychological." They tell her that Diana Fowley, who Scully does not care for, was Mulder's "chickie" when she just got out of the FBI academy, around 1991.
The Lone Gunmen are at the hotel hosting "Def-Con '99" in Las Vegas, a convention of fl ops technology and trying to discover details of secret technology, although they are not allowed in to the conference itself.
www.themareks.com /xf/gunmen.html   (21404 words)

 Nerds of 'Lone Gunmen' are just that
In the "X-Files," the lone gunmen are the armchair activists, spewing vitriol at evil forces and organizations while never desiring to do real battle with them.
The "Gunmen" pilot has a serious plot: The gunmen must determine whether the father of one of them was killed in a car accident (the official story) or was murdered.
The lone gunmen are funny on the "X-Files" because of their one-dimensional view of life.
www.medialifemagazine.com /news2001/mar01/mar12/1_mon/news3monday.html   (573 words)

 The Greek X-Files Site - Lone Gunmen
The Lone Gunmen are conspiracy geeks who help FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, and are portrayed by Dean Haglund, Tom Braidwood and Bruce Harwood.
The Lone Gunmen -- played by Vancouver actors Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood -- originally appeared in the episode that aired on Feb. 18, 1994.
Beginning with the episode "The Unusual Suspects," which aired Nov. 16, 1997, the Lone Gunmen have carried the entire episodes of The X-Files when Duchovny and Anderson were unavailable for duty.
www.x-files.gr /egunmen.htm   (1068 words)

 The Lone Gunmen
In future episodes the Gunmen try and catch a poacher dealing in grizzly bear gallbladders, prevent a tango dancing smuggler from passing along top secret information, help a man recover the house and wife that were stolen from him and other slightly off beat stories.
Regardless, The Lone Gunmen were always a highlight of any "X-Files" episode and here with the show all to themselves, they do a fine job of creating enough havoc and solving enough mysteries to keep fans of "The X-Files" (and fans of this series) happy.
A delightful, funny and entertaining series that never found its audience, "The Lone Gunmen" finally arrives on DVD (the hold up might have been the residual feelings about 9/11 and the similarity to the plot of the pilot episode).
www.mediascreen.com /l/lonegunmen.htm   (969 words)

 The X-Files Compilation: The Lone Gunmen
The Lone Gunmen John Fitzgerald Byers, Ringo Langly, and Melvin Frohike are three of Mulder's sources who work at monthly magazine "The Lone Gunman: The Newsletter For Those Who Want to Stay Informed and Alive", a paranoid publication dealing with perceived government conspiracies, so called in reference to one of the many Kennedy assassination theories.
The Lone Gunmen are useful for providing Mulder with background information on any subject that he may need background information on, and are invaluable to writers as they can always be relied upon to know something that can advance a plot when it reaches in impasse.
Their office is rather like Mulder's office, the Lone Gunmen's office is packed with books, files, computers etc. The outside of the building is seen in "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man" and the staircase (bare and metallic) up to their office is seen in "Paper Clip".
free.prohosting.com /~x-files/gunmen.shtml   (1788 words)

 Kara's Lone Gunmen Crusade!
I had felt that the fight to save the lone gunmen series was basically a no win battle.
I heard spoilers that TLG will be in the final ep, as spirit or whatever.
I will remember the gunmen as they were before the latest script that was written in a bathroom stall while CC was doing his business.
www.geocities.com /stlg2001/stlg1.html   (362 words)

Contrary to the importance of the Lone Gunmen's mission[s], the writers do their damnedest to trivialize their heroes--making their victories seem like afterthoughts on a pile of smaller failures.
No gimmick is too cheap for "The Lone Gunmen", including midget wrestlers, intelligent chimpanzees, blind football players (a little enterprise of Bond's), tango dancing, and the inevitable appearance of Frohike in lederhosen.
Although the incursion of a nerd-boy's wet dream is hilariously apropos, the show keeps positing her, Benny Hill-style, as something the lone gunmen can't have.
www.filmfreakcentral.net /dvdreviews/lonegunmen.htm   (937 words)

 The Warehouse - The Lone Gunmen appearances in the X-Files
Scully once again enlists the Gunmen's help in discovering who Diana Fowley really is and, when she confronts Mulder with the information, they have a front row seat to their argument.
The Gunmen make an appearance at Mulder's wake and vow to find his killer but nothing is as it seems.
The Lone Gunmen and John Doggett meet for the first time in the FBI basement office.
lonegunmen.furvect.com /lgmxfile.htm   (1652 words)

 Zap2it - TV news - 'The Lone Gunmen' Return to Life
According to "X" lore, they were inspired by the sort of technically savvy but socially inept conspiracy theorists that sometimes frequent UFO conventions, and were introduced as the go-to info buddies of FBI Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny).
Despite the concern of some fans, the pilot of "The Lone Gunmen" is indeed part of the boxed set.
While it's unlikely "The Lone Gunmen" series will return -- and the characters would have to somehow be resurrected to be in any future "X" movie -- Spotnitz hopes that DVD sales, if brisk, could have a positive impact in the future.
tv.zap2it.com /tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,271%7c94110%7c1%7c,00.html   (886 words)

 : RevolutionSF - The Lone Gunmen Live : Feature
In a throwaway, stand-alone episode, all three Lone Gunmen die stupidly (why not punch the guy a few times, then hit the fire alarm and run?) foiling a terrorist (motives unknown) who wants to unleash a pathogen on a gathering of scientists, for reasons the writers don't bother to even hint at.
But the death of the Lone Gunmen was pointless, both from a dramatic standpoint, and from a logical standpoint.
The Gunmen's final scene is uncannily similar to Spock's "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" death scene in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.
revolutionsf.com /article.html?id=1104   (1011 words)

 The Lone Gunmen - The Complete Series
The Lone Gunmen was the short-lived spin-off series starring those scene-stealing conspiracy theorists from The X-Files.
What made the Gunmen work was that we were subjected to their quirky, entertaining ways in small, concentrated doses.
"Defenders of Justice: The Story of The Lone Gunmen" traces the characters' first appearance in "E.B.E" in the first season of The X-Files, to their own show to their demise on "Jump the Shark." This is a good look at these characters, their legacy and how each episode came together.
slewofdeals.com /item/3781   (905 words)

 The Lone Gunmen
FOX is trying to cancell the Lone Gunmen, so show your support for the show, write to:
Welcome to The Lone Gunmen, a TV show that "spun-off" of the X-files.
The three Lone Gunmen had roles on the X-files TV show, and in the X-files movie.
www.members.tripod.com /lonegunmen1   (272 words)

 The Lone Gunmen Die Again!
That seems to be what Lone Gunmen series creators Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter were telling us in last night's X-Files episode "Jump The Shark".
The Lone Gunmen actually did pretty well, considering they began as a sort of gag after Glen Morgan saw three guys who looked like Byers (Bruce Harwood), Langley (Dean Haglund), and Frohicke (Tom Braidwood) manning a booth at a UFO convention in 1993.
The Lone Gunmen series also inspired a Dark Horse comic, which is probably a collectors' item considering last night's final appearance.
richlabonte.net /keyofx/lg.htm   (382 words)

 The Lone Gunmen TV Show - The Lone Gunmen Television Show - TV.com
In addition to featuring the Gunmen, who made their debut on The X-Files in 1994, the episode featured the return of Jimmy Bond (Stephen Snedden), Morris Fletcher (Michael McKean), Yves Adele Harlow (Zuleikha Robinson), and Kimmy the Geek (Jim Fyfe).
Bruce\'s old agent\'s address is unavailable as of 12/03 and we don\'t have a new one for him yet, but we\'ll let you know as soon as we hear anything on that front.
When two stagehands of the 'Cap'n Toby Show' die on the same day, the Gunmen investigate only to discover the men were FBI agents working in a Chinese intelligence unit.
www.tv.com /lone-gunmen/show/38/summary.html   (672 words)

 dvdfuture.com :: Review - Lone Gunmen, The: The Complete Series
There are thirteen shows of "The Lone Gunmen" and one episode of "The X-files" called "Jump The Shark." The "X-Files" episode wraps up all the loose ends that were left over when "The Lone Gunmen" series was cancelled.
In the meantime the rest of the Gunmen are after a wilderness poacher who may be tied in with a group of spies.
I have to give an 'A' to the quality that went into the making of this DVD set called "The Lone Gunmen: The Complete Series." Not all the shows were perfect, but overall they worked as a whole.
www.dvdfuture.com /review.php?id=750   (2365 words)

 iFMagazine.com Reviews - THE LONE GUNMEN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Perhaps the strangest thing about THE LONE GUNMEN – the series – is how unorthodox it is. For being the leads of a show, Harwood, Haglund and Braidwood are not the routine, good looking male leads that would normally be cast in a network series.
THE LONE GUNMEN truly is unlike any other show on the air right now because of this which makes it such a refreshing change of pace.
And the Lone Gunmen may never be Mulder and Scully either, but they don’t have to be.
www.ifmagazine.com /review.asp?article=758   (818 words)

 Killtown's:  The Lone Gunmen's "Pilot" Episode
- Trivia for "The Lone Gunmen" (2001) - IMDb
Despite the concern of some fans, the pilot of “The Lone Gunmen” is indeed part of the boxed set.
Lone Gunmen • Hijacking Chart • 9/11 Report • Warren Buffett • Penta-Lawn 2000!
killtown.911review.org /lonegunmen.html   (2141 words)

 The Lone Gunmen | PopMatters Television Review
Nonetheless, The Lone Gunmen goes to the trouble of specifically not associating itself with The X-Files.
The Lone Gunmen have appeared regularly on The X-Files, popping up as Mulder's informants at least three or four times per season since the first season's sixteenth episode ("E.B.E").
The self-parodic element of The Lone Gunmen is its strongest characteristic and one it must stick to in order to develop its own voice and audience.
www.popmatters.com /tv/reviews/l/lone-gunmen.shtml   (1273 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on The Lone Gunmen at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
For some reason when people talk about the Lone Gunmen this is the episode they most commonly remember.
As a former friend of Jeff and his sister, Byers gets the Gunmen involved intent on bringing the assistant director of the FBI to justice, but when they find evidence implicating Skinner, Byers’ refuses to run with it.
They suspect her of being a super soldier (you will need to know a little about what has happened in the X Files as well as the Lone Gunmen) who must stopped.
www.epinions.com /content_189919628932   (3732 words)

 Spin Off: "The Lone Gunmen" and "The X-Files"
After being helped by the Gunmen himself he began to fund their efforts and to act as a sort of fourth member of the team - The Zeppo of the Conspiracy Marx Brothers.
The Gunmen realized that this was a worse scenario, that a pollution free engine would lead to such a boom in building that it would hurt the earth worse than the pollution would.
The first episode of The Lone Gunmen viewed today has an eerie and chilling feel to it that it did not have when it first aired.
www.poobala.com /gunmenandxfiles.html   (2543 words)

 The Warehouse - Ratings for the  Lone Gunmen tv show
*Based on the homes-to-viewership ratio for each of the other eleven Lone Gunmen episodes, Planet of the Frohikes is estimated to have garnered between 5.3 and 5.8 million viewers.
Well, the "total viewers" figure comes from Nielsen's people-meter service, an "invite only" way of sampling who watches what in the U.S. They pick only a small number of households as their sample set and find out things like how many tv sets are in the house, who watches, and when they watch.
So if you're a 2 tv set household and during the "Lone Gunmen Show" (boy, my bias is showing, isn't it?) the meter shows that you're busy drooling over Langly or Byers or Frohike or Jimmy (yeah, my bias IS showing) or Yves (sorry...
lonegunmen.furvect.com /lgmrate.htm   (414 words)

 The Lone Gunmen - TWoP Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Lone Gunmen appeared on a few episodes of The X-Files before getting their own show on Fox in 2001.
The Lone Gunmen are three men (John Fitzgerald Byers, Melvin Frohike, and Richard Ringo) who are computer-hacking conspiracy geeks.
Perpetually short of funds to publish The Lone Gunmen newspaper, Byers, Frohike and Langly begrudgingly take on Jimmy Bond as an unlikely benefactor who bankrolls their missions and joins them in their investigations to uncover the truth.
forums.televisionwithoutpity.com /index.php?showtopic=3124812   (1052 words)

 Lone Gunmen: One-Shot, Last Call
The Lone Gunmen may have had their television series cancelled by FOX, but they have found new life, for a time, in the world of comic books.
I was trying to match the tone of the Lone Gunmen television scripts, so I guess you could say I rode piggyback on their influences.
We've highlighted Lone Gunmen in a lot of the marketing in our own books, and in our catalog, but for the most part, when someone wanted to talk about the TV to comics connection, they were asking about Joss and Fray.
www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com /features/99384476599864.htm   (2232 words)

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