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Topic: The Lover

  Amazon.com: The Lover: DVD: Jane March,Tony Leung Ka Fai,Frédérique Meininger,Arnaud Giovaninetti,Melvil ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
It works out much better than Lolita where the girl dies and the man is jailed for murder, but not as well as Psyche where through the diligence of her magical helpers and the deviousness of Venus there is a complete conversion from secret mistress to immortal wife, the oldest and most famous in literature.
The difference I believe is in the respect the older lover shows for the girl and her family, even though they don't deserve it.
In The Lover, his mother has died but her strong memory as evidenced by the sad state of his father sets the stage for love.
www.amazon.com /Lover-Jane-March/dp/B00005PJ6R   (1832 words)

  The Lover   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sorting through his wife’s things, he comes across a letter she wrote many years ago to a lover, telling him that she desperately wants to leave Dmitry to be with him but doesn’t think it’s a good time what with the recent birth of her son – perhaps next year.
When the lover shows up at his door asking for the letter, which he claims as his, and reveals that their affair was ongoing right up until Lena’s death, Valery Todorovsky’s film begins its exploration of the interaction between two middle-aged men and their common bond of the deceased wife.
At the end of The Lover, with the departure of Ivan and the rehabilitation of Dmitry, we are simply left with a feeling of facile resolution after their absurd escapades.
www.highangle.co.uk /reviews/lover.html   (588 words)

 The Lover - playdatabase.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
When the lover does come, he is the husband, which is not surprising.
The kind of sex-play follows that suggests this is the necessary titillation, and the necessary release of hostility, between a man who means to be master of the house and a wife who means to be both wife and mistress, whatever the house may be.
The lover is weary of his mistress; she is no longer particularly appetizing.
www.playdatabase.com /play.asp?play={AF0E3E65-DEE6-4E13-BA22-5D9FA8FDDC37}   (252 words)

 SugarHill Gang- The lover in you lyrics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This is for the lover in you the lover in you I know she's in there somewhere This is for the lover in you For the lover in you...
So this is for the lover in you the lover in you I know she's in there somewhere This is for the lover in you For the lover in you...
This is for the lover in you for the lover in you I know she's in there somewhere This is for the lover in you (nnnh) For the lover in you...
www.circularmoney.com /sgtheloverinyoulyrics.html   (285 words)

 The lover style profile test.... - Quiz post - Care2.com
The Carnal Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, though it is often confused with terms like "player" or even "%#and!*%." The Carnal Lover is not necessarily either of those things (though sometimes is) but is instead a lover of life, romance and pleasure.
The Devoted Lover is a treasure to find, though it is sometimes difficult to time establishing a relationship with one just right; usually, this is the last romantic relationship you'll need to find, so sow any wild oats first.
The Exotic Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and conjures images of the exotic, romantic hero out of a romance novel, or perhaps a slightly dangerous and deadly sexy femme fatale from a noir mystery.
www.care2.com /c2c/groups/disc.html?gpp=4788&pst=204493&archival=1   (868 words)

 www.haroldpinter.org - Plays   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
His early one-act plays, The Lover and A Slight Ache (Young Vic), are both about this inner rupture: the uncertain self scouring the world for what it thinks might be its missing or alternative half.
In The Lover, Judy Buxton and Simon Williams give an icily brilliant account of the tortured puritanical mind in which fantasy is both the cure and the justification of dullness, and marital war is simply the continuation of marital peace by other means.
Now the Vienna English Theatre's double-bill of The Lover (a play first seen on TV in 1963) and A Slight Ache (originally produced on radio in 1959) comes to the Young Vic.
www.haroldpinter.org /plays/plays_lover4.shtml   (847 words)

 : The Lover - DVD film   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Duras wrote this confessional piece about a love affair she had while still a teenager with a much older Chinese man. It is set in 1920's Vietnam, a period of time where Vietnam was awash with the mingling of its colonizers: the French and Chinese.
In the end, I believe "The Lover" is a compelling study of how people fulfill their need for emotional survival.
But "The Lover" is saved by glorious cinematography and the charisma of Jane March, who has a heartbreakingly gorgeous final scene.
www.totaltiorden.dk /shop/dvd_details.php/B00005PJ6R|dvd|   (1343 words)

 The Lover: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Yet The Lover is a beautifully photographed film, where the surrounding squalor simply heightens the exotic elegance of the lovers.
Perhaps the pivotal scene is where the lovers discuss their hopeless situation at a ruined plantation on the edge of a mud desert...
As characters, the lovers act almost in contradiction to their gender: he, fashionably dressed, the trembling lover; she, casually dressed, the ambiguous lover.
www.culturecourt.com /F/Art/TheLover.htm   (1820 words)

 Blogcritics.org: The Lover: Duras, Politics, and Lust
The Lover, set in 1920s Indochina, the somewhat autobiographical tale tells the story of a young, precocious school girl (who would be Duras) who at age 15 ½ develops her first sexual relationship with a Chinese man who is significantly older.
The power differential between the Lover (Tony Leung) who is part of a small faction that forms a wealthy Chinese enclave in Vietnam and Jane March (who plays the young girl) and who is be a poor, French national is an important part of this film.
Later, the lover and she return to his dark rum where he hits her hard across the face, pulls her down on the bed and rapes her.
blogcritics.org /archives/2004/08/17/095532.php   (4267 words)

 ‘The Lover’ (R)
March strikes a fetching pose, hip cocked, eyes distant, in the film's pivotal shot -- the crossing of the muddy, sprawling Mekong River that brought her to the Lover's attention.
Tony Leung, a hunky actor from Hong Kong, seems a shade callow for the world-weary role of the Lover, a Paris-educated businessman who observes the shabbily attired mam'selle from his chauffeured limousine.
Annaud captures her remorse for things past, the sensory delicacies of Indochina, in the sumptuousness of his images, which all too often take the form of extreme close-ups.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/style/longterm/movies/videos/theloverrkempley_a0a2f2.htm   (419 words)

 Student Response: The Lover
In Marguerite Duras’ The Lover, Duras gives a retrospective view of her first love affair; an affair that was fraught with forbidden aspects from the beginning.
Not only are the two lovers from disparate countries, but the French are currently in the position of oppressors in Southeast Asia, and although the Lover is not Vietnamese, he is Asian.
In her young life she has endured the death of her father, deprivation, the manic mood swings of an abusive mother, a good-for-nothing older brother, and a younger brother who is as needy as she is herself.
www.ecsu.ctstateu.edu /personal/faculty/mcneilk/student_response_lover.html   (964 words)

 The Lover: A Film and Book Review: ThingsAsian
Thus, she measures her lover only by the depth of his pockets, while her spineless roué, a victim of his own brand of cultural and parental circumstances, impotently accedes to the dictum of his disapproving father.
Yet for her lover, there was never any question of the depth and sincerity of his love for the young French girl, then and always.
And although The Lover chronicles some of the earliest days of her youth, the book was written over the course of four short months in 1984, when Marguerite Duras was nearly seventy years old.
www.thingsasian.com /stories-photos/2368   (1444 words)

 Ashes To Ashes / The Lover
In The Lover, these two consummate actors who play so well off and with each other, explored the deliciousness (is that a word?) and sensuousness, yet also the sinister underpinnings, of a couple who live in fantasy.
Then this piece is followed by Ashes which, for 40 minutes, nearly rips your heart out of your chest with its depth and intensity, because you feel for the woman (Cristina) in her pain, and for the man (Ron) in his perplexity.
While she stood on a railroad platform, for instance, that former lover tore babies from the arms of screaming mothers.
www.sixthatpenn.com /ashes_to_ashes___the_lover.htm   (1472 words)

 The Lover/Martyr
The quintessential element of the men and women who are Lovers is their natural affection, or "tenderness love." Imagine the bliss of two lovers, faces up close, looking tenderly into each other's eyes.
The Lover is "the romantic." They want there to be "a happy ending," and they may cry with happiness when it comes.
Although nothing pleases Lovers, the essence of this type, more than the happiness of others, Martyrs, the personality that evolves in this area, are always looking at it from the point of view of their own sacrifices and needs only.
www.mindfulnessclasses.com /lover.htm   (6054 words)

 Babelguides: The Lover
In The Lover, Duras’ Goncourt Prize (the Goncourt is the best-known French literary award) novel, one senses a strain of resentment in the author’s tone.
It is as if she is telling the love story (her love story) without really wanting to, as though she felt compelled to write as an attempt to stop this experience from recurring in her mind.
And it is with the realization that The Lover simply scraped the surface of things that Duras resolved to do justice to the true colours of their love story in The North China Lover.
www.babelguides.com /view/work/1398   (1343 words)

 Lover Spy - Is the Lover Spy Software Illegal?
A company calling itself Lover Spy has begun offering a way for jealous lovers and anyone else to spy on the computer activity of their mates by sending an electronic greeting, the equivalent of a thinking-of-you card, that doubles as a bugging device.
Marketed as a way to catch a cheating lover, the Lover Spy company offers to send an e-mail greeting card to lure the victim to a Web site that will download onto the victim's computer a trojan program to be used for spying.
The Lover Spy software, sold for $89 for up to five computers, purports to record anything the victim does on the computer, including all keystrokes, passwords, e-mail, chats and screen shots and even turn on the victim's Web camera.
www.remotespy.com /lover_spy.php   (406 words)

 The Lover.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The lover was born with the objective of I can participate in the "First Manga Contest Norma Editorial".
The lover saw the light at about the same time that Remember, something which maintain a graphics practically equal, the quality graph is at same level.
At that time Vídeo Girl Ai (by Masakazu Katsura) were in style, It was one of the favorites of all otakus.
www.arrakis.es /~carado/loverE.htm   (174 words)

 ‘The Lover’ (R)
Tell him or her it's the touching story of a young woman's extended liaison with a Chinese lover.
She knows he's nothing but a lover of women.
After establishing the affair and its immediate problems, "Lover" never quite rises to the occasion.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/style/longterm/movies/videos/theloverrhowe_a0af34.htm   (435 words)

 Shaitoon Poetry: Beloved to Lover
The path the lover must walk to search for her beloved is long and dangerous, replete with thoughts and deliberation, with anguished moans and cries, and enlightened with love.
the beloved in the lover, or the lover in the beloved?
and the lover is seen in sorrow, in weeping, in hardship and pain.
members.tripod.com /lailasearch/beloved.htm   (506 words)

 The Lover Summary
The Lover (French title: L'Amant) is an autobiographical novel by Marguerite Duras, published in 1984 by Les Éditions de Minuit.
The Lover is also a movie based on this novel...
In the following essay, Martin examines power in The Lover as it is used by and against the narrator.
www.bookrags.com /The_Lover   (129 words)

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The Lover Cushion has an innovative ergonomic construction which increases muscle comfort during sex, allowing for protection of the tailbone and hip.
Our scientifically sculpted Lover Cushion is an anatomically designed sex cushion that will lift, tilt, and hold the hips up, at the perfect angle for the absolute most pleasurable position possible.
Without The Lover Cushion pressure is applied to the tailbone of the seated person and energy is wasted to uplift the pelvis during sex.
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 Amazon.com: The Lover: Books: Marguerite Duras   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The girl is wayward, rebellious; one day, returning to school on the ferry, dressed in gold lame shoes, a man's hat and a silk dress, she encounters the son of a Chinese millionaire.
By presenting ideas and memories in paragraphs that are literally isolated yet constantly overlapping, The Lover creates a misty world of connections made by emotion rather than logic or chronology, a feeling that lingers after the book itself is closed.
Set in the prewar Indochina of Marguerite Duras's childhood, this is the haunting tale of a tumultuous affair between an adolescent French girl and her Chinese lover.
www.amazon.com /Lover-Marguerite-Duras/dp/0375700528   (1535 words)

 Amazon.ca: The Lover (Widescreen): DVD: Jean-Jacques Annaud,Lisa Faulkner,Raymonde Heudeline,Tony Leung ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Jane March's young virgin surrenders to passion and experience, while remaining emotionally detatched from her chinese lover, for he tells her that they can "never be married" as it is "not allowed", and he would be disowned and poverty stricken if he went against the wishes of his family.
I'll admit it, I first watched The Lover for the erotic scenes with Jane March, who I happen to think is gorgeous.
She does introduce her lover to her family and he does treat them to dinner.
www.amazon.ca /Lover-Widescreen-Jean-Jacques-Annaud/dp/B00005PJ6R   (1882 words)

 Bart the Lover
Krabappel, alone again, ``Bart the Lover'' With a heavy sigh, she drives home, stopping at the Kwik-E-Mart.
Krabappel, ``Bart the Lover'' In the yard, Homer tries to saw wood for the doghouse, but fails as usual, swearing all the while.
Krabappel, dumped again, ``Bart the Lover'' In the yard, Homer hits his thumb with a hammer, but says, ``Oh, fudge.'' Upon stepping on a nail, ``Fiddle-dee-dee.
www.snpp.com /episodes/8F16.html   (3608 words)

 www.reviewingtheevidence.com | THE LOVER, by Laura Wilson
THE LOVER is not a whodunit as we know who is killing the women quite early on, and although there is some suspense, a few moments when I wanted to warn characters not to do things, for me this was not the most important aspect of THE LOVER either.
Many historical novelists spend far too much time describing streets, clothes and objects to remind the reader that the book she is reading is set in the past.
THE LOVER works very well as an evocation of people reacting to a situation at the time when it was set, a historical novel about wartime states of mind not period detail.
www.reviewingtheevidence.com /review.html?id=4236   (469 words)

 The Glimpse of the Lover
The one in profile is bashful having turned her head on seeing something which causes her to see red.
In all probability she has come here to this lonely spot, accompanied by her sakhi (female friend) to meet her lover.
The sakhi does not share her affection for the lover, consequently she does not experience the same attack of modesty.
www.exoticindia.com /product/BD42   (229 words)

 CD Baby: DONNA DE LORY: The Lover &The Beloved   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Not content with the simplicity of chants, "The Lover & The Beloved" supplies a deep and varied percussion bed in which to swaddle oneself and groove the night away.
The Lover and the Beloved is an entire album of mantra.
For those of you who have not experienced the healing and meditative power of music, this is a beautiful collection of songs for you to begin your transcendental journey.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/ddelory   (1619 words)

 The RPG character: Hero or Lover - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Posted - 10/24/2006 11:47:47 AM It has come to my attention that with the onset of online CRPGs a new breed of character has been born, the lover.
At the moment the lover character is forced into a restrictive set of rules oriented towards the hero lifestyle.
I do not think these players wish to use the game system but rather be a part of the system.
www.gamedev.net /community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=420823   (402 words)

But the good news is that i got honor roll and i got perfect attendance....
I laughed and cried All at the same time I only did this To keep you from my mind I can’t seem to forget I can’t seem to move on I can’t seem t...
Lover of Unreason: Assia Wevill, Sylvia Plath's Ri...
www.buzznet.com /buzzwords/lover   (245 words)

 The Lover Views the Garden (Getty Museum)
In this miniature the main character of the story, the Lover, sees the Garden of Love for the first time.
The garden is a place of pleasure and desire, where the Lover cavorts with the merry companions of Sir Mirth, such as Lady Wealth, Beauty, and the God of Love.
These allegorical figures will help the Lover in his struggle against characters like Sorrow and Jealousy in his quest to win his beloved, the rose.
www.getty.edu /art/gettyguide/artObjectDetails?artobj=5662   (83 words)

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