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Topic: OCS

In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Welcome to OCS - One Complete Solution for Property Support Services
OCS Group Limited is still 100% owned by the founders' descendants with an annual turnover in excess of £600 million, making OCS Group Limited the largest privately owned support services company in the UK.
OCS has the menu to satisfy every taste and appetite.
OCS is the first to come clean on the Airbus A380...more
www.ocs.co.uk   (154 words)

  Parent Handbook Chapter 1
OCS may not even be aware of cases in which the custodial parent has never received public assistance and the court has approved the direct payment of child support between the parents.
OCS strives to treat both parents fairly, equitably and with respect in all dealings, with the ultimate goal of helping to determine what is in the child’s best interests.
OCS will also send a letter to the non-custodial parent informing him or her that OCS will be administering the case.
www.ocs.state.vt.us /Handbook/Chapter1.htm   (3035 words)

 Parent Handbook Chapter 4
In order for OCS to record the payment, the parent will need to provide proof in the form of either (1) a copy of the check (front and back) from the non-custodial parent or (2) a letter from the custodial parent verifying that the payment was made.
If wage withholding was ordered in a case and OCS has not received a withholding payment within the past 30 days, OCS mails payment coupons to the non-custodial parent for him or her to use in making child support payments to the OCS Registry.
OCS takes no action in Registry-only cases other than notifying and sending billing statements to employers (when wage withholding is ordered) or to non-custodial parents (when direct payment through the OCS Registry is ordered).
www.ocs.state.vt.us /Handbook/Chapter4.htm   (4021 words)

 Navy OCS Gouge
For me OCS lasted 16 weeks, only because I went through Thanksgiving and Christmas, where vacation was awarded (Which by the way, isn't always the case).
"The 13 week OCS course is designed to give you a working knowledge of the Navy (afloat and ashore), to prepare you to assume the responsibilities of a Naval officer, and to begin developing you to your fullest potential.
Your personal honor, courage, and commitment will be tested at OCS and you will be challenged to live up to the highest standards of these core values.
www.bryanweatherup.com /gouge/OCS   (864 words)

 OCS Computer Networking Services for LAN / WAN Implementation in New York NY
OCS networking professionals have wealth of knowledge and experience in designing business computer networking solutions based on proven and secure technologies from leading Information Technology vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and Novell.
OCS team of Systems Engineers and Technicians work in unison to quickly and reliably implement a secure computer network infrastructure tailored to your business needs.
OCS implements standards based voice and data cabling to ensure the reliability and stability of your computer network and backs it with and unconditional guarantee.
www.ocsny.com /networking.php   (253 words)

 Narnack Records | Bands | OCS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is the second OCS (John Dwyer of Coachwhips) release spanning the years of 2001-2003.
A secret for Dwyer's success is his ability to take a part of who he is and fearlessly strip it down to some refined basic human truth while coddled in that busted state of consciousness.
OCS 2 is the big invite for everybody to get nekkid and crawl in bed...cuz that early morning's finally flooding in to bathe the bludgeoned brain in soothing light after a savage night of sex, drugs and rock n' roll...spoon yr inner child today.
www.narnackrecords.com /bands/ocs.asp   (1037 words)

 OCS Consulting Plc - home
OCS is an IT consultancy that has established itself as a leader in the delivery of flexible and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clients.
By ensuring that OCS provides an organisational, cultural as well as skills fit with the client, OCS has been able to attain the role of trusted IT service partner where seamless integration with the clients own department is required.
OCS has achieved over twenty years of success due to the loyal and professional staff at its core and its insistence on the highest levels of expertise and quality.
www.ocs-consulting.com   (236 words)

 OCS 690W p. 1   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The court is required to include in a child support order a requirement that a noncustodial parent, called an obligor, make the required child support payments to a custodial parent, called an obligee, through wage withholding unless the parents agree in writing that the obligor will pay the obligee directly.
The OCS computer system will automatically reduce the amount to be withheld to the amount of current support, and the weekly statement sent to the employer will reflect the new amount.
OCS sends a notice to the employer, even if the employer is out of state.
ocse.acf.hhs.gov /necsrspub/docs/RegionI/Vermont/ocs690w.html   (1368 words)

 OCS Access Online Ordering Solution::::FAQ's
OCS Access is an solution provider & application developer, meaning that the software developed by OCS Access is also supported, enhanced and maintained by us.
OCS Access’s clients simply create a link from their homepage to their online store.
In order to deliver a completely integrated solution, OCS Access’s programs and staff will need to have access to sensitive data from your backend system such as customers, products, pricing, etc. At the time you sign up with OCS Access, we will provide you with a signed confidentiality agreement if you wish.
www.ocsaccess.com /faq.html   (1126 words)

 Officer Candidates School
For those Marine Officers not attending the U.S. Naval Academy, the road to a commission in the Corps beings with one of several programs at Officer Candidates School (OCS): the Officer Candidate Class, the Platoon Leaders Course, or the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps.
And, while many people associate change with progress, the methods at OCS have not changed appreciably since they were first developed.
Officer candidates are expected to report for training at OCS with a certain level of physical readiness.
www.ocs.usmc.mil   (259 words)

 OCS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
OCS is one of three Officer training schools located at Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, FL.
The 12 week OCS course is designed to give you a working knowledge of the Navy (afloat and ashore), to prepare you to assume the responsibilities of a Naval officer, and to begin developing you to your fullest potential.
Physical training (PT) begins almost immediately upon arrival at OCS.
www.nsgreatlakes.navy.mil /otcp/ocs/ocs.htm   (253 words)

 About Georgia OCS
OCS is designed to force an officer candidate to work under pressure most of the time.
Suggestions are made by the school staff on how to prepare for OCS training, how to organize time and material, and how to study.
OCS is a challenging program where a successful candidate will experience substantial individual growth.
www.homestead.com /gmiocs/files/about.html   (497 words)

 History - OCS, Inc.
OCS has grown from a small Central East Coast operation, to a Countrywide corporation operating across the United States, but with a heavy concentration up and down the East Coast.
Stoetzer, President of OCS said, "so in 1987 we purchased and consolidated operations in one facility in Eldersburg, Maryland." In the 13 years at that location, two additions to the facility were made.
OCS will continue to service the special needs of each of our clients with creative ideas, customized formats and tried-and-true concepts.
www.ocsmail.com /history.html   (566 words)

 GoArmy.com > Officer Candidate School > Overview
OCS is open to recent college graduates and college seniors who are looking to earn commissions as Officers.
Army OCS prepares you with the tools, training and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment.
When you are ready to apply to the U.S. Army OCS program, simply follow the above link and download the correct application for College or Active Army.
www.goarmy.com /ocs/index.jsp   (182 words)

 OCS Consulting   (Site not responding. Last check: )
OCS recruits, as a permanent OCS employee, a candidate specifically for the Client, to the Client’s requirements by matching them to the Client’s job description.
OCS reserves the services of the consultant exclusively for the Client for as long as the Client commits to their services.
OCS’ C2P Recruitment can be offered for any type of candidate, including any whose skills or expertise are not core to OCS and OCS will make best endeavours to secure candidates for the most esoteric requirements.
www.ocs-consulting.com /ocs_nl/resrc_c2p.htm   (396 words)

 Cover Pages: Open Content Syndication (OCS)
The OCS Directory format is designed to enable channel listings to be constructed for use by portal sites, client based headline software and other similar applications.
The latest version is Version 0.5 which is a complete revision of the OCS directory format.
OCS is supported by Reptile ('reputation-enhanced personal and distributed portal').
xml.coverpages.org /ocs.html   (461 words)

 OCS Express Freight & Logistics
For the third consecutive year, OCS Express Freight & Logistics has been awarded the prestigious Shipper's Choice Award for 2006 by Canadian Transportation & Logistics in their annual shipper's choice survey.
BANGKOK - Vancouver-based freight forwarder OCS Express Freight Logistics has been voted Top Agent of the Year 2006 by fellow members of the Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN) at the global grouping’s fourth annual conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
OCS provides express courier and freight forwarding transportation and logistics solutions for the needs of business in Canada.
www.ocs.ca   (211 words)

 OCS Home
Since 1957, OCS has brought the world of business closer to you, through an efficient, multi-service international shipping network.
OCS links every business market on every continent, capable of delivery to nearly 200 countries, currently delivering 70 million international business packages each year.
Copyright © 2007 OCS America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
www.shipocs.com   (76 words)

 Ouachita Christian School
With daily prayers and Bible classes, regular chapel assemblies, and a Christian atmosphere in every classroom, students receive the guidance needed for spiritual growth.
The OCS student body is very active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).
At OCS, children are in a safe, comfortable environment where they are given confidence and support to soar to their highest abilities.
www.ocs.org   (120 words)

 Open Content Syndication Directory Format (Version 0.4)
The OCS Directory format is intended to allow providers of syndicated content the means to describe the content available.
Each OCS file contains information about the directory itself and sub sections for each of the content channels available at that site.
For example, the OCS Directory format could be used to provide two syndicated versions of a site, the first in RSS format, containing only headlines and updated hourly, the second in a more extensive format such as scriptingNews, updated daily and more suitable for downloading to read offline
internetalchemy.org /ocs/directory.html   (431 words)

 Soccer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
OCS fields both varsity ladies’ and varsity men’s high school soccer teams.
During the 2005 – 2006 season, the OCS men’s team finished the regular season as district runners-up to St. Freds.
You may also find out more about the soccer program at OCS by logging onto their website at http://ocssoccer.freeservers.com.
www.ocs.org /Soccer.htm   (258 words)

 GeekList: Chris' OCS List | BoardGameGeek   (Site not responding. Last check: )
OCS is one of my absolute favorite wargames, despite the usual time comittment involved, just because it is *so* immersive.
While the rules to OCS are not, in fact, that difficult in the main - as I've said before, I could teach you the rules to the ground game in 20 minutes - the flexibility they give you is high and the implications of all this are tougher to learn than many.
The terrain is murderously tight, armor is virtually irrelevant, supply is a monster headache due to the frequently impenetrable terrain and lack of roads, and air is used mainly for transport.
www.boardgamegeek.com /geeklist.php3?action=view&listid=1549   (3098 words)

 OCS Foundation
He entered the Army in 1963 to attend flight school, but was instead sent to Army OCS at Fort Benning.
After OCS, Russ was assigned to the 8th Infantry Division near Heidelberg, Germany.
Since then, he has received his commission from Army OCS in February 2003 and is currently serving as an Armor officer in Iraq.
www.ocsfoundation.org /board.html   (851 words)

 OCS Resourcing
OCS is an established UK market leading IT services company providing temporary or permanent IT staff or meeting short term needs for IT contractors.
Through a combination of executive search and selection, database screening and on-line advertising OCS Resourcing assures successful delivery on its IT contracts with the best people.
OCS Resourcing sources all IT roles within an organisation, whether these roles be for strategic IT programmes, tactical application development or ensuring the smooth running of your IT systems.
www.ocs-resourcing.com /page/page/1423390.htm   (120 words)

 International - OCS
OCS Group International Limited delivers those services consistently across five continents.
With a devotion to providing our customers with the highest levels of service possible, OCS actively promotes staff development particularly in the areas of service provision and customer care.
This commitment to quality has ensured that OCS is the first choice service provider for some of the worlds largest multinational businesses.
www.ocs.co.uk /exec/OCS_International   (100 words)

 Products-Operator Control Stations
By combining a controller, operator interface, I/O, and networking into a single compact unit, OCS (Operator Control Station) provides a better solution for original equipment manufacturers, integrators, and end-users alike.
Since 1998, OCS has led the way in this emerging market with the largest installed base, and product selection.
OCS has been used successfully in a variety of applications, including:
www.heapg.com /Pages/Products/products_OCS.html   (85 words)

 OCS Contact   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you have any questions or comments, would like to request a quote or a call back from an OCS Representitive, please let us know in the space below.
OCS is THE source for Wholesale, Commercial or home heating and plumbing needs.
OCS Radiators will heat your home this winter!
www.ocsind.com /contact.asp   (78 words)

 OCS - Mini OCS - Product Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Mini OCS, designed for smaller control applications where a tight footprint is the primary consideration, combines a logic controller, an operator interface, and optional networking (CsCAN or DeviceNet Slave) all in one integrated package.
The Mini OCS serves applications that demand as few as eight inputs and six outputs, or as many as eighteen inputs and twelve outputs.
The Mini OCS features the speed and performance of most mid-sized PLCs, with an instruction set that includes floating point math, PID, motion commands, and data manipulation.
www.geindustrial.com /cwc/products?pnlid=2&id=miniocs   (180 words)

 GoArmy.com > Officer Candidate School > About Army OCS
Their training encourages the development of leadership and problem-solving skills that make them sought after by civilian employers.
Army OCS is one of the Nation’s top leadership programs, with many benefits to joining.
OCS is a 14-week program that consists of Basic Training, Intermediate and Senior Officer Candidate Phases.
www.goarmy.com /ocs/about_army_ocs.jsp   (177 words)

 OCS-Students: Fellowships / Calendar
Applicants for fellowships for travel or study abroad should also consult the resources of Section L (Travel and Work Abroad) and the Annex (Study Abroad and International University Catalogues) in the OCS Reading Room, as well as the Global Opportunities section of this web site.
Unless otherwise noted, applications are available in the Fellowships Office at OCS, 54 Dunster Street, Room 302.
Applications for the Fulbright, Marshall endorsement, and Rhodes endorsement competitions are available through the summer months until closing dates very early in the fall, which are noted with their descriptions.
www.ocs.fas.harvard.edu /students/fellowships/calendar.htm   (3457 words)

 OCS Inventory NG - Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We are glad to announce that 2006 Edition jury of "Trophées du Libre", headed by Marc Shuttleworth - Chairman of the Ubuntu Foundation - gave Gold Trophy in "Security" category to OCS Inventory NG project.
For people needing help about OCS Inventory V3 and previous, please use this forum.
Pour obtenir de l'aide sur OCS Inventory V3 et précédente, merci d'utiliser ce forum.
ocsinventory.sourceforge.net /index.php?page=Forums   (414 words)

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