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Topic: The Rule of Names

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Final Rule: Investment Company Names
Rule 35d-1, as adopted, requires that an investment company with a name that suggests that it focuses its investments in a particular country or geographic region adopt a policy to invest at least 80% of its assets in investments that are tied economically to the particular country or geographic region suggested by its name.
Rule 35d-1 will provide significant benefits to investors, by helping to ensure that an investment company that has a name suggesting that it focuses on a particular type of investment, or in investments in a particular industry, invests at least 80% of its assets in the type of investment suggested by its name.
Rule 2a-7(a)(23) (defining a single state fund by reference to the amount of its distributed income that is exempt from the income taxes or other taxes on investments of a particular state, rather than the location of the issuers in which it invests).
www.sec.gov /rules/final/ic-24828.htm   (9663 words)

 OSCN Found Document:Firm Names and Letterheads
A trade name may be used by a lawyer in private practice if it does not imply a connection with a government agency or with a public or charitable legal services organization and is not otherwise in violation of Rule 7.1.
(c) The name of a lawyer holding a public office shall not be used in the name of a law firm, or in communications on its behalf, during any substantial period in which the lawyer is not actively and regularly practicing with the firm.
However, it is misleading to use the name of a lawyer not associated with the firm or a predecessor of the firm.
www.oscn.net /applications/oscn/deliverdocument.asp?citeID=73726   (366 words)

 ICU 3.6: RuleBasedNumberFormat Class Reference
If the rule's rule descriptor is left out, the base value is one plus the preceding rule's base value (or zero if this is the first rule in the list) in a normal rule set.
A rule set may be either a regular rule set or a fraction rule set, depending on whether it is used to format a number's integral part (or the whole number) or a number's fractional part.
Whitespace is ignored between a rule set name and a rule set body, between a rule descriptor and a rule body, or between rules.
icu.sourceforge.net /apiref/icu4c/classRuleBasedNumberFormat.html   (4430 words)

 General Rules on the Submission of Names   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
All names, words, phrases, and languages used in a Society name must either be from period (i.e., have been used before 1600) or accepted by the College of Arms as consistent with period naming practices.
Society names may be changed by resubmitting the new name as a name change, which must then pass through the same process as a new name.
Names that would prove offensive to a significant segment of the SCA, or of the population as a whole, may not be used.
www.sca-caid.org /chatelaine/newcomers/generalrules.htm   (857 words)

 Rules of Professional Conduct   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
A trade name may be used by a lawyer in private practice if it does not imply a connection with a government agency or with a public or charitable organization and is not otherwise in violation of Rule 7.1 or Rule 7.4.
(d) The name of a lawyer holding a public office shall not be used in the name of a law firm, or in communications on its behalf, during any substantial period in which the lawyer is not practicing with the firm.
Rule 7.5 is a direct counterpart to Temporary DR 2-105, which was substantially adopted from Model Rule 7.5.
www.alabar.org /public/ropc/rule7-5.htm   (351 words)

Rule: the names of variables and functions are to begin with a lowercase letter.
Rule: the names of types and constants are to begin with a capital letter.
Rule: names are not to begin with an underscore ('_'), as leading underscores are often used internally by compilers and system libraries.
www.ascotti.org /programming/cc/identifiers.htm   (1193 words)

 Personal names
If a phrase naming a place follows any element of the name, it should be given as an integral part of the name.
Rule interpretation 22:10, addressing entry under initials, letters, or numerals, diverges somewhat from the text of the rule itself in AACR2.
Rule 22.3A: Form of personal name headings, when names vary in fullness – accept the form as AACR2 compatible if the form on the item being cataloged matches that on existing catalog records (the file against which the cataloging and searching is being done).
www.library.uiuc.edu /techserv/cpac/cpacpolicies/personal_names.htm   (736 words)

 C++ Style and Rules
In names which consist of more than one word, the words are written together and each word that follows the first is begun with an uppercase letter.
One rule of thumb is that a name which cannot be pronounced is a bad name.
A long name is normally better than a short, cryptic name, but the truncation problem must be taken into consideration.
www.textrush.com /standard/cpp-coding-standard-ellemtel-chap5.html   (842 words)

 News Item: SEC Rule Prohibits Misleading Mutual Fund Names
The rule requires that a mutual fund with a name suggesting that it focuses on a particular type of investment invest at least 80% of its assets in accordance with its name.
By tightening the investment requirement, the rule is intended to provide an investor greater assurance that the fund's investments will be consistent with its name and to help reduce confusion when an investor selects a fund for specific investment needs and asset allocation goals.
A fund whose name does not connote a particular investment emphasis is not required to invest 80% of its assets in a particular type of investment.
www.sec.gov /news/headlines/mfnames.htm   (389 words)

 G o l d N a m e s
With 16 million domain names registered today, at an estimated average registration fee of $25/year, the market size today is $400 million (measured by cost of name registration).
Domain names are not case sensitive; The Internet understands "a" and "A" as the same letter when it comes to domain names.
Name investors are people who register names which do not have trademarks.
www.goldnames.com /faq/domainnames_general.html   (1695 words)

 American Kennel Club - Registered Kennel Names
Kennel names of prominent breeders were recognized as early as September 1887, soon after the founding of the AKC.
More rule changes were implemented in 1949, the most significant being the limiting of kennel name ownership to a five-year period, after which the owner had to apply for renewal.
The kennel name may not have been used by anyone other than the applicant in the naming of any AKC registered dogs within 10 years prior to the date of the application.
www.akc.org /reg/kennelnames.cfm   (979 words)

 RuleML Initial Steps
The result should be a 'family tree' of rule markup languages, preparing rule translations, language revisions, etc. For exemplary tag comparisons by alignment see sections 3 and 4 of Markup Languages for Functional-Logic Programming.
This can be seen as complementing rule induction and the markup of its results, as supported by PMML's association rules.
Rule compilation: Should we classify rules according to the compilation targets that can be used for executing them more efficiently, e.g.
www.ruleml.org /insteps.html   (910 words)

 Syntext Python Coding Conventions
Rule.� Keywords in key comments are separated with colon from the other words that are placed on the same line (see Example�1.3, “Documented fragment sample ”).
Name that is pronounced with difficulty is a bad name.
Rule: Ask others if it was done.� If a programmer suspects that the problem faced has already been implemented then he must ask the team on e-mail on available solution.
www.syntext.com /books/syntext-py-conventions.htm   (1821 words)

 Names Section
For selected name tags, the name tag is included in the narrative or in the grid unless the tag's sentence begins with the exclusion marker.
So, if a name tag's sentence is excluded via an exclusion marker, but the tag is included via the list of tags, the name will appear in the index even though the tag is not shown in the person page entry.
The primary name is not displayed anywhere except at the start of the person page section, so there is no sentence or grid entry to display the memo.
www.johncardinal.com /ss/secnames.htm   (868 words)

 Minnesota General Rules of Practice for the District Courts
   Rule 802(i) is amended effective January 1, 1994, to make it clear that the definition of petit jury is not intended to change in any way the mechanism for agreeing to a different sized jury in criminal cases as established in the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure.
   Rule 806 is amended to incorporate a change made in jury source list creation that predated the adoption of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice but which was not incorporated in the final draft of the rules.
The 2005 change to Rule 814 is intended to ensure the privacy of juror social security numbers and to reflect the constitutional limits on closure of criminal case records.
www.courts.state.mn.us /rules/general/GRtitleIX.htm   (2868 words)

 Rule Broadcast Systems - Client Stories
Using local vendors was a priority and Fitz enthusiastically names Rule Broadcast as a significant contributor to the show’s success.
Contemplating the limited space and challenging angles, he scribbled his thoughts in pencil and crayon, brought it to Rule, and less than a week later Rule devised a plan that was both innovative and within budget.
Smith recalls that Rule technicians were on site about 20-30 hours a week the first month, accommodating their needs to have work done at odd hours in order to get the show out the door.
www.rule.com /story.cfm?storyID=11   (833 words)

 Rule 7.5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
(b) A law firm with offices in more than one jurisdiction may use the same name or other professional designation in each jurisdiction, but identification of the lawyers in an office of the firm shall indicate the jurisdictional limitations on those not licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where the office is located.
Although the United States Supreme Court has held that legislation may prohibit the use of trade names in professional practice, use of such names in law practice is acceptable so long as it is not misleading.
However, it is misleading to use the name of a lawyer not associated with the firm or a predecessor of the firm, or the name of a nonlawyer.
www.utcourts.gov /resources/rules/ucja/13_proco/7_5.htm   (363 words)

 CommuniGate Pro: Automated Rules
The higher priority Rules are checked first: a Rule with the priority level of 9 is applied before a Rule with the priority level 1.
Otherwise the "submit address" string contains the name of the component that received or generated the E-mail Message or Signal, and (separated with a space symbol) the network (IP) address the E-mail or Signal came from, optionally followed with the IP port number (separated with a colon symbol).
Rules from both sets are applied together, in the order specified with the Rule priority attribute.
www.stalker.com /CommuniGatePro/Rules.html   (1758 words)

 Adding Preferences
A technical advantage of leaving some rules unnamed is that the use of rule schemata with parameters for rule names does not necessarily make programs infinite.
The rule sets R that have to be taken into account in our well-founded semantics based approach are subsets of the rules which are undefeated by the set of literals known to be true.
The subset to be used depends on the rule r and consists of those rules that are not ``dominated'' by r.
www.cs.washington.edu /research/jair/volume4/brewka96a-html/node3.html   (1149 words)

 Rule change for HIV files: Patients' names will be kept on record
AIDS cases have been reported by name since 1984, but health officials didn't start logging HIV cases until the late '90s, when better treatments meant more people were living longer without developing full-blown AIDS.
The new rule met with tepid opposition from AIDS service organizations who registered their disagreement to the proposed change, but ultimately accepted that the state had no choice.
The new rule also allows local health departments to keep names on file -- a move opposed by the community organizations who worry about security breaches.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /health/274015_hiv15.html   (744 words)

 Gaelic by a Beginner
English speakers (and many other languages) are used to names being sacrosanct: Mary is always pronounced Mary, no matter where the name shows up.
Rule 4: Precede the person's name with 'a', which causes lenition.
Names also change when they are in the genetive case (ok, if you're not familiar with the tenses and cases, don't panic.
www.phouka.com /irish/ir_names.html   (303 words)

 What's in a Name? Odd slide rule variations
Many rules that are marked quite differently are in fact the very same rule from the very same factory, and many rules that are marked the same are really quite different.
This rule appears as a laminated rule with revealed wood edges, and as a fully laminated rule with covered edges, as well as with every possible kind of K+E case (fl hardboard, fl leather, green leather, orange leather), numerous slightly different scale sets, and at least three different kinds of cursor.
They designed a very interesting circular rule, the Data Center, which was rectangular, had a circular rule on the face, rulers along the sides, conversions to periodic tables on the rear face, and a pull-out double-sided data card that had industry specific information.
www.sphere.bc.ca /test/whatsinaname.html   (998 words)

 Rules for CUGC Nomic game 01   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
A rule is a series of one or more statements in English.
Any action or thing, whether actual or notional, that is neither explicitly mentioned in the rules nor otherwise brought into the game in a manner described by the rules is not a part of the game.
The name of a rule must be short and descriptive of its content.
www.wurb.com /nomic/01/rules.cgi   (256 words)

 Period Arabic Names and Naming Practices (2nd edition)
Titular names such as ‘The Sword of the Faith (Sayf al-Din) and ‘The Sword of the State’ (Sayf al-Dawla) were bestowed by the caliph on military and political leaders and were very highly valued.
Of descent, derived from the name of a person’s tribe of birth or family lineage: Mughirah al-Ju'fi [Mughirah of the tribe of Ju'fi]; Yusuf al-Ayyubi [Joseph the Ayyubid, Joseph of the family line of Ayyub].
As a general rule, women’s names tended to use the less complex forms; however, this may be as much the result of a limited sample as it is of period practice.
www.sca.org /heraldry/laurel/names/arabic-naming2.htm   (3931 words)

 OL98: A Rule with Many Names from the Address Book May Not Run
A rule that tests for a large number of names (50 or more) from either the Personal Address Book (PAB), or the Global Address List (GAL), may not run for an item containing one of the names.
A rule that tests for e-mail from a large number of names from the PAB or the GAL may not perform as expected.
For example, if the rule is set to play a sound and to move the message to a folder, the sound may play but the message may not move.
support.microsoft.com /kb/235688   (199 words)

 mjm wired :: The Rule of Names
Most of the time I take pride in its uniqueness, but there are two things that do annoy me. The first being pronunciation and the second (related) is that on average many people do not remember it.
I made the stupid mistake of allowing a 2-syllable mispronunciation of my name in first grade here in the U.S. Since then almost everyone I know, outside of my family, says my name incorrectly.
The interesting thing in college was that when I told people my name during group meetings or lab sessions, no one would remember.
www.mjmwired.net /read/36/the-rule-of-names   (242 words)

 Rule C-305 Aldehydes (Trivial Names)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
305.1 - When the corresponding monobasic acid has a trivial name, the name of the aldehyde may be formed from the trivial name of the acid by changing the ending "-ic acid" or "-oic acid" to "-aldehyde".
305.3 - The names of aldehydes corresponding to trivially named polybasic acids in which all of the carboxyl groups are changed to aldehyde groups are formed from the names of the acids by changing "-ic acid" to "-aldehyde".
They are not formed from the trivial names of the amino acids unless the latter end in "-ic acid".
www.acdlabs.com /iupac/nomenclature/79/r79_261.htm   (296 words)

 Manual:Verbot Editor Rule Names - VerbotWiki
The "Rule Name" field is where you type in the name of the Rule you wish to create.
The Rule name can be anything and is used only as an identifier.
To create a new Rule, type in the name of the Rule you wish to create and Click the "New Rule" button.
www.verbots.com /wiki/Manual:Verbot_Editor_Rule_Names   (118 words)

 1.6 Names in programs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The most fundamental of these conventions, which should be taken as a rule, is that names should always be as meaningful as possible; even though this might mean more typing.
The only Java rule for names is that Java's reserved words cannot be used as names; a list of all Java's reserved words is given in Table 1.1.
Some other words identify facilities which are supplied by the Java environment and although they could be used as names, they should not be used as such unless it is intended to change their meaning or to give then an additional meaning.
www.scism.sbu.ac.uk /jfl/Chapter1/chap1p6.html   (254 words)

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