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Topic: Satanic Verses

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In the News (Sun 23 Jun 19)

  GradeSaver: The Satanic Verses Essay: Sympathy for the Devil: The Narrator's Argument in The Satanic Verses
Satan, the narrator of Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, through the story of the novel, and especially through a comparison of himself with his double, Saladin, is trying to prove to his human readers that he deserves redemption.
Satan does this by orchestrating the action of the novel, and, through the figure of Saladin Chamcha, who resembles Satan both in name and, temporarily, in visage, the narrator argues that even those who commit truly evil acts should be able to redeem themselves.
This Satan understands the transcendence of climbing Everest and of sex, the overwhelming emotion and charisma of Ayesha, the butterfly girl, the unbreakable bond between father and son.
www.gradesaver.com /classicnotes/titles/satanic/essay1.html   (3934 words)

 Christdot :: Christ. Period. :: The "Satanic Verses": Did Muhammad (PBUH) Compromise Islam?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The person who fabricated the "Satanic Verses" incident only considered the two previous verses, 19-20 (those are the only ones the story mentions), when he conjured up the "Satanic" addition, but had he looked just a single verse further down the Surah, he'd have thought twice about the devastating folly he made.
Verse 73 is clearly theoretical, as evidenced by the use of "would have", and isn't describing something that in fact happened.
Verse 75 is theoretical again, saying that Muhammad (PBUH) would have been punished as God planned to punish the idolaters had he succumbed to them, but the story says he did succumb to their wishes.
christdot.org /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5095&hl   (4682 words)

  Satanic Verses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Satanic Verses is an expression coined by the historian Sir William Muir in reference to several verses allegedly interpolated into an early version of the Qur'ān and later expunged.
The hadīths associated with the latter verse were mere inventions introduced to maintain the argument that naskh means to remove with specific reference to the wording of the verse.
Satan and the "Satanic verses": The "Satanic verses" episode in the context of the Biblical history of Satan.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Satanic_Verses   (3299 words)

 What about the Satanic Verses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The phrase "Satanic verses" refers to a passage which once formed part of the Qur'an and was later obliterated from the Muslim scripture.
The claim continues to assert that after a while the prophet declared these verses to be of satanic origin and that they are to be replaced by other verses of divine origin.
Satan made him repeat these two phrases: 'These idols are high and their intercession is expected.' The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, repeated them, and he went on reciting the whole surah and then fell in prostration, and the people also fell in prostration with him.
members.aol.com /oldtestmt/satanic.htm   (1569 words)

 Bennett Furlow » Blog Archive » The Satanic Verses
Khomeini felt Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses was blasphemous.
According to the story, the Satanic Verses were given to Muhammad by Satan in order to contradict the idea of one God.
Satan added after this, they are the exalted Gharaniq, whose intercession is hoped for.
bennett.coolmojo.net /?p=13   (649 words)

 Satanic Verses
That He may make the suggestions thrown in by Satan, but a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease and who are hardened of heart: verily the wrong-doers are in a schism far (from the Truth): Hajj (Pilgrimage) 22:52-53.
Satan, when he was ‎meditating upon it, and desiring to bring it
Satan cast on his tongue, because of his inner debates and what he desired to bring to his people, the words:
www.muhammadanism.org /Quran/SatanicVerses.htm   (3052 words)

 The "Satanic Verses"
The "satanic verses" are, in transliteration from Arabic, tilk al-gharaniq al-'ula wa inna shafa'ata-hunna la-turtaja, and translate into English as "these are exalted females whose intercession is to be desired" (Satanic Verses p.
The argument that W.M. Watt, for his part, provides for the inarguable authenticity of the verses is that "it is inconceivable that any Muslim would invent such a story, and it is inconceivable that a Muslim scholar would accept such a story from a non-Muslim." (Watt xxxiv).
The verses were perhaps first named "satanic verses' by Sir William Muir, as Ahsan notes (Ahsan 139, footnote 2).
www.wsu.edu:8000 /~brians/anglophone/satanic_verses/sv.html   (1107 words)

 The Satanic Verses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
: "The Satanic Verses" is also a novel by Salman Rushdie; see: The Satanic Verses (novel) ---- The term Satanic Verses was coined by the historian Sir William Muir to refer to several Verses alleged to have been part of an early version of the Qur'an and later expunged.
The story of the Verses can be read in al-Waqidi and al-Tabaris recension of Ibn Ishaqs biography of Prophet Muhammad, the Sirat Rasul Allah, which is believed to have been written 120-130 years after Muhammad's death.
As he was reciting to himself this verse of the Qur'an, as revealed to him by the angel Gabriel: : Have you thought of al-Lat and al-'Uzza and Manat the third, the other : (Sura 53, 19-20) Satan tempted him to add the following line: : These are the exalted Gharaniq, whose intercession is approved.
the-satanic-verses.iqnaut.net   (585 words)

 The Satanic Verses of Bhagavad-gita
The Cast-conscious Gita - In Ch 18 verses 41 to 48 clearly imply that Gita (in particular, Lord Krishna) considers the cast system (constituted of the four casts, viz Brahmanas, Ksatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras) to be divine and religious.
Also in Ch 4 verses 7 & 8 Krishna tells Arjuna that to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, and to reestablish the principles of religion, He Himself appears, millennium after millennium.
In Ch 2 verses 31 to 38, Ch 4 verse 42, Ch 11 verses 33 & 34, Arjuna is advised to fight the irreligious people (his enemy) with violent means.
religion.me.uk /the_satanic_verses_of_bhagavad_gita.php   (676 words)

 [No title]
Vulture RE:Satanic Verses to Muslim 8/8/2002 6:26:23 PM You won't learn much from Satan but the simple fact that he is a fallen and failed angel.
Don't say no if you haven't read Satanic Verses in full." So I went to amazon and read a few excerpts, I was merely pointing out that what Rushdie said has nothing to do with the quran.
Muslim RE:Satanic Verses to Muslim 8/9/2002 4:32:19 AM First of all abu, like I said before, my faith, belief, conviction or whatever other word you want to use is none of your business, don't want to sound upset, but it is between me and God.
www.strategypage.com /messageboards/messages/36-7074.asp   (813 words)

 The Satanic Verses
For the account continues that Jibril (Gabriel), the angel of revelation, informed Muhammad that Satan had used Muhammad's desire for reconciliation with the pagan leaders to insert into the revelation of God the verses about the interceding cranes, otherwise called "the satanic verses".
Our information about the satanic verses and the circumstances surrounding their revelation stems from the reputable Muslim accounts of at-Tabari and Ibn Sa’d.
Satanic inspiration is known by the onomatopoeic wiswas (whispering) and there are two verses in the Qur’an whose source was recognized as satanic and were in consequence struck out immediately." It does seem, however, that “immediately” is questionable.
www.answering-islam.org /Hahn/satanicverses.htm   (1165 words)

 Rusdie's Satanic Verses and Khomeini's Reaction
He believed that the Islamic community was his to protect and, regardless of Rushdie’s claims, The Satanic Verses was an attack against that community.
Whether or not Khomeini had thoroughly read The Satanic Verses is less important to a study of the Rushdie Affair than the fact that his reaction was presaged by events in that novel.
In The Satanic Verses, the Imam intended his revolution to counter the corrosive impact of Western ideas on his homeland.
www.uvm.edu /~hforum/current/article3.htm   (5504 words)

 The Satanic Verses (novel) Summary
The Satanic Verses is Salman Rushdie 's fourth novel, first published in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad.
The title refers to the Satanic Verses, an attempted interpolation in the Qur'an described by Ibn Ishaq in his biography of Muhamm...
In the following essay, Davies identifies and discusses aspects of the grotesque in The Satanic Verses.
www.bookrags.com /The_Satanic_Verses_(novel)   (250 words)

 Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie
This is where "Satanic Verses" takes a radical departure from the likes of "Midnight's Children" and Günter Grass' The Tin Drum.
"Satanic Verses" starts off slap-bang with the fantasy and demands your suspension of disbelief before it ever gets to the real world that you are required to believe in.
In "Satanic Verses", you are required to accept that the entire world, not just one character, is part of the fantasy.
www.nnbtv.dircon.co.uk /Books/2001/Verses.html   (753 words)

 The "Satanic Verses"
The "satanic verses" are, in transliteration from Arabic, tilk al-gharaniq al-'ula wa inna shafa'ata-hunna la-turtaja, and translate into English as "these are exalted females whose intercession is to be desired" (Satanic Verses p.
In his analysis of the passage, Haykal comes to the conclusion that "this story of the goddesses is a fabrication and a forgery, authored by the enemies of Islam after the first century of Hijrah" (Haykal 144).
The argument that W.M. Watt, for his part, provides for the inarguable authenticity of the verses is that "it is inconceivable that any Muslim would invent such a story, and it is inconceivable that a Muslim scholar would accept such a story from a non-Muslim." (Watt xxxiv).
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~brians/anglophone/satanic_verses/sv.html   (1107 words)

 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The allegation is that in the course of its recitation and when he uttered the verse 19-20 “Do you see al Lat and al `Uzza and the other third Manat?” Satan threw in the couplet “Those are the swans exalted; verily their intercession is to be expected”.
If such an unusual incident as the giving out of some compromising verses and their subsequent withdrawal had at all taken place, it would have been narrated by some of the many Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.
Significantly enough, some versions of the story clearly state that the “satanic verses” were uttered not by the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, but by Satan or some unbelievers, and they specifically state that the Muslims did not hear it.
www.islamonline.net /English/In_Depth/mohamed/1424/misconception/article04.shtml   (2233 words)

 The Satanic Verses Summary & Essays - Salman Rushdie
Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses rapidly became one of the most widely known and controversial books in the world when it was published in 1988.
Although The Satanic Verses does address the religious beliefs and practices of Islam, this is only one aspect of a complex and highly allusive novel that produces a broad and ambitious commentary about the philosophical and religious problem of good and evil.
The Satanic Verses has been widely misunderstood and defamed, but it has also fascinated its readers, opened up an international debate about censorship and the function of literature, and confirmed Rushdie’s status as one of the most important contemporary writers in the English language.
www.enotes.com /satanic-verses   (360 words)

 Satanic verses | Mashada Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
All along I have always thought that the 'satanic verses' were some form of pornographic insult against muslim.......
Hence those verses were called "the Satanic verses", and since the Koran cannot have any verses uttered by Satan, they were deleted from the Koran.
The Satanic verses incident is of course troubling to many Muslims, who now find it blasphemeous for anyone to suggest that Satan could have found his way to the Koran, to Mohammed’s tongue, Mohammed’s pen, etc. In fact most Muslims (at least those informed about it) deny it ever happened.
www.mashada.com /forums/index/show_topic/37/11614/index.php   (3439 words)

 The LIE of the 'satanic verses' fabricated against the Noble Quran! Also, what about satan's temptations to the Bible's ...
Satan did attempt to throw obstacles in the Prophets' desires in the past, which might have caused them to do and say things that were not inspired by GOD Almighty.
Satan's temptations to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him never survived in the Noble Quran.
None of the "satanic verses" survived in the Noble Quran.
www.answering-christianity.com /satanic_verses.htm   (5987 words)

 Satanic Verses
That He may make the suggestions thrown in by Satan, but a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease and who are hardened of heart: verily the wrong-doers are in a schism far (from the Truth): Hajj (Pilgrimage) 22:52-53.
To excuse his own conduct, Muhammad blamed Satan, and then he defamed all the prophets when he claimed that Satan casts words into the mouths of all the prophets.
Thus God removed the sorrow from his Messenger, reassured him about that which he had feared and cancelled the words [1194] which Satan had cast on his tongue, that their gods were the high-flying cranes whose intercession was accepted with approval.
www.muhammadanism.com /Quran/SatanicVerses.htm   (3052 words)

 Powell's Books - The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie
The Satanic Verses is a wonderfully erudite study of the evil and good entwined within the hearts of women and men, an epic journey of tears and laughter, served up by a writer at the height of his powers.
The Satanic Verses may lack the organizing power of the central conceit of Midnight's Children, but it is if anything a wider ranging novel.
Salman Rushdie is the author of six novels: Grimus, Midnight's Children, The Satanic Verses, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, The Moor's Last Sigh, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Fury and one work of short stories titled East, West.
www.powells.com /cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=7-0312270828-0   (576 words)

 Satanic Verses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Satanic Verses was banned in India in 1988 as a result of protest from some members of the Indian Muslim community,
Whitbread Prize and was named Germany's Author of the Year for Satanic Verses.
notes on Satanic Verses which are available on the web.
www.subir.com /rushdie/sv.html   (111 words)

 The Satanic Verses
If there are some good lessons to be learned from Satanism (or Buddhism, Quakerism, Humanism or any other of the religions that are "not really religions" but are spelt with a capital letter to protect them against logical argument) then let us hear it NAKED, without myth, symbolism and religious trappings.
I mentioned breifly about Satanism to you in an earlier email, but your article that refers to it doesn't show the true side of satanism, but rather the outsider's view.
Of course there are god-haters who choose Satanism simply to piss off their parents and make themselves look evil, but the vast majority of satanists don't even speak of religion or their beliefs/disbeliefs.
mwillett.org /atheism/satanic1.htm   (3473 words)

 "Those Are The High Flying Claims"
The sources for the satanic verses, at-Tabari and Ibn Sa'd, are reputable Muslim sources for early Quranic commentary and Islamic history.
It can easily be gleaned from the story that the incident of reciting the 'Satanic' verses and the consequent prostration of the disbelievers in the Ka'bah happened after the first batch of Muslims had migrated to Abyssinia.
If one takes the 'Satanic' verses to be true, it would imply that the verses to be found in 53:19f.
www.islamic-awareness.org /Polemics/sverses.html   (3111 words)

 Rebuttals to Islamic Awareness : Muhammad and the Satanic Verses
"The verses of Sûrah al-Isrâ' (17:73-5) which were revealed, according to the story, to 'admonish' the Prophet for allegedly reciting the 'Satanic' verses, in fact were not revealed until after the event of the Mi'râj.
If this is so, then it implies that the 'Satanic' verses were not detected or for some reason no mention was made about the alleged interpolation of the verses for five or six years and only afterwards was the Prophet admonished for it.
Verses that Muhammad spoke in Medina were mixed in with verses that he spoke in Mecca.
www.answering-islam.org /Responses/Saifullah/sverses.htm   (8193 words)

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