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Topic: The Searchers (band)

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  Cavern Timeline
The band decided to drop the name as it was felt that it sounded too "country" of a name for a pop group, so, for a brief time, they called themselves "The Pacifics".
The band shortened their name to "Takers" in an attempt to freshen up their image but proved unsuccessful where the Hit Parade was concerned.
Melody Maker once wrote that the band was the "largest success since the Beatles in the Cavern Club, the German equivalent, The Rattles." They have been one of the acts to a Rolling Stones tour and in the summer of 1966, the Rattles accompanied the Beatles on their Germany route.
beatles.ncf.ca /cavern.html   (7258 words)

  The Searchers (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The band's heyday was in the 1960s and their hits included "Needles And Pins," "Sugar and Spice," "Sweets For My Sweet" and "Don't Throw Your Love Away", as well as a cover of The Clovers ' "Love Potion No. 9".
Sandon left the band in late 1961 to join The Remo Four in February 1962.
The band returned to a residence, at the Iron Door Club and it was there that they tape recorded the sessions that led to a recording contract with Pye Records with Tony Hatch as producer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Searchers_(band)   (505 words)

 The Searchers' History
It was The Searchers, however, that eclipsed the Beatles with "Needles and Pins" and caught the gaze of a galaxy of music lovers.
The Searchers "Saints and Searchers" was a bit of a play on words as most of the fans saw the group as being quite tame and benign compared to the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones for example.
This is The Searchers in the rough and on that should not be savoured and not skipped by as it does not have the fullness or trademark harmonies were are used to.
www.rickresource.com /searchers/searchershistory.html   (3840 words)

Over the next nine months, the band staked out a sound that was one of the most distinctive in a rock scene crawling with hundreds of bands.
The Searchers, with Johnny Blunt on drums, continued working and had their last hit, "Have You Ever Loved Somebody," which barely cracked the Top 50 in October of 1966.
Those records, The Searchers and Love's Melodies, were the best work the group ever did, highlighted by achingly beautiful yet vibrant and forceful playing and singing, and an unerring array of memorable hooks and melodies.
www.geocities.com /MotorCity/Garage/1291/searchers.html   (553 words)

 Making Time- The Searchers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
In 1965, the Searchers released He's Got No Love, the first time that the band had penned one of their own singles although they had written material for the albums that had been released.
However, like many bands the Searchers were unable to make the transition as the music market moved away from single towards album-oriented rock.
The Searchers left Pye and moved to Liberty Records in 1968 for whom they recorded a single under the name of Pasha.
www.makingtime.co.uk /searchers.html   (720 words)

 The Searchers - AOL Music
The Searchers is a 1956 epic Western film directed by John Ford, which tells the story of Ethan Edwards, a bitter, middle-aged loner and Civil War veteran...
The Searchers are a British rock act who emerged as part of the 1960s merseybeat scene along with The Beatles, The Swinging Blue Jeans, and Gerry and the...
The Searchers official AOL Music site for The Searchers music videos, The Searchers songs, The Searchers photos, The Searchers live performances and more information on The Searchers.
music.aol.com /artist/the-searchers/5385/main   (154 words)

 Mike Penders Searchers Zone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Photo owned by member of the Mike Pender's Searchers fan club sheila disley taken at a recent reelinandarockin show this is the show that features only mike pender without his own band.
Mike had felt for some time that The Searchers had reached a point where they could not agree on the future direction of the band.
Most purists agree that the sound of Mike Penders Searchers is the true 60's sound of The Searchers.
www.swinging60szone.net /Mike-Penders-Searchers-Zone.html   (154 words)

 The Searchers: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
Johnny Sandon and the Searchers lasted from 1960 through February of 1962, and were extremely popular on the dance hall and club circuit in Liverpool.
Meanwhile, the Searchers [+], now a quartet with Jackson once again lead singer, became one of the top acts on the Liverpool band scene, playing textured renditions of American RandB, rock and roll, country, soul, and rockabilly.
The Searchers [+], with Johnny Blunt on drums, continued working and had their last hit, "Have You Ever Loved Somebody," which barely cracked the Top 50 in October of 1966.
music.com /group/the_searchers/1   (870 words)

 CMT.com : The Searchers : Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Founded in 1957 by John McNally (guitar/vocals), the Searchers were originally one of thousands of skiffle groups formed in the wake of
Lonnie Donegan 's success with "Rock Island Line." The Searchers ' immediate competitors included bands such as the Wreckers and the Confederates, both led by Michael Pender (guitar, vocals), and the Martinis, led by Tony Jackson (guitar/vocals).
The group was signed to Pye Records in mid-1963 and their first single, a cover of the Drifters ' "Sweets for My Sweet," was released in August of 1963, hitting number one on the British charts.
www.cmt.com /artists/az/searchers/bio.jhtml   (625 words)

 Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: The Searchers: Radiohead's unquiet revolution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yorke even dared to describe the feeling of letdown that follows a blast of hype, such as the one his band was producing.
O'Brien, in particular, thought that the band should return to the kind of classic guitar rock that by the end of the decade had become an endangered species.
Steve Martin, a publicist for the band, explained it this way: "Americans don't go for 'cheeky.' We like earnest." Radiohead may be cagey, but they are never cheeky, and they are massively earnest.
www.therestisnoise.com /2004/04/mahler_1.html   (6815 words)

 The Searchers' Fantasy Album
The criteria I have used, is that I personally, must have seen the band play the songs, in their act over the years, but they have never recorded them or if they have, they have not been commercially released.
I fully realise that there could be some of 'avids' who have only followed the band since the mid?'80s, who may not be aware of the fact that The Searchers have performed some of these tracks but may well know of the songs themselves.
The Searchers or rather John had decided to do this song shortly after it was originally released by Colin Raye.
www.rickresource.com /searchers/fantasyCD.html   (1590 words)

 The Searchers
The Searchers didn't start seriously trying their hand at creating original melodies until at least late '65, which pretty much makes them the last number on the running pad, and even then their main creative force, guitarist/vocalist John McNally, was extremely cautious.
Oh yes, and the band's entire early catalog has finally been issued on CD, often with huge amounts of bonus tracks (some of which are actually better than album tracks because they represent their contemporary non-album hits) and other goodies, so at least I'm not yelling at an empty wall here.
The single shows how the Searchers are really starting to find their vibe: the delicious 12-string jangle, married to the ever-perfected harmony arrangements, gets you going even if you do realize that there's enough maple syrup in the song to drown all the pancakes of Holland in it.
starling.rinet.ru /music/search.htm   (6230 words)

 last link on the left > final credits > february 2005
The Searchers were signed by Pye Records in 1963 and had their first number one the same year.
Curtis was certain the Searchers would falter without him and that he would succeed as a songwriter, producer and performer.
She was the leader of The Bricker Band and was a member of the swing vocal group Mad Romance.
lastlinkontheleft.com /fc0502.html   (17258 words)

 The Searchers Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Searchers was the name of a band from Liverpool that took its name from the 1956 John Wayne movie of the same name.
The band was formed in 1960 and, like the Beatles, performed at the Cavern before going to Hamburg in 1961 and 1962.
The Searchers, on the other hand, stayed with the sound that they had always had and as a result, their popularity began to decline.
www.tsimon.com /searcher.htm   (528 words)

 Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Obituaries / Chris Curtis, Searchers' drummer
Chris Curtis, drummer with The Searchers at the height of the British band's fame in the 1960s, has died at the age of 63.
LONDON -- Chris Curtis, drummer with The Searchers at the height of the British band's fame in the 1960s, has died at the age of 63.
Curtis contributed to the band's distinctive vocal harmonies.
www.boston.com /news/globe/obituaries/articles/2005/03/02/chris_curtis_searchers_drummer?mode=PF   (279 words)

 The Searchers
The reputation of John Ford’s The Searchers as a classic but troubling Western in which John Wayne plays an Indian-hating racist is so widely accepted that it’s a bit of a surprise to discover that the film, and the character, are in fact more complex than the reputation suggests.
A tense, unsettling tale of obsession and vengeance, The Searchers tells the story of Civil War veteran Ethan Edwards’s relentless pursuit of a Comanche band led by the war chief Scar (Henry Brandon), who has led a murderous raid on a settler household and kidnapped his young neice Debbie.
This challenge to the Western mythos is deepened by a scene in which the ever-reliable cavalry attacks an Indian camp, brutally slaughtering even women and children in retribution for an Indian attack.
www.decentfilms.com /reviews/searchers.html   (1100 words)

 Epinions.com - The Searchers in Concert (Australia: 22/1/99)
Although not quite as popular in the US, the Searchers in their heyday clocked up six top 5 hits in the UK including three #1’s.
The Searchers differed from many other beat groups of the sixties in that they were more into harmonies.
In view of this, it is comforting to know when attending a Searchers concert that all but one of the current line-up has been with the group since the sixties.
www.epinions.com /content_887726212   (848 words)

 The Searchers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Searchers – a 1956 epic Western movie
The Searchers – a 1960s British rock band
This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists pages that might otherwise share the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Searchers   (84 words)

 Mirror.co.uk - News - All News Archive - SEARCHERS STAR CHRIS DIES AGED 63   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
THE original drummer from 1960s Merseybeat band The Searchers has died at the age of 63 after a long illness.
Curtis was lead singer and drummer in the band - tipped as Britain's answer to the Beach Boys.
Searchers guitarist John McNally said: "He was such a genius."
www.mirror.co.uk /news/allnews/tm_objectid=15246617%26method=full%26siteid=50143%26headline=searchers%2dstar%2dchris%2ddies%2daged%2d63-name_page.html   (160 words)

 DVD & Movie Reviews: The Searchers
One of the best is The Searchers, where the big guy plays Ethan Edwards, a former Confederate soldier who returns from the Civil War to find that Comanche raiders have wiped out his relatives and taken his niece hostage.
The Searchers was filmed in 1956 but doesn't pull punches with some of its content.
Above all, however, The Searchers is the tale of a hard man who will stop at nothing to find his young niece and, if necessary, put her out of her suffering.
www.webwombat.com.au /entertainment/dvds/search.htm   (340 words)

 The Searchers find their ... - May 23, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
NEARLY 40 years ago, the British band The Searchers, which used to be mentioned in the same breath as The Beatles, performed before sellout crowds at the Araneta Coliseum.
The Searchers are coming again to Manila on May 26 from London for a series of shows, including a dance concert at Hard Rock Cafe in Glorietta 3 in Makati City.
The band's Manila visit is a result of the collaboration of sportscaster Joaquin Henson and dzRJ disc jockey Steve O'Neal (Danee Samonte in real life).
www.inq7.net /ent/2004/may/23/text/ent_3-1-p.htm   (496 words)

 The Searchers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
As with many of Ford's classic Westerns, The Searchers must contend with revisionism in its stereotypical treatment of "savage" Native Americans, and the film's visual beauty (the final shot is one of the great images in all of Western culture) is compromised by some uneven performances and stilted dialogue.
The first time I saw it, on a Sunday afternoon in June 1984, I was fascinated both by the intensity of the scenery's bleak landscape and the story itself.
I really wanted to like The Searchers, and I have tried watching it several times, but each time it peters out about 1/4 of the way into the story and I just can't finish viewing it in one continuous sitting.
besttop.ru /item6304696566/The_Searchers.html   (1763 words)

 The Searchers' Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Searchers have gone through a number of changes throughout their long history but they have managed by careful selection and attention to detail to keep the feeling of continuity and to present a product in which, like a good wig you can barely see the join.
In the early days when Curtis was still smacking the cowhide the other three Searchers were content to remain in the shadows when crowd control was required, while Chris utilised his zany, over-the-top personality to whip up the audience from the drum rostrum.
John McNally, ever interested in the current bands and players watched Mr James from the audience and took note, ostensibly in case a suitable support might be required at another venue in the future.
www.users.zetnet.co.uk /roseconway/biog.htm   (1902 words)

 [Deathwatch] Tony Jackson, Searchers bassist, 63   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Searchers bassist dies Thursday, August 21, 2003 Posted: 8:01 AM EDT (1201 GMT) http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/Music/08/21/searchers.death/index.html LONDON, England -- Tony Jackson, bass player for the 1960s "Merseybeat" band The Searchers, has died.
His follow-up band, Tony Jackson and the Vibrations, failed to score and he drifted out of the music business.
In later years he tried to set up a Searchers revival band, but the field was crowded, with two others already in existence.
slick.org /deathwatch/mailarchive/msg01094.html   (324 words)

 The Searchers (band) - Result for The Searchers (band) - Meaning of The Searchers (band) - Definition of The Searchers ...
'''The Searchers''' were a United Kingdom British rock music rock band that took their name from the 1956 John Wayne film movie of the The Searchers (movie) same name.
The band's heyday was in the 1960s and their hits included "Needles And Pins," "Sugar and Spice," and "Don't Throw Your Love Away", as well as a cover of The Clovers ' "Love Potion No. 9".
There you find a list of all editors and the possibility to edit the original text of the article The Searchers (band).
www.mauspfeil.net /The_Searchers_%28band%29.html   (191 words)

 USATODAY.com - Tony Jackson of the Searchers dies at 63   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Jackson sang and played bass for The Searchers, a Liverpool band that briefly rivaled The Beatles for popularity in the early 1960s.
The Searchers honed their skills in Liverpool's nightclubs and — like The Beatles — in the tough beer bars of Hamburg, Germany.
Jackson was lead singer on the band's first two British hits, Sweets for My Sweet and Sugar and Spice, but played bass only on the enduring Needles and Pins and Don't Throw Your Love Away.
www.usatoday.com /life/music/news/2003-08-21-searchers_x.htm   (398 words)

 THE SEARCHERS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Some think him "tetched" yet he has managed to endure to his age during a time and in a region where few men lived to see their grandchildren.
He wears a ragged dark overcoat in all weather, a narrow-brimmed hat with a feather in its band.
Trouble is we don't even know which band that war party belonged to...
www.imsdb.com /scripts/unstamped/Searchers,-The.html   (12226 words)

 The Searchers by The Searchers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
If you are a MP3.com member you can set a preferred service to instantly tell if that music service has this album.
Judging by the title and the quilted design on the cover, Love You would appear to be an album of ballads or romantic tracks, maybe '70s remakes of "Surfer Girl" or "In My Room." But from the...
The reason that The Roaring Silence became Manfred Mann's Earth Band's best-selling album may have been because of both Bruce Springsteen-penned singles, but its instrumental makeup, by way of...
www.mp3.com /albums/40585/summary.html   (170 words)

 CNN.com - Searchers bassist dies - Aug. 21, 2003
In 1964 the band toured the United States, appearing on "The Ed Sullivan Show." Feeling sidelined, Jackson quit the group the same year.
His follow-up band, Tony Jackson and the Vibrations, failed to score and he drifted out of the music business.
In later years he tried to set up a Searchers revival band, but the field was crowded, with two others already in existence.
www.cnn.com /2003/SHOWBIZ/Music/08/21/searchers.death/index.html   (383 words)

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