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Topic: The Shelter (The Twilight Zone)

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In the News (Thu 21 Feb 19)

Shelter Skelter (The Twilight Zone) "Shelter Skelter" is an episode of the The Twilight Zone.
The Twilight Zone The Twilight Zone was a William Shatner.
Children's Zoo (The Twilight Zone) A little girl starved for attention takes her parents to a very special Zoo. /topics/twilight.html

 Glossary/Definitions of Military Terms Starting with B - MilitaryTerms.INFO
A buffer zone is formed to create an area of separation between disputing or belligerent forces and reduce the risk of renewed conflict.
An even layer of water that moves along the sea floor from the beach through the surf zone and caused by the pile-up of water on the beach from incoming breakers.
The period of time at which the sun is halfway between beginning morning and nautical twilight and sunrise, when there is enough light to see objects clearly with the unaided eye. /about/glossary-b.shtml   (5684 words)

 List of The Twilight Zone episodes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of The Twilight Zone episodes.
Twilight Zone Cafe A Discussion board for all Twilight Zone original and revival series episodes.
Over US$165,000 has been donated since the drive began on 19 August. /wiki/List_of_The_Twilight_Zone_episodes   (5684 words)

 The New Twilight Zone episodes 2
A remake of the classic Twilight Zone episode (see Twilight Zone section - first season).
A woman shopping in a department store discovers that she is actually a mannequin in the store who was allowed to take a vacation and live as a human.
In reality, it was an accident which destroyed his town and contributed to bringing peace to Earth, and he has been entombed for ever. /~slk03/hauntedhouse/hpages/NTZepisodes2.html   (5684 words)

 DVDFILE.COM: The Twilight Zone Seasons 2 & 3
Fans of the Twilight Zone franchise should be saving their shekels for the classic series' Definitive Editions, which are worth their weight in gold.
For CBS, defrosting The Twilight Zone for a new generation should have been a harder decision then it was.
Also, please don't confuse this with the misbegotten 2002 version of the show. /software/review/dvd-video_11/twilight_zone_s2_s3.html   (5684 words)

 The Twilight Zone - Episode Guide
This show was based on Rod Serling's classic TV anthology show, The Twilight Zone.
The series re-vamped some of the original episodes and also did new ones. /Shows/twilightzone1985.html   (5684 words)

 The Twilight Zone Quick Episode Guide
This is one of the class of Twilight Zone comedies, and is a very good one indeed.
The Twilight Zone versions of these tended to be comparatively poor.
LW: Edward Andrews did at least one other "Twilight Zone", and countless other television shows and movies over the years. /episodes/guides/other/the_twilight_zone.html   (5684 words)

 The Twilight Zone
The Twilight Zone gathered together talented actors, excellent directors, imaginative writers and coupled it with high quality production values.
156 episodes of Twilight Zone were aired on CBS over the next five years.
It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears, and the summit of his knowledge. /gordonbathgateexperience/tzone.html   (5684 words)

 The Twilight Zone - Seasons 2 & 3 (1986 - 1988)
Twilight Zone the tv show was great to watch and not only di it have great storeiss,but they took us to some weird and strange places which was cool in my book!!!!!!!
Travel into the fifth dimension once again with The Twilight Zone, testing the limits of reality and exploring the mysteries of the universe.
The Twilight Zone - Seasons 2 and 3 (1986 - 1988) /pxxB00092ZLDK.html   (5684 words)

 Literature of the Holocaust HOME PAGE (Filreis)
Yet scores -- perhaps hundreds -- have found shelter in electronic fortresses that authorities say they can barely penetrate (AP wire story - June 26, 1995).
Primo Levi's "The Grey Zone" as film, per New York Times (Jan 2001)
Twilight Zone Was Albert Speer a Repentant Nazi or a man in denial? /~afilreis/Holocaust/holhome.html   (2806 words)

 Shelter Skelter
An obsessed survivalist may get the opportunity to use his most prized possession - a bomb shelter. /ntzeplist/shelter.html   (2806 words)

 "The Twilight Zone" (1985)
Trivia: Rod Serling (creator of the original series, "The Twilight Zone" (1959)) made up the phrase "Fifth Dimension" to use in one season's opening narration.
Is this a New Twilight Zone or Tales From The Darkside story?
He stated that he wanted to go one beyond the four known dimensions. /title/tt0088634/combined   (2806 words)

 The Twilight Zone (1985) Episode Guide - The Twilight Zone (1985) Season Episodes -
The Twilight Zone (1985) Episode Guide - The Twilight Zone (1985) Season Episodes -
Parents don't realize that the video their child watches demonstrates magic tricks like turning parents into lizards and giving dogs four eyes. /twilight-zone-1985/show/1702/episode_guide.html   (2806 words)

 DigiGuide : Episode for The Twilight Zone
Home » Community » DigiGuide Library » Science Fiction Series » The Twilight Zone » Episode Guide » Shelter Skelter
Download DigiGuide, the best TV guide, and never miss an episode of The Twilight Zone again
A survivalist (Joe Mantegna) escapes to his bomb shelter when nuclear war starts. /lib/episode/120459   (2806 words)

 America's Suburb: ValleyBlog archives
This L.A. Times clipping is from Nov. 24, 1954; note the plans for an air-conditioned Cold War bomb shelter.
Some homeowners are asking City Hall to create the Valley's first Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.
Efforts to give official historic status to the original residential blocks of Van Nuys are the subject of a feature story by Dana Bartholomew in The Daily News. /archives.html   (12742 words)

 ★ at
456 Thunder at Twilight Vienna 1913/1914 Frederic Morton 0306810212
428 Lost and Found Dogs Cats and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter Elizabeth Hess (Author) 0151003378
442 Kill Zone A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza Craig Roberts 0963906208 /at.htm   (7536 words)

 The Twilight Zone TV Show
Thank you for visiting our Twilight Zone TV show page!
Joy Ride / Shelter Skelter / Private Channel (5/21/1987) /twilightzone85.html   (7536 words)

 The Twilight Zone [1985 - 1989] @ EOFFTV
The Twilight Zone [1985 - 1989] @ EOFFTV
Joy Ride / Shelter Skelter / Private Channel [21 May 1987] /t/twi/twilight_zone_1985_main.htm   (7536 words)

 The Twilight Zone (1985) - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
In the Zone: The Twilight World Of Rod Serling
The Twilight Zone - 40th Anniversary Gift Set
The Best Of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone: Original Television Scores /twilght2.html   (7536 words)

 The Twilight Zone, Screen Plays Index
.....Based on: Influencing the Hell Out of Time and Teresa Golowitz, by Parke Godwin (Twilight Zone, January, 1982). /SF/TZ_screen_plays.html   (7536 words)

 1959 in History
October 2 Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" premieres on CBS-TV October 3 13th NHL All-Star Game: Montreal beat All-Stars 6-1 at Montreal
May 24 1st house with built-in bomb shelter exhibited in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania
October 1 1st World Series since 1948 not to feature a New York team (LA vs Chic) /years/1959.html   (5457 words)

Shelter Skelter (The Twilight Zone) "Shelter Skelter" is an episode of the The Twilight Zone.
Helter Skelter (disambiguation) The term Helter Skelter has several meanings: Helter Skelter (amusement park ride) Helte...
The book was the basis for two movies released in 1976 and 2004. /topics/skelter.html   (5457 words)

 The Twilight Zone
Episodes such as The Shelter (The Twilight Zone)The Shelter or The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street offered specific commentary on current events while other stories (such as The Masks (The Twilight Zone)The Masks or The Howling Man) operated around a central allegory, parable, or fable/ that reflected the characters' moral or philosophical choices.
''Twilight Zone’s'' writers frequently used science-fiction as a metaphor for social comment; networks and sponsors who had infamously censored all potentially "inflammatory” material from the then predominant Golden Age of Televisionlive dramas were ignorant of the methods developed by writers such as Ray Bradbury for dealing with important issues through seemingly innocuous fantasy.
Despite lukewarm response to Twilight Zone: The Movie, Spielberg's theatrical homage to the original series, CBS gave ''The New Twilight Zone'' a greenlight in 1984 under the supervision of Carla Singer, then Vice President of Drama Development. /find/The_Twilight_Zone   (5457 words)

Shelter Skelter (The Twilight Zone) "Shelter Skelter" is an episode of the The Twilight Zone.
The Twilight Zone The Twilight Zone was a William Shatner.
Children's Zoo (The Twilight Zone) A little girl starved for attention takes her parents to a very special Zoo. /topics/twilight.html   (5457 words)

 Tales From The Twilight Zone 2
While en route to the darkest corner of the Twilight Zone, he becomes convinced that a large, menacing gremlin, played by Greg Card, is tampering with the airplane on which he is a passenger.
Chosen as the doctor who builds a bomb shelter for his family is Ken Klein, with Bo Harrington and Leighton Blackwell as his wife and son, who join him in the shelter when the end of the world has come.
"Nightmare at 20,000 feet," a famous Twilight Zone story, is directed by Deborah Zirin. /~meastman/arts/TZ2.html   (320 words)

 Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Numerous episodes of The Twilight Zone and its revivals, including "The Old Man in the Cave"; "Time Enough at Last"; "A Little Peace and Quiet"; "Voices in the Earth"; "Shelter Skelter"; and Quarantine".
Twilight: 2000 - The role-playing game from Game Designer's Workshop
The Vampire Hunter D novels and anime films, set ten thousand years after a nuclear war occurs in 1999. /wiki/Apocalyptic_and_post-apocalyptic_science_fiction   (3702 words)

 The Stranger Seattle Theater Feature Lost Paradises
Yes, "The Chaser" has been done a time or two before, and "The Shelter" is such a platonically ideal Twilight Zone episode it's practically generic, but director Linda Lombardi has honed her cheerful, energetic cast to the perfect mix of camp and commitment.
The Twilight Zone's mix of pomposity, cheesy melodrama, and willingness to gaze into the dark side of human nature makes these productions a curious pleasure.
After enjoying Theater Schmeater's production of The Mystery of Attraction, Marlane Meyer's preposterously lurid play given zest by a solid cast (especially Brandon Whitehead and Kate Czajkowski as a disintegrating couple), I settled in to watch the latest pair of Twilight Zone episodes. /seattle/Content?oid=17617   (589 words)

Before production began on Legion of Boom in 2004, they moved the studio into the garage of the rent house; many people aren't aware of this, however, and still believe they work in the actual 'bomb shelter', now a nickname for the studio setup.
The Crystal Method's music is broad in scope, and can be found in many modern shows and movies, including Blade II, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Lost in Space, Spawn, Zoolander, XXX, The Replacement Killers and episodes of Dark Angel.
The Crystal Method is an electronic music duo consisting of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. /The_Crystal_Method   (589 words)

 The Twilight Zone: Obsolete Man/ Death's Head Revisited
The Prime Mover/ The Fever Treasures of the Twilight Zone The Twilight Zone: Obsolete Man/ Death's Head Revisited The Twilight Zone: Perchance To Dream/ Shadow The Twilight Zone Christmas: Night of the...
It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.
over the mail man and his glasses are broken then the Twilight Zone music plays and in... /6302468566/The_Twilight_Zone_Obsolete_Man_Deaths_Head_Revisited.html   (357 words)

 Zimmermann: The Twilight Zone
Could I foresee that I would live in a geographic zone where the average outdoor temperature was 60 degrees C (I repeat: sixty degrees Celsius) and I will be shaking as if I was inside a meat freezer, blood in my arteries frozen by attacks of tropical malaria, every other day.
Tusia whom I informed by letter about my planned arrival, as well as her family accepted us two with a warm hospitality offering one of their rooms as a temporary shelter.
Due to the late hour, on arrival we were temporarily placed in a room side by side with the guard room at the entrance to the camp. /memoirs/zimmermann/zim4.html   (19598 words)

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