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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

 Socialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Socialists hold that capitalism is an illegitimate economic system that serves the interests of the wealthy and exploits the majority of the population.
Democratic socialists are also committed to the ideas of the redistribution of wealth and power, as well as social ownership of major industries, concepts widely abandoned by social democrats.
Socialists are also divided on which rights and liberties are desirable, such as the "bourgeois liberties" (such as those guaranteed by the U.S. First Amendment or the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Socialism   (8182 words)

 Socialist Party of America - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Socialist electoral victories were most likely in the Midwest and plains states, particularly Oklahoma and Wisconsin.
In 1928, the Socialist Party returned as an independent electoral entity under the leadership of Norman Thomas, a Presbyterian minister in Harlem and a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union.
By the late 1960s the Socialist Party of America had fallen under the control of the Shachtmanites, who had divorced themselves from the new left with their support for the Vietnam War and for the right wing of the Democratic Party led by Scoop Jackson.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Socialist_Party_of_America   (1471 words)

 socialist - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about socialist
Socialist ideas appeared in classical times, in early Christianity, among later Christian sects such as the Anabaptists and Diggers, and, in the 18th and early 19th centuries, when they were put forward as systematic political aims by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Claude Saint-Simon, François Fourier, and Robert Owen, among others.
Socialist theories were also promoted by the German social and political philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
In the later 19th century, socialist parties arose in most European countries, and the Independent Labour Party was founded in Britain in 1893.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /socialist   (454 words)

To-day the international nature of the Socialistic movement is an axiom both within and without its ranks; an axiom that must not be forgotten in the estimation both of the strength and of the trend of the movement.
This body, while calling itself Socialist, rejected the Marxian in favour of Jevonsian economics, and devoted itself to the social education of the public by means of lectures, pamphlets and books, and to the spread of Collectivist ideas by the "permeation" of public bodies and political parties.
The trend of the Socialist movement, then, and the deliberate pronouncements and habitual thought of leaders and followers alike, are almost universally found to be antagonistic to Christianity.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14062a.htm   (5943 words)

 Socialist Organizer: Home
It is why we seek to help root the Labor Party in the struggles of the working class and why we aim to chart a path for this new party that spells out a clean and decisive break with the twin parties of the bosses, the Democrats and Republicans.
Socialist Organizer and the Fourth International are active builders of the campaigns and activities of the International Liaison Committee for a Workers' International (ILC), in whose founding conference we participated.
The ILC was constituted in Barcelona, Spain, in January 1991 at a conference of working-class and socialist delegates from 53 countries.
www.theorganizer.org   (564 words)

 Socialist International
The Socialist International is deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Nepal and the escalating confrontation that has led to the shooting and detention of demonstrators, and calls upon the government of King Gyanendra to immediately stop the violence against the citizens of the country and take steps toward restoring democratic rule.
Hosted by the Socialist Party of Uruguay, PSU, and the New Space party, NE, both of which are members of the SI and form part of the governing coalition of President Tabaré Vázquez, the meeting included the participation of leaders and representatives of 28 parties and organisations.
The Socialist International expresses full solidarity with all those who continue to peacefully and courageously demand the political and civic freedoms necessary for an open and democratic electoral process, and with all the citizens of Belarus who have expressed their desire to bring freedom and democracy to the country.
www.socialistinternational.org /main.html   (6096 words)

 Socialist Action/Ligue pour L'Action Socialiste   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Socialist Action is in political solidarity with the Fourth International, the global Trotskyist movement active on every continent and for over 65 years in the forefront of workers' struggles against imperialism and Stalinism.
Socialist Action is based on the democratic principle of full membership debate on programme and strategy, followed by unity in action.
Socialist Voice supporter Suzanne Weiss, who chaired the SA forum, urged everyone to counter the attack on Muslims and on all who stand up against imperialism by working for the broadest possible unity in antiwar action on March 18.
www.geocities.com /socialist_action   (3098 words)

 Socialist - Encyclopedia Dramatica
At the tender age of 13, Che had a vision of God telling him to lead France's army to victory.
Socialists are typically high-school dropouts that failed their Economics classes.
Socialists typically rely on a shamanistic economic system first started by Karl Marx whilst on a booze binge.
encyclopediadramatica.com /index.php/Socialist   (160 words)

A failed businessman and Ricardian socialist, Gray was among the first to stress the human element in the destructiveness of competition in principle.
A radical socialist journalist, Louis Blanc was greatly responsible for unleashing the 1848 Revolution with his 1841 account of the corruption of the orleanist regime.
A socialist society was only made possible by throwing out religion, thereby permitting humans to "recapture" their own ideals for themselves.
cepa.newschool.edu /het/schools/utopia.htm   (1662 words)

 Socialist Action
Socialist Action is a nation-wide group of revolutionary socialists dedicated to fighting for a world organized to satisfy human needs, rather than profit.
As socialists we seek to learn from and understand the theory of Marxism, but as an activist group, we also seek to put those ideas into practice.
The festival proved to be an excellent opportunity for progressive and socialist youth from all over the world to gather in a country that is currently a focus of deep political interest worldwide.
www.socialistaction.org   (2694 words)

 Socialist Party USA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Socialist feminism confronts the common root of sexism, racism and classism: the determination of a life of oppression or privilege based on accidents of birth or circumstances.
Socialists struggle for the full freedom of women and men to control their own bodies and reproductive systems and to determine their own sexual orientation.
Socialists regard the distortion of personal life and interpersonal relations under capitalism as a political matter.
sp-usa.org /about/principles.html   (1643 words)

 Socialist Party USA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Socialist Party USA opposed the invasion of Iraq from the start, and we continue to demand the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq.
The Socialist Party USA is outraged that South Dakota's governor signed the bill to ban abortions i
Join the Socialist Party contingent at the April 29th March for Peace, Justice and Democracy in NYC.
www.sp-usa.org   (443 words)

 Welcome to the Socialist Alliance website
It is part of the Australian Socialist Alliance partnership with Green Left Weekly and is geared toward SA members.
Socialist Alliance national executive member Tim Gooden was declared elected unopposed to the Geelong Trades Hall Council’s secretary position on June 21.
Socialist Alliance members can click here to join e-groups established to exchange information and ideas about their campaigning activities
www.socialist-alliance.org   (485 words)

 Socialist Students
Socialist Students is a national student organisation with active members in over 70 universities and colleges in England and Wales.
University of Manchester Students' Union (UMSU) were pressured by Socialist Students' campaigning to submit a motion to the general meeting to decide policy against the proposed privatisation of a number of the university halls of residence.
Socialist Students had the liveliest contingent on the National Union of Students demonstration against fees on Sunday 26 October.
www.socialiststudents.org.uk   (1800 words)

 MERCIAN SOCIALIST PARTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Mercian Socialist Party was formed by Socialists of Mercia from various traditions.
We have taken the advice of the SSP in Scotland and have decided to pull away from England and provide a realistic alternative to the working class of Mercia.
Mercia is a historically opressed nation which has been in false unity with the kingdoms of Northumberland, Wessex, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.
uk.geocities.com /merciansocialistparty   (97 words)

 HITLER WAS A SOCIALIST   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
So Hitler was a socialist and a champion of the workers -- or at least he identified himself as such and campaigned as such.
It should further be noted in this connection that the various European Socialist parties in World War I did not generally oppose the war in the name of international worker brotherhood but rather threw their support behind the various national governments of the countries in which they lived.
And socialist parties such as the British Labour Party were patriotic parties in World War II as well.
jonjayray.tripod.com /hitler.html   (18587 words)

 Socialist Party
SOCIALIST PARTY member Linda Taaffe is standing for re-election to the national executive of the National Union of Teachers (NUT).
We campaign for a socialist society free from the horrors of war and poverty.
Shows how socialists campaign for a better world today, and explains a new, socialist world is possible.
www.socialistparty.org.uk   (1806 words)

 Democratic Socialist Movement
We in the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) fully support the demand of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for an immediate increase in the minimum wage, which is already long overdue.
We of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), OAU branch, hereby condemn the unwholesome indefinite postponement of the resumption for the rain semester of the 2003/2004 session by the management of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
To us, the repeated closure of the university is becoming too much to bear for students whose stay has been unnecessarily extended, for the fourth time in the past three sessions such that extension of resumption is almost becoming a norm in the university.
www.socialistnigeria.org   (2185 words)

 Socialist Appeal - Home
This year’s Socialist Appeal conference, which was held in London, showed a significant increase in attendance over last year, particularly of young comrades.
The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) was seen for a period as a success story for anyone looking for an alternative to Labour.
It is paying the price for abandoning a genuine socialist programme, making concessions both to nationalism and reformism.
www.socialist.net   (1092 words)

The very idea of private property was anathema to the founders of the state of Israel, who were socialists almost to a man.
Given the egalitarian and socialist roots of Zionism, it was only natural for the embryonic Israeli state to offer newcomers generous housing and other subsidies in addition to government-created jobs.
As long as Israel is in a state of perpetual conflict with its neighbors, and the US aid machine keeps running, the socialist power elite who run the country will maintain and extend their power.
www.antiwar.com /justin/j042902.html   (2836 words)

 Socialist Worker.org
Click to download a pdf of the special Socialist Worker pullout poster featured in last week's issue.
See a list of International Socialist Organization branches and upcoming meetings around the country.
You can e-mail a report about a struggle you're involved in for publication in Socialist Worker--or tell us about a story you'd like see.
www.socialistworker.org   (433 words)

 The Militant - Socialist Workers Election Campaign
Socialist Workers Campaign to be on ballot in 14 states
Socialists file for ballot status in New York
Socialist Workers slate of candidates for 2000 elections
www.themilitant.com /campaign   (410 words)

 International Socialist Organization   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Our members are involved in helping to build a number of struggles: the movement to stop the war on Iraq, fights against racism and anti-immigrant scapegoating, the struggle for women's rights like the right to choose abortion, opposing anti-gay bigotry, and standing up for workers' rights.
Read reports from struggles taking place around the country and socialist analysis of world events in our weekly newspaper Socialist Worker.
Each summer, the ISO helps sponsor Socialism, a national conference where socialists and activists from around the country and the world come to debate and discuss politics and strategize about the important struggles of the day.
www.internationalsocialist.org   (206 words)

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