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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Star Wars (1977)
When you think of star wars, you must remember what else was happening at the time.
Star wars let everybody escape from that reality and reach for a future that was uncertain but ultimately good.
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
www.imdb.com /title/tt0076759   (617 words)

  Star (astronomy) - MSN Encarta
Stars are made chiefly of hydrogen and a smaller amount of helium.
The brightest stars are classified as 1st magnitude, 2nd-magnitude stars are about 2.5 times less bright, while stars just visible to the naked eye on a clear night are 6th magnitude.
Apparent magnitude is the brightness of a star as viewed from Earth, and the absolute magnitude of a star is its actual brightness as viewed from a set distance away from the star.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761557483/Star_(astronomy).html   (1036 words)

 The STAR detector
STAR's "heart" is the Time Projection Chamber, made of many electronic systems, which tracks and identifies particles emerging from heavy ion collisions.
The goal of STAR is to obtain a fundamental understanding of the structure of interactions between particles called hadrons, which are made of quarks and gluons.
STAR is located at the 6 o'clock position on the RHIC ring.
www.bnl.gov /rhic/STAR.htm   (266 words)

 NASA - Star
A star with an absolute magnitude of -3 is 100 times as luminous as a star whose absolute magnitude is 2 and 10,000 times as luminous as a star that has an absolute magnitude of 7.
Dark red stars have surface temperatures of about 2500 K. The surface temperature of a bright red star is approximately 3500 K; that of the sun and other yellow stars, roughly 5500 K. Blue stars range from about 10,000 to 50,000 K in surface temperature.
The hottest stars in a spectral class are assigned the numeral 0; the coolest stars, the numeral 9.
www.nasa.gov /worldbook/star_worldbook.html   (6934 words)

 STAR - School Property Tax Exemption Questions and Answers
STAR is New York State's School Tax Relief Program that includes a school property tax rebate program and a partial property tax exemption from school taxes.
Senior citizens applying for the Enhanced STAR exemption must demonstrate that the combined income of all of the owners of the property, and of any owner’s spouse who resides on the premises, is no greater than the income standard for the applicable income tax year.
A surviving spouse can retain an existing Enhanced STAR exemption provided that she or he is at least 62 years old as of December 31 of the year in which the exemption will continue.
www.orps.state.ny.us /star/faq.htm   (1840 words)

  Star Trek Encyclopedia - Memory Alpha
It has summaries of all episodes, persons, events, places, life-forms, starships, etc. that appeared up to the 4th season of Star Trek: Voyager and the 7th season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (3rd edition, 1999).
Not taken into account are the novels, the games and Star Trek: The Animated Series, which are all regarded as non-canon.
Star Trek and related names are trademarks of Paramount Pictures, and are used under "fair use" guidelines.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Star_Trek_Encyclopedia   (236 words)

 Digibarn Documents: The Xerox "Star": A Retrospective
Star's introduction was an important event in the history of personal computing because it changed notions of how interactive systems should be designed.
Star's designers assumed that the target users are interested in getting their work done and not at all interested in computers.
Star and ViewPoint's use of a 16-bit character set and of special typing and rendering algorithms for foreign languages is the correct approach.
www.digibarn.com /friends/curbow/star/retrospect   (11885 words)

 Southern Tier Authors of Romance
STAR was founded in 1993 to provide an encouraging environment for local romance authors to develop their writing skills and exchange information about writing and the publishing industry.
STAR draws its members from Broome, Chemung, Tioga and Tompkins counties in New York.
In addition to our monthly chapter meetings, STAR is pleased to host special events including our annual writers conference which draws romance authors from across New York state and Northern Pennsylvania.
members.aol.com /starrwa   (135 words)

 Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (STAR) Trial - National Cancer Institute
The Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene, or STAR, is a clinical trial designed see how the drug raloxifene compares with the drug tamoxifen in reducing the incidence of breast cancer in postmenopausal women who are at increased risk of the disease.
Initial results of STAR show that the drug raloxifene is as effective as tamoxifen in reducing the breast cancer risk of the women on the trial.
In addition, within the study, women who were assigned to take raloxifene daily and who were followed for an average of about four years, had 36 percent fewer uterine cancers and 29 percent fewer blood clots than the women who were assigned to take tamoxifen.
www.cancer.gov /star   (344 words)

 Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning
Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning was released in Japan on 29th of September.
Star Wreck - In the Pirkinning is a parody made by fans of Star Trek® and Babylon 5®.
Star Wreck -In the Pirkinning- is an independent parody and is not endorsed by the trademark owners mentioned above.
www.starwreck.com   (270 words)

 Star Downloader - Accelerate, Resume, Schedule and Organize Downloads
Star Downloader is a download manager that accelerates your downloads by splitting the files into several parts and downloading them simultaneously.
Star Downloader may also automatically connect to your ISP and hang-up upon completion of downloads.
Star Downloader also integrates with your antivirus program to automatically scan files upon completion of the download.
www.stardownloader.com   (153 words)

 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Results (CA Dept of Education)
STAR 2007 Test Results - Revised 24-Sep-2007 - School, District, County and Statewide Summary Results.
The California Reading List assists parents and students in selecting books written at a level of difficulty that corresponds with the student's score on the English-Language Arts Standards portion of the STAR testing program.
STAR School Summary Research File - File conforms to School Accountability Report Card (SARC) specifications
star.cde.ca.gov   (159 words)

 Amazon.com: Star!: DVD: Julie Andrews,Richard Crenna,Michael Craig,Daniel Massey,Robert Reed,Bruce Forsyth,Beryl ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gertrude Lawrence (1902-1952) was known as "The Toast of Two Continents" in an era when the term had an almost literal meaning, and the highs and lows of her extremely public private life were almost as dramatic as her career.
Frankly, a movie about Fanny Brice was pushing it, because by 1968 who past the age of radio knew who she was either, but "Funny Girl" rode a very rocky road on the way to Broadway but by the time it was made into a film, it was, by and large, pretty good.
It tries to suggest a documentary that is being made while she is still alive (so she doesn't die during the run of The King and I and make for a sad ending -- though at least it would have had an ending, because as it is, it doesn't, not really).
www.amazon.com /Star-Julie-Andrews/dp/B0001FR54I   (2167 words)

 HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Star
Astronomers Map a Hypergiant Star's Massive Outbursts Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and the W.M. Keck Observatory, Kameula, Hawaii, astronomers have learned that the gaseous outflow from one of the brightest super-sized...
Heavyweight Stars Light Up Nebula NGC 6357 The small open star cluster Pismis 24 lies in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357 in Scorpius, about 8,000 light-years away from Earth.
Hubble's Latest Views of Light Echo from Star V838 Monocerotis These are the most recent NASA Hubble Space Telescope views of an unusual phenomenon in space called a light echo.
hubblesite.org /newscenter/archive/releases/star   (304 words)

 USA Hockey
Serving The American Rinks (STAR) is a membership association that provides education, training and new resources to rink members, professionals and vendors in the rink and arena industry.
STAR will offer all three technical training courses from the STAR.O.R.F.A. Alliance, as well as Advanced Refrigerationm and two popular management courses that are offered exclusively at NARCE.
Recognizing their contributions to the industry, TOROC (the Tornio Organizing Committee) has enlisted the help of STAR's Don Moffatt and Dave Wescott to install and maintain all of the hockey ice surfaces at the XX Winter Games in Torino, Italy, which will consist of four surfaces (two arena sheets and two practice sheets).
www.usahockey.com /star/main_site/main/star   (406 words)

 Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Star-Spangled Banner
She was hired under a government contract and was assisted by her daughter, two nieces, and an indentured African-American girl.
Each star is about two feet in diameter, each stripe about 24 inches wide.
The additional stars and stripes represent Vermont (1791) and Kentucky (1792) joining the Union.
www.si.edu /resource/faq/nmah/starflag.htm   (2914 words)

 STAR 2002: Home
About STAR 2002- About the tests used, the subjects and grades tested, and the types of results reported for STAR 2002.
STAR 2002 Reports - Identifies the different reports available.
The tests are administered to all students during a period that includes the 10 instructional days before and 10 instructional days after the day on which 85% of each school, program or track's instructional year is completed.
star.cde.ca.gov /star2002   (564 words)

Through the Program, EPA works with companies that produce, process, and transmit and distribute natural gas to identify and promote the implementation of cost-effective technologies and practices to reduce emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
Basic Information – Learn more about methane emissions from oil and gas systems and how Natural Gas STAR is working collaboratively with the industry to reduce emissions.
Partners – Find the companies that are voluntarily working with EPA to reduce emissions from their operations.
www.epa.gov /gasstar   (436 words)

 Country Music Star Search Tour, TV Series and Television Show - Nashville Star - USA Network
For eight long weeks, the Nashville Star community supported their favorites, cast their votes and waited to find out who'd be walking away with a dream-of-a-lifetime recording contract with WBR Nashville.
Nashville Star Concentration - You've met the fresh faces of this season's cast...
Tell us why you're a great candidate for the honor and which Nashville Star contestant from the first four seasons is your favorite and why.
www.usanetwork.com /nashvillestar   (1092 words)

If you own your own home and are not receiving STAR, please visit the links below, and contact your local assessor.
STAR in cooperative apartments and manufactured housing communities
Your municipality's STAR exemption; estimated average STAR savings by county
www.orps.state.ny.us /star/index.cfm   (175 words)

 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) - Testing (CA Dept of Education)
Test results are used for student and school accountability purposes.
STAR regulations, Pre-ID, apportionment, and item and time charts.
Results for all tests in the STAR Program.
www.cde.ca.gov /ta/tg/sr/index.asp   (163 words)

 Star, Stars, Constellations at SPACE.com
To many people, a star is simply one of many bright glowing lights in the sky at night.
A star is actually a self-luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of gas that is held together by its own gravity.
These nuclear reactions are balanced by the outflow of energy to the surface of the star, which produces the glow we so commonly associate with stars here on Earth.
www.space.com /stars   (581 words)

 Star Motorcycle, Star Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycle, V Star
Star Motorcycle, Star Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycle, V Star
Now is the time for a great deal on a new Star Motorcycle.
See the customized Star Motorcycles from the last ten years of the Star Calendar.
www.starmotorcycles.com /star/products/lifestylehome/home.aspx   (120 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with star
International Star Registry - a special gift for anyone on your gift list.
See also: sky, stars, tree, lights, red, light, blue
You can give your photos a "tag", which is like a keyword.
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/star   (144 words)

 Tucows Downloads - Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia 1.0 Freeware Software   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is the most definitive and complete reference work to the Star Wars Universe in existence.
With over seventeen thousand entries this file is a must for any Star Wars fan, gamer or role player.
"Roll the dice, Luke." Star Wars Dice Roller is a dice roller for the...
www.tucows.com /preview/48650   (339 words)

 star: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
I became involved in amateur radio during the 1970s — a period when the growth of FM repeater systems was very rapid.
Charmane Sucking and FuckingPosted on 09/8/07 in Filipina Pornstars, Charmane Star
Sith Happens [IMG ]My younger daughter has expanded her movie repertoire to include the Indiana Jones series and the Jurassic Park series, but she still lives and breathes Star Wars.
www.technorati.com /tag/star   (390 words)

 Debian -- star
Star supports several tar archive formats (including ustar, GNU tar and new POSIX format).
It's faster than other tar implementations due to advanced buffering.
Star is also the only tar implementation under Linux capable of archiving Access Control Lists.
packages.debian.org /testing/utils/star   (94 words)

 Welcome to Star Cruises Homepage
Plan your meetings and incentives at sea with Star Cruises.
Our Star Cruiser WorldCard loyalty programme offers cruisers added benefits to earn/redeem WorldCard points over in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
You can enjoy GSM mobile phone services on Star Pisces and SuperStar Virgo while sailing in international waters.
www.starcruises.com   (119 words)

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