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Topic: The System Has Failed

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 Megadeth - The System Has Failed CD Review
This rapid turnover in personnel leads one to the conclusion that Mustaine has a band that plays for him rather than with him, as this band is really his outlet for expressing his own musical ideas.
The ultimate Megadeth album was the 1990 classic Rust In Peace and, although The System Has Failed does not hold a candle to this release, the new album harkens back to this era more so than some of the band’s more recent offerings.
On The System Has Failed, I think the recording studio’s mixing board was what was failing, as the production is sloppy and the songs often fall apart sonically with extremely intricate guitar riffs and lead parts mixing into a jumble of sound.
www.avrev.com /music/revs/megadeth_thesystem.shtml   (641 words)

 The flawed system that failed 'Anna' - Michelle Grattan - www.theage.com.au
The failure to identify the woman quickly, or to properly diagnose her condition, is an appalling indictment of the system.
Has the minister called for a report on alleged mistreatment of Cornelia while she was held in the Brisbane women's prison, which Immigration uses because it has no facility in that city?
There has been a lot of talk recently about how, now that the Government has control of the Senate, it will be the back bench that puts pressure on Howard over a variety of issues.
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 'The system has failed'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
CHICAGO—Recognizing that the Illinois death penalty system is "haunted by the demon of error," Gov. George Ryan Jan. 11 commuted the sentences of all Illinois’ Death Row inmates, a move unprecedented in U.S. history.
He then established a commission to "study and review the administration of the capital punishment process in Illinois to determine why that process has failed in the past, resulting in the imposition of death sentences upon innocent people." What they found was startling.
Since we reinstated the death penalty there are also 93 people where our criminal justice system imposed the most severe sanction and later rescinded the sentence or even released them from custody because they were innocent.
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 BBC NEWS | England | South Yorkshire | System 'failed starving children'
A series of agencies failed to spot signs which might have prevented a couple leaving their five children to starve in squalor, a report has found.
She said one of the most important underlying problems was the failure of teachers and health workers to mark out any of the children's problems as exceptional, because of low expectations in their community.
She said agencies involved with the family had failed to detect and intervene early to prevent poor parenting.
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 DAWN - Opinion; December 11, 2005
But no one has spelled out the relevant specifics and told us what kind of a presidential system he is commending.
The present advocates of a presidential system do not necessarily want to restore this abominable usurpation of the people’s right to be governed by their chosen representatives.
It is symptomatic of the brewing political disaster that the trouble has now spread to the tranquil, sparsely-populated Nushki plateau and the coast beyond.
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 Megadeth Back For The Kill On "The System Has Failed" | RockAndMetal.com
Now in 2004, "The System Has Failed," the tenth studio album released under the Megadeth moniker, is set for release in about six weeks.
"The System Has Failed" is by all means pure, unfiltered, uncompromising Megadeth -- the album being a virtual compendium of everything that made and continues to make Megadeth one of the most unique entities ever in the history of heavy rock and metal music.
That statement will be heard around the world on September 14th, when "The System Has Failed" arrives in stores, and after that, when Mustaine takes Megadeth out on the road for the first time in three years.
www.rockandmetal.com /megadeth.html   (1063 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on The System Has Failed - Megadeth at Epinions.com
The System Has Failed can almost be seen as a summary of Megadeth's 20+ year career.
Musically, The System Has Failed is a beautiful combination of the two styles used by the band throughout their history.
The System Has Failed can serve as both an introduction to the band as well as a conclusion to those who have followed them for so many years, if in fact this really is the last Megadeth release.
www.epinions.com /content_167389466244   (1512 words)

 Megadeth MP3 Downloads - Megadeth Music Downloads - Megadeth Music Videos
The System Has Failed marks a return from the dead for Megadeth -- and quite a glorious return, it must be said.
That re-pairing of Mustaine and Poland alone makes The System Has Failed worthwhile, but there are also the songs themselves.
Regardless of where The System Has Failed ranks alongside Megadeth's other standout albums, however, it most certainly blows away practically every other aboveground metal album of 2004.
www.mp3.com /albums/644076/summary.html   (626 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: The System Has Failed: Music: Megadeth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The System Has Failed is a return to the form that produced the genre classic Rust in Peace and may well be classed as their most accomplished album so far.
The System Has Failed is an album of firsts for Megadeth: The first time an album doesn't feature Dave Ellefson on bass, after a bitter lawsuit with Mustaine.
on 'the system has failed' we see the return of guitarist chris poland, and along with this the fast rythm guitar sections, exciting and powerful songs and the true sound of metal are back.
www.amazon.co.uk /System-Has-Failed-Megadeth/dp/B0002QPTIK   (1671 words)

 LuisTeodoro.com » Blog Archive » A failed system   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Arroyo blamed carabao-loggers and the NPA for the country’s deforestation–a process the government has been repeatedly warned about, and which is going on at the rate of 100,000-200,000 hectares a year.
In 2004, the political system demonstrably failed when the Estrada impeachment process could no longer proceed because of the partisanship of the eleven senators who voted not to open the “second envelope” which contained the details of one of Estrada’s secret bank accounts.
In 1986, that system was shown to be so bankrupt as to allow its manipulation by the incumbent–which is exactly what the elections last May proved this year.
www.luisteodoro.com /archives/2004/12/21/a-failed-system   (1316 words)

 AnimatedBliss.com Forums: Megadeth The System has Failed
It has no connection to the moniker of Megadeth, and I can't beat this enough to the folks who seem to think Megadeth will live forever.
Dave Mustaine has never been one to mince words with those who feel the world is perfect, there are massive problems and the title indicates where things have been going in the last 10 years.
This is a fitting reminder of what has become of the world, and systems in general.
www.animatedbliss.com /FORUM/forum_posts.asp?TID=1678   (955 words)

 Megadeth - 'The System Has Failed' - OverTheRhine.COM -- Orchard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Megadeth - 'The System Has Failed' - OverTheRhine.COM -- Orchard
The cover art has depictions of many political leaders (Ze Clintons, W., Dick, Condy, Richard, Donald, Khadafi, Colin, Newt) and then of course Vic Rattlesnake at the front taking money from these people to cover their "crimes." The System Has Been Bought would be an appropriate alternate title.
Megadeth has been consistently good for their entire lifespan (except for Risk, which was Megadeth's St Anger), whereas Metallica have been consistently bad for the past 10 years.
www.overtherhine.com /orchard/index.php?showtopic=2766   (2672 words)

 Encyclopaedia Metallum - Reviews for Megadeth - The System Has Failed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The System Has Failed, twelve tracks of aurally injected “sleeper cells” found their ways into the ears of poor, unexpected hosts across the world as Mustaine’s legacy was extended for at least another day.
The single reason why The System Has Failed is not an absolute abomination on all accounts is due to the presence of Chris Poland, whose leads are at times, very reminiscent of the band’s late eighties era.
The System Has Failed is a prime example of a modern Metal album that espouses religious doctrine in the music.
www.metal-archives.com /review.php?id=49005   (10135 words)

 Static Multimedia - Megadeth - The System Has Failed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Although The System Has Failed is hardly an official "band" effort, and more of a solo project by Mustaine, each track is loaded with various session musicians and guest artists, it still retains the classic Megadeth sound, sounding more energized than the weak, watered-down Megadeth of the last decade, either.
Mustaine has always written from an autobiographical perspective as well, highlighted here by the refreshingly honest "Of Mice and Men." Even the album's sillier, more commercial-friendly moments, most notably "The Scorpion" and "Die Dead Enough," are successful, the former nestling into a weird little groove, and the latter containing a likeable hook in the chorus.
The System Has Failed comes off as catering to the older, thirty-something metal crowd, and while it may feel old-fashioned to younger listeners, those who grew up with Megadeth during the 1980s will enjoy it thoroughly.
www.staticmultimedia.com /content/music/reviews/cd/review_1109449166   (484 words)

 Why the system failed Evan Scott - National Center for Adoption Law & Policy
And this has been a case in which biological status trumps all, even the best interests of an innocent child.
We simply should not have, and must not tolerate, a system that allows a child approaching 4 years old to be removed from the home of the only parents he has ever really known unless that child's health or safety is at risk.
The very system that was supposed to protect him from harm.
www.law.capital.edu /adoption/evan.cfm   (756 words)

 How and why the animal control system has failed, and who is responsible
This article points out that all of our dog-related problems were created by the refusal of those who oversee the system to acknowledge their own responsibilities, and by their failure to step up to the plate on the issue of responsible dog ownership.
This document explains that the system has been defeated by the barking epidemic because the authorities fail to comprehend the scope of the scourge.
Why the animal control system remains as it Is This page discusses the role of special interest groups in blocking meaningful animal control reform.
newanimalcontrol.org /failindex.shtml   (509 words)

 'The system has failed my son' - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Annette Francis says the public education system is failing her 14-year-old son, Ricardo, who has 'learning difficulties'.
She now has Ricardo enrolled at Kingsway High, at a cost of roughly $23,000 per term.
Before school ended last term, Francis was advised that her son would have to repeat the year, which means additional expense with no guarantee of any improvement in his grades.
www.jamaicaobserver.com /news/html/20050904T000000-0500_87592_OBS__THE_SYSTEM_HAS_FAILED_MY_SON__.asp   (780 words)

 Why the invisible personnel (involved agents, police and recruited operatives) of surveillance station/system failed to ...
It has shown the some involved agents and police (invisible personnel) of surveillance station/system do not follow the law and only enforce their own will to seek their unlawful interests against justice.
This secret surveillance system is an unlawful life control communist surveillance system because it was established based on atheism, materialism and communism.
Because Atheism, materialism and communism are the beliefs behind life control surveillance system, and all of the invisible personnel and their operatives are specially trained to believe these doctrines.
members.aol.com /colonelyu/part8a.htm   (6573 words)

 A Fatal Crash The System Failed to Stop / Drunken driving arrests couldn't curb a danger
Norbert, who has previous convictions for weapons and drugs, was able to drive after four drunken-driving arrests because he either made bail or failed to show up in court or for counseling sessions, records show.
But Norbert has only one drunken driving conviction on his record -- a misdemeanor, since no one was hurt or killed -- even though the DMV has suspended his license six times since 1997 for having an excessive blood- alcohol level.
He failed to make a court appearance, and a $30,000 warrant was issued for his arrest.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/03/19/MN20502.DTL   (1029 words)

 Failed By The System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
At least 30 children slipped through the cracks in the state's child welfare system in the past five years, dying from abuse and neglect even though the state had previous reports they were being abused, a Tulsa World investigation has found.
At least eight cases were open or pending at the time of the child's death while one clearly got lost in the shuffle.
This agency provides volunteers to be appointed by a juvenile court judge to act as an advocate for an abused or neglected child who has been removed from his or her home.
www.tulsaworld.com /SpecialSections/2005/child_abuse/ChildAbuse.asp   (300 words)

Mustaine relaunched the band with all new, fairly unknown members, it just didn’t sit right with me. This is one of the rare times when I’m really happy that I’m wrong.
Then again, 2004 has been a virtual gold mine for stalwart fans of 80s heavy metal.
Dave keeps saying that this is the band’s last hurrah, as he wanted Megadeth to go out on a high note under his own terms.
hometown.aol.com /mtldreams/megadeth-system.htm   (328 words)

 The System Has Failed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The System Has Failed is the first Megadeth album to be released after the break-up of the band in 2002.
The "system" referred to in the album's title is "the American system and western civilization" which in Mustaine's opinion dictates what the world follows.
Mustaine cites examples of such failure in America's educational system, which underpays its teachers, and its court system, which allows criminals to escape punishment.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_System_Has_Failed   (622 words)

 Megadeth: The System Has Failed - All CDs $5.99 and Free Shipping at yourmusic.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
When bandleader Dave Mustaine was diagnosed in early 2002 with radial neuropathy -- strained nerves in his left arm and hand -- the snarling guitar shredder was forced to disband his once groundbreaking group after nearly two decades of activity.
And frankly, the band hasn't sounded this vital since "Countdown to Extinction", if not "Rust in Peace" (to risk overstating just how much of a return to glory this album is).
This is the sort of latter-day masterpiece Metallica struggled in vain for a decade-plus to record to no avail.
www.yourmusic.com /browse/album/60269.html   (460 words)

 Megadeth - The System Has Failed Review - sputnikmusic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In there was an album that caught my eye- The System Has Failed.
My first though was "Oh, here's a recent album by a band that had its hayday in the early 90s." But, seeing as it was only $12, I thought I would buy it.
It fits the lyrics, which are about the justice system being biased, very well.At about the 2:21 mark, Mustaine atampts to make your ears bleed with a piercing guitar solo.
www.sputnikmusic.com /album.php?reviewid=6798&ref=mx   (1236 words)

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