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Topic: The Terror (1963 film)

  The Terror - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Terror, a 1963 horror film starring Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson and directed by Roger Corman.
The Reign of Terror, the stage of the French Revolution in which a highly centralized political regime aimed to destroy internal enemies and conspirators and to oust external enemies from French territory.
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Terror   (122 words)

 The Terror (1963 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Terror is a 1963 movie directed by Roger Corman.
Clips from the film were used years later in the 1968 Karloff movie, Targets.
The film was reportedly largely improvised by the cast, during a weekend left over from shooting The Raven.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Terror_(1963_film)   (191 words)

 "Targets" Still Hits The Bullseye   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Terror is a ludicrous dress-up fantasy, less regarded today for Karloff's generic appearance than as the vehicle for Jack Nicholson's first film role.
This is not a film about gun control (though some prints have a prolog that makes it sound that way), nor is it really a film about a killer (except as he represents the frightening world around us that we cannot control but must deal with) -- this is a film about destinies and inevitability.
Targets does seem on the surface to be a film that specifically takes on the subject of gun control, but it certainly has a deeper meaning--that terror, real terror, stalks all of us, a terror that outstrips anything that has been seen on film.
www.horror-wood.com /targets.htm   (1221 words)

 Exclamation Mark's B-Movie Reviews: Film Reviews 1963   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Terror's House of Horrors), with a screenplay by regular Hammer writer, Jimmy Sangster (The Crawling Eye, Horror of Dracula).
However, by the end of the film, Tom regains his purpose in life (finding a weapon against the terrible Triffids) and we discover that Karen's faith in her husband was not misplaced.
As an adult, I find the film engaging, but it lacks a good pace (it slows almost to a halt after the first 50 minutes or so) and the Triffids, as mentioned above, are lacking in believability and menace.
exclamationmark.typepad.com /blog/film_reviews_1963   (1717 words)

 Scope: An Online Journal of Film Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Defining the slasher genre is difficult: a number of film scholars have approached the subject, each with their own agendas, and what is included within such studies, or more importantly what is excluded from consideration, says more about the scholars' own schemata than anything inherent in the films themselves (Bordwell, 1989: 169-204).
In these films, the killer and his illness and motivation are explored both psychologically and sociologically in an attempt to understand the cultural phenomena of serial killers.
The slasher films that I do want to consider here are those films in which the killer is known from the outset to both the filmic victims and to the audience, films where the killer, when met, is always the killer.
www.nottingham.ac.uk /film/journal/articles/tale-of-terror.htm   (9556 words)

 The Terror (1963) - The Bad Movie Report
While filming The Raven, Roger Corman realized he was going to have a nifty set standing unused for a couple of days before it got torn down, and being Roger Corman, decided to make a movie on those few leftover days.
This explains the patchwork quality of the film nicely; there is a game that's used in improvisation classes, where everyone sits on a circle on the floor, and each person says one word, going around the circle.
If there is a tragedy in The Terror, it's that those three days of filming on the castle set would have yielded a reasonably good episode of an hour-long TV anthology series, say, Thriller.
www.stomptokyo.com /badmoviereport/reviews/T/theterror.html   (1275 words)

 The Terror (1963)
is a film from the legendary B-budget director-producer Roger Corman.
Although it is an original work, it uses many of the tropes that Corman set up with his Edgar Allan Poe films - the tortured mood; people haunted by the crippling weight of past events; mysterious castles and their doom-laden residents; the innocent traveler who stumbles by; mystery women.
The opening is unfortunately of little relevance to the rest of the film - we are given no explanation why Knight is trying to lure passing strangers to their doom.
www.moria.co.nz /horror/terror63.htm   (507 words)

 The Terror
The rush job origins of the film explain some of the anachronisms that crop up, but it seems obvious to me that Corman did his best work when he didn't have time to really think about what he was doing.
There is a lot to talk about concerning 1963's The Terror, but the most fascinating thing of all is the fact that Roger Corman actually made a creepy, impressive film for once in his life.
It's a quite good film, The Terror, as the sets are beautiful and very convincing of early 19th century Europe.
www.amarillometro.com /shopping/the-terror_6305010609.html   (1679 words)

 DVD Booty - The Terror
The Terror is a 1963 horror film (actually in color!) starring Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson that hasn't really gained much recognition.
This atmospheric film is appropraitely moody and drenched with a feeling of dread.
In addition to the already tattered age of the film, the transfer is pretty lousy.
www.dvdbooty.com /dvds/the-terror   (597 words)

 Film History of the 1970s
This first film of the three-part epic became the first film to gross $100 million domestically, although its arrival was denounced by Italian-Americans protesting its violence and the association of the 'Mafia' with their ethnic group.
Between the two Godfather films, Coppola also filmed the critically-acclaimed The Conversation (1974), a box-office failure (but with the Palme d'Or win at the Cannes Film Festival) and a more personal film that studied the paranoia of post-Watergate wiretapping by an account of a surveillance expert (Gene Hackman).
The film chronicled the upriver journey-odyssey of a disparate group of Vietnam soldiers led by Martin Sheen on a mission to kill jungle renegade colonel Marlon Brando.
www.filmsite.org /70sintro3.html   (1897 words)

 Scifilm -- Reviews, BLACK SABBATH (1963)
In Bava's original, the segments progress from low-key terror to more intense gothic terror to intense supernatural terror, and it ends with the epilogue, which is a little "wink and nod" from Bava (unrelated to the tales) to lighten things up.
Even Harriet Medin (an American actress, I believe, who made her name in Italy; she also appears in Bava's THE WHIP AND THE BODY in a larger role) makes full use of the few moments of screen time she has to assure she is remembered.
Basically, Bava ends the film with a bit by Karloff that is meant strictly for amusement.
www.scifilm.org /reviews2/blacksabbath.html   (2203 words)

 Stanley Kubrick: A Short Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries
The film is marked by an endless pace, fossilized sexuality, and a hamfisted score, but the two exceptions to this disappointment are the beautiful lighting and Kubrick's laser-sharp examination of the collective drift of the modern male.
For the film, Kubrick was inspired to work with existing light fixtures and a minimum of "movie lights"--a strategy he had used previously on The Shining and Barry Lyndon, the film in which Smith began his association with Kubrick.
He presents a poststructuralist reading strategy whereby, rather than arguing over films' generic make-up, critics examine how the perception of a film's genre influences the interpretation of the text; this strategy is significant for the way in which it illuminates competing political identity issues such as gender and race within the genre film.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /MRC/kubrick.html   (10279 words)

 Amazon.com Reviews for The Terror (1963)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
That was the case with this nifty little thriller, which was filmed in just three days using the same sets that Corman had used in his Boris Karloff thriller The Raven, which Corman had finished ahead of schedule.
In fact, the sets were being torn down almost as fast as Corman could film them, but that hasn't stopped this moody little gem from acquiring a modicum of cult status over the years.
Karloff plays the alleged baron of an isolated castle on the Baltic coast, where a Napoleonic officer (played by Nicholson!) appears after becoming intrigued by the presence of a mysterious and beautiful woman.
indie.imdb.com /Amazon?0057569   (354 words)

 MMI Movie Review: Krays, The   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
We were glutted with gangster movies in the fall of 1990, a fact of life certain to affect the reception of a film like "The Krays" starring Gary and Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet fame.
Portions of a 1963 British film called "Sparrows Can't Sing" were filmed at one of their clubs and the Krays mingled with the cast at the opening night party.
Her freedom of mobility began and ended with their relationship, and no material benefits could compensate for the terror she experienced when her life was no longer her own.
www.shoestring.org /mmi_revs/krays.html   (477 words)

 Film Details : Video and Film Lending Library : Resources : AFSC
Winner of 11 festival awards, John Korty's exemplary and classic documentary is timeless in its impact.
A sobering portrayal of American life under a "balance of terror." Concludes with a moving Quaker vigil for the renunciation of violence.
The film reminds us that the struggle for disarmament has a history.
www.afsc.org /newengland/bigcat/ttl.php?FID=50   (100 words)

 Francis Ford Coppola (1939 - )
The Conversation is a 1974 film, a mystery and political thriller directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Gene Hackman.
The film was released shortly after the Watergate scandal broke, and deals with issues of personal responsibility and the encroachment of technology on privacy.
The film is consistently listed on the Internet Movie Database's list of top 250 films, and has been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.
www.jahsonic.com /FrancisCoppola.html   (1217 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: The Terror
But this film is simply a bunch of cliché shots in The Raven's sets.
I watched this film some ten years ago on TV and was disappointed.
There is simply nothing in this film that bares watching, unless you are a masochist.
www.archive.org /details/TheTerror   (281 words)

 The Terror Trap: The Birds
The films from the Master of Suspense had consistently strived to expose the terror that lurked in the commonplace.
Trapped, she is brutally attacked in a long sequence of violence.
Unlike the famous shower scene in Psycho, Hitchcock this time films the attack on Melanie in full color, as the birds rip her clothing, her face, her arms, her entire body.
www.terrortrap.com /creaturefeatures/birds   (1465 words)

 From Russia with Love (1963)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Trivia: The film's USA release was delayed due to the political climate after the JFK assassination.
Terence Young considers this to be his best Bond film, and the movie proves him right.
The helicopter chase, in particular, is a moment of brilliant film-making.(And it's even better than the sequence From North By Northwest that inspired it) The shot of Bond and Romanova embracing in the foreground with the helicopter exploding in the background perfectly encapsulates what the entire movie is about:danger, romance, violence.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0057076   (700 words)

 SaruDama: Onibaba (Shindo Kaneto 1964 ) - Japanese Movies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
These are the opening lines to Kaneto Shindo's 1963 film Onibaba, describing a large deep pit in the midst of an expansive field of thick, tall reeds.
The mother decides to use the demon mask to scare the daughter into submission and thus appears on several occasions, masked and ominous, in the path of the daughter as she sneaks through the reeds to rendezvouz with Hachi.
This depravity is fueled by the ravages of war, which in the film consists of pitiful anarchy, flailing panic-stricken conscripts, and social chaos.
www.sarudama.com /japanese_movies/onibaba.shtml   (1898 words)

 The Outer Limits-Season 1 (1963)
But as he slowly learns, those who live in the house might be better to stay, because even though time stands still in the house, it doesn't outside, and there are several in the house that cannot afford to leave upon pain of instant age and death.
Filmed originally as a pilot for a show to be called The Unknown, this show is just that little bit more late 60s in feel than the rest of the series.
Probably the worst film artefact visible on these discs is a quite pronounced cracking of the film frames.
www.michaeldvd.com.au /Reviews/Reviews.asp?ID=3071   (14952 words)

 The Terror Trap: The Kings of Terror: Ray Milland
The Terror Trap: The Kings of Terror: Ray Milland
Born in Wales in 1905, he made a few films in England before coming to America and beginning a prolific career in the States.
If it's easy to overlook him in a film with the dazzling future Princess of Monaco, one must not underestimate his contribution.
www.terrortrap.com /kingsofterror/milland.htm   (239 words)

 Dementia 13 on DVD at Video Universe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Its 1963 release was just the beginning of what, for Coppola, would be a long career of helming chillingly powerful masterworks such as APOCALYPSE NOW and THE GODFATHER.
While various family members plot and connive, an ax murderer is terrorizing the grounds, and Kathleen's body shows up at just the wrong time.
Francis Ford Coppola's only complete film prior to this as a director was the 1961 nudie TONITE FOR SURE.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/movie/pid/6803450/a/Dementia+13.htm   (449 words)

 Amazon.com: Terror & Trial (2pc) (1998) : Video   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
As Karloff later explained, Corman was running around filming things two steps ahead of the wreckers tearing down the sets from "The Raven." However, for some time "The Terror" has enjoyed the reputation as being the cinematic low point of Jack Nicholson's distinguished film career.
Nicholson plays Andre Duvalier, a veteran of the Napoleonic wars who finds himself on the shore of a strange land where he is bewitched by the sight of a beautiful woman, played by Sandra Knight (who was then married to Nicholson).
"The Terror" is another one of those gloriously bad movies that some of us grew up with on late night television in the dark days and long nights before cable.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/630442518X?v=glance   (2539 words)

 The Terror Film Review - Time Out Film   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Notable mainly for being the film that was screened at the drive-in in Bogdanovich's Targets, this is the real dud of Corman's Poe cycle, largely because he said, 'I had the weekend off before the last week of shooting The Raven; I was going to play tennis and it rained'.
The film, despite its elements of necrophilia, has nothing whatsoever to do with Poe, and the fact that it was directed by about five different people (including Coppola, Monte Hellman and Nicholson himself) hardly makes for coherence.
There are, however, a few strikingly moody images that make effective use of the California coastline, and the general air of chaotic improvisation is not altogether without its own special charm.
www.timeout.com /film/79091.html   (215 words)

 Picturing Justice. Lex, Flies, and Videotape: Thomas Hobbes, William Golding, and Iraq by Bruce Peabody
The 50th anniversary of Golding's work provides an occasion for reflecting on the enduring significance of the book and the two films it inspired (1963, 1990) by retrieving this somewhat neglected narrative of law founded, undermined, and seemingly reclaimed.
By the end of the film, Simon and Piggy have been killed, and Jack and his followers pursue Ralph with lethal purpose.
They are captured, for example, by the terror induced by the fantastic beast, and the self-regard of Jack, who neglects common projects and forms a breakaway group "to hunt and have feasts and have fun."
www.usfca.edu /pj/lordoftheflies_peabody.htm   (1877 words)

 Hammer's Prince of Horror
Lee's portrayal was an enigmatic one, presenting the creature as both a murderous fiend and a tortured agonized animal, but in some parts of The Curse of Frankenstein, the genuine pathos invoked by his performance equaled and at times surpassed the classic Karloff concept of 1932.
The film was premiered in San Francisco on March 17, 1961, by Columbia.
In The Terror of The Tongs, the Red Dragon Tong, a secret society terrorizing Hong Kong in 1910, murders young Helena Jackson (Barbara Brown),the daughter of a merchant seaman, Capt. Jackson (Geoffrey Toone) Capt Jackson vows to destroy the Tong and wins the aid of Lee (Yvonne Monlaur),a beautiful Tong slave.
www.hotad.com /monstermania/2001/lee   (3364 words)

 DVD Talk Forum - Best Film of 1963 (ongoing survey)
If you've seen even one film that you really liked from the year, and thus you consider it the best you've seen (even if it's the only one you've seen), go ahead and vote.
This thread will be for your pick for best film released during 1963 (think Oscar considerations for what's eligible).
Please start your post with your #1 film from 1963 (try to limit it to one - after all, that's the point - two at the most (I'll split the vote)), and yes, discussions are more than welcome!
www.dvdtalk.com /forum/printthread.php?t=253420   (667 words)

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