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Topic: The Time (band)

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In the News (Sat 19 Jan 19)

  Prime Time Band Home Page
In addition, a "Pops" band, is conducted by former band conductor, J. Vander Ark. This band is a small band, composed of volunteers from the main band.
The Prime Time Band is also an affiliate of over 120 bands that belong to the New Horizons International Music Association located throughout the USA, Canada and Australia.
The Prime Time Band was begun and first conducted by J.B. Vander Ark, a former instrumental music instructor and band director at La Colina Junior High School for over 30 years.
www.ptband.org   (324 words)

  The Time (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Time is a funk and dance-pop ensemble formed in 1981.
The band was assembled under a clause in Prince's contract with Warner Bros. that allowed him to recruit and produce other artists for the label.
The band went on to release four albums during the course of their main career, each a solid slice of jammy, rock-infused 80s funk, generally light and humorous in tone, strongly influenced by Parliament - and, of course, Prince.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Time_(band)   (717 words)

 Morris Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although originally a gifted drummer, he is best known as the charismatic lead singer of The Time, a band that also launched the careers of famous producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
Jam and Lewis, founders of The Time, selected Day as their band's frontman because of his professional association with Prince, in the hopes that he would broaden their group's appeal.
With the breakup of his band, the mediocre sales of his solo records, and the general decline of Prince's popularity, Day's public visibility and creative output waned considerablity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Morris_Day   (441 words)

 Creeping Time - The Band
Creeping Time recorded their first LP “Down That Muddy Road” in 1999 at the Chicken Eye Studio with Ken’s long time friend Ivan Lee at the controls.
Kjell sat in with the band for a couple songs at their next show and it was clear to all that his fiddle was what they were in search of in a soloist and Kjell fit right in with the guys.
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Dave was captured by the thunder of the drums at the age of six, started lessons at age nine and has played in concert, small group jazz and big band, rock and marching bands for the past 24 years.
www.creepingtime.com /band.php   (988 words)

 NHHS Band Camp
Band Camp is a activity that high school bands and auxiliary units traditionally start the school year with.
Band Camp is a time where our band and dance team learn to work together, learn (or relearn) the basics of marching or dance, and get a head start on their music or choreography.
By the time Band Camp is over, we have students who know how to work together, who know a number of their peers, and who have learned their marching skills and gotten a great start on their year in band and dance team.
www.royalregiment.org /generalinfo/BandCamp.html   (328 words)

 Rammstein Band Information | Herzeleid.com | The number one source for Rammstein
At this time, Richard lived with Oliver Riedel (of the band The Inchtabokatables) and Christoph Doom Schneider (of Die Firma).
About the time the band was formed, they all had relationship problems which provided the foundation for their debut album Herzeleid (Heartache) in 1995.
The name was all over the media at the time and just got stuck in their heads.
herzeleid.com /en/band   (388 words)

 The Time Machine Band - Washington DC & Maryland Wedding Musicians & Corporate Event Entertainment
Time Machine is a 10-piece variety band that was organized in 1990 as a "sister" group to complement the band Fresh Air.
Audiences have declared time and again that choosing this band guaranteed that their event was an overwhelming success.
Much credit goes to three very talented front singers, and a band leader who listens to the client, plans carefully, and never loses touch with the pulse of the party.
www.freshairmusic.com /time-machine-band.html   (195 words)

 Record (Metro Times Detroit)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Band of Horses hugs the line between modern, jangly indie and more traditional roots rock.
The anger-stained verses of "Wicked Girl" lead up to a chorus filled with promise, whereas bass guitar motors the indie throwback "Our Swords." Further on, there's "Funeral," one of the album's thorniest tracks, where the opening's plaintive air gives way to Bridwell wailing over bursts of instrumentation.
It's calculated, but effective: Though Band of Horses can suggest both their peers and their influences, they manage to make their own sound graspable.
www.metrotimes.com /editorial/review.asp?id=108403   (224 words)

 the funeral - band of horses
But the band born from the former Carissa's Wierd is off to a great start.
Thirty percent thought it was the same band; 30 percent could tell it was two different bands, but couldn't tell who was who; 30 percent could correctly separate and identify each; and 10 percent didn't care.
[ the funeral - band of horses ]
www.filmclips.be /the_funeral_-_band_of_horses.htm   (1278 words)

 Is Drama Present ALL The Time? - Marching Band Planet
I'm a freshman in band, straight from 8th grade (timpani and trombone).
When your in band or any organization there should be some kind of bond b/c your just gonna have to see that person everyday.
Time is now: 6th September 2006 - 04:58 PM Invision Power Board v2.1.7 © 2006 IPS, Inc.
www.marchingbandplanet.com /index.php?showtopic=4607   (1143 words)

 Band of Horses Review
Band of Horses’ Everything All the Time (Sub Pop) has emerged as one of the most critically-acclaimed records of 2006.
Here, the band starts with a soft, meticulous introduction that steadily expands until the music reaches a thundering wall-of-sound.
Band of Horses has produced a beautiful musical landscape, rooted firmly in insightful, emotional imagery that leaves the listener confident of a better tomorrow.
folkmusic.suite101.com /article.cfm/band_of_horses_review   (414 words)

 Daytrotter: Band of Horses
The animal moniker in indie rock band names is becoming as cliché as eyeliner in a emo/hardcore band’s mystique.
Now enter new Sub Pop band Band of Horses (ex-Carrisa’s Wierd) to the picture, with their release, “Everything All The Time.” The record could be an audio collage of most of your favorite indie rock bands of the last few years.
Band of Horses is not showcasing dramatically new concepts to the indie genre, but rather embracing concepts you have already grown to love.
www.daytrotter.com /reviews/9/band-of-horses   (816 words)

 The African Skye Pipe Band - Skye Articles
The African Skye Pipe Band was officially formed in January 1998, by a number of pipers and drummers who had left the Witwatersrand Rifles Pipe Band in September the previous year.
As members of the Witwatersrand Rifles Pipe Band, the band had had t-shirts made for their 1995 Edinburgh Tattoo trip, depicting a bunch of musicians in kilts playing pipes and percussion instruments under a blazing African sun.
The band had won all major awards on the competition field in it’s grade; the band had swelled in numbers; all members were kitted out in the correct uniform and; the learner classes were growing.
www.africanskye.co.za /band_history.shtml   (716 words)

 Split Band Application
Split bands are plastic or metal bands that are split so they may be spread open and then allowed to close or are closed around the leg.
Lay the tool and band along the leg of the bird, allowing the leg to slip through the split of the band and against the tool.
The band should be positioned between the foot and the joint of the leg.
www.diamonddove.com /SplitBands.html   (493 words)

 Details for Band Of Horses/Everything All The Time at CDconnection.com
Band of Horses is the phoenix ascending from the carcass of Carissa's Weird, Ben Bridwell and Matt Brooke 's former band.
Whereas their former project centered itself on slower-than-codeine-cough-syrup-on-a-cold-day, lushly textured sad- pop, Band of Horses is a full-on indie rock band that writes and plays loud, raw, mid-tempo pop songs and really loves Neil Young.
People who enjoy the works of band of horses may also enjoy, in order of descending probability, the works of islands, beirut, film school, jens lekman, dios, hold steady, organ, sunset rubdown, statistics, espers, elected, giant drag, beach house, wolf parade, guillemots.
www.cdconnection.com /details/Band_Of_Horses__Everything_All_The_Time/100417   (558 words)

 Keef Hartley Band: The Time is Near... & Overdog
Which meant that as good as Keef Hartley Band was, and despite the unfettered musical genre-busting going on around it (which it also embraced), it was very much a case of wrong place, wrong time.
Keef Hartley Band may not have been considered a progressive rock group by connotation, but its combination of soul, jazz, rock and folk here are progressive by stricter definition.
Instead, Keef Hartley Band seems to have hoped that the audience would come to it, and while it had its brief moment in the spotlight, there’s no musical reason why it should have been less successful than Chicago or BS&T other than the fact that it never got the international promotion it deserved.
www.allaboutjazz.com /php/article.php?id=25067   (1485 words)

 SUB POP RECORDS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Filter chose Everything All The Time as their top album of the year thus far
Band of Horses has a big feature in the SF Weekly
Band of Horses live show is heralded by the Austinist
www.subpop.com /scripts/main/bands_page.php?id=444   (419 words)

 Wedding entertainment: Time Machine Band
Templin needed a band that could fill in whenever his own band was already booked.
Numerous repeat clients have declared time and again that choosing this band guarantees that their event will be an overwhelming success.
With Time Machine you can rest assured that the dance floor will be packed to capacity, and that your guests will talk about the "incredible music" for years to come.
www.washingtontalent.com /weddings/time_machine.html   (267 words)

 Album Review: Band of Horses, "Everything All the Time" (Sub Pop) >> LiveDaily
The album's momentum pushes the songs forward effortlessly as the band works toward the beginning of the album's second act, "The Funeral." Building like a slow burn, "The Funeral" pays off in droves a minute into the song--a wash of floating guitars, drums and reverb bliss.
Band of Horses map dates to 'Begin' 2008 [November 2007]
Band of Horses 'Begin' new life as trio [September 2007]
www.livedaily.com /reviews/Album_Review_Band_of_Horses_Everything_All_the_Time_Sub_Pop-9826.html?t=1   (534 words)

 The Last Priority Bio page.. Info about the band   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ventura county was under attack of a local punk band "THE LAST PRIORITY".
At the time this band consisted of 4 members...
With this line up the band recorded the infamous "No Regrets" E.P. About a year later after the "No Regrets" recording, Josh picked up the bass and moved Daniel onto second guitar.
thelastpriority.com /band.htm   (326 words)

 Spacelab Music Review - Band Of Horses : Everything All the Time
Everything All the Time is grandiose but still welcomes you with open arms.
Like waiting for something to go wrong, or waiting out the last days of a loved ones life, Bridwell claims to be ready for a funeral at every occasion.
Everything All The Time bridges the gap between the familiar and the unexplored.
thespacelab.tv /spaceLAB/2006/03March/MusicReview16-BandOfHorses.htm   (803 words)

 Aversion.com | Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
If Carissa’s Weird gave fans musical company for their velvet misery, Everything All the Time is ready to soundtrack much more than rainy afternoons wasted killing time on the sofa and reflecting on old girlfriends.
Although Band of Horses doesn’t lay the sugar-and-sunshine routine on too thickly, though Everything All the Time is certainly a more upbeat affair than Bridwell and Brooke’s previous band – though without losing the soul that made that act so popular.
Finally, it's not Brooke's "winsome vocals" on Band of Horses, it's Bridwell, the singer and songwriter for the band (Brooke's role is guitar and backing vocals on a couple of tracks).
www.aversion.com /bands/reviews.cfm?f_id=2516   (480 words)

 » Band of Horses: recording new album :: Puddlegum ::
Band of Horses members, Ben Bridwell, Creighton Barrett and Rob Hampton, will begin recording their sophomore disc in March at Echo Mountain in Asheville, North Carolina.
Band of Horses will be playing a short tour "for our Southern brethren," their first set of shows since touring Australia in December.
Band of Horses - The End's Not Near (The OC Mix 6)
www.puddlegum.net /band-horses-recording-new-album   (424 words)

 Amazon.ca: Everything All The Time: Band of Horses: Music
This Seattle-based band was formed from the ashes of the incredibly talented Carissa's Wierd [sic], whose mopey and self-deprecating songs were like some magical and baroque combination of the Magnetic Fields, Cat Power, and Leonard Cohen.
Band of Horses, led by ultra-charming CW bassist Ben Bridwell, is a remarkably different, though just as radically excellent, brand of indie-pop sulk.
But if their roots are recognizable, the music is anything but commonplace: Everything All the Time delicately balances contrasting elements, its lyrics and instrumentation both reaching rare levels of complexity, depth, and meaning.
www.amazon.ca /Everything-All-Time-Band-Horses/dp/B000E6GBV2   (693 words)

 Band Of Horses Everything All The Time on CD at Smarter.com
Format: CD Band Of Horses: Ben Bridwell (vocals, guitar); Mat Brooke (bass guitar).
Uncut (p.107) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "Band Of Horses specialise in melodic melancholy with a sheen of hope.
Band Of Horses: Ben Bridwell (vocals, guitar); Mat Brooke (bass guitar).
www.smarter.com /everything_all_the_time---pd--ch-5--pi-616301.html   (185 words)

 Old Time Music Old Time Band Clawhammer style banjo music, MP3 music online.
Be sure to see pictures and read more about the band players by clicking on the Photo Gallery.
Many of the Snow Creek Old Time Band followers had urged Jerry and his group to make their Old Time Music CD, and after many years, it's finally "Bout Time"!
Read more about the Old Time Band players in the Photo Gallery and how they got started with this band.
www.oldtimeband.com   (305 words)

 Spacelab Music Review - Band Of Horses : Everything All the Time
Whatever the trouble may be, Band of Horses can make you feel like everything is going to be okay.
Like waiting for something to go wrong, or waiting out the last days of a loved ones life, Bridwell claims to be ready for a funeral at every occasion.
Everything All The Time bridges the gap between the familiar and the unexplored.
www.thespacelab.tv /spaceLAB/2006/03March/MusicReview16-BandOfHorses.htm   (755 words)

 The Time | SoulTracks - Soul Music Biographies, News and Reviews
The Time arose from Prince's shadow to become one of the most popular funk outfits of the 80s and spawned one of the most successful songwriting/production teams of the past two decades, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
The band was assembled under a clause in Prince's contract with Warner Bros. that allowed him to recruit and produce other artists for the label.
The band went on to release four albums during the course of their main career, each a solid slice of jammy, rock-infused 80s funk, generally light and humorous in tone, strongly influenced by Parliament - and, of course, Prince.
www.soultracks.com /The_Time   (677 words)

 Band of Horses: Everything All The Time: CD
Band of Horses: Everything All The Time: CD We love freebies more.
At times the material may come off as recognizably similar to songs you've already heard, but the majesty of Band of Horses has little to do with blazing new audio trails.
The second time you listen to it, you might even think it was better then you thought.
search.insound.com /search/showrelease.jsp?p=INS28502   (581 words)

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