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Topic: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar may seem a little slow and not as interesting as Romeo and Juliet, since it is not about teenagers or love.
Caesar is offered the crown three times (he is dictator for life not king), refusing it to the applause of the people.
Julius Caesar was a politician who was becoming too powerful, yet he was not a tyrant.
library.thinkquest.org /19539/juliusc.htm   (2932 words)

  Caesar, Julius. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
B.C., Caesar advocated mercy for Catiline and the conspirators, thereby increasing the enmity of the senatorial party and its leaders, Cato the Younger and Quintus Lutatius Catulus (see Catulus, family).
Caesar collected at Brundisium a small army and fleet—so small, in fact, that Bibulus, waiting with a much larger fleet to prevent his crossing to Epirus, did not yet bother to watch him—and slipped across the strait.
Caesar, having pursued Pompey to Egypt, remained there for some time, living with Cleopatra, taking her part against her brother and husband Ptolemy XII, and establishing her firmly on the throne.
www.bartleby.com /65/ca/Caesar-J.html   (1519 words)

 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar :: by William Shakespeare
Julius Caesar raises many questions about the force of fate in life versus the capacity for free will.
In other words, Caesar recognizes that certain events lie beyond human control; to crouch in fear of them is to enter a paralysis equal to, if not worse than, death.
Thus, the night preceding Caesar’s appearance at the Senate is full of portents, but no one reads them accurately: Cassius takes them to signify the danger that Caesar’s impending coronation would bring to the state, when, if anything, they warn of the destruction that Cassius himself threatens.
www.freewebs.com /jcaesar/themes.htm   (647 words)

 Mid Term Papers: Term Papers on Shakespeare Wrote Many Tragedies, Which Included The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar.
Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar and other Shakespearian tragedies are all the same.
In a tragedy, the tragic hero is of high social position.
Caesar are of high social and political status.
www.midtermpapers.com /11555.htm   (516 words)

 William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
- The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
- The Tragedy of King Richard the Second
- The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice
www.freeshakespeare.co.uk /The-Tragedy-of-Julius-Caesar   (95 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar
Caesar's aunt Julia was married to a leader of the popular party, a self-made man, a soldier who had risen through the ranks to lead the Roman army: Marius.
Thus it was that Julius Caesar, while a youth, had to fly for his life, simply for being the nephew of Marius.
Shakespeare's Tragedy of Julius Caesar; Antony and Cleopatra.
home.inreach.com /rtowle/Julius_Caesar/Caesar.html   (1128 words)

 Notes on The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
From the soothsayer who warns Caesar to "Beware the Ides of March" to Calphurnia's dreams that foretell the assassination to Caesar's ghost, the play is packed more than usual with links to the supernatural.
Caesar brags of his ability to stare danger in the eye and Cassius speaks of a Caesar who fears death.
Many of the characters in Julius Caesar act one way when with one character and another way when alone or with a different character.
www.masconomet.org /teachers/trevenen/caesar.html   (978 words)

 Julius Caesar - Analysis of Brutus
William Shakespeare's play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, is mainly based on the assassination of Julius Caesar.
Caesar feels that Brutus is noble to him and does the right thing regardless of personal danger.
Caesar realizes that there must be a noble reason for this assassination if Brutus was in it.
www.field-of-themes.com /shakespeare/essays/Ejulius2.htm   (823 words)

 Julius Caesar (play) Essays
Essay is a comparison of "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare and "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harvey Lee.
Julius Caesar's influence on Rome is greater than that of any other Roman emperor, and he left a positive impression on the Roman Empire.
Caesar's military campaigns expanded the empire further into Europe; Caesar transformed Roman government from a republic to a dictatorship; and he introduced many reform measures that improved the quality of life for Romans.
www.bookrags.com /essay/Julius_Caesar_(play)   (1930 words)

 History of the Hellenistic and Roman World
Julius Caesar : Insurrection (49 - 48 BCE)
Julius Caesar : Dictator (47 - 44 BCE)
Julius Caesar : Reforms (47 - 44 BCE)
www.fenrir.dk /history/index.php?title=Gaius_Julius_Caesar   (186 words)

 Ancient History Sourcebook: Suetonius  (c.69-after 122 CE): De Vita Caesarum, Divus Iulius (The Lives of the ...
But Caesar, thinking that such an indignity could in no wise be endured, showed by appealing to Cicero's testimony that he had of his own accord reported to the consul certain details of the plot, and thus prevented Curius from getting the reward.
Not content with depriving Caesar of his provinces and his privilege, Marcellus also moved that the colonists whom Caesar had settled in Novum Comum by the bill of Vatinius should lose their citizenship, on the ground that it had been given from political motives and was not authorized by the law.
Caesar left in the minds of some of his friends the suspicion that he did not wish to live longer and had taken no precautions, because of his failing health; and that therefore he neglected the warnings which came to him from portents and from the reports of his friends.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/ancient/suetonius-julius.html   (9901 words)

 Julius Caesar Tickets - at the Belasco Theater in New York 2005
Julius Caesar tickets may be purchased by clicking here.
Your Julius Caesar order will be processed within 1 business day and an email with contact information and verification will be sent to you when you complete your order.
Julius Ceasar hasn't been seen on Broadway since 1950.
www.bestshowticketslasvegas.com /julius-caesar-tickets.asp   (909 words)

 Free Essay Marcus Brutus In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar
Marcus Brutus In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar
Caesar tells his old friend “Though shalt see me at Philippi.” Brutus is startled by this and isn’t sure what was meant by this.
He killed Caesar and knew he would have to live with that, but when it was his time to die, he didn’t die noblely like Caesar.
www.echeat.com /essay.php?t=32114   (843 words)

 Warming Up to Julius Caesar
This is a brief (one period) intro to Julius Caesar.
A second emphasis is on the nature of the play as a tragedy (not a history) and Shakespeare's effort to stay within the bounds of well-known legend and history.
Briefly discuss Roman Empire, and its importance to western culture, and the importance of Julius Caesar to the Romans.
outreach.rice.edu /~riggins/CAESAR.html   (272 words)

 News | Gainesville.com | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Caesar, duc de Choiseul (1602–1675), a French marshal and diplomatist.
Caesar (cocktail), a cocktail made with vodka and Clamato that is popular primarily in Canada.
Caesar cipher is one of the simplest and most widely-known encryption techniques.
www.gainesville.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Caesar   (342 words)

 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar :: by William Shakespeare
Julius Caesar takes place in ancient Rome in 44 B.C., when Rome was the center of an empire stretching from Britain to North Africa and from Persia to Spain.
A succession of men aspired to become the absolute ruler of Rome, but only Julius Caesar seemed likely to achieve this status.
Those citizens who favored more democratic rule feared that Caesar’s power would lead to the enslavement of Roman citizens by one of their own.
www.freewebs.com /jcaesar/setting.htm   (187 words)

 Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Search, Read, Study, Discuss.
A race is run, wherein Marc Antony, in the course of competing, touches Caesar's wife Calphurnia in hopes of curing her infertility.
Caesar confers with Antony that he fears Cassius is evil and worth fearing.
Casca explains to Brutus and Cassius that shouting they heard was caused by Caesar's thrice refusal of a crown offered to him by Antony (though confusing, the commoners rejoiced that he had refused it for it indicated he is a noble man).
www.online-literature.com /shakespeare/julius_caesar   (1592 words)

 William Shakespeare's play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,
The character who was in charge of the assassination was, ironically, Marcus Brutus, a close friend of Julius Caesar and a loyal Roman.
I do fear the people do choose Caesar for their king...yet I love him well." (act 1, scene 2, ll.85-89), as he is speaking to Cassius.
On the Ides of March, as Caesar was assassinated, Caesar's last line is: "Et tu, Brute?--Then fall, Caesar." (act 3, scene 1, l.85).
www.studyworld.com /newsite/ReportEssay/literature/Play/William_Shakespeares_play__The_Tragedy_of_Julius_Caesar_-39543.htm   (755 words)

 PM's end may be at hand, but who will be his Brutus?
Thaksin can't be compared in terms of greatness to Caesar, but the circumstances surrounding his life, his rise to power and his ambitions are quite similar to those of Caesar and ancient Rome.
Caesar launched the Gallic Wars (58BC to 49BC), during which he conquered all of Gaul (France, most of Switzerland and Belgium, expanding from Western Europe from the Atlantic to the Rhine and parts of Germania).
Caesar later got in the middle of a dispute between Ptolemy and his sister, Cleopatra.
www.nationmultimedia.com /2006/07/21/opinion/opinion_30009207.php   (979 words)

 Glencoe Literature: Literature Library - The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
One of the most widely read and often quoted of Shakespeare's plays, Julius Caesar relates the story of the murder of an emperor and the intrigues and ambitions of his supporters and his enemies.
Amid warnings from soothsayer, family, and friends, Caesar continues to court the admiration of his followers and to ignore the danger inherent in his enormous popularity.
It has been said that the drama is more the story of Brutus and Antony than of Caesar, since Caesar is killed early in the play, but Caesar's enduring presence, if not the man himself, is at the center of the conflicts that rise throughout the drama.
www.glencoe.com /sec/literature/litlibrary/tragedyofjulius.html   (155 words)

 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar - Wikisource
The Tragedy of Julius Cæsar, more commonly known simply as Julius Caesar, is a tragedy by William Shakespeare written in 1599.
It portrays the conspiracy against the Roman dictator, Julius Caesar, his assassination and its aftermath.
It is the first of his Roman plays, based on true events from Roman history.
en.wikisource.org /wiki/The_Tragedy_of_Julius_Caesar   (126 words)

 Amazon.com: Julius Caesar: Books: William Shakespeare   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When the Ides of March arrive and while Caesar is due to go to be crowned, warnings in the form of storms, bad omens and his wife's horrible dreams initially persuade Caesar to stay at home.
Caesar is physically frail and deaf in one ear, but that doesn't preclude his triumphant success as a general and a military strategist.
When I first read JULIUS CAESAR as a sophomore in high school, I found it to be a decent play, but other than some really cool lines, didn't think it was that great.
www.amazon.com /Julius-Caesar-William-Shakespeare/dp/0671722719   (2120 words)

 Ancient History Sourcebook: Suetonius  (c.69-after 122 CE): The Divine Augustus
The eldest of Antony's two sons by Fulvia he commanded to be taken by force from the statue of Julius Caesar, to which he had fled, after many fruitless supplications for his life, and put him to death.
Julius Caesar, in cutting down a wood to make room for his camp near Munda, happened to light upon a palm-tree, and ordered it to be preserved as an omen of victory.
After the death of Caesar, upon his return from Apollonia, as he was entering the city, on a sudden, in a clear and bright sky, a circle resembling the rainbow surrounded the body of the sun; and, immediately afterwards, the tomb of Julia, Caesar's daughter, was struck by lightning.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/ancient/suetonius-augustus.html   (17934 words)

 Julius. » Julius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Julius Caesar was invariably portrayed wearing a wreath of laurel.
Many Julius Caesar questions are asked by the customers and this means that only a private tour of Rome can solve the intricacies of the history of Rome which covers a period of years.
The year is BC Julius Caesar has been assassinated and civil war threatens to destroy the Republic.
livenjpic.bredoway.org /category/julius-caesar   (809 words)

 Interactive Literature Selections The Tragedy of Julius Caesar - Act 4
During the falling action of a tragedy, the fortunes of the main character decline.
The Globe Theater, in which The Tragedy of Julius Cæsar was first performed, is described in one of Shakespeare’s plays as a “wooden O.” The theater, which had eight sides and was open in the middle, was nearly circular.
Gaius Julius Cæsar was born on the twelfth or thirteenth of July, sometime around the year 100 bc, into a noble Roman family.
www.emcp.com /product_catalog/school/litLink/Grade10/U04-06JuliusCaesarAct4   (1319 words)

 Julius Caesar (1953) 0790745801 (DVDs)
Louis Calhern invests Caesar with intelligence and edgy noir echoes, and director Mankiewicz astutely balances the Renaissance view of Caesar as a power-obsessed, corrupt tyrant destined for punishment with modern suggestions that his murder may have been ill advised.
But without minimizing the weight of those factors, the most probably reason for the timeless enchant of this version of Julius Caesar is the quality of the actors in charge of the story's major players.
The interesting thing for the viewer is that we are at the same time part of the mob, who listens intently while at the side of Caesar's corpse, and have the extraordinary advantage of witnessing from closer range the hidden expressions in Antony's face: his true thoughts and intentions.
www.coolshopping.com /dvds.php/Mode/product/browse/130/AsinSearch/0790745801/name/Julius%2520Caesar%2520%25281953%2529   (847 words)

 The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Caesar had his best friend turn on him, when Brutus lead a conspiracy that successfully murdered Caesar.
Later, when it was the Ides of March, Caesar boasted to the soothsayer that "The Ides of March have come", and he was fine.
Caesar also ignored this warning, and shortly after, he was killed.
www.radessays.com /viewpaper.php?nats=MTAxMToyOjE&request=98329   (261 words)

 The Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy - Cambridge University Press
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy acquaints the student reader with the forms, contexts, critical and theatrical lives of the ten plays considered to be Shakespeare’s tragedies.
Shakespearean tragedy is a highly complex and demanding theatre genre, but the thirteen essays, written by leading scholars in Britain and North America, are clear, concise and informative.
Topics covered include the literary precursors of Shakespearean tragedies (medieval, classical, and contemporary), cultural backgrounds (political, religious, social, and psychological), and the subgenres of Shakespeare’s tragedy (love tragedy, revenge tragedy, and classical tragedy), as well as the critical and theatrical receptions of the plays.
www.cambridge.org /catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521790093   (359 words)

Julius Caesar (mini), a 2002 mini-series about Caesar, directed by Uli Edel.
Caesar (Dune), a character in the fictional Dune universe.
Caesar (Xena), a character in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess.
www.dejavu.org /cgi-bin/get.cgi?ver=93&url=http://articles.gourt.com/%22http%3A%2F%2Farticles.gourt.com%2F%3Farticle%3DCaesar   (294 words)

 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar : Books from Overstock.com
Though the Plebeians support Julius Caesar and celebrate his return from Rome as the play opens, Caesar is famously warned to Beware the ides of March, by the Soothsayer.
Description: Though the Plebeians support Julius Caesar and celebrate his return from Rome as the play opens, Caesar is famously warned to Beware the ides of March, by the Soothsayer.
Meanwhile, Caesar's popularity is such that the other Roman aristocrats, who rule as a body along with Caesar, fear that his popularity will cause the Plebeians to name him their King, breaking with Roman tradition.
www.overstock.com /Books-Movies-Music-Games/The-Tragedy-of-Julius-Caesar/211817/product.html?fp=F&cid=97227   (480 words)

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