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Topic: The Union (political coalition)

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Save the Internet : Join us
The SavetheInternet.com Coalition is more than a million everyday people who have banded together with thousands of non-profit organizations, businesses and bloggers to protect Internet freedom.
The Coalition believes that the Internet is a crucial engine for economic growth and free speech.
The SavetheInternet.com Coalition -- representing millions of Americans from all walks of life -- is working together to ensure that Congress passes no telecommunications legislation without meaningful and enforceable Network Neutrality protections.
www.savetheinternet.com /=coalition   (209 words)

  Political Parties - MSN Encarta
Political parties link citizens and the government, providing a means by which people can have a voice in their government.
The origins of political parties are closely associated with the development of the modern state and representative democracy in Western Europe and the United States.
Political parties grew dramatically in size and began to take the form of independent, popularly based organizations, no longer serving merely the interests of a narrow elite.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761580668/Political_Parties.html   (1579 words)

 union - definition by dict.die.net
Note: Union differs from connection, as it implies that the bodies are in contact, without an inter?ening body; whereas things may be connected by the in???vention of a third body, as by a cord or chain.
A device emblematic of union, used on a national flag or ensign, sometimes, as in the military standard of Great Britain, covering the whole field; sometimes, as in the flag of the United States, and the English naval and marine flag, occupying the upper inner corner, the rest of the flag being called the fly.
Note: The union of the United States ensign is a cluster of white stars, denoting the union of the States, and, properly, equal in number to that of the States, displayed on a blue field; the fly being composed of alternate stripes of red and white.
dict.die.net /union   (782 words)

 implementation guidelines / party political and campaign financing - discussion / political_system / ach / ...
Political parties are often complex organisations, with cascading networks of branches and satellite organisations.
Political parties that delegate their research functions to satellite think-tanks may also be delegating activities that are the traditional preserve of political parties and that therefore should also appear on the party's books.
Political parties and civil society organisations should be involved in the drafting of regulations.
www.transparency.org /policy_research/ach/political_system/party_political_and_campaign_financing_discussion/implementation_guidelines   (4146 words)

 Political Bull - Political Essays about the world we inhabit
The primary driver for the creation of the coalition is the American government, which needs the appearance of international participation to cover up the fact that neither the United Nations nor a huge majority of the world’s population support the war or occupation.
The façade of a coalition was designed to placate American public opinion and continues to be shoveled out the public in order to imply that the Iraqi adventure is an international cooperative effort.
Tony Blair is also one of the few liberal/labor party leaders among the coalition “partners” and he was in the unique position of having a solid parliamentary majority and a Conservative Opposition that also supported the war.
www.politicalbull.net /coalitionmirage.shtml   (1159 words)

 Political Participation and the Union Member by Steven J   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Union members have only to look at the last presidential election to see just how much a small number of votes can be worth as well as the cost being paid today by working families who decided not to participate on November 7
Today we have a coalition of largely second and third-rate nations, most of which have made manpower commitments of a few hundred troops, nations many of which are themselves recipients of U.S. foreign aid dollars and thus in no position to provide serious financial support for military operations or reconstruction efforts.
When you listen to business leaders, political conservatives and the far right press they constantly claim that unions are "out of touch with the American worker" and as such are obsolete and irrelevant in modern society.
www.kclabor.org /political_participation_and_the.htm   (4224 words)

 Proposition 75 - Political Spending of Union Dues Ballot Measure
Those who oppose the political spending of union dues say that it should be permitted only when employees expressly consent to the use of their union dues and fees for political purposes.
Unions must annually report to all members and bargaining unit participants what portion of their expenditures was for operations and what portion was for political purposes.*
Union critics of the measure contend that the governor was a key behind-the-scenes supporter of the measure all along.
www.igs.berkeley.edu /library/htUnionDues.html   (2280 words)

 After '06 success, labor eyes '08 race - 03/25/2007 - MiamiHerald.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
After a taste of victory in the last national elections, union leaders are hungry for the chance to elect a pro-labor president.
Exit polls indicated union voters chose Democrats by more than a 2-1 ratio, and labor says its supporters made the difference in many of the races that put Democrats back in the majority in Congress.
Herb Asher, an Ohio State University political analyst, said that although unions are now getting a sympathetic airing in Washington for key issues such as legislation to make it easier to organize, it's "very, very important" to them to elect a pro-labor president to help avoid presidential vetoes.
www.miamiherald.com /692/story/52569.html   (588 words)

 Yale Political Union
Should the Union be dissolved, its assets shall be distributed among all the parties within the Union at the time of its dissolution, according to their relative sizes.
Union funds may only be disbursed in accordance with a duly-passed budget for the Session, or by special authorization by the Executive Board in accordance with Article VII, or by the requirements of this Constitution.
Section 5: The Director of Campus Relations shall be elected to serve as liaison between the Union and other campus organizations; to be responsible for the publicity of Union events; to engage faculty with the Union and promote Union events to relevant academic departments; and to ensure the visibility of the Union in campus media.
www.yale.edu /ypunion/constitution.html   (5160 words)

 Political Affairs Magazine - Iraqi Unions Fight Religious Extremism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Iraqi workers affiliated with the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) took to the streets of Basrah last Saturday in support of a group of that city's university students who were attacked two weeks ago by religious extremists connected to the so-called Mahdi Army.
The student union along with other youth organizations and community organizations participated in several three-day long mass demonstrations at the university and at Basrah's government offices.
Students who organized the demonstrations have stated that the Basrah government is strongly tied to the political coalition to which al-Sadr and his followers belong.
www.politicalaffairs.net /article/view/884/1/86   (657 words)

 State of the Union
In his State of the Union Address, President Bush described the state of our Union as confident and strong - the U.S. economy is growing steadily, more Americans are finding jobs, and our Nation is serving as an active force for good in the world.
Coalition forces are also working with Iraqi government ministries to protect essential infrastructure such as electrical transmission lines.
In partnership with nations of the broader Middle East, the President is advancing political, social, and economic reforms in the region.
www.whitehouse.gov /stateoftheunion/2005   (2547 words)

 union - OneLook Dictionary Search
Union, union : Encarta® World English Dictionary, North American Edition [home, info]
Phrases that include union: european union, trade union, labor union, soviet union, union of soviet socialist republics, more...
Words similar to union: marriage, brotherhood, conjugation, coupling, federal, join, mating, matrimony, north, pairing, sum, unification, uniting, wedlock, joining, labor union, sexual union, trades union, trade union, more...
www.onelook.com /?ls=b&fc=all_med&q=union   (666 words)

 Political Science (POL SCI)
This course considers the relationship between the mass media and American politics, government regulation of the mass media, media coverage of public affairs, political effects of entertainment programming, and the uses and influence of the media in the election process.
Topics for study include: development of public opinion and political ideology in the U.S.; the social psychology of political attitudes; the role of the mass media and the news in the formation of political opinion; and the influence of public opinion upon government policy.
This course presents an overview of the politics of urban areas: electoral politics, government structure, race, finance, education, housing, neighborhoods, and economic and historical forces on politics in urban areas.
www.temple.edu /bulletin/ugradbulletin/ucd/ucd_politicalscience.html   (3750 words)

 [ The New Iraq ]
Established in December 2003, "Al-Ittihad" described it as a "political, social, and civil party that calls for political participation within a federal Iraq." It reportedly supports religious and ideological freedom.
The INA was one of the prominent opposition groups that received funding from the United States before the overthrow of the Hussein regime.
It was one of the first political groups to call for an Iraqi interim government after the fall of the Hussein regime.
www.rferl.org /specials/IraqCrisis/specials-politicalgroups.asp   (1502 words)

 Political History of Nevada, 1996
Silver and its support was an obvious political issue in the western mining states.
This local state "Silver Party" resulted from splits in the major parties, particularly the Republican Party, and was in effect a coalition of those who backed the silver plank in both local and national platforms.
In all, 16 organizations representing various philosophies and principles are, or have been, active on the political scene in Nevada since statehood.
dmla.clan.lib.nv.us /DOCS/NSLA/archives/political/politic.htm   (738 words)

 Bachelor Degree Political Studies University of Illinois Springfield   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
A major in political studies provides students with a systematic knowledge of political life, helping them evaluate public issues and make decisions through a balanced program of study in which philosophical, empirical, and policy concerns complement one another.
In political studies, all majors must complete eight hours of applied study-an internship program which emphasizes improvement of he student’s ability to learn from experience, career assessment, relationships between theory and practice, and realistic appreciation of public affairs.
Political studies majors have been interested in choosing a minor in such fields as international studies, economics, history, and environmental studies.
www.uis.edu /politicalstudies/bachelor.htm   (3045 words)

 :::National Elections Commission:::
A total of 25 political entities are contesting the October 11, 2005 elections.
The representative of Political Parties and Independent Candidates registered to contest in the 2005 Elections are entitled to monitor the electoral process as set forth in the Section 4.9 of the 1986 New Elections Law.
The National Elections Commission is vested with the authority to accredit the representatives to monitor the polling precincts in which the party has nominated the candidate or in which the independent candidate is a candidate.
www.necliberia.org /links/politicalparties.shtml   (209 words)

 GEO Organizer - Political Advocate and Coalitions Chair   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The GEO Political Advocate and Coalitions Chair will monitor state politics, organize GEO's participation in electoral politics, and be a resource for the staff on political, union, and university-related information and archives.
The primary responsibilities of the Political Advocate and Coalitions Chair will be to complete the task of funding the 2004-2007 contract (if necessary), to apply knowledge of the state political situation to the upcoming contract campaign, and to lobby for changes in state labor law that benefit GEO.
All GEO employees should also demonstrate a willingness to work towards the union's collective goals and a commitment to being a part of an organization that is fighting for progressive change on the UMass campus and beyond.
www-unix.oit.umass.edu /~geo/gp/jobs/political.html   (609 words)

 CNN.com - Slim win for Estonia's left - Mar. 2, 2003
Savisaar resigned in disgrace in 1995 in the midst of a political scandal.
He may try to reform the current ruling coalition with the pro-business Reform party, which won nearly 18 percent, and bring on board the farmer-oriented People's Union, which took 13 percent.
President Arnold Ruutel would normally ask the party with the most votes to form a new coalition, but he recently indicated he might break with the custom and turn to the leader he deemed had the most "capable" alternatives instead.
cnn.com /2003/WORLD/europe/03/02/estonia.vote.reut/index.html   (579 words)

 Scientific Integrity Program | Union of Concerned Scientists
The 110th Congress is acting to defend science from political interference, holding multiple hearings into UCS reports of scientific censorship and advancing strong whistleblower protections for federal scientists.
To help document the level and impact of political interference in science at federal agencies, UCS has launched a series of surveys of federal agency scientists.
Worked with a broad, bipartisan coalition to advance strong whistleblower protections for scientists who witness the manipulation, suppression, or distortion of science.
www.ucsusa.org /scientific_integrity   (574 words)

 Coalition keeps close watch on church political activities | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Instead of attending a Unitarian Universalist service, she was at the Lenexa Christian Center, paying close attention to a conservative minister's sermon about the importance of amending the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage.
Kolm is one of about 100 volunteers for the Mainstream Coalition, a group monitoring the political activities of local pastors and churches.
The coalition, based in suburban Kansas City, says it wants to make sure clergy adhere to federal tax guidelines restricting political activity by nonprofit groups, and it's taking such efforts to a new level.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20040723/news_1n23sermon.html   (519 words)

 Get a Union :: Political connections and organizing campaigns
Developing political connections and alliances is a key component in any campaign, whether it is a union organizing campaign, a campaign seeking public policy changes, or a direct action campaign for social justice.
In both cases the bargaining units were able to call upon existing political alliances for support and to expand their contacts to include every level of the political spectrum, from the local and state level right up to the federal level.
The political connections the nurses made in this campaign led to the development of long-term alliances with their local legislators and proved to be instrumental in subsequent lobbying efforts, like the safe staffing initiative.
www.massnurses.org /labor/organizing/mass_nurse_0505_3.htm   (1049 words)

 Talk:The Union (political coalition) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Francesco Fortugno, vice-president of the Council of Calabria, was murdered by two killers when he was waiting in line to vote in a polling station located in Locri.
The act was assumed to have political significance since the murderers killed him on a political occasion and with dozens of witnesses.
Was he a member of the Union, in which case are we assuming that the murderers were connected to the House of Freedoms, or vice-versa?
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:The_Union_(political_coalition)   (220 words)

 SignOnSanDiego > The San Diego Union-Tribune
They use the Internet and video cameras instead of pasted-together ransom notes to target the political stability and collective will of entire countries.
Iraq's new government and its American and coalition allies are faced with the challenge of simultaneously fighting the insurgency raging across the country on both the military and political levels.
Ten years ago, spurred on by unrelenting news accounts of rising crime exemplified by the kidnapping and killing of 12-year-old Polly Klaas from her living room in Petaluma, politicians from the state house to the White House engaged in a legislative frenzy of harsh mandatory sentencing laws and prison building unprecedented in U.S. history.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20040723/inside27.html   (200 words)

 CNN.com - Turkish coalition totters as election talk grows - July 15, 2002
The exodus has been spurred in part by calls for early elections by Devlet Bahceli, the nationalist leader whose party is one of the three in the coalition government.
One scenario could involve a coalition that wouldn't include the nationalists but would be composed of the new party being formed by Ismail Cem, who resigned from his post as foreign minister last week, the Motherland Party, and the True Path Party, led by former Prime Minister Tansu Ciller.
Either way, the session also is seen as a way of showing the commitment of Turkey's various parties to meeting the conditions the EU has set for Turkey to gain membership, including abolishing the death penalty and granting more rights to minority Kurds.
archives.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/europe/07/15/turkey.politics/index.html   (684 words)

 Aids Coalition -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
L'Unione (''The Union'' in English) is a Italian left-wing coalition of parties.
It has been composed today of Popular Alliance-UDEUR, Daisy-Democracy is Freedom, Democrats of the Left, European Republican Movement, Italian Democratic Socialists, Federation of the Greens, Italy of Values-List Di Pietro, Party of Italian Communists and Communist Refoundation Party.
The CDC defines the beginning of AIDS as when a person with HIV infection has either a CD4 cell count below 200 or one of several conditions associated with a weakend immune response.http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00018871.htm The term AIDS (''acquired immunodeficiency syndrome'') was proposed on July 27, 1982 at a meeting in Washington.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/2/aids-coalition.html   (626 words)

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