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 Files-11 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Each file in the VMS filesystem may be thought of as a database, containing a series of records, each of which has one of more individual fields.
When a file on a multi-volume set crosses the boundary of two constituent volumes, the continuation file is used as its extension header and describes the volume where the rest of the file can be found.
A text file is an example of a stream-format file using line feed or carriage return to separate records. /wiki/Files-11   (3256 words)

 True files for rep run
True's background includes 20 years in private law practice, the last eight years representing disabled Texans in their claims for Social Security and disability benefits.
Laney, a Hale Center farmer, said his top priorities are to continue creating jobs pruiin the region, reducing the tax burden on property owners and fighting for the interests of rural areas and agriculture in a legislative body dominated by urban members.
The district extends from the northeastern Panhandle to the Denton area and includes the Potter County portion of Amarillo and part of Lubbock. /news/121097/AST-1917.html   (3256 words)

 IACIS - The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
A forensically sound examination environment is one which is completely under the control of the examiner: No actions are taken without the examiner permitting them to happen; and when the examiner permits or causes an action he/she can predict with reasonable certainty what the outcome of the action will be.
Files may be automatically carved out of the unallocated portion of the unused space based upon known file headers.
The forensic software used during the examination should be noted by its version and should be used in accordance with the vendors licensing agreement. /html/forensicprocedures.htm   (3256 words)

 The Dresden Files - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
So far, all of the audiobooks of The Dresden Files have been read by actor James Marsters and are produced by Buzzy Multimedia Publishing.
In the world of The Dresden Files, magic is real, along with vampires, demons, spirits, faeries, werewolves, and more.
The identities of this group is unknown, although McCoy and Dresden suspect that at least one member of the White Council is in league with this group. /wiki/The_Dresden_Files   (3796 words)

 Forensic Files Episode Guide
Forensic experts solved this case in a very unusual way, you’ll be surprised by the outcome.
The wife is sent to prison, but at her sister's trial, attorneys finally bring in a forensic expert who testifies that the crime could not have been committed the way the painter said.
She was a fan of murder mysteries and forensic science shows - and used much of what she knew to find the perpetrator of the accident that severely injured her daughter. /Episodeguide.htm   (3796 words)

 Forensic Files - Specialties
However, when acting in the capacity of a forensic specialist, he or she is not providing therapy to alleviate the patient's suffering or to help the patient be free and healthy, but an objective evaluation for use by the retaining institution, attorney or court" (Bursztajn, 1996).
"the application of the forensic aspects of health care in the scientific investigation and treatment of trauma and or death or related medicolegal issues to living patients or those whose death is pronounced upon arrival or during trauma treatment" (Lynch, 1991).
"the application of the forensic aspects of health care combined with the bio-psycho-social education of the registered nurse in the scientific investigation and treatment of trauma, and or death of victims and perpetrators of violence, criminal activity, and traumatic accidents" (Lynch, 1991; IAFN - International Association of Forensic Nursing, 1993). /forensic_files/specialties.htm   (3796 words)

 Environmental Health Perspectives: Environmental forensic files - Innovative Technologies
Experts in environmental forensics have applied its techniques in court cases to establish the source of a pollutant and thus determine who is responsible for paying for remediation.
The forensic approach has drawn the most attention where it has been used in lawsuits to make polluters pay for damages and remediation, but it is also used to help assess potential liabilities--for example, before purchasing land with an industrial history.
In this case, proponents say environmental forensics, which combines approaches from several disciplines to analyze cases of environmental contamination, brings a new level of sophistication to environmental science and the assessment of health risks. /p/articles/mi_m0CYP/is_2_112/ai_114559322   (3796 words)

 Cold Case Files
COLD CASE FILES is a pioneer in the non-fiction forensics genre.
The series examines each piece of forensic evidence, each witness, each building block and turn-in-the-road that ultimately leads detectives to their killer.
--> For users who have already purchased COLD CASE FILES: The Game... /tv/shows/coldcasefiles   (3796 words)

 Computer Forensics Software
Create a table of existing and deleted files and directories, with user-configurable information such as attributes, all available date and time stamps, size, number of first cluster, hash codes, NTFS alternate data streams (which contain hidden data) etc. Extremely useful to systematically examine the contents of a disk.
This is useful if you wish to closely examine the file system structure of a disk image, extract files, etc. without copying it back to a disk.
This is useful because the maximum image file size supported by FAT16 and FAT32 is 2 GB or 4 GB, respectively. /winhex/forensics.html   (3796 words)

 Dresden (Ontario) - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Dresden (Ontario)
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. /Dresden+(Ontario)   (158 words)

 RPG News - Role-Playing Game News, Press, Interviews, Fan sites, Headlines, and all the scoop.
Fate's rules are ideal for bringing the Dresden Files to life, crafting stories that fit the characters and test their beliefs, while supporting a setting that mixes the mundane and the magical.
Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files and Codex Alera series of novels.
The Dresden Files RPG is scheduled for release in the summer of 2006. /article.php?sid=3628   (737 words)

 Yoga Darsana Institute Current Shop - Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)
However, I think the Dresden Files books are a great read.
Dresden's keeping Murphy in the dark about the Council winds up dunking her in the middle of an IA investigation, which I felt was too much too soon.
Dresden is often shown to be a kind of bumbling magician, catching on to things just a little too late, miscalculating the power of spells, and really mishandling his relationship with Murphy, the head of Special Investigations. /buy-0451458125.html   (995 words)

 True Audio Software :: The World of True Audio
True Audio Plug-ins Pack - is a cumulative pack of True Audio DirectShow codecs and input plug-ins for the most popular media players.
The term "lossless" refers to the fact that such compression results in literally no data or quality loss; when decompressed, the audio file data are bit-identical to those of their originals.
Using the TTA lossless audio codec, a music aficionado could easily archive as many as 20 audio CDs onto a single DVD-R, while maintaining the original CD quality.   (995 words)

Each of these techniques was used in an episode of "Forensic Files." Every page offers an explanation of a method used by actual forensic investigators.
Body fluids, such as semen, blood, and saliva, are commonly used in forensic investigations as a source of cells for DNA extraction and analysis.
Investigators can prove that a fire was set intentionally by finding an accelerant at the scene of a fire. /onair/shows/forensicfiles/techniques   (995 words)

 Forensic Files -
Computer forensics is the science of preserving, identifying, extracting, recovering, analyzing and documenting electronic files and data which can be admitted as evidence in civil or criminal proceedings.
ComputerCOP Forensic Edition's ability to detect graphic files by file header, as well as by file type, insures that the examiner will not fail to review renamed image files.
Forensic Files, a high-tech, fact-based, half-hour series, delves into the world of forensic science, profiling intriguing crimes, accidents and outbreaks of disease from around the world. /file_forensic-.html   (995 words)

 Welcome to Medstar.
Forensic Files is a pioneer in the field of fact-based, high-tech, dramatic storytelling.
Forensic Files puts a new spin on the "whodunit" genre.
Intimate, personal profiles of those who lived through the events draw you into the action. /ffiles.asp   (995 words)

 The Official Forensic Files Casebook:Dowling, Paul; Sherry,
Forensics is fast becoming a cultural phenomenon, and FORENSIC FILES, a real-life CSI, helps feed the national obsession.
T"he Official Forensic Files Casebook is an original trade paperback from the producers of THE FORENSIC FILES, one of the most popular shows on television, and the signature series of COURT TV.
The Official Forensic Files Casebook:Dowling, Paul; Sherry, /bk_detail.asp?isbn=0743479491   (995 words)

 Computer Forensics Deleted Files
The recovery of deleted files and the investigation of deleted data are often confused.
Successful recovery of deleted files is directly affected by continued use of the computer after the file is deleted.
Proper computer forensics requires a thorough examination of he slack space for content that may be relevant to an investigation. /computer-forensic-deleted-files.htm   (995 words)

 7 July 2005 London bombings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ITV replaced the movies The X Files, in which a building is partly destroyed by a bomb, with Stakeout, and The Siege, where a bomb destroys a bus full of passengers, with Gone in 60 Seconds.
This has led to speculation that the bombers may have expected to survive the attacks, perhaps having been misled about the time that they had to escape or the nature of the devices that they were carrying [20].
Police are examining about 2,500 items of CCTV footage and forensic evidence from the scenes of the attacks. /wiki/7_July_2005_London_bombings   (995 words) Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1): Books: Jim Butcher
Buy this book with Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2) by Jim Butcher today!
Harry Dresden, the series' protagonist, is everything that's great about the hardboiled anti-hero, with a twist: He's a wizard trying to make a living working practical magic in a modern world that's foolishly rejected the supernatural in favor of science and technology.
Dresden's other case is searching for a missing husband who seems to have had an unhealthy interest in magic. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0451457811?v=glance   (1808 words)

 11. Template Files
The template file may be another FITS file, in which case the newly created file will have exactly the same keywords in each HDU as in the template FITS file, but all the data units will be filled with zeros.
The template file may also be an ASCII text file, where each line (in general) describes one FITS keyword record.
When a new FITS file is created with a call to fits_create_file, the name of a template file may be supplied in parentheses immediately following the name of the new file to be created. /lheasoft/fitsio/c/c_user/node99.html   (124 words)

 MUFON Skywatch Investigations: Filer's Files #11
Readers may post items from the Files on their Websites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared.
The police report for March 11 reads, in part, as follows: "The complainant [name withheld for privacy] stated that she was traveling towards Clyde, Ohio on SR 101 in the area of County Road 260.
She stated that she observed what appeared to be a UFO [that] looked like a triangle in shape and had three round lights on the bottom. /ufos/filers/filers/filers11.htm   (3720 words)

 Kmart files for bankruptcy, gets financing - Jan. 22, 2002
Kmart's filing, the biggest retail bankruptcy ever in the United States, had been widely expected, but company officials had for several weeks declined to comment.
Kmart's bankruptcy filing, with $17 billion in assets, is the biggest ever for a U.S. retailer, according to
A company in Chapter 11 is protected from creditors while it reorganizes and tries to work out a plan to pay its debts. /2002/01/22/companies/kmart   (1042 words)

 jStrip 2.11
JPEG files generally contain 'extra' data that isn't used by web browsers or most image viewers.
JPEG files generally contain 'extra' data that isn't used by web browsers or...
JPEG files generally contain 'extra' data that isn't used by... /telechargement/jStrip-2-11.htm   (1845 words)

 Novell Documentation: Novell Clients - Modifying the Install.cfg File
Determines whether files marked with a W in the [Files] section are installed.
TRUE overwrites any modifications made to the nwadmin.ini file by copying over the file with the original nwadmin.ini file.
TRUE continues to install the client, even if low disk space is detected. /documentation/client/c32dwenu/data/h5pfd6g0.html   (1845 words)

 Cold Case Files
COLD CASE FILES is a pioneer in the non-fiction forensics genre.
They blow the dust off old homicide files, walk down the corridors of time and set out on the hunt for a killer.
COLD CASE FILES tells the story of their work. /tv/shows/coldcasefiles   (1845 words)

 Banterist - What My Wife Has Learned From Watching The Forensic Files
With her Associate's degree in murder from Forensic Files, she knows that if she were to poison me with Thallium there would not be any obvious signs of a homicide.
Thanks to Forensic Files, my wife would be concerned about blood spatter patterns that I might leave on the new cabinetry or artistically painted wall.
Taking into consideration her vast knowledge of forensic techniques and past criminal cases, I have undertaken to evaluate methods she may or may not employ to dispatch me were she to be enraged by my not cleaning the stove. /archivefiles/000174.html   (1845 words)

 >☞ The Cheapest Forensic Files of Batman Forensic Files of Batman in » Books
Most of the files are "written" by Batman.
Interspersed among the Case File reports are sidebars that focus on specific kinds of forensic science that Batman uses to solve his cases.
The popularity of forensic science, thanks to the various CSI TV shows, is played upon in siebars that detail the ins and outs of the job. /forensic-files-of-batman_074348732X_i.htm   (1845 words)

 Jurors want CSI-quality forensic evidence / Prosecutors often forced to explain lack of DNA, fingerprints
Prosecutors say jurors are telling them they expect forensic evidence in criminal cases, just like on their favorite television shows, including "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." In real life, forensic evidence is not collected at every crime scene, either because criminals clean up after themselves or because of a shortage in resources.
Forensic evidence usually includes DNA, fingerprints, cast imprints of tire marks or shoes, the matching of bullets to a gun and any other samples that can tie someone to a crime scene.
In many ways, Adams represents the modern juror, someone who is aware of the significance of forensic evidence and holds a strong belief in the power of science to solve whodunits. /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/05/29/MNGTTCSVTD10.DTL&sn=009&sc=634   (1845 words)

 The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) : Medstar's "Forensic Files' drama gets 6-year pact from Court TV; Filmed in Valley, show about science solving crimes is network's highest-rated.(BUSINESS) @ HighBeam Research
Don't click that remote, "Forensic Files" fans: Court TV on Tuesdayrenewed the made-in-the-Lehigh-Valley crime drama for six years, a record for the cable network.
Read 'The Morning Call (Allentown, PA): Medstar's "Forensic Files' drama gets 6-year pact from Court TV; Filmed in Valley, show about science solving crimes is network's highest-rated.(BUSINESS)' with a FREE Trial for instant access »
"Forensic Files," which airs weeknights at 9, first aired on Court TV in September 2000. /t/themorningcallallentownpa/june112003/medstarsforensicfilesdramagets6yearpactfromcourttv/index.html   (1845 words)

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