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Topic: Theater in the United States

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In the News (Thu 15 Nov 18)

  Ford Foundation: Hispanic Theater in the United States and Puerto Rico - 7
Theater, like the Church and political organizations, was established in all Mexican immigrant cities and barrios.
Nicolas Kanellos noted the historically close relationship between theater and the Hispanic community in his book on Hispanic theater in the United States: "...
Another genre of Mexican theatrical tradition that toured small border towns and rural areas in the Southwest from the turn of the century to the 1920s was the carpa (tent) teatro.
www.fordfound.org /elibrary/documents/0146/013.cfm   (455 words)

 Ford Foundation: Hispanic Theater in the United States and Puerto Rico - 2
Though Hispanic theater in the United States represents all of these diverse cultures, the majority of its artists are of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and more recently, Central American backgrounds.
The Mexican presence in the United States is the longest and most complex of all the Hispanic groups, dating back to pre-Columbian times.
That land, which comprised half of the Mexican nation and is now more than one-third of the continental United States, was lost under the terms of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty in 1848 after Mexico's defeat in the Mexican-American War.
www.fordfound.org /elibrary/documents/0146/008.cfm   (465 words)

  Excite UK - Regional - North America - United States - New York - Localities - N - New York City - Manhattan - Arts ...
Non-profit media and theater group producing new, original works in theater, performance, media and hybrid forms.
The mission is approached through an exploration of what types of theater resonate most meaningfully with today''s audiences, and through an application of theatrical techniques in non-theater situations.
SITI was founded in 1992 by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki to redefine and revitalize contemporary theater in the United States through an emphasis on international cultural exchange and collaboration.
www.excite.co.uk /directory/Regional/North_America/United_States/New_York/Localities/N/New_York_City/Manhattan/Arts_and_Entertainment/Theater/Companies   (607 words)

  Theater in the United States Summary
Theater of the United States is based in the Western tradition, mostly borrowed from the performance styles prevalent in Europe.
Musical theater may be the most popular form: it is certainly the most colorful, and choreographed motions pioneered on stage have found their way onto movie and television screens.
The birth of professional theater in America is usually thought to have begun with the Lewis Hallam troupe which arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1752.
www.bookrags.com /Theater_in_the_United_States   (2358 words)

 Pennsylvania State Theater - Walnut Street Theater
The Walnut Street Theater was designated the official state theater of Pennsylvania in 1999.
Built nearly 200 years ago in 1809, the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia is the oldest theater in the United States and has reflected the development of American theater during its long history.
Theater as pure entertainment evolved slowly - the first recorded European theater was in ancient Greece about 600 BC (for a festival honoring the god of wine and fertility).
www.statesymbolsusa.org /Pennsylvania/Theater.html   (146 words)

 Library of Congress, Collections Policy Statements, THEATER - Acquisitions (Library of Congress)
Other classification schemes which include material on theater are GV, which includes dance in the theater, K, for theatrical law and legislation, M, covering music theater, N which includes design materials and theatrical architecutre, and T which includes treatment of applied technology as used in the theater.
With respect to theater outside the United States, the Library will endeavor to collect documentation on a research level on major trends and aspects of the history of theater and theatrical production in all cultural areas worldwide in recognition of the increasing globalization of the Library's interests.
Archives of theater organizations are considered for acquisition only when of the most critical importance to the history of theater in the United States.
www.loc.gov /acq/devpol/the.html   (1225 words)

 Settlement Agreement - Between The United States of America and Mel Tillis Theater, Inc.
The Theater is a theater presenting live entertainment, and as such is a place of public accommodation covered by title III of the ADA.
For example, the United States alleges that the aspects of the backstage areas of the Theater, such as the dressing rooms for singers and band members, violate the ADA Standards for new construction.
The United States may choose to address the ADA violations in the backstage areas of the theater with the Company upon receipt of such notice.
www.usdoj.gov /crt/ada/meltilth.htm   (2757 words)

 Theater By The Blind: An Introduction
Theater By The Blind is a critically acclaimed company made up of both visually impaired and sighted theatre professionals.
Theater By The Blind is the only theater in the United States doing quality professional work to achieve this goal.
Theater By The Blind is most proud of its visually impaired audience, which make up 10% of the theater's attendees.
www.tbtb.org /intro.htm   (215 words)

 About The Pabst Theater
The theater was extensively renovated in 1928, then restored to its original style in 1976, making it one of the most beautiful theaters in the United States.
A walk down the colonnade that links the theater to the center is like a walk back in time, as the ceiling becomes higher, the decorative columns change from modern to more ornate, and the lighting adjusts from modern and indirect to Austrian crystal fixtures at the entrance to the theater lobby.
Today, The Pabst Theater is the centerpiece of Milwaukee’s downtown theater district...a magnificent example of architecture of another time and era that serves performers and audiences of the 21st century as it did at the turn of the 20th century.
www.pabsttheater.org /pabst-about.html   (970 words)

 Theater – in the United States - List of Items - MSN Encarta
Theater – in the United States - List of Items - MSN Encarta
New York, the theater capital of the United States, reached a low ebb in 1985.
According to the League of American Theaters and Producers, by May 31 (the official end of the 1984-1985 season) only 33 shows had opened on Broadway—the smallest number of any season in this century.
encarta.msn.com /refedlist_210100552_1.49/1985_Theater.html   (62 words)

 ASL - American Sign Language
Deaf theater has been around in grassroots and small-scale forms since the early 1900s, mostly with performances based out of deaf schools and cultural centers.
At this time, the United States is undergoing changes with the civil rights movements, and the first play from African American theater (“A Raisin in the Sun”) hits Broadway (Baldwin, Stephen 1993).
Including both hearing and deaf theater, NTD is the longest continually-producing touring theater company in the United States (ntd.org).
www.lifeprint.com /asl101/topics/theater.htm   (523 words)

 In the Archives -- Ukrainian theater
The UMA has an extensive collection of photographs and programs of productions staged by various Ukrainian theaters in Ukraine and abroad (Germany, United States and Canada) and is constantly adding new material to its collection.
Some of the talented actors and directors were able to emigrate and continue their work in Germany and later in the United States and Canada.
There were other theater groups active in the United States, but in 1949 Ukrainian theater in America was enriched by the arrival of Volodymyr Vlavackyj (1900-1953) and Josyf Hirniak and Olimpia Dobrowolska.
www.umacleveland.org /nlspring00/theater.shtml   (340 words)

 Theater Nuclear Forces Overview - United States Nuclear Forces
The Navy was, of course, also interested in missiles, and was deeply involved with the American adaptation of the V- 1, the JB-2, or as the Navy referred to it, the Loon.
Finally, the United States' dogged determination to deploy IRBMs was viewed as clearly demonstrating a commitment against communist aggression in Western Europe.
By late 1962, the United States was completing deployment of its first-generation ICBMs and work was well advanced on the second-generation Titan II and Minuteman missiles.
www.fas.org /nuke/guide/usa/theater/overview.htm   (856 words)

 USIA, U.S. Society & Values, June 1998 - Dan Sullivan, "U.S. Theater in the Nineties"
The decentralization of U.S. theater -- a process that has taken a generation -- is a fact today, evident in Minneapolis, and in cities dotting the landscape, from Seattle, Washington, to Hartford, Connecticut.
In the course of the past generation, the theater world's pendulum largely has swung from Broadway to the regions, with New York theater frequently beholden to the rest of the country for an infusion of activity.
East West Players is the oldest, and one of the most influential, Asian-American theater companies in the nation, with a three-decade-plus track record of affording Pacific Rim actors a place to practice their craft, hone their skills and gain insights into the business of acting.
usinfo.state.gov /journals/itsv/0698/ijse/theater.htm   (3069 words)

 glbtq >> arts >> Theater Companies
Women's theater, an outgrowth of the feminist movement of the 1970s, has also had a great influence on gay theater.
At the Foot of the Mountain in Minneapolis, which is sometimes called the oldest continuous professional women's theater in the United States, has been performing women's theater since 1974, often confronting queer themes.
Another influential feminist theater company, Spiderwoman Theater, is also sometimes called the oldest continuous professional women's theater in the United States.
www.glbtq.com /arts/theater_companies,2.html   (728 words)

 Golden Triangle Media.com - Sondheim lends his name to civic center theater
A commonly known name in musical theater is set to become a commonly heard name in Fairfield; famous for his work on "Into the Woods," "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" and "West Side Story," Stephen Sondheim has agreed to lend his name to the Jefferson County Civic Center's new theater.
He also said he is unaware of any other theater in the United States with the right to use Sondheim's name, although he has come across one in London.
In honor of the theater's namesake, West plans the theater's debut, which is tentatively scheduled for November of 2007, to be a Sondheim production.
www.zwire.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=17141511&BRD=1142&PAG=461&dept_id=567522&rfi=6   (488 words)

 Theater Security Cooperation Program - United States Army, Pacific
The program, which began in 1979, is designed for a duration of up to 3 months, giving participants an opportunity to contribute to the unit being visited, improve individual professional expertise, and get an "in-depth" feel for the foreign army and country being visited.
The interchange of ideas, both professional and cultural, produces immediate tangible benefits as well as long-term value as these junior leaders rise to positions of greater responsibility in their own defense establishments.
The objective of these exercises are to train U.S. soldiers and units, establish interface with foreign armies, and operate on a variety of terrain.
www.usarpac.army.mil /tscp.asp   (1158 words)

 National Theater of the United States of America - Theater - New York Times
The National Theater of the United States of America performing its show "Placebo Sunrise" at the Chashama theater in Manhattan in 2002.
The National Theater of the United States of America performing "Placebo Sunrise" in 2002.
The National Theater is not national, nor does it typically perform in theaters, nor is its work particularly American, except perhaps in its epic scope.
www.nytimes.com /2006/01/01/theater/newsandfeatures/01calh.html?ex=1293771600&en=d507a0aeb06c124c&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss   (770 words)

 Meyer Sound News : The Roda Theater: A Dream Comes to Life
BRT has an illustrious 33-year history in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is recognized as one of the finest regional theater companies in the United States.
Designed by ELS of Berkeley, with the collaboration of Auerbach + Associates of San Francisco, the Roda is truly the jewel of the city of Berkeley's growing downtown arts district.
The opening of Roda Theater is truly a dream come to life, setting the tone for what will be a dynamic arts district in the years to come.
www.meyersound.com /news/2001/roda_theatre   (933 words)

 United States Secret Service: Strategic Plan
The world theater presents the United States Secret Service with challenges to identify and neutralize potential threats by individuals and groups in an increasingly sophisticated, mobile, and violence prone environment.
Within this context, the United States is an object of ideological and fanatical hatred that is often focused towards leaders and facilities under the protection of the Secret Service.
NTAC provides guidance and training to federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel relative to the various forms of targeted violence, including attacks against public officials, school shootings, stalking, and workplace violence.
www.ustreas.gov /usss/sp_environment.shtml   (589 words)

 Cinema Treasures | Bravo Performing Arts Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In 2001, the theater reopened as the Bravo Performing Arts Center, a venue showcasing various arts, including a dinner theater situated in the former lobby, a dance studio on the third floor, and live theater for children and young adults.
One correction I need to note about the theater's history is that it was actually split into three screens in the mid-80's.
There was one larger theater in the middle with two small theaters on either side.
www.cinematreasure.com /theater/7179   (454 words)

 Marriott.com City Insider   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The oldest continuously running theater in the United States has been entertaining generations since 1940, under the tutelage of Don Stolz, resident director since 1941 and owner since 1946.
In 1960 the original theater was replaced with a new structure on the same 10-acre wooded site.
Still a rustic and rural setting, the 655-seat theater has spacious dining areas to accommodate theatergoers for dinner and pre-matinee luncheons.
www.marriott.com /city-guide/city-poi.mi?cityId=162&attractionId=232909&topPicks=N   (244 words)

 United States Home Theater System
HT90-S is a home theater audio system that utilizes the new paten
Coby DVD Home Theater 5.1 Channel Subwoofer System Dvd727
HT90-B is a home theater audio system that utilizes the new paten
www.alibaba.com /countrysearch/US-suppliers/Home_Theater_System.html   (415 words)

 Powell's Books - The Best Plays Theater Yearbook 2004-2005 by Jeffrey Eri Jenkins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
This annual chronicle of United States theater continues its long tradition of preserving the history of theater in the United States.
For this 86th edition, essays written by noted theater critics and writers celebrate the season and the ten best plays of 2004-2005.
In addition to providing a variety of historical perspectives for the study and enjoyment of theater lovers, scholars, and students, Best Plays includes a compendium of facts and figures on the theater season on Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, and in resident theaters throughout the country.
www.powells.com /biblio?isbn=0879103280   (208 words)

 WYO Theater, Sheridan
Built in the heyday of Vaudeville Theater, the WYO Theater in Sheridan was in use for 60 years until it closed in 1982.
It was saved from the wrecking ball in the late 1980's and since then it has been beautifully restored to its former glory.
Now the WYO Theater is one of the main entertainment venues in this small Northern Plains city.
www.planetware.com /sheridan/wyo-theater-us-wy-wyo.htm   (117 words)

 Robert D. Lindner Family Omnimax Theater, Cincinnati
The Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX Theater located in Cincinnati bills itself as the "most successful of its kind in the United States".
The theater features a five-story high tilted domed screen and a fantastic digital sound system.
Friday nights feature Classic films and the theatre is always showing interesting films the rest of the week, be sure to check out their website or stop by the box office to see what's playing.
www.planetware.com /cincinnati/robert-d-lindner-family-omnimax-theater-us-oh-rob.htm   (123 words)

 Missoula : Nightlife | Frommers.com
The Missoula Children's Theater is the largest touring children's theater in the United States, performing original musical productions and featuring hundreds of talented children from communities across the States, Canada, and the Pacific Rim.
The theater season starts early in June and continues through the end of March.
Both the Children's Theater and the Community Theater are located at 200 N. Adams St. (tel.
www.frommers.com /destinations/missoula/2141010030.html   (454 words)

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