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Topic: Theresa Thomason

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Theresa Thomason with Paul Halley & Keramion, Sound Over All Waters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Thomason's vibrant and powerful voice rings with sincere devotion.
She is a versatile performer, interpreting everything from Bible verses to gospel to the poetry of Wendell Berry and John Greenleaf Whittier with just the right degree of exquisite expression.
Pelo Tsa Rona" and "Siyahambu." The hymns break off to a lively percussion bridge, after which Thomason launches into a silk smooth up-tempo rendition of "Amazing Grace." The choruses and Thomason combine to bring the selection to a dramatic conclusion, and one might expect that to be the finale of the album.
www.rambles.net /thomason_soundh2os.html   (470 words)

 Spartanburg County Museum of Art - December 2002
Eugene Healan Thomason was born in Blacksburg, SC, and studied at The Art Students League and the Grand Central School of Art.
In the early 1930's, Thomason left New York and moved to the mountains of NC.
Mann says that Thomason's works are a strong compliment to The Spartanburg Museum's permanent collection, which includes The Girl with Red Hair by Robert Henri who was the founder of The Ashcan School of painters.
www.carolinaarts.com /1202sburgctymus.html   (784 words)

 Sound Over All Waters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The serendipitous pairing of these two diverse talents, Thomason’s vocal artistry and Halley’s compositional brilliance, results in new music that is as exciting as it is engaging.
Teamed up with gospel diva Theresa Thomason and a supporting cast that would do Cecil B. DeMille proud, Halley commands a unique medium remarkable for its fluidity and emotional power.
The performances are superb, with Thomason wielding the wattage of a pop diva, the sincerity of the best of the old-time gospel singers, and a diction that many opera stars could well emulate.
www.pelagosmusic.com /images/sound.html   (718 words)

 Buy - Sound Over All Waters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
For lack of an alternative, "Sound Over All Waters" must be considered Theresa's "debut album," at least insofar as hearing her remarkable voice being featured is concerned.
Most of the tracks on this CD will give the listener a good idea of the qualities of Theresa's voice: its power, its richness, and, most of all, the gospel fervor of which she is so capable.
But, on the true gospel songs (not the pop stuff) for which Theresa is so much loved and admired, there just seems to be too much "there, there." This is a gal having a voice that doesn't need all that back-up; "less is more."
www.malebits.com /amazon-buy-B00004T2GJ.html   (615 words)

 Appuntamento a Genova
Dopo i due famosi films con Whoopi Goldberg, l’edizione teatrale del musical ha riscosso un enorme successo nel mondo (Broadway, Las Vegas, Australia, Canada) e per ben tre stagioni teatrali anche in Italia con Sister Act 1.
Sedici artisti di colore in palcoscenico, una orchestra dal vivo con protagonista Theresa Thomason, superstar di Broadway.
"Theresa Thomason, star di autentica classe accompagnata da una band e da un travolgente gruppo composto da 10 vocalists, ha mandato in delirio il pubblico del Sistina.
www.hvr.it /teatri/mar/politeama.html   (833 words)

 theresa cds, used music, rare vinyl record albums
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www.musicstack.com /search/theresa.html   (48 words)

 Murray Street
The Rain is Over and Gone - Theresa Thomason
We hear from Icarus' producer and Beatles mentor Sir George Martin, who called Icarus "The finest album I ever made." And feature a new arrangement in a live performance with African percussion.
Hear the complete solstice broadcast on NPR stations throughout December.
www.murraystreet.com /prod_winter.htm   (336 words)

 Sound Over All Waters by Theresa Thomason and Paul Halley : Music CD
Sound Over All Waters by Theresa Thomason and Paul Halley : Music CD Sound Over All Waters by Theresa Thomason and Paul Halley : Music CD crimsonbird.com
Sound Over All Waters by Theresa Thomason and Paul Halley : Music CD Title -- Sound Over All Waters
Sound Over All Waters by Theresa Thomason and Paul Halley : Music CD
www.crimsonbird.com /cgi-bin/a.cgi?j=B00004T2GJ   (131 words)

In between "Beyond This Life" and "Through Her Eyes" there’s a duet spot between John Petrucci and singer Theresa Thomason.
Although Derek Sherinian had loads of charisma, with Derek still in the band, I guess Dream Theater would have become an obvious prog metal combination, with a heavy emphasis on the "heavy metal" parts.
Whereas the arrival of Jordan has introduced the classical elements in the music, making it possible for the piano to fully shine in the band’s original music, as proved in "The Spirit Carries On," with yet another guest role for singer Theresa Thomason.
www.progressiveworld.net /dream7.html   (1744 words)

 musikkguiden groove.no - anmeldelse: Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York (2001)
Når denne gjengen så kommer frem til The spirit carries on - med gospelkor og Theresa Thomason, kommer gåsehuden krypende igjen.
Resten av disc 2 og hele disc 3 er satt sammen av kutt fra de tidligere skivene, og her må man nevne gjestevisitten til Jay Beckenstein (Spyro Gyra) på Another day og Jordan Rudess’ keyboardsolo.
Jeg har langt bedre liveopptak med bandet tidligere (Live in Tokyo på VHS), og vil neppe spille denne konserten annet enn når jeg vil høre de nevnte låtene med gospelkor og Theresa Thomason.
www.groove.no /html/review/43998812.html   (1219 words)

 {NMN} New Music Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The adventure of a live F.R.E.N.S. performance invariably mesmerizes audiences and brings them to their feet.
Equally impressive is Bassist, Guitarist, Drummer and Percussionist Carl Lester El II, a dazzling groove master and soloist from Englewood, New Jersey.
His credits include Will Downing, Gerald Albright, Phil Perry, Vesta Williams, Chante’ Moore, Dorothy Norwood, Theresa Thomason and Regina Bell (with whom he toured as a drummer!), Living Single and BET’s Sound and Style with Ramsey Lewis.
www.clearchannelnewmusicnetwork.com /artist/FRENS   (709 words)

 Music from the World of Living Music Community
Recorded in Moscow and New York in 1987, it was the first album of original music created by Americans and Russians together.
Gospel singer Theresa Thomason has been delighting audiences in her performances with Paul Winter for several years, particularly at Winter's Summer and Winter Solstice Celebrations.
SOUND OVER ALL WATERS, produced by former Consort member Paul Halley, is Theresa's first solo album.
www.livingmusic.com /store/otherlabels.html   (505 words)

 Staff Publications, Dept of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution
Echoes of the Pacific War, Deryk Scarr, Niel Gunson and Jennifer Terrell, eds.
Dance, Style, Youth, Identities, edited by Theresa Buckland and Georgiana Gore.
Keynote address, Proceedings of the 19th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology.
www.nmnh.si.edu /anthro/anbiblio.html   (6911 words)

 Amazon.de: Musik: Live Scenes From New York [BOX SET]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Wie auf dem Studioalbum von 1999 ist sogar der Hypnotiseur mit von der Partie, der die emotional packend wiedergegebene Story mit seinen Auftritten umrahmt.
Sogar der Gospelchor mit der hervorragenden Solistin Theresa Thomason ist dabei.
Die Liveversion variiert gegenüber der Sudiofassung durch einen Soloauftritt von Theresa Thomason zur verträumten Sologitarre von John Petrucci.
www.amazon.de /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005NOZ6/sparvogel-21/ref=nosim   (1640 words)

 Encyclopaedia Metallum - Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Theresa Thomason - Additional vocals on "Through Her Eyes" and "The Spirit
Carries On", gospel choir on "The Spirit Carries On"
Theresa Thomason, Mary Canty, Shelia Slappy, Mary Smith, Jeanette Smith,
www.metal-archives.com /release.php?id=1374   (123 words)

 OHS Class of 72
Rhonda Connelly Hinton, Cristie Long, Carolynn Harden, Terry Bowden Thomason, Donna Palmer, Vicky McMurrian, Connie Jourdan, Melda Sosa, Nancy Corbitt, Connie Gray, Rosemary Rodman, Lorraine Chambers, Ladonna Gatlin
LaDonna Davis, Pam Pitzer, Carla Gryder, Debbie Pressley, Don Thomason, Dale Stacy, Sissy Harvey Stacy, Blank, Harlen Hartsfield, Don Adcock, Diana Martin, Ilene Baker, Debra Ambrose, Betty Bailey, Marsha Maxey, Terry Steelman, Blank
Theresa Stanford, Tex Coady, Greg Harvey, Rick Lambeth, Mike Phillips, Blank, Jim Stanley, Dale Stacy
home.att.net /~bnagel   (271 words)

 DC-DVD - The Premier Source for Region 1 DVDs & Multi-Region DVD Players.
This item will be shipped as soon as it arrives.
Dream Theater, James Labrie, John Myung, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess, Theresa Thomason
Dream Theater's Final Live Performance Of "Scenes From A Memory" In It's Entirety From Their Concert At Roseland Ballroom In New York City On August 30, 2000
www.dc-dvd.co.uk /index.php?action=details&item=Dream%20Theater%3A%20Metropolis%202000%3A%20Scenes%20From%20New%20York%3A%20Spec.Ed.   (484 words)

 Search Results   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
WHATS GOING ON : CONFERENCE UPDATE: Please visit us in New York at the APAP Conference Jan 8-11.  We...
master hand percussionist Glen Velez ; Gospel singer Theresa Thomason ; the Paul Winter Consort...
I'll keep everyone posted on whats going on.
www.kidcomp.co.uk /41969-whatsgoingonsinger.htm   (271 words)

Free Inquiry 18.1:31 Mother Theresa's House of Illusions
Free Inquiry 18.2:7 Mother Theresa's life and death in the media
Freethinker 118.6:3 Religious representation in the House of Lords
www.hutch.demon.co.uk /lewindex.htm   (3467 words)

 Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory (1999)
Additional vocals on "Through Her Eyes" and "The Spirit Carries On" Theresa Thomason
Gospel choir on "The Spirit Carries On", Theresa Thomason, Mary Canty, Shelia Slappy, Mary Smith, Jeanette Smith, Clarence Burke Jr.
www.kotiposti.net /k2048/details/99.html   (41 words)

 Pepsi Blue news and updates: the blog dedicated to the berry-flavored soda
Pepsi going blue for next release news story by Seattle Post
Marketers of colorful drinks dye for big sales news story by Theresa Howard, USA TODAY
Pepsi unveils blue cola set for August launch news story by CNNMoney
www.spudart.org /pepsiblue   (1649 words)

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