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Topic: Thermometer

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  Science Projects - Make A Thermometer
A thermometer is an instrument that measures the temperature.
Thermometers help us know what the weather will be like.
After you're done with your thermometer, dispose of the liquid properly and rinse the bottle well.
www.energyquest.ca.gov /projects/thermometer.html   (620 words)

 How Does the Thermometer Work?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
One of the earliest inventors of a thermometer was probably Galileo.
Early thermometers used water, but because water freezes there was no way to measure temperatures less than the freezing point of water.
Inside the glass tube of a thermometer, the liquid has no place to go but up when the temperature is hot and down when the temperature is cold.
www.energyquest.ca.gov /how_it_works/thermometer.html   (0 words)

  temperature measuring devices- thermometer, digital thermometer, wireless thermmometer all the information needed
Thermometer is a device used to measure temperature.
mercury-in-glass thermometer is a thermometer consisting of mercury in a glass tube.
The thermometer was used by the originators of the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales.
vpmt.com /thermometer.htm   (637 words)

  Thermometer - MSN Encarta
The modern alcohol and mercury thermometers were invented by the German physicist Gabriel Fahrenheit, who also proposed the first widely adopted temperature scale, named after him, in which 32° F is the freezing point of water and 212° F is its boiling point at standard atmospheric pressure.
A mercury-in-glass clinical thermometer, for example, is a maximum-reading instrument in which a trap in the capillary tube between the bulb and the bottom of the capillary permits the mercury to expand with increasing temperature, but prevents it from flowing back unless it is forced back by vigorous shaking.
In measuring the air temperature outside a building, for example, if one thermometer is placed in the shade and one in the sun, only a few centimeters away, the readings on the two instruments may be quite different, although the air temperature is the same.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761574061   (1150 words)

 How to Choose and Use a Thermometer - Healthy Living: Living a healthy lifestyle for disease prevention on ...
Thermometer: A device used to measure the temperature of gaseous, liquid or solid matter or of a chemical reaction such as fire.
Basal thermometers (highly sensitive thermometers placed under the tongue or in the rectum to measure slight temperature changes indicating that ovulation has taken place in a woman).
New-fangled thermometers: Thermometers are also available with digital displays that facilitate easy reading of the temperature, beepers to signal when it is time to withdraw the thermometer, and flexible tubes to resist breakage.
www.medicinenet.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=12266   (854 words)

 Thermometer Summary
A gas thermometer has the column filled with gas at a low pressure and there is a weight at the top of the column to maintain a constant pressure.
Réaumur's thermometer was remarkable in that he devised an 80-degree temperature scale based upon the freezing and boiling points of water--the same points that, years later, would become the basis for the more widely accepted scales of Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Thermometers may be low-cost models that may be found in a medicine cabinet, or high-tech models used in research and engineering.
www.bookrags.com /Thermometer   (2004 words)

 Linné on line - Linnaeus' thermometer
The second thermometer arrived in good condition in the garden in November 1745, and Linnaeus notes in his letter of thanks to Elvius that it was "very well made indeed." Somewhat later, on December 2, 1745, a proud Linnaeus could demonstrate it to the University Board.
The thermometer was a success among the learned gentlemen and the purchase of the instrument was approved.
The thermometer we use today is thus what you might call a "Linnaeus-thermometer." In its growing triumphal progress throughout the world it has been called Celsius-novum or just the Swedish thermometer and in our days the Celsius thermometer.
www.linnaeus.uu.se /online/life/6_32.html   (1389 words)

 Appliance Thermometers
Appliance thermometers are specially designed to measure the temperature of the air in either the refrigerator/freezer or the oven.
Other refrigerator thermometers, and most oven thermometers, are designed to hang from a wire rack or sit on a shelf.
These thermometers can measure temperatures from 100 to 600°F. To check the accuracy of an oven, hang the oven thermometer from a rack in the center of the oven (you may have to adjust the oven racks).
www.fsis.usda.gov /Fact_Sheets/Appliance_Thermometers/index.asp   (720 words)

 Infrared Thermometer - OMEGA
As such, the infrared thermometer is useful for measuring temperature under circumstances where thermocouples or other probe type sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data for a variety of reasons.
Some typical circumstances are where the object to be measured is moving; where the object is surrounded by an EM field, as in induction heating; where the object is contained in a vacuum or other controlled atmosphere; or in applications where a fast response is required.
This technique is not dissimilar to the infrared thermometers described so far, but measures the ratio of infrared energy emitted from the material at two wavelengths, rather than the absolute energy at one wavelength or wave band.
www.omega.com /prodinfo/infraredthermometer.html   (1289 words)

 meat thermometer - Allrecipes
The dials on meat thermometers not only indicate the temperature, but some also have a scale indicating at what degree each type of meat (beef, lamb, pork, etc.) is done.
A thermometer can be inserted at the beginning of the cooking time and left in throughout the duration.
Always insert a meat thermometer as near to the center of the meat as possible, avoiding bone or gristle areas.
allrecipes.com /howto/meat-thermometer/detail.aspx   (218 words)

But these thermometers are the best glass thermometers we've ever seen, even better than mercury thermometers used to be.
Once manufactured, each thermometer is placed in a water bath with a clinical laboratory grade thermometer to certify it's accuracy.
People can take their temperature and lay the thermometer down to do something else, and come back and read the thermometer at a time that's convenient for them.
www.wilsonssyndrome.com /Products/Thermometer.htm   (289 words)

 Proper Food Thermometer Placement
When cooking whole poultry, the food thermometer should be inserted into the thickest part of the thigh (avoiding the bone).
However, if using an "instant-read" dial bimetallic-coil food thermometer, the probe must be inserted in the side of the food so that entire sensing area (usually 2-3 inches) is positioned through the center of the food.
To avoid burning fingers, it may be helpful to remove the food from the heat source (if cooking on a grill or in a frying pan) and insert the food thermometer sideways after placing the item on a clean spatula or plate.
www.fsis.usda.gov /food_safety_education/proper_thermometer_placement/index.asp   (400 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does a Galileo thermometer work?"
Based on a thermoscope invented by Galileo Galilei in the early 1600s, the thermometer on your co-worker's desk is called a Galileo thermometer.
The Galileo thermometer consists of a sealed glass tube that is filled with water and several floating bubbles.
The basic idea is that as the temperature of the air outside the thermometer changes, so does the temperature of the water surrounding the bubbles.
www.howstuffworks.com /question663.htm   (0 words)

 Cooking Thermometer, Meat Thermometer, Cooking Measurement, Using A Cooking or Meat Thermometer
Cooking thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking, as they measures the internal temperature of your cooked meat and poultry, or any casseroles, to assure that a safe temperature has been reached, harmful bacteria have been destroyed, and your food is cook perfectly.
The sensing area of thermometers is ½ inch to 2 inches long, and this area must be completely immersed in the deepest area of the food.
Some dial thermometers have a calibration nut under the dial that can be adjusted by twisting the small nut beneath the thermometer face with pliers.
www.whatscookingamerica.net /MeatThermometer.htm   (996 words)

 Thermometers and Hygrometers offered by The Easy Chicken Poultry and Supply   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The thermometer is switchable between Farenheit and Celsius.
When the probe of the Digital Incubator Thermometer is inserted into the water weasel it will show you an exact internal egg temperature, which is the ultimate edge against poorly performing incubators.
Both thermometers are easily read, because the graduations are on the outside of the incubator.
shilala.homestead.com /therm.html   (648 words)

 The Weather Notebook: Thermometer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A thermometer is one of the most basic, most used, and most misunderstood of all weather instruments.
The most common device used to measure temperature is called the "expansion thermometer" that's the kind you probably have out the kitchen window, or use when someone has a fever.
Most meteorological stations use a mercury thermometer for high temperatures, since it is more accurate, and alcohol for the lows, since it has a lower freezing point than mercury.
www.weathernotebook.org /transcripts/2001/11/06.html   (276 words)

 Thermometer Page
Put the thermometer stem or probe in the ice water mixture so that the entire sensing area is submerged.
With the stem of the thermometer or probe still in the ice water mixture, use a wrench to turn the adjusting nut until the thermometer reads 32°F (0°C).
With the thermometer stem or probe still in the water, use a wrench to turn the adjusting nut until the thermometer reads 212°F (100°C) at sea level.
www.agr.state.nc.us /vet/meat_poultry/temp.htm   (697 words)

 Thermometer Information on Healthline
A mercury thermometer consists of a narrow glass stem approximately 5 in (12.7 cm) in length with markings along one or both sides indicating the temperature scale in degrees Fahrenheit, Centigrade or both.
Before recording a temperature using a mercury thermometer, the caregiver shakes the mercury down by holding the thermometer firmly at the clear end and flicking it quickly a few times with a downward wrist motion toward the silver end.
The procedure for taking a patient's temperature by mouth with a mercury thermometer is similar to the axillary method except that the silver tip of the thermometer is placed beneath the tongue for four to five minutes before being read.
www.healthline.com /galecontent/thermometer   (1103 words)

 Thermometer - BabyOrNot
The thermometer measures to an accuracy of 2 decimal places, which makes it suitable for measuring things such as your temperature curve (you can read more about the Temperature Method in our article "The Temperature Method".
The majority of other brands of digital thermometers on the market measure to an accuracy of only 1 decimal place, and is therefore inappropriate for the Temperature Method.
The thermometer has an unbreakable tip and is suitable for both children and adults.
www.babyornot.co.uk /index.php/cPath/30   (165 words)

 Discovering How to Use a Thermometer
So many school thermometers have what many refer to as "spirit thermometers." The spirit is usually methyl alcohol, which is also sensitive to heat and cold.
You may want to tell students that the thermometer used to find your body temperature should not be used to measure ovens or refrigerators.
You may want the students to predict which one is hot and which ones are cold before they start measuring with the thermometers by putting their fingers in the cup.
www.msnucleus.org /membership/html/k-6/wc/weather/1/wcwe1_2a.html   (437 words)

 Incinerator Thermometer - CDA
The CDA incinerator thermometer is intended for measurement of the atmosphere temperature in waste incinerators.
The incinerator thermometer operates on a simple 2-wire loop connection and outputs a 4 to 20mA signal linear with temperature.
The thermometer reading is insensitive to the presence of gases other than CO and is relatively insensitive to particulate matter in the atmosphere - i.e.
www.landinst.com /infrared/products/application_solutions/cda.htm   (0 words)

 thermometer for powerpoint - powerpoint, presentations
Thermometer for PowerPoint (current version: 1.1) is a free add-in that creates a thermometer style bar in the bottom area of the slide that shows how much of a presentation has progressed and how much more is remaining.
All thermometers are based on the active color scheme in your presentation.
To change the color of the thermometer, you'll have to change the color scheme.
www.indezine.com /addin/thermometer   (442 words)

 USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
When air molecules collide with a thermometer, kinetic energy is transferred from the air molecules to the glass and then to the mercury molecules inside the thermometer.
In colder air, the energy from the air molecules colliding with the thermometer transferring to the mercury molecules is less than the energy from warmer air.
As a result, the mercury molecules move slower in the colder air and the mercury inside the thermometer does not expand as far up the tube as it does in the warmer air.
www.usatoday.com /weather/whattemp.htm   (228 words)

 The Thermometer
WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY: Thermometer: An instrument for determining temperature consisting typically of a glass bulb attached to a fine tube of glass with a numbered scale and containing a liquid (as mercury or colored alcohol) that is sealed in and rises and falls with changes of temperature.
The early bulb thermometers relied upon the principal that liquids change volume relative to temperature.
If you are using an *inaccurate* thermometer, you may be cooking for long periods of time at temperatures in excess of 260-270 degrees or possibly even less than 200 degrees.
www.3men.com /thermometer.htm   (1001 words)

 Thermometer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
An aquarium thermometer is needed for determining the temperature of the water.
These are small thermometers that stick on the outside glass of the aquarium.
These are a glass tube that are usually mounted on a stainless steel strip and hang over the side of the tank in the water to get the reading of the water temperature.
meltingpot.fortunecity.com /oltorf/729/id350.htm   (140 words)

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