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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Two Tax Cuts Primarily Benefiting Millionaires Slated To Take Effect In January, 9/19/05
These households will receive added tax cuts averaging nearly $20,000 a year from these two tax-cut measures, when the measures are fully in effect.
These two provisions of the tax code were adopted on a bipartisan basis in 1990, as part of the deficit-reduction package enacted that year, in no small part because of the leadership of the first President Bush.
These TPC distribution estimates reflect the assumption that provisions expiring before 2010, such as the capital gains and dividend tax cuts and relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax, will be extended through 2010.
www.cbpp.org /9-19-05tax.htm   (2252 words)

 Evolution: Library: The Cambrian Explosion
Some of these animals may have belonged to groups that survive today, but others don't seem at all related to animals we know.
In order to be available to us, the remains of ancient plants and animals have to be preserved first, and this means that they need to have fossilizable parts and to be buried in an environment that will not destroy them.
External, ecological factors like these were undoubtedly important in creating the opportunity for the Cambrian explosion to occur.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/evolution/library/03/4/l_034_02.html   (824 words)

 Other Items - Plush Dolls   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
These are about seven inches long (not counting switchblade), and have a very soft, squishy feel to them.
These dolls are more solid (you can't squish them into different poses), and aren't as soft to cuddle with, but they're significantly larger, and show up great in your car, on your desk, or in a pile with a bunch of other stuffed animals.
Differences between these and the larger stuffed Bun-Buns: at seven inches, these are about half the size, and have a very soft squishy feel, whereas the larger ones are firmer.
store.sluggy.com /other-plush.html   (1059 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Storm Clouds
These pictures were made by a man in Magee, MS where the eye of the storm passed thru - what an experience.
Indeed, these pictures are apparently all-purpose storm photos, trotted out on a near monthly basis and retitled to correspond to the latest large weather phenomenon.
Some of these photos are viewable on the 2004 Digital Photos section of his web site (scroll about halfway down the page).
www.snopes.com /photos/natural/storm.asp   (241 words)

 Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)
These tests, which are being conducted at Kirtland Air Force Base south of Albuquerque, New Mexico, employ more realistic military field conditions, following several years of successful and safe laboratory testing.
These field tests are the first to expose an entire test subject to the energy beam.
These tests demonstrate the technology, gather additional data on effects in realistic conditions, and allow the military benefits to be assessed.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ground/v-mads.htm   (1516 words)

 Knitty: Summer 2006
These socks were based on the sewn tabi socks worn traditionally in Tokyo where I live.
These socks are done toe up so the tricky part is out of the way early and you are left with only the fun bits.
These socks are knit from the toe up, beginning with the larger toe cap (holds all toes except big toe).
www.knitty.com /ISSUEsummer06/PATTlicketysplit.html   (1814 words)

 The Memory Hole > Photos of Military Coffins (Battlefield and Astronaut Fatalities) at Dover Air Force Base
The timeframe for these photos is from 01 February 2003 to the present.
Also, note that because these images were taken by the US military, copyright is not attached.
These images are completely in the public domain and you may use them at will.
www.thememoryhole.org /war/coffin_photos/dover   (394 words)

 X-Entertainment: The Incredible Hulk's Foam Hands!
These hands may very well be the most important item of the past century.
Owning these hands is like wearing a big sign telling people that there's something they don't know about you.
These things are fun, foam, and true to their roots.
www.x-entertainment.com /articles/0748   (1600 words)

 ThinkGeek :: Curiously Strong Magnets
These Curiously Strong magnets have amazing strength in a very small size.
These magnets are very strong and should be handled with care.
These magnets are safe for air transport as packaged but as a general rule they should be kept off airplanes.
www.thinkgeek.com /geektoys/science/770f   (293 words)

 Max Lyons Digital Image Gallery
You might also be interested in reading why creating images like these isn't as simple as lining up images in image editing software.
Even after JPEG compression, the full sized versions of these images are as large as 70 megabytes, and would take hours to download over a conventional modem, even if I had the bandwidth and storage capacity to make them available on-line.
These were taken during the same visit when I made my first gigapixel image.
www.tawbaware.com /maxlyons/index.html   (1212 words)

 Sony Introduces Two Models with Keyboards, MP3 Players
These have a clamshell design, with the keyboard on one side and the screen on the other.
These have a built-in Lithium Polymer battery, which Sony estimates will last for 10 days, based on 30 minutes of use a day.
These models have the enhanced IR port from the T-series.
www.palminfocenter.com /view_Story.asp?ID=3123   (3034 words)

 Sanders Steps Up -- In These Times
Clinton’s political future, and the defeat of right-wing Republicanism, rest on his ability to understand this simple point—and to make it clear to the ordinary people of this country, that he is on their side.
These CEOs, whose companies have become enormously wealthy and profitable on the backs of American workers and consumers, are now moving abroad and pushing us into a race to the bottom as fast as they can.
It’s simply not acceptable that these CEOs, who make 500 times what their employees earn, are reducing us to a third world economy.
www.inthesetimes.com /site/main/article/2126   (3692 words)

 There is no point trying to reason with these people | Samizdata.net
Most of these soi-disant jihadists would pee down their legs if faced with the task of actually doing, what they so loudly claim that they would like to do.
True we are offended by these people demanding death and loss of our liberty (and cutting people's heads off is a pretty good way to deny them liberty, imo) but it is our negative reaction that will rightfully cause both police and our rulers most concern.
It is their responsibility to resist these temptations - not the government's to have removed the temptation before it is even encountered.
www.samizdata.net /blog/archives/008554.html   (10985 words)

 U.S. Concentration Camps
These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States.
In searching the Internet, I have discovered that there are about 600 of these prison sites around the country (and more literally popping up overnight do they work all night).
Also, those that wanted to speak to the press were detained and either imprisoned, locked in a psychiatric hospital, slaughtered (through make-believe suicides) or discredited.
www.abovetopsecret.com /pages/camps.html   (1601 words)

 danieldrezner.com :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Take these for what they're worth...
These show him way back in the pack.
You might think a primary where candidates had been campaigning for months would be less volatile than one where the campaign only got going a week ago.
That said, I wonder if the effect of these would be to encourage folks to show up at the polls in Oklahoma, which is starting to look like an important primary.
www.danieldrezner.com /archives/001065.html   (795 words)

 Antipixel | Blog | Steal These Buttons
I love the buttons and I’m going to use one myself (I had been going to use the usual orange XML but was appalled by the association of all of XML with something that was just a specific format).
But now all these little blogging “kids” will have them all over the place, and while I prefer them over “Whiner’s” gaudy RSS button, but pretty soon they’ll be all over the place, especially since The Plat’s adoption.
These buttons are licensed under a Creative Commons license.
www.antipixel.com /blog/archives/2002/10/22/steal_these_buttons.html   (3882 words)

 Neuroscience for Kids - Smart Drugs?
These substances are called "cognitive enhancers" or "smart drugs" or "nootropics." ("Nootropic" comes from Greek - "noos" = mind and "tropos" = changed, toward, turn).
The strongest evidence for these substances is for the improvement of cognitive function in people with brain injury or disease (for example, Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury).
The effects of these chemicals on neurological function and behavior is unknown.
faculty.washington.edu /chudler/smartd.html   (1175 words)

 Israel/PA: Suicide Bombers Commit Crimes Against Humanity (Human Rights Watch Press release, Gaza, November 1, 2002)
The PA sought to explain these releases by citing the danger to detainees when Israeli forces bombed places of detention.
The armed groups responsible for these attacks argue that Israel's continuing military occupation, and its vastly superior means of combat, make such attacks their only option.
Again, these arguments find no justification whatsoever in international law, which is absolute and unconditional in its prohibition of intentional attacks against civilians.
www.hrw.org /press/2002/11/isrl-pa1101.htm   (1177 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Sony MDR-EX71SLB Fontopia Headphones - Black: Electronics & Photo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
With these, unless you have an arm band (for running with your player or whatever), or a shirt pocket (pain to control your device from) then the short cable is too short.
I bought these headphones about 6 months ago and they still work but i have lost all but one of the ear buds and the cable going to the left ear has split.
These are brilliant headphones that can cope with a wide range of sounds.
amazon.co.uk /Sony-MDR-EX71SLB-Fontopia-Headphones-Black/dp/B00008XYJL   (1626 words)

 Jihad Watch: Spencer: Cartoon Rage vs. Freedom of Speech
These cartoons are much less offensive than what is routinely printed in every American newspaper about presidents, presidential candidates, and other pols.
These incidents follow diplomatic protests from the Organization of the Islamic Conference, protests in Kashmir, death threats emanating from Pakistan, protests to the United Nations from the Muslim World League and other organizations, and more.
These cartoons represent reactions of Arab cartoonists to American foreign policy in the Middle East, Israeli occupation policies and practices in occupied Palestine, or policies and practices of Arab governments and Arab rulers.
www.jihadwatch.org /archives/010009.php   (13598 words)

 Media Matters - Media figures attacked Mexican-flag-wavers, but not those waving Irish, Italian, or Israeli flags   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
I think these -- a lot of these are poor kids, struggling along in those schools and struggling to gain some sense of identity, so they're going to wave the Mexican flag because they feel somehow they are fighting for Mexicans living in the United States.
Hate to agree with some of these people but the last time I checked they are trying to become American citizens not keep their Mexican citizenship.
I think that these people who were waving flags were feeling attacked because of their country of origin.
mediamatters.org /items/200604030012   (5597 words)

 Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » BWE: The Lost Mac Ads   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
These spoofs were kinda like watchin’ a Gates and Balmer porno, both have microsofties and have fucced most of the world.
These commercials are completely bogus and Apple should be hit with a lawsuit for false advertisement.
I hope that these Mac Sux and PC Drools comments are more parody then real, because I would hate to think all you guys are actually that crippled in your ability to deal with the world.
www.bestweekever.tv /2006/07/07/bwe-mac-ads   (9518 words)

 » Blog Archive » Fresh Foliage Photoshop Brushes for High Resolution [Part I]
These bruches are by far some of the most amazing brushes i have ever seen.
These brushes are awesome, I love them, have you ever thought about making some brushes for illustrator.
These are the most asome brushes ive eaver seen.
designfruit.com /jasongaylor/blog/?p=37   (3825 words)

Okay, these masks are proof that even Suzy Homemaker did lots of LSD back in the 1960s.
Also, as a knitter, I find it hard to believe that any knitter, at any time, would have lovingly made these for any child or friend, family member, etc. Unless they were enjoying a VERY cruel joke.
I'd love to know if anyone is making any of these for sale because I'd love to buy some for when I'm on the slopes and freaking outthe other skiiers and boarders.
swapatorium.blogspot.com /2004/12/ski-masks.html   (1655 words)

 Millennium Prize Problems
The Scientific Advisory Board of CMI selected these problems, focusing on important classic questions that have resisted solution over the years.
The rules for the award of the prize have the endorsement of the CMI Scientific Advisory Board and the approval of the Directors.
The members of these boards have the responsibility to preserve the nature, the integrity, and the spirit of this prize.
www.claymath.org /millennium   (299 words)

 These Three
THESE THREE is a version of Lillian Hellman’s controversial THE CHILDREN’S HOUR.
THESE THREE brought together the talents of director William Wyler, producer Samuel Goldwyn, the great director of photography Gregg Toland, and editor Daniel Mandell.
THESE THREE was the first of eight films that Wyler made for Goldwyn in what was often a stormy relationship--the others were DODSWORTH, COME AND GET IT--which Wyler finished after Goldwyn fired Howard Hawks--DEAD END, WUTHERING HEIGHTS, THE WESTERNER, THE LITTLE FOXES--also from a play by Lillian Hellman--and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/these_three/about.php   (736 words)

 GI Joe Clips
These clips are dubbed over with new dialogue and even some of the animation is changed and remixed.
The result is so hilarious that I almost wet my pants the first time I saw them.
It is meant to be random and goofy.
www.ebaumsworld.com /gijoe.html   (92 words)

 Clark Sorensen - Nature's Call - an exhibit of his recent flower urinals and related sculptures
This will be the first time any of these beautiful flower shaped urinals will be offered for sale.
These pieces are still very new for me and I am just beginning to analyze their possible underlying meanings.
One of the main focuses of my pieces is their interactivity and it was great to watch people react to flushing these urinals.
www.clarkmade.com /show.html   (598 words)

 United Nuclear - Neodymium magnets
Even though they are coated with a tough protective nickel plating, do not allow them to snap together with their full force or they may chip, break, and possibly send small pieces of metal flying on impact.
These Neodymium magnets are made to very demanding standards, however uses should be restricted to operating temperatures below 180° Fahrenheit (80° Celsius) or they will lose their magnetic properties.
These tiny magnetic particles have an average size of about 10 nanometers, and are coated with a stabilizing dispersing agent which prevents the particles from sticking together even when a strong magnetic field is applied.
www.unitednuclear.com /magnets.htm   (2784 words)

 Aerial Photographs of Mexico City (English)
These guys live from collecting recyclables off the garbage, fire was accidental
These welders were working on the tallest building in Latin America, Torre Mayor
These volcanoes go up to almost 18,000 feet, the one on the right is very active
homepage.mac.com /helipilot/PhotoAlbum31.html   (735 words)

 American Civil Liberties Union : Torture FOIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Below are documents the government did not want the general public to read -- including an FBI memo (pdf) stating that Defense Department interrogators impersonated FBI agents and used "torture techniques" against a detainee at Guantanamo.
Careful review of these documents demonstrates that many other critical records have not been released.
We will continue to fight for the public's right to know what the government's policies were, why these abuses were allowed to take place, and who was ultimately responsible, and encourage you to join the alliance to get these records released.
www.aclu.org /International/International.cfm?ID=13962&c=36   (450 words)

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