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Topic: Theta role

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  The Theta Rhythm..... . . . . .
The behavioral correlates of theta in humans are not as simple as in the cat or the rat, however it is theorized that the same basic mechanism is being utilized across all species exhibiting theta.
It is theorized that theta activity in the posterior areas of the brain is involved with selective attention, and in the frontal areas with the cognitive filtering, ìdisattending to extraneous stimuliî, neccesary for entry into the hypnotic state (Crawford, 1994).
Theta rhythms have been observed in humans and animals during a wide variety of activities; thus understanding the role of theta is integral to the understanding of the functioning brain.
www.hannibalstudios.com /Outback/theta.html   (3584 words)

 THETA Uganda   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
THETA has taken a lead role in a collaborative effort to set standards for traditional medicine for a group of nine African countries.
The focus of the THETA method is to improve the health of rural Ugandan populations by involving healers through training in health education, provision of quality care and counselling, and initiating community support initiatives for vulnerable people such as women, orphans and persons living with AIDS.
THETA's main strategy is to build and support long term in-depth relationships between healers, local biomedical health workers, the local community and THETA staff based on mutual respect, openness and trust.
www.thetauganda.org   (439 words)

 Theta role - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In linguistics, a theta role or θ-role is the semantic role a noun phrase plays in a sentence.
As such it is a semantic rather than a syntactic feature, in contrast to such notions as the subject of a sentence or a prepositional object.
In languages such as English which rely heavily on word order and use frequent passivization, identification of theta roles from merely syntactic clues is often impossible.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Theta_role   (550 words)

 Theta oscillations in the brain
Theta activity is one of the prominent oscillatory patterns in the EEG of animals and humans.
The mechanisms and functional role of theta oscillations is currently a hot topic, with 5 papers in the journals Nature and Science in 2002-3.
Theta is most easily recorded from the hippocampus of rodents but occurs in other cortical and subcortical structures as well, and has recently been demonstrated in the human neocortex.
www.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk /workshop-sept-2004/index.html   (328 words)

 Epsilon Charge of Theta Delta Chi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Theta Delta Chi, founded at Union College in 1847, first established the Epsilon Charge at The College of William and Mary in 1853 and became the college's first social fraternity.
W&M Theta Delts travel to different Charges, attend national fraternity events during the summer, are active in the local community with Habitat for Humanity and the Theta Delta Chi Sextathlon (our spring philanthropy), and have a lot of fun on campus.
Theta Delta Chi is a relatively small fraternity internationally, and maintains an average of about 30 charges in the United States and Canada.
www.thetadelt.com /about.shtml   (311 words)

 FAQs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
THETA works to actually establish a lasting collaboration between healers - who are the most numerous care providers at the community level - and the different key players of the formal health sector for the ultimate benefit of the community.
THETA works to build local ownership of the program by training not only healers but also members from the DHT and the community to be permanent links in the area and help it carry on the work after THETA completes its programme.
THETA endeavours to show its genuine interest in sharing knowledge and understanding and respect of African healers’ long established role not only as care providers, but also as leaders, counselors, holders of a vast body of knowledge passed on from generations, and guardians of the community’s cultural heritage.
www.thetauganda.org /faq.php   (2771 words)

 Theta Chi Fraternity - Objectives: VOL. II: H-O   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Theta Chi Fraternity first enacted legislation regarding the prohibition of hazing in 1920, and has reiterated and reinforced that stance through additional legislation and by disciplining individuals and chapters for hazing practices.
Theta Chi Fraternity may have been the first national fraternity to publicly recognize Mother's Day and to recommend that all chapters observe this day(the second Sunday in May)each year in an appropriate manner.
Theta Chi Fraternity has been a member of the National Interfraternity Conference since 1912 and has consistently supported the goals and objectives of the NIC through membership and leadership.
ww2.lafayette.edu /~thetachi/archives/enc-2.htm   (2138 words)

 Syntax I » Themes, Patients, and Theta roles
So, when we determine the theta role, it’s based (in some sense) on the literal meaning of a sentence, and not on any kind of implication or implicature that the sentence might convey.
Defining theta roles in a satisfactory way is quite difficult to do, most of syntax proceeds with heuristics and a “we know them when we see them” approach.
It’s unlikely that this helped clarify how to define theta roles, but with luck it may have at least clarified that the situation is a bit murky with respect to determining the theta role an argument gets.
www.bu.edu /linguistics/UG/course/lx522-f05/lx522/archives/27.html   (632 words) Semantic Role Lists
Semantic roles (also known as thematic roles or theta roles) attempt to capture similarities and differences in verb meaning that are reflected in argument expression, with emergent generalizations that will contribute to the mapping from semantics to syntax.
Thus, adjuncts are not generally thought of as receiving a theta role from the verb.
The advantage of Dowty’s proposal is that thematic roles are not viewed as discrete categories, but as prototypical concepts, in line with Wittgenstein’s family resemblances and the prototypes of Rosch and her followers (cf.
elies.rediris.es /elies11/cap5111.htm   (1694 words)

 Theta Xi: Delta Chapter
Founded in 1885, the Delta Chapter of Theta Xi is the second-oldest fraternity at MIT.
Theta Xi strives to enrich the lives of its members by providing academic support, social outlets, athletic events, and community service.
The delta chapter of Theta Xi is MIT’s second oldest fraternity and is located on 64 Bay State Road; Boston, MA 02215.
theta-xi.mit.edu   (372 words)

 Thematic role - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thematic role is the semantic relationship between a predicate (e.g.
Thematic roles have sometimes been associated with a theory known as Case theory, as in many languages thematic roles are reflected in the case which the noun assumes.
Thematic roles separate pleonastic (dummy) noun phrases, which lack a thematic role, such as it in it is going to rain, from meaningful noun phrases, which have one.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thematic_role   (287 words)

 Theta Roles
Theta roles are the names of the participant roles associated with a predicate: the predicate may be a verb, an adjective, a preposition, or a noun.
Theta roles play an important role in NP raising and Case theory (topics for L322).
Theta roles are closely tied to the meaning of the predicate that assigns the theta role of each argument.
www.sfu.ca /person/dearmond/322/322.theta.roles.htm   (3380 words)

 Theta Xi Fraternity - Purdue University
Theta Xi Headquarters and Purdue both have a strict policy on hazing, which in short, prohibits activities which could harm a student mentally or physically.
Theta Xi's membership education process consists of classroom-style meetings and reading which teaches the student about the history of the Fraternity, and personal development.
Theta Xi permits legal consumption of alcohol in its Chapter House, and at certain events.
www.thetaxipurdue.org /parents.php   (403 words)

 Phi Theta Kappa - International Honor Society of the Two Year College
At each campus where there is a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the college administration selects a faculty or staff member to serve as advisor of the local chapter.
Chapter advisors are considered the authority of the chapter from the perspective of the campus administration and Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters.
None of the official Phi Theta Kappa logos and emblems may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Phi Theta Kappa.
www.ptk.org /chapters/resources/advrole.htm   (576 words)

 Theta role biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Other theta roles exist in the literature, but many, such as theme, tend to be more controversial.
In languages such as English which rely heavily on word order and use frequent passivization, identification of theta roles from merely syntactic cues is often impossible.
Although either the patient or agent can function as the subject of a sentence even in unmarked usages, in ergative-absolutive languages the case marking of the "subject" differs depending on the type of verb used, in a way that tends to reflect the theta role it occupies.
www.biography.ms /Patient_(linguistics).html   (434 words)

 The Coancestry Coefficient in Forensic Science B
Given this central role of theta in the interpretation of forensic DNA evidence, it is of interest to discuss the population genetic meaning of the parameter.
To be more accurate, N is the inbreeding effective population size, and it means that theta is increasing as though there is a probability of 1/2N of any two alleles in one generation descending from the same allele in the previous generation.
The effects of theta decrease as allele frequencies increase and are not substantial when p = 0.1 even for theta as high as 0.01.
www.promega.com /geneticidproc/ussymp8proc/25.html   (2198 words)

 [No title]
The word 'thematic' is in REST normally abbreviated by the Greek letter theta (which of course in this medium i have to spell out).
Theta Theory assumes a fundamental asymmetry amongst syntactic categories (as we proceed, it shall become evident that similar asymmetries pervade the framework).
Having briefly addressed the possibility of adjunct NPs, whose theta- roles are typically assigned by adpositions (or by morphological case- markers, in those languages that have this option), i must now address the flip side of the issue.
jtauber.com /1999/synthinar/s12.txt   (1337 words)

 LX522 Syntax I: Questions and Answers
The light verb assigns the theta role to the subject, and the the lower verb assigns the theta roles to the other two arguments.
It seems like I "wants" to get 2 theta roles, in the sense that we seem to be assigning it two different functions in the sentence, but since we can't really be doing that, there must be a PRO taking up one of the roles, its reference controlled by I.
Perhaps another way to say this is that nothing changes with respect to the theta roles a verb (perhaps in a particular sense) assigns whether it is a main verb or an embedded verb.
www.bu.edu /linguistics/UG/course/lx522-f01/qna_f.html   (6733 words)

 Scientists at Children's Hospital and Brandeis use video games to unlock secrets of the brain's sense of direction
The researchers focused on slow, rhythmic waves of electrical activity known as theta oscillations, produced when groups of brain cells, or neurons, all fire at once.
The episodes of theta oscillations were most pronounced when the youths were wending their way through extremely difficult mazes.
Madsen, a neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital with a special interest in the treatment of epilepsy, says the recognition of theta as a neural "signature" for certain kinds of memory should help neurosurgeons avoid inadvertently excising regions key to memory and other critical brain functions.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/1999-06/BU-SaCH-240699.php   (896 words)

 Medial Septal GABAergic Neurons Express the Somatostatin sst2A Receptor: Functional Consequences on Unit Firing and ...
the amplitude of the hippocampal theta, whereas the GABAergic
Illustration of the effect of intraseptal OCT infusion on hippocampal theta in a freely moving rat.
Knapp JA, Morris NP, Henderson Z, Matthews RT (2000) Electrophysiological characteristics of non-bursting, glutamate decarboxylase messenger RNA-positive neurons of the medial septum/diagonal band nuclei of guinea-pig and rat.
www.jneurosci.org /cgi/content/full/25/8/2032   (5942 words)

 Theta Roles and Lexical Decomposition
This course examines word meaning from the perspective of Theta Theory and lexical decomposition.
1991: 'Affectedness and direct objects: The role of lexical semantics in the acquisition of verb argument structure,' in Levin and Pinker 1991, 153-95.
1992: 'The lexical semantics of verbs of motion: The perspective from unaccusativity,' in Thematic Structure: Its Role in Grammar, ed.
www.hum.uit.no /a/svenonius/courses/theta.roles.html   (309 words)

 Theta Roles Continued
In our first look at the wormhole, not all theta roles were covered because of the limited range of the worm in the wormhole.
The worm moves five inches through the wormhole from one end to the other--five inches is a measure theta role.
As such it cannot assign a theta role.
www.sfu.ca /~dearmond/322/322.theta.roles.2.htm   (481 words)

 Linguistic Methodology
Theta-Theory concerns the relationship between thematic roles (theta-roles), such as 'agent' (the doer) and 'patient' (the do-ee), and the syntactic structure of the sentence (including 'subject', 'object', etc.).
Theta roles are essentially semantic (involve meaning), and 'subject', 'object' are syntactic roles (involve formal sentence structure).
A question word can't move to a new A-position, because these positions are assigned a thematic role under government, which would conflict with the original thematic role assigned to the word and result in a violation of the Theta-Criterion, giving one NP two thematic roles.
www.conknet.com /~mmagnus/Method   (16093 words)

 Oscillatory brain states and learning: Impact of hippocampal theta-contingent training -- Seager et al. 99 (3): 1616 -- ...
Representative slow waves that met either the theta or the non-theta criterion for delivery of a training trial (A, theta; B, non-theta).
Rabbits in the theta condition gave a significantly larger percentage of CRs than rabbits in the non-theta condition (P < 0.01, n = 5 for each group).
Theta Rhythmic Stimulation of Stratum Lacunosum-Moleculare in Rat Hippocampus Contributes to Associative LTP at a Phase Offset in Stratum Radiatum
www.pnas.org /cgi/content/full/99/3/1616   (3198 words)

 [No title]
Notice that although the derivation in (6) countenances movement (of John) into a theta position, it does not assign two theta roles to John - the lower theta role is assigned, rather, to the larger constituent [John he] (conceivably also to the head he).
Movement into a theta position is also proposed by O'Neil (1995; 1997) and Hornstein (1999; 2001),<6> but since they do not start from a doubling structure, they also have to allow a given argument to bear more than one theta role, which the proposal illustrated in (6) does not need to do.
The double John moves into the theta position of try; it does not thereby get a second theta role, since the subject theta role of solve is born by [John PRO].
web.mit.edu /liina/Public/KayneJune01PronounsAntecedents.htm   (10344 words)

 LCS Database Documentation
The application of a particular role to a class of verbs was based, to the extent possible, on properties outlined in Jackendoff (1983, 1990).
The SRC role indicates where the TH started its motion (in LOC), what its original state (IDENT) was, or where its original (possibly abstract) location was (in POSS) (ex.
Although theta roles are theoretically unordered, they are generally specified in a "canonical" ordering that is thought to arise most frequently.
www.umiacs.umd.edu /~bonnie/LCS_Database_Documentation.html   (5779 words)

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