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Topic: Thin Lizzy

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  Thin Lizzy Out on a Diet Limb
Thin Lizzy knows that if she were to trot out on a limb that she might fall and frighten a higher, or worse yet, bash her little brains out on the cold forest floor below.
Thin Lizzy serves as an example to dieters.
Thin Lizzy recommends that the dieter choose a solid, healthy weight loss plan that incorporates moderate exercise as well as relaxing moments.
www.thinthin.com /thin-lizzy-thin-lizzy.html   (495 words)

  Blagging Lizzy, a forged ticket for Thin Lizzy at the Cardiff Capitol, December 8th, 1977 and youthful memories of ELP ...
Tickets for the gig in Cardiff were in extra-hot demand because Thin Lizzy's performance was also going to mark the last ever gig at the Capitol Theatre, and, sure enough, there were no tickets to be had by the time we'd got the bus into town.
Happily, we knew that the Cardiff crowd weren't going to stay in their seats long for Lizzy, and as soon as we heard the first creak of a chair springing up, we were off down the front amongst the great-coated greeboes.
Lizzy blasted through their powerhouse set, the twin guitars did that clever harmony thing, Phil Lynott cracked the usual jokes and the Welsh crowd gave it their all, bringing the band back for a slew of encores.
www.urban75.org /music/ticket.html   (1096 words)

 Fiber Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy recommends that dieters pack ample fiber into their weight loss plan to help keep their diet plan rolling right along.
Thin Lizzy recommends that the dieter exercise patience - because with time, the body will adjust and gas won't be such a BIG problem.
Thin Lizzy also recommends that the dieter exercise their body.
www.thinthin.com /fiber-thin-lizzy.html   (278 words)

  Amazon.co.uk: Greatest Hits: Music: Thin Lizzy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Thin Lizzy were very firmly a good-time group, perhaps strange for a bunch that emerged from both sides of Ireland in a troubled time.
For a new listener to thin lizzy, this album is something which is essential and which is enduring - most serious rock collections i believe should have this amongst them.
Thin Lizzy first made an impact with a hard-rocking version of a traditional Irish folk song, Whiskey in the jar - it made the UK top ten in 1973.
www.amazon.co.uk /Greatest-Hits-Thin-Lizzy/dp/B00029R5MK   (1399 words)

  Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy perfected their use of it on their first USA tour in 1975 with Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Bob Seger.
Thin Lizzy played their final show in the UK at the Reading Festival on August 28th, 1983 and their farewell concert came on September 4th, 1983 in Nuremberg.
Thin Lizzy' returned to the record charts five years after Lynott's death when Brian Downey and Scott Gorham went back into the studio and used modern techniques to replace the guitar and drum tracks on a studio recording of a song called "Dedication" that Phil Lynott had recorded but never released.
www.classicbands.com /thinlizzy.html   (1974 words)

  Thin Lizzy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thin Lizzy were an Irish Rock band that formed in Dublin in 1969.
The band changed the spelling of 'lizzie' to 'lizzy' and 'tin' to 'thin', a sly wink to the band's home town where 'thin' is pronounced 'tin' in the Dublin accent.
Thin Lizzy were struggling financially at the time and this project was designed to bring in some more money.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thin_Lizzy   (1110 words)

 Thin Lizzy - Biography - AOL Music
After a few early records that hinted at the band's potential, Lizzy released Fighting in 1975, and the band (Lynott, guitarists Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham, and drummer Brian Downey) had molded itself into a pretty tight recording and performing unit.
Lizzy's big break came with their next album, Jailbreak, and the record's first single, "The Boys Are Back in Town." A paean to the joys of working-class guys letting loose, the song resembled similar odes by Bruce Springsteen, with the exception of the Who-like power chords in the chorus.
In 1999, Thin Lizzy reunited with a lineup featuring guitarists Scott Gorman and John Sykes, and keyboardist Darren Wharton, which was rounded out by a journeyman rhythm section of bassist Marco Mendoza and drummer Tommy Aldridge.
music.aol.com /artist/thin-lizzy/5633/biography   (708 words)

 Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy>   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Thin Lizzy's third album,"Vagabonds of the Western World", was released in September of 1973, and the band was pleased with the result.
It was an ideal follow-up to "Jailbreak", and confirmation that Thin Lizzy was on the crest of a wave.
Thin Lizzy presented Phonogram with a live double album in fulfillment of their contract and as a souvenir of the last tour.
the-m-files.com /t_lizzy/m3indexframe.html   (5178 words)

 Thin Lizzy
Lynott and Lizzy never again enjoyed the commercial success of 'Boys Are Back…' but what this collection proves is that he did put together a body of work which, in lyrical and melodic quality, surpassed his contemporaries.
'Cruising In the Lizzy Mobile' was too symptomatic of the old-school seventies to be tolerated by the vulgar fury of Anarchy In the UK and all those who followed.
Covers of Lizzy songs by today’s rock hierarchy have helped preserve and refresh Lizzy’s material for the influential rock and roll it is. This lavishly produced and packaged collection leaves no excuses to those wondering why many believe Thin Lizzy deserve more attention.
jmcm01.home.comcast.net /lizzy.htm   (822 words)

 Thin Lizzy @ Academy, Bristol : gig review
That is, until original Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham (lead vocals) and John Sykes (lead guitar) walk onto the stage with all the confidence of their tighter-than-life trousers, and then spirits soar.
Tonight Thin Lizzy may be less riotous than their former salad day selves, but they certainly do not suffer for being that little more mature than most of the bands that grace the Academy stage.
Thin Lizzy know they are on to a good thing, and two encores prove they are not ashamed to roll out the greats of yesteryear for cheap thrills.
www.musicomh.com /gigs/thin-lizzy.htm   (547 words)

 Thin Lizzy
Scott Gorham and John Sykes were in Thin Lizzy's final throes in 1983 on the 'Thunder and Lightning' and 'Life' tours, and they are the only surviving links left from the Lynnot period.
Many people there had obviously seen Thin Lizzy in their prime and returned with their children who are now catching up on the Lynnott legend through their parents' CD collections.
The lady arrived for Thin Lizzy's show in full-length dress and fur coat only to be met by hordes of denim and leather.
www.greenmanreview.com /live/live_lizzy_0219.html   (1645 words)

 YouTube - Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy is are one of the all-time greats.
Thin Lizzy - The Rocker 1974 w/ Gary Moore
Thin Lizzy- The boys are back in town
www.youtube.com /?v=nwCRYcTG4Is   (295 words)

 Thin Lizzy
Phil used to mention that Lizzy were the band with established sound and direction and it was not easy for him to bring into world all of his ideas through it.
It seems that, as Deep Purple Mark I, Thin Lizzy Mark I is difficult to handle, to put in perspective beside the suite of the story and by consequences is widely forgotten by the critics, if not considered as "non-authentic" Thin Lizzy.
Lizzy at this point had all the pieces in place on L and D and with Tony Visconti producing, you know this was something special.
starling.rinet.ru /music/lizzyc.htm   (5941 words)

 Thin Lizzy - Greatest Hits : music DVD review
Lizzy were something else, and this brilliant, boring and bizarre collection attempts to illustrate exactly what.
The live clips show Thin Lizzy to be the dynamic rock engine of legend, and when performing, as live, some of the early singles (The Boys are Back in Town), the band are similarly fine.
So Lizzy's place in rock history is not disturbed by this release (though all but die-hards are better off with the audio equivalent), but these video comps were invented for the likes of Madness or Bjork, not for those of an earlier vintage.
www.musicomh.com /dvds/thin-lizzy.htm   (662 words)

 Thin Lizzy Music Classic Rock Dublin
Thin Lizzy is among rock music's elite and a synonym for classic rock.
As one of the finest bands to break out of Ireland, Thin Lizzy's music was hard, yet melodic; their lyrics romanticized stories of love, love-lost and street as well as Irish folklore.
Recorded on their European tour, the members of Thin Lizzy pay homage to their celebrated past with a new fire and prove their songs have stood the test of time.
www.dublinevents.com /dublin-concerts/thin-lizzy.php   (531 words)

 Diet-Dieting-Free Diet Menus-Thin-Thin Lizzy-Lose Weight-Fad Diets-Children's Obesity
Thin Thin is packed with weight loss articles, diet recipes, fun weight loss suggestions, weight loss advice and dieting tips that are intended to make getting healthy not only effective, but fun.
Thin Thin is also home to over 101 totally free, totally wonderful, totally delicious low fat
The Thin Thin Big Diet 10 is a mix of problems, situations, and diet solutions that may present a Diet Life Raft to even the most determined of dieters.
www.thinthin.com   (953 words)

 Thin Lizzy Diet Mushroom Recipes
Thin Lizzy often cooks up good things with foods from her garden.
Thin Lizzy like to use these large mushrooms in place of hamburger buns.
Thin Lizzy uses sliced mushrooms for this tasty recipe.
www.thinthin.com /thin-lizzy-thin-lizzy-mushrooms.html   (340 words)

 PIXELSURGEON | Reviews | Music | Thin Lizzy
Capable of producing some of the heaviest rock songs around, Thin Lizzy's musical repertoire was broader than most bands of the period.
Thin Lizzy was blessed with a succession of brilliant guitarists who complimented Phil Lynott's songwriting.
As a live band, Thin Lizzy's classic line-up of Lynott on bass and vocals, drummer Brian Downey, and Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson on dual lead guitars was captured on the 1978 album, Live and Dangerous.
www.pixelsurgeon.com /reviews/review.php?id=440   (458 words)

 Bad Reputation by Thin Lizzy CD
Irish rock outfit Thin Lizzy gained worldwide status with its summer anthem, "The Boys Are Back in Town," a Springsteen pastiche of summer nights, male bonding, and the occasional fist fight or two.
Although the band never released another single that equaled its impact, Thin Lizzy was enjoying both a commercial as well as creative peak during the mid- to late '70s.
Lizzy was one of those bands that was way ahead of it's time.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/1056816/a/Bad+Reputation.htm   (470 words)

 Thin Lizzy Diet Mexican Flatbread Recipe
Thin Lizzy loves Mexican dining but unfortunately the American versions of most Mexican recipes are hefty in calories.
Therefore, Thin Lizzy has worked hard in her little kitchen, creating Mexican masterpieces that fit well into her healthy diet plan.
Thin Lizzy's recipes for Diet Mexican Flatbread offers a bit of cheese, bread and salsa.
www.thinthin.com /thin-lizzy-thin-lizzy-flatbread.html   (391 words)

 Thin Lizzy - Climbing the Ladder to Diet Success
Thin Lizzy recommends that the dieter places their focus more towards feeling good than measuring numbers on scales.
Thin Lizzy recommends that should you wish to calculate a specific number as your weight loss goal,
Thin Lizzy recommends gaining a bit of Label Knowledge in order to Lose Weight.
www.thinthin.com /thin-lizzy.html   (335 words)

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