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In the News (Thu 21 Jun 18)

 Third-rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When the rating system was first established, in the 1670s, the third rate was defined as 70 guns, with second-rates having 90 guns, and fourth-rates 54-60 guns.
Although the rating system was only used by the Royal Navy, British authors might still use "third-rate" to speak of a French 74.
By the end of the 18th century, the rating system had mostly fallen out of common use, ships of the line usually being characterized directly by their number of guns, the numbers even being used as the name of the type, as in "a squadron of three 74s". /project/wikipedia/index.php/Third-rate

 The Daily, Friday, December 10, 2004. Industrial capacity utilization rates
The increase in the rate was largely due to higher capacity utilization in 17 of 21 groups in the manufacturing sector.
Rates have been revised retroactively to the first quarter of 1998 to reflect the revised source data.
Industries increased their rate of capacity utilization for the fifth consecutive quarter between July and September, thanks mainly to the strength of the manufacturing sector. /Daily/English/041210/d041210a.htm

 Seattle City Light - Notices, Accouncements & Information
It is clear now that the third tier is causing bill impacts far beyond what the City Council intended when they adopted this rate as an incentive for reducing consumption by the utility's largest residential consumers.
The rates that were established were evaluated as being roughly consistent with the energy prices we were seeing in the Energy Crisis, roughly $200 MWH in the first half of 2001.
While most customers who have seen third tier bills saw bi-monthly increases in the hundreds of dollars, there have been cases (beyond the billing errors cases) where the amounts are over $1,000 for the billing cycle. /light/news/memo.asp?ID=13 / Business / Economy grows at 7.2 percent rate in third quarter, best showing since early 1984
The economy grew at a blistering 7.2 percent annual rate in the third quarter in the strongest pace in nearly two decades.
Federal government spending, which grew at a 1.4 percent rate, was only a minor contributor to GDP in the third quarter.
Investment on residential projects grew at a 20.4 percent rate, the biggest increase since the second quarter of 1996, and more than three times the 6.6 percent growth rate seen in the second quarter. /business/articles/2003/10/30/economy_grows_at_72_percent_rate_in_third_quarter_best_showing_since_early_1984

 Economy grows at 4 percent rate in third quarter - faster than previously thought
In the third quarter, consumers ratcheted up spending at a 5.1 percent rate, the fastest pace since the end of 2001.
The slight upward revision to GDP in the third quarter mostly reflected the fact that the trade deficit was less of a drag on the economy than previously estimated.
Estimates for fourth-quarter growth range from a 3.5 percent rate to a 4.5 percent rate. /news/latestnews/pm1918_20041222.htm

 #1 Loans USA - Existing-home sales at second-highest level on record, Real Estate News
According to Freddie Mac, the national average commitment rate on a 30-year conventional fixed-rate mortgage was 5.89 percent in the third quarter, down from 6.13 percent in the second quarter; the rate was 6.01 percent in the third quarter of 2003.
The NAR survey showed that nationwide, the seasonally adjusted annual rate of existing single-family, apartment condominium and co-operative home sales totaled 7.66 million units in the third quarter of this year, up 4.1 percent from a 7.36 million-unit pace in the third quarter of 2003.
Total state existing-home sales activity in the third quarter was at the second-highest pace on record, with 36 states posting increases from a year ago, the association reported. /Real_Estate/MortgageNews11_15_04/news3.html

Permits were issued in the third quarter at a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 1,581,000 units, 4 percent ahead of the second quarter's rate and 9 percent ahead of the rate of the third quarter of 1997.
The third-quarter rental vacancy rate was 8.2 percent, an increase of 0.2 percentage point from the second quarter and an increase of 0.3 percentage point from the third quarter of 1997.
At the current sales rate, the inventory is equal to 5.1 months' supply, down 0.5 month from last quarter and down 0.8 month from the third quarter of 1997. /periodicals/USHMC/fall98/summary.html / Business / Fed boosts rate for third time in 2004
A series of 13 rate reductions from January 2001 to June 2003 left the funds rate at 1 percent as the Fed battled to help an economy staggered by a series of blows: a plunging stock market, the 2001 recession, terror attacks and two wars.
Yet, some economists said that by raising rates, the Fed could be viewed as appearing comfortable about the pace of the economy's expansion, which could be seen as good for the Bush campaign.
Private economists believe the economy, which grew at a 2.8 percent annual rate in the second quarter of this year, expanded at a 3 percent to 4 percent pace in the July-to-September quarter. /business/articles/2004/09/21/fed_expected_to_boost_rates_again?mode=PF > News > Business -- Productivity grows at 9.4 percent rate in third quarter, best since 1983
That was better than the 4.6 percent rate of decline previously estimated for the third quarter and the 3.2 percent rate of decline reported for the second quarter.
That was better than the 8.8 percent growth rate previously estimated for the third quarter and up from a 4.6 percent pace in the second quarter.
That was stronger than the 0.7 percent growth rate first estimated and better than the 2.2 percent rate of decline registered in the second quarter. /news/business/20031203-0702-economy.html

 News Release September 2004 Massachusetts Unemployment Rate and Jobs Release
The national unemployment rate remained at 5.4 percent in September and was at 5.5 percent for the third quarter of 2004.
The Massachusetts seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped from 5.4 percent in August to 4.6 percent in September, the lowest recorded rate since November 2001.
The gap between the Massachusetts and U.S. rates stood at 0.8 percentage points in September. /releases/detnew211.htm

 ABC News: Economy Grows at 3.7 Percent Annual Rate
The 3.7 percent GDP growth rate in the third quarter is likely to be followed by a similar growth rate in the final three months of this year, analysts said.
The increase in wages and salaries in the third quarter was 0.7 percent, the fastest rate in a year, while the costs of health insurance and other benefits, which have been soaring, rose by just 1.1 percent, the slowest increase in more than two years.
The Fed is expected to raise interest rates for a fourth time this year when policy-makers next meet on Nov. 10, but some analysts believe, given the lackluster GDP and job growth, the Fed may skip a rate increase at its December meeting. /Business/wireStory?id=212532

 Terps Suffering From Third-Rate Efficiency
And with his defense coming off its strongest showing of the year, boosting the offense's third-down success rate will be one of the primary goals this week.
And the struggles have come in every possible scenario: in Maryland's own territory and at the opposing team's goal line, on third and short and on third and long, in the first quarter and with the game on the line, on running plays and on passing plays, on the field and in the huddle.
The Terps have also made several of their most gnawing mistakes on third downs: two delay of game penalties, a broken protection that led to a sack and a fumble, two interceptions and a poorly thrown deep ball last Saturday that missed an open Danny Melendez. /wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/27/AR2005092701978.html?nav=rss_sports

 Third rate hike puts mortgages at 5.79% - 03/04/05
The average rate on a 30-year mortgage rose this week to 5.79 percent, the third consecutive increase, from 5.69 percent, according to the U.S. mortgage purchaser Freddie Mac.
The one-year adjustable rate fell to 4.14 percent from 4.16 percent, Freddie Mac said.
On a quarterly basis, the cost of the average home climbed 1.7 percent, less than half of the 4.8 percent increase recorded in the third quarter. /2005/realestate/0503/05/G03-106949.htm

 NYC Comptroller - Budget
The labor-force-participation rate was 58.6 percent in the third quarter, compared with 57.7 percent in the second quarter.
The U.S. labor-force-participation rate was 67 percent in the third quarter, compared with 67.1 percent in the second quarter and 67.3 percent in the first quarter.
In the third quarter, real chain-weighted GCP grew at an annualized rate of 7.3 percent, the highest rate in 1999; it was the fifth consecutive quarter in which GCP growth surpassed GDP growth. /bureaus/bud/3Q99eco.shtm

 The Third-Rate Ship of the Line
By the 1720s the lowest third rate was a 50-gunner.
The Third Rate ship of the line, for our purposes, carried between 64 and 80 guns.
We know from the previous discussion that there were three classes, or Rates, of ship in the line of battle. /pirates/catalog/ship.php?type=thirdrate&page=2

 UT crime rate ranked third lowest by FBI - The Daily Texan - News
The University ranked third in lowest crime rates for the most populated U.S. four--year universities, while Texas A&M was ranked first.
Van Slyke attributed the University's low violent crime rate to its close proximity to the Capitol, with numerous state troopers, Austin police officers and UTPD officers patrolling the area.
While an FBI report indicated an increase in violent crimes on campus last year, the UT Police Department chief disagreed Tuesday with the way the statistics are calculated, claiming the cited rise to be erroneous. /news/2001/10/31/News/Ut.Crime.Rate.Ranked.Third.Lowest.By.Fbi-504757.shtml

 What a Week: Third Rate Hike Is Not a Charm
Probably, but the confluence of events generated discussion about the old adage "three steps and a stumble," which refers to the notion that a third-successive rate hike is not charming for stocks.
Arguably, it might take at least three rate hikes for some traders to believe the Fed really is going to take away the proverbial punch bowl, and history has shown Gould's rule is worth heeding.
On Tuesday, the Fed tightened for the third time this summer, and major averages closed lower for the week: The Dow lost 2.3% while the SandP 500 fell 1.6% and the Nasdaq Composite lost 1.5%. /comment/aarontaskfree/10184734.html

The revised rate structure significantly reduced the number of customers that are affected by the third tier, as well as the size of the difference between the second and third tiers.
Having a third tier rate certainly would not cause any of them financial hardship, but appears to have gotten their attention and stimulated conservation actions that ultimately benefit all ratepayers and the environment.
The motive for adopting a third tier rate was very much in tune with Seattle's environmental values and the principles of public power. /council/Conlin/ISUtilityNews060502.htm Is the Third Rate Cut a Charm?
So the magic of the third rate cut alone isn't going to do anything for the markets unless it's accompanied by a surprising level of Fed commitment to staunch the spiral of deflation.
But if he takes his usual gradualist path, and this third rate cut is just third-rate, expect a lot more bears on a lot more magazine covers.
Before that, the most spectacular third rate cut was in August 1982. /comment/openbook/1352044.html

 A third bank rate cut is required
By cutting the bank rate by a one-half percentage point to 7 per cent, 24 hours after the Union Budget, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Bimal Jalan has surprised everyone, as he did a fortnight earlier when the bank rate was cut to 7.5 per cent from 8 per cent.
The bank rate cut to 7.5 per cent, coming as it did a fortnight before the Budget, was dramatic.
Had he announced this on the Budget day itself, not only would the surprise element have gone, he would have also drawn flak from the public, as his move would have confirmed that the RBI is nothing but an arm of the government, and its autonomy is but a myth. /fe/daily/20010305/fec05092.html

 Amazing Rhythm Aces – ( THIRD RATE ROMANCE TAB )
Third Rate Romance, Low Rent Rendezvous A E Settin' at a tiny table in a ritzy restaurant, She was starin' at her coffee cup, A He was tryin' to keep his courage up while 'plying booze.
C# F#m D (5 beats) She said, "You don't look like my type but I guess you'll do." A E A Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.
C# F#m D He said, "Yes I have, but only a time or two." (Solo 1) e:-9-------9-11-------------------------------------------------------------- B:-9---h11-----------5-6-5------5-------------------------------------------- G:-------------------5-7-5------5-------------------------------------------- D:--------------5-h7-------5-h7--------5-7-u5-------------------------------- A:--------------------------------5-h7--------7\----------------------------- E:--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A E A Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous. /a/amazing-rhythm-aces/447.htm

 Seattle City Council News Release: Councilmember Wills Preserves Third Tier Rate
The Committee gave City Light clear direction that identified third tier customers should be called and notified about their energy consumption and given every opportunity to utilize assistance programming in the form of rates and energy efficiency measures.
The new changes to the third tier would affect 30 known low-income customers in the winter and 9 would have consumption levels in the third tier during the summer.
Over the last year, the third tier has affected the number of customers it expected to: it was charged to the top 1-3% of the highest electricity users. /council/newsdetail.asp?ID=2662&Dept=28

 JS Online: Packers are first-rate on third downs
On plays between third and 8 and third and 10, the Packers are 9 of 20 (45%).
And on plays between third and 11 and third and 14, they're a very solid 6 of 16 (37.5%).
On plays between third and four and third and seven, Green Bay has converted 40% (12 of 40). /packer/news/nov04/272004.asp

 Rate of third coupon for bonds of Zenit Bank set
SKRIN market and corporate news A decision was made to set the rate of the third coupon for bonds of Zenit Bank JSC (state registration number of the bond issue: 40103255B as of June 16, 2003) at 8.5% p.a., Cbonds said.
Rate of third coupon for bonds of Zenit Bank set
Rate of third coupon for bonds of Zenit Bank set /analyst_news/article_736469.html

 Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management: Third class mail: strictly third rate?
A rate increase in second class mail, for example, would have to be quadrupled if the USPS wanted to produce the revenue of a third class increase.
NEW YORK CITY - Third class bulk mail ranks last in importance of the four United States Postal Service (USPS) subclasses, according to a recent survey that was initiated by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and conducted by The Gallup Organization.
In the DMA poll, many respondents expressed a feeling that third class mail is delivered late and that its sheer volume helps delay delivery of other classes of mail. /p/articles/mi_m3065/is_n2_v19/ai_8316995

 Titanic Disaster: Official Casualty Figures and Commentary
Because the survival rate for women was far greater than the survival rate for men, we would thus expect a much higher survival rate for first class passengers as a whole than for third class passengers as a whole.
This method shows that the expected overall survival rate for first class passengers was 44.68%, for second class 40.46%, for third class 36.32%, and for crew 21.38%.
The more primitive approach -- taken by most writers on this subject -- is to divide the first-class overall survival rate (62.46%) by the overall average survival rate (31.97%), conclude that first-class passengers were twice as likely to survive as the average passenger, and attribute all this variance to class. /titanic.htm

 WIFR Wisconsin's Graduation Rate Third in Nation
The graduation rate for black students improved from 40 percent in 1997 to 50 percent in 2002 for a rank of 29th among 32 states with available data.
The graduation rate for white students is up to 91 percent from 85 percent, the highest among 38 states.
The rate for Hispanics is 58 percent, sixth best among 18 states that have comparable data. /home/headlines/1265702.html - U.S., Asian woes prompt third Aussie rate cut - April 4, 2001
U.S., Asian woes prompt third Aussie rate cut
Mark Rider, chief economist, UBS Warburg told CNN that the Australian market would be "pretty satisfied" with the rate cut, although he said there was likely to be another cut of half a percentage point to come.
The RBA's view was backed by Australian Treasurer Peter Costello, who said the cut would not accelerate inflation. /2001/WORLD/asiapcf/auspac/04/04/aust.economy02

 'Papergate' no third-rate burglary - Daily Iowan - Metro
It will count toward one-third of students' grades.
Covington told the students they were victims and that whoever is involved faces felony charges, said UI senior Josh Bowen, who is also in the class.
The eight to 10 page paper was heavily based on the history of management style and how those around the president affect his decision-making,. /news/2002/12/05/Metro/papergate.No.ThirdRate.Burglary-337666.shtml

 third-rate - - American Heritage Dictionary
Of third quality or value, especially of less quality or value than second-rate. /ahd/t/t0171100.html

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