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  Thomson Careers - One Company, Many Opportunities
Wherever your talents and interests lie, Thomson likely has a path for you to follow or a trail for you to blaze.
Work for one of Thomson’s ahead-of-the-curve businesses and be a part of the next big thing.
As a Thomson Alumni, you already know that life at Thomson can be exciting and full of rewards.
www.thomsoncareers.com   (588 words)

  CBC News Indepth: Ken Thomson
Thomson accomplished the feat by getting out of the day-to-day operations of the corporation — and presiding over the sale of assets that his father accumulated.
Roy Thomson once told his son that in order to be a success, you had to be a slave to the business.
Thomson donated most of the collection to the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is building an addition to house the material.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/thomson-ken   (835 words)

  J.J. Thomson (1856-1940)
The young Thomson attended Owens College in Manchester, where his professor of mathematics encouraged him to apply for a scholarship at Trinity College, one of the most prestigious of the colleges at Cambridge University.
Thomson won the scholarship, and in 1880 finished second in his class (behind Joseph Larmor) in the grueling graduation examination in mathematics.
Thomson took an active interest in the work of all the young researchers at the Cavendish, daily checking on their progress and often making suggestions for improvements.
www.aip.org /history/electron/jjthomson.htm   (422 words)

 J.J. Thomson - Biography
Joseph John Thomson was born in Cheetham Hill, a suburb of Manchester on December 18, 1856.
Thomson's early interest in atomic structure was reflected in his Treatise on the Motion of Vortex Rings which won him the Adams Prize in 1884.
Thomson co-operated with Professor J. Poynting in a four-volume textbook of physics, Properties of Matter and in 1895 he produced Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism, the 5th edition of which appeared in 1921.
nobelprize.org /physics/laureates/1906/thomson-bio.html   (680 words)

 Thomson - Financial
Thomson ONE is changing the game in how information and business applications are delivered, integrated and used across an organization.
With Thomson ONE, you can have a single, integrated solution that helps you do your job better -- whatever that job may be.
Thomson Financial To Integrate Thomson Datafeeds With BNY ConvergEx Group's Eze Castle Software
www.thomson.com /solutions/financial   (92 words)

 A Look Inside the Atom
At the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University, Thomson was experimenting with currents of electricity inside empty glass tubes.
Yet Thomson's bold suggestion that cathode rays were material constituents of atoms turned out to be correct.
Thomson's careful experiments and adventurous hypotheses were followed by crucial experimental and theoretical work by many others in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and elsewhere.
www.aip.org /history/electron/jjhome.htm   (287 words)

 Thomson – Images & Beyond – A World Leader in Digital Video Technologies
Thomson is a world leader in digital video technologies.
Find out more about Thomson's presence at the show and discover the virtual booth tour.
Thomson: TF1’s main technical partner for the 2007 Rugby World Cup
www.thomson.net   (175 words)

 Thomson – Images & Beyond – A World Leader in Digital Video Technologies
selected Thomson Images and Beyond - Un leader mondial des technlogies de l'image Thomson China
Thomson is a world leader in digital video technologies.
We help creative people shape their ideas into images that have never been seen before.
www.thomson.net /EN/home   (183 words)

 Thomson Scientific
Thomson Scientific information based solutions keep academic, government, corporate and pharma R&D professionals at the forefront of their markets by providing must-have authoritative content with innovative technologies that assist with discovery, analysis, product development and distribution.
Thomson Pharma - a modular approach: interview with Jon Brett Harris
Thomson Scientific Announces 2007 ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code is Now Available for Pre-Order Through Techstreet
scientific.thomson.com /index.html   (132 words)

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