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Topic: Thrash metal

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  Thrash metal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thrash metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music, one of the extreme metal subgenres, that is characterised by its high speed and aggression.
The origins of thrash metal are generally traced to the late 1970s and early 1980s, when a number of bands began incorporating the sound of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal[1] with elements of hardcore punk (in particular its drum tempoes), creating a new genre and developing into a separate movement from punk.
Thrash guitar solos are almost exclusively played at high speed, as they are usually characterised as shredding, and use techniques such as sweep picking, legato phrasing, alternate picking, string skipping, and two-hand tapping.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thrash_metal   (2996 words)

 Wikinfo | Thrash metal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The origins of thrash metal are generally traced to the late 1970s and early 1980s, when a number of heavy metal bands began incorporating speed metal's extreme speed into traditional metal melody and riffs.
Thrash metal developed in the mid 1980s to split into many subgenres and influence a lot of bands like Death and Possessed.
Some bands combined speed metal and thrash metal, like the aforementioned Megadeth, and also Helstar, Testament, and Heathen were known for their flashy lead guitar work.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Thrash_metal   (1251 words)

 Bay Area thrash metal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bay Area thrash metal, or "Bay Area Thrash", referred to a steady following of heavy metal bands in the 1980s who formed and gained international status in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
Many have attributed this scene as the starting point of thrash metal and early-stage death metal.
Oakland thrash metal band Vio-lence, for instance, would dissolve, leading guitarist Robb Flynn to form and front Machine Head, which would help popularize the groove metal genre (sometimes referred to as "neo-thrash", "half-thrash", or "post-thrash").
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bay_Area_thrash_metal   (487 words)

 Ultimate Metal Reviews - Returning To The Roots: Thrash Metal
The '80s proved to be a glorious decade for metal, as many of these thrash metal bands were pushed in the spotlight and each released its share of classics.
All three bands have something in common with the term "comeback", they were all at one point playing thrash metal and had gradually abandoned their style only to return to their roots eventually.
However, be it the lack of metal exposure in the '90s or the fact that the line-up wasn't well received by the hardcore fans, this reincarnation didn't have much success.
www.metal-reviews.com /tgos/042303.htm   (801 words)

 reviews on death and thrash metal albums and demos - from Metal Side Webzine
Biogenesis music is a good blend of melodic thrash metal (the dominant style), doom metal and additional progressive elements, which are not easy to label.
On the map of different thrash metal styles Ennuis' music would be located close to border with the land of death metal.
The elements of that more violent form of metal aren't strong enough to wonder if Ennuis is still a thrash metal act, but they are audible and diversify the material.
www.geocities.com /deathmetalside/rev15.html   (5701 words)

 Speed Metal and Thrash/Metal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Speed metal: the fast, percussive, muffled-strum, hardedged slam music of the early eighties as a society died in its own lack of hope.
Based on older metal both vocally and harmonically, speed mnetal nevertheless evolved to a structural understanding similar to 1970s progressive rock bands.
Often called "thrash" or "thrash metal", speed metal music is defined by its percussive heavy metal roar.
www.angelfire.com /ca/86er/speedmetal.html   (62 words)

 Metal Side - reviews - Death and Thrash Metal
Aggressive and brutal Death Metal riffing is mixed with melodic passages that remind rather of Doom/Death Metal.
Orthodox Death Metal fans will feel less comfortable hearing mid-paced and slow parts as well as the vocals which are traditionally Black Metal-oriented, so dark but not shrieking what unfortunately has become a standard for Scandinavian Black Metal.
That’s one of the strangest Death/Black Metal releases of 2004.
www.deathmetalside.dmkhost.net /r33.htm   (4146 words)

 Thrash and "Thrash Metal" Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Madness of music turned against itself like the disintegration of sense into military industrial suicide in the 1980s, thrash churns up primal angst with short simple blasting songs and charged post-hardcore anticontrol emotion.
Formed of blisteringly fast hardcore and metal riffs, this music resisted society and suggested through straightforward logic and basic songs that another way must be found.
Thrash and its next generation carryover, grindcore, are more humanitarian than death or fl metal.
www.anus.com /metal/about/thrash.html   (74 words)

 Thrash metal - The Heavy Metal Scene
The origins of thrash metal are generally traced to the late 1970s and early 1980s, when a number of bands began incorporating the sound of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with elements of hardcore punk, creating a new genre.
Some suggest that Motörhead's Overkill LP (1979) would give the name to a New York band that would write what is often considered the first thrash metal song in 1981: "Unleash the Beast Within".
This release saw the band once again thrash metal territory (simmilarly to their two previous releases: Fistfull of Metal and Spreading the Disease) with fast and heavy guitars and punding drums.
www.heavymetalscene.com /showthread.php?t=73   (1966 words)

 Metal-Rules.com: "Thrash Metal Has No Boundaries...": The Finnish Speed/Thrash Metal special (Part 1.) for ...
Speed and Thrash Metal were especially becoming highly popular amongst youngsters during the later half of the ´80s.
That was a real pity for many Finnish Speed/Thrash Metal bands ´coz many of them deserved to record their full-length debut albums back in those ´good and old Speed/Thrash days´ as many of them had already more than proven to be very promising and talented bands on their demos.
It was kind of cool to notice that some of those speed freaks and thrash bangers who happened to be members of some Speed/Thrash Metal bands in the later half of the ´80s, had also become members of some new Speed/Thrash bands during the new millennium.
www.metal-rules.com /interviews/Finnish-SpeedThrash-Special-Pt1a-Jan2004.htm   (609 words)

 CD Baby: TOP METAL: Thrash/Speed Metal
Flatline is a 5 piece thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California who want only to play it as fast, aggressive, and in your face as they can.
This 4 piece Texas thrash outfit out of Denton, TX is nothing short of a brick up-side the head explosion of Metal, with elements of early Hardcore and Punk.
The Worst is a mix of raw punk, speed metal and contemporary rock breakdowns, with melodic guitar solos and an in your face attitude.
www.cdbaby.com /picks/96?cdbaby=3b75ee3eb03fd6fd94287bfc03981e34   (946 words)

 The Unsung Heroes Of Thrash Metal | Guitar Columns @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Testament, the San Franciscan quintet, broke onto the thrash scene in 1987 with there debut The Legacy [The band were titled Legacy as they emerged from the Bay Area in the early 80’s but later changed name to Testament] which made waves among many metal fans, mainly due to its intense speeds.
Some of the best thrash, by the way, came out during the Grunge era of the early nineties, but was ignored by radio because...well, thrashers have discovered that flannel is not good mosh pit wear.
Thrash metal is basically playing metal fast, while speed metal retains the melody of heavy metal.
www.ultimate-guitar.com /columns/general_music/the_unsung_heroes_of_thrash_metal.html   (2202 words)

 Combat - Thrash/Speed Metal
METAL SIDE: You were one of the pioneers of Thrash Metal.
Whereas the entire thrash and crossover genre was just steam rolling over all the classic stuff back then, these days it's only particular bands that seem to be poking through in their own direction.
I gained a ton of respect for Cannibal Corpse watching their latest DVD where they were filmed while recording in the studio (I still am coming to terms with the vocals, heh heh).
www.geocities.com /deathmetalside/combat.html   (2873 words)

 Thrash Metal
This is the type of metal that got me interested in Metal in the first place, which is a common occurrence.
Since then they have changed styles of metal, from thrash to alternative in the mid 90s, to nu-metal on their 2003 album "St. Anger." James Hetfield, Dave Mustain, Lars Ulrich, and Cliff Burton made up the origonal linup.
Metallica are generally known to continuously surprise fans, changing metal genres, and even playing with a full symphony in 1999, and not worrying what people will think of them because of it.
www.rit.edu /~etb7980/206/project3/Thrash_Metal.html   (512 words)

 Thrash metal - Uncyclopedia
Thrash metal, short for Throw ash at 'em all, is the official background music of the Slow waltz dance.
The first band ever to play Thrash was Garbage on the Modern life is rubbish album.
Thrash metal is devided to several sub-genres, including White Thrash (not to confuse with Black metal), Nuclear Thrash (not to confuse with Nu metal) and Radio-active Thrash, that includes only one song: The Metallica track "Nothing else that airs".
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Thrash_metal   (203 words)

 Speed Metal and "Thrash Metal" Reviews
Heavy metal grew up after hardcore and got faster, borrowing the more interesting ideas from the 1970s prog-rock explosion to make poetically convoluted song structures and thunderous, socially-abrasive riffing.
While speed metal is not a focus of this site, we hail to the ancestors who brought structuralism and strumming technique to underground metal.
In the collision of extreme hardcore and the NWOBHM riffmasters, speed metal was spawned and with it the rising death/fl metal family of techniques.
www.anus.com /metal/about/speedmetal.html   (93 words)

 Metal Reviews - Metal Coven Webzine - Metal Reviews - Oblivion - Remixed
A thrash band banging heads on the east coast of the United States during the late 80's, Oblivion released three demos and played a handful of live shows before breaking up in 1992.
But circa 1988, Oblivion was pure thrash beholden to Slayer, with some hints of Suicidal Tendencies and even a bit of proto-death metal.
And though they never forgo the galloping riffs and percussive attitudes of classic thrash, it is obvious that Oblivion were slowly evolving into something greater.
www.metalcoven.com /review_oblivion_remixed.html   (831 words)

 Metallica Band: Thrash/Speed Metal
Metallica must be considered one of the most well-known metal bands ever, with their work in the 80's in particular receiving accolades as amongst the finest metal works ever recorded.
And it did not disappoint -- arguably one of the first true thrash albums, it jumpstarted a thrash scene that would last for years to come.
With each succeeding release their popularity grew, and with the release of 1986's Master Of Puppets (one of the most popular thrash albums of all time), it was clear that it would only be a matter of time before true worldwide fame would be theirs.
www.metallicaband.net   (516 words)

 Thrash metal listening sessions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The first one was a good example of atmospheric thrash metal.
At that time I liked only melodic thrash metal bands, and Iced Earth were one of my favorites.
They had thrash songs in the later albums, but they were straightforward and usually one of the worse ones on those albums.
www.dvsrecords.com /edgeoftime/features/Thrash2.shtml   (4150 words)

 Metal Reviews - Metal Coven Webzine - Metal Reviews - Hokum - No Escape
I don't know what it is, but lately there's been more than a few great Thrash bands that sound like they would have been at home making this music back in the mid to late 80's, and Hokum is no exception.
The drums are beautifully played and fans of bands that like Metal albums that focus on the bass will be pleased to know that "No Escape" has quite a few breakdowns that involve the bass acting as the sole instrument being played.
This Death vocal style blends amazingly well with the Thrash aspect of the rest of their music and actually adds a little more "punch" to the music that a Thrash vocal style probably could not accomplish.
www.metalcoven.com /review_hokum_noescape.html   (760 words)

 Thrash metal listening sessions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The purpose of this article is to overview most of the known thrash metal bands and to determine their longevity and value, as of today.
The overview is ended by our top 20 lists of thrash metal albums and our Top 5 bands discovered thanks to these sessions.
GS: They were not the first to use an orchestra in thrash metal, but certainly it wasn‘t common and it was ambitious.
www.dvsrecords.com /edgeoftime/features/Thrash1.shtml   (3350 words)

 Thrash & Speed Metal - BRUTAL METAL MUSIC.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
One of the defining albums of thrash metal, Master of Puppets is arguably Metallica's best album (as well as their last...
This record has so much good material that it's a shame the production is so shoddy.
The Poison' is an album rooted in classic British metal, with brutal riffs and colossal, pounding drums all lovingly and...
www.brutalmetalmusic.com /m-Music/b-468416/Default.aspx   (188 words)

Malstrom focus all efforts on creating dark melodic thrash that recalls the greatest moments of new wave and the bay area sounds of the early 80s.
With this new EP the band have really hit their stride, creating a wonderful blend of old and new, bringing to fruition a new thrash sensation that will hopefully be hitting the airwaves once the full length album is complete.
This isn't grind core, math core, math metal, or any of the other BS that seems to be rearing it's ugly head on our radio and TV screens these days.
www.maximummetal.com /columns/fdemo/21.asp   (801 words)

 Thrash Metal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This is the type of metal that got me interested in Metal in the first place, which is a common occurance.
The genre itself is like an evolution of origonal Heavy metal, think of it as Heavy Metal X 2.
Ozzy's vocals coupled with Rhoads' classicaly trained guitar playing that was a marriage of sorts between classical and rock/metal catapolted this new band into the metal scene with the release of "The Blizzard of Oz" in 1980.
www.rit.edu /~etb7980/206/project2/Thrash_Metal.html   (515 words)

 Metal Express Radio
Thrash Metal has been one of the first Metal export quality products in Brazil.
Created by former members of Despotic, another successful underground Thrash Metal band, their music is mature and developed.
The band’s main influences are found in the Melodic Death Metal arena, with the likes of In Flames and Children of Bodom, but elements of their music also relate to 80’s Bay area Thrash Metal.
www.metalexpressradio.com /menu.php?main=reviews&id=1514   (430 words)

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