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Topic: Three Billy Goats Gruff

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  SurLaLune Fairy Tales: Annotations for Three Billy Goats Gruff
Billy goats: A billy goat is a male goat (WordNet).
Gruff: In English, gruff is an adjective meaning "deep and harsh sounding as if from shouting or illness or emotion" or "brusque and surly and forbidding" (WordNet).
From the goat's heavy approach to the way he announces himself, we know that this goat is much bigger and confident than the first two goats.
www.surlalunefairytales.com /billygoats/notes.html   (1185 words)

  Amazon.ca: Three Billy-Goats-Gruff: Books: Christine Ferrare,Ellen Appleby   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The first goat who is the child wants the grass like he wants candy and he'll even sacrifice his brother to get just like a child in the real life would do.
The second goat who is the adolescent is bigger but steal doesn't know how to deal with issues and still does the same thing he would have done if he was a child.
The three billy goats gruff- a norwegian folktale, Jul 8 2001
www.amazon.ca /Three-Billy-Goats-Gruff-Christine-Ferrare/dp/0613194713   (403 words)

 Three Billy Goats Gruff
Choose three students to be the goats and one student to be the troll.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Ellen Appleby
The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Susan Hellard
www.hubbardscupboard.org /three_billy_goats_gruff.html   (1037 words)

 Billy Goat Gruff
The youngest billy goat Gruff was the first to cross the bridge.
That was what the big billy goat said and so he flew at the Troll and poked his eyes out with his horns, and crushed him to bits, body and bones, and tossed him out into the brook.
There on the hillside the billy goats got so fat they were barely able to walk home again, and if the fat hasn't fallen off them, why, they're still fat.
pages.cfu.net /~paul.siddens/call/billy.html   (444 words)

 Three Billy Goats Gruff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Billy Goats Gruff is a famous traditional fairy tale of Norwegian origin, in which three goats cross a bridge, under which is a fearsome troll who tries to prevent them from crossing it.
Three billy goats live on one side of a stream.
The three goats are then free to eat the delicious grass on the other side of the river, and to cross the bridge any time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Three_Billy_Goats_Gruff   (325 words)

 WNEP Three Billy Goats Gruff
So the biggest billy goat started out over the bridge…trip, trap, trip, trap, (clippity clomp sign) went the sound of his hooves as he started to cross the bridge.
So the middle billy goat crossed over the bridge and ran up the hill to his big brother and began eating grass on the hillside.
Finally, the littlest billy goat looked up, realized he was all alone and decided he too wanted to cross over and eat grass with his two brothers on the other hill.
www.co.la-crosse.wi.us /Departments/WNEP/events/3BillyGoats.htm   (756 words)

 3 Billy Goats Gruff
Written by Jean Pierce, this Three Billy Goats Gruff is a nice updating of the old story about three goats who outsmart a nasty troll....
Nonetheless, it's time for these goats to organize and reclaim their structural rights, a task accomplished with enough cunning and trickery to make you believe that the goats will ALWAYS beat out the sheep.
While the goats tend towards a relentless positivism that children's theater requires to pass muster, the costumes are clever and the whole concept of a tap dancing goat is enormously appealing.
www.shakespearefest.org /three_billy_goats_gruff.htm   (777 words)

 A Child's Place - 3 Billy Goats Gruff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The billy goats had no more food on their side of the of the meadow, but across the bridge was a meadow full of sweet grass to eat.
One day, they were so hungry that the billy goats decided to try and cross the bridge.
The troll was never seen again and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff were able to cross the bridge to enjoy the sweet grass on the other side of the meadow any time they wanted.
www.archjrc.com /childsplace/gruff.html   (483 words)

 Indian Kids Stories, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Not so very long ago there were three billy goats. Their name was ...
Indian Kids Stories, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Not so very long ago there were three billy goats.
The Billy Goats Gruff were not happy in the valley.
The smallest Billy Goat Gruff went skipping off to the mountains, very well pleased with himself.
www.4to40.com /story/index.asp?article=story_goats   (687 words)

 The Billy Goats Gruff.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
On their way to the mountains the three Billy Goats Gruff had to cross a rushing river.
The smallest Billy Goat Gruff was first to reach the bridge.
Billy Goats Gruff song by Frank Luther available from Amazon in the UK.
www.sterlingtimes.co.uk /bill_goats_gruff.htm   (686 words)

 Math   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The smallest billy goat eats one pound of grass for breakfast, two pounds of grass for lunch, and three pounds of grass for supper.
During the winter, the billy goats stay in the barn and eat hay.
When he is not eating the sweet green grass, the middle billy goat likes to count clover leaves.
www.mathstories.com /bookstories/Book_5_Goat_Gruff.htm   (207 words)

 Briana's Playroom - Bedtime Stories - The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Once upon a time three billy goats lived together in a field on a hillside.
Beside the billy goats' field ran a river.
Then Big Billy Goat Gruff joined Middle Billy Goat Gruff and Little Billy Goat Gruff in the field on the far side of the river.
members.tripod.com /ah_coo/billy_goat_gruff.htm   (405 words)

 Yellow Pages
The troll was happy to hear that, and he let the little billy goat go on over the bridge.
Wait for the last billy goat, who is coming in a little while.
So the troll let that billy goat cross the bridge, too, because he wanted to eat the big billy goat.
www.4j.lane.edu /~deese/yellowpages/32_threebillygoatsgruff.htm   (438 words)

 SurLaLune Fairy Tales: The Annotated Three Billy Goats Gruff
On the way up was a bridge6 over a cascading stream they had to cross; and under the bridge lived a great ugly troll,7 with eyes as big as saucers, and a nose as long as a poker.
A little while after came the second Billy Goat Gruff15 to cross the bridge.
And then he flew at the troll, and poked his eyes out with his horns, and crushed him to bits, body and bones,18 and tossed him out into the cascade,19 and after that he went up to the hillside.
www.surlalunefairytales.com /billygoats   (469 words)

 "Three Billy Goats Gruff" Information page
Synopsis: The classic tale of the Billy Goats with a bridge to cross, and the Troll who lives underneath, in a new version with plenty of comedy and original songs.
"Little Billy Goat Gruff is the character with whom all the kids like to identify.
Three Billy Goats Gruff was first performed by The Little Patch Theatre, Adelaide, Australia, and subsequently by numerous theatres including the Brisbane Arts Children's Theatre.
www.singlelane.com /proplay/billygoats.html   (274 words)

 Amazon.ca: Three Billy Goats Gruff: Books: Janet Stevens   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In addition, unnecessary motivations are ascribed to the characters that serve to explain the reason for their violent actions (the troll is hungry; the big Billy Goat Gruff is angry).
The full-color illustrations are humorous; the goats walk about on their hind legs, the smallest goat wears a diaper and sucks a pacifier, and the biggest wears a fl leather jacket, to reinforce the point that he is tough enough to destroy the troll.
The three goat brothers brave the terrible troll in a colorful version of the classic tale.
www.amazon.ca /Three-Billy-Goats-Gruff-Stevens/dp/0833548115   (791 words)

 Amazon.com: The Three Billy Goats Gruff: Books: Paul Galdone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Three Billy-goats Gruff (Easy-to-Read Folktales) by Ellen Appleby
The three billy goats (personified) have a problem and put their heads together to hatch a plan.
The traditional story itself is baby-fare, with billy goat voices in three sizes and the fun repetition of "trip-trap, trip-trap", but some of Galdone's illustrations of large and clearly defined faces are appealing to babies too.
www.amazon.com /Three-Billy-Goats-Gruff/dp/0899190359   (1276 words)

 The Three Billy Goats Gruff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Three clever billy goats outwit a big ugly troll that lives under the bridge they must cross on their way up the mountain.
The troll allows the two smaller billy goats to cross over the bridge with a promise that a bigger goat will come along later.
He decides to wait for the better opportunity but is surprised by the big and tough billy goat that comes along later.
www.npl.lib.va.us /cove/books/galdone.shtml   (100 words)

 Three Billy Goats Gruff
Three goats went into a grove to eat leaves.
This goat said nothing in return, but instead, brave and forward as he was, lowered his horns and gave the wolf such a blow that he fell from the cliff into the chasm below and broke his right leg.
Many a family of goats attempted to enter the land, but were torn apart by the bloodthirsty beasts.
www.pitt.edu /~dash/type0122e.html   (1082 words)

 eBay - three billy goats ..., Antiquarian Collectible, Children's Books items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Three Billy Goats by Jean Warren (1994) buySAFE
The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Sir George Dasent
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=three+billy+goats+...   (380 words)

 The Three Billy Goats Gruff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
It is a simple animal fable, recognizably Norse because of the troll; made into many picture book versions and common in storytelling sessions for young children.
Note the typical folk/fairy tale elements of repetition by threes (three billy goats, three passages across the bridge, three repetitions of essentially the same dialogue between the goats and the troll.
However, most experts would not characterize "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" as a fairy tale because there is no actual magic involved in the story.
www.northern.edu /hastingw/gruff.htm   (179 words)

 Three Billy Goats
The Three Billy Goats Gruff wanted to cross the bridge to go up the mountain side to nibble tender shoots of grass.
The first small goat began to cross the bridge.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff went up the mountain side and nibbled the tender shoots of grass.
www.henry.k12.ga.us /pges/ingram/2001-2002/Projects/BillyGoatsGruff/drama.htm   (279 words)

So the smallest billy goat Gruff went skipping over the bridge.
Then the third billy goat Gruff stepped forward and went across the bridge.
With that the big billy goat Gruff head butted the troll into the water and he was never seen again.
www.eurotales.eril.net /billyuk.htm   (328 words)

 Become.com - Shop results for three billy goats gruff
The traditional story of three billy goat brothers who use their wits to outsmart a hungry troll.
Retells the folktale about three billy goats who trick a troll that lives under a bridge.
A retelling of the Norwegian folktale in which three goat brothers must outwit a scary troll so they can cross a bridge into a grass-filled...
www.become.com /shop?q=three+billy+goats+gruff   (227 words)

 "Three Billy Goats Gruff" - Shopping.com
Stephen Carpenter - The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Mary Finch - The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Ellen Appleby - Three Billy-Goats Gruff: A Norwegian Folktale
www.shopping.com /xGS-Three_Billy_Goats_Gruff   (505 words)

 The Billy Goats Gruff
the three Billy Goats Gruff had to cross a rushing river.
" Billy Goat Gruff, " said the second goat in his middle-sized voice.
" Billy Goat Gruff, " said the third goat in a deep voice.
www.funpagesforkids.com /billy   (486 words)

 three billy goats gruff text
Charges of three billy goats gruff text data are three billy goats gruff text.
Line of three billy goats gruff text was start smoking creating the lawn done is three billy goats gruff text.
Usually with county, nebraska, to a three billy goats gruff text the beds upstairs, the truth.
1st-door.com /archive/2006/three-billy-goats-gruff--text.html   (273 words)

 Afterschool Training Toolkit | The Three Billy Goats Gruff
In this activity, students are presented with a problem: construct a prototype of a bridge or other device to get the goats in the story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, to the other side of the river without getting eaten by the troll.
Engage students by introducing and reading aloud the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Have the students present their models and completed rubrics to the whole group while the remaining students and the instructor ask probing questions about their model and how it works.
www.sedl.org /afterschool/toolkits/science/ex_billy_goat.html   (578 words)

 THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF (guess who is the troll)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Helen the Troll did not want to waste her time on a little goat if there was a bigger and better one to eat, particularly one who was canceling out her votes.
Helen the Troll was getting very hungry and was worried about being late to a Sinkmaster speech, but she did not want to waste her appetite on a middle-sized goat if there was an even bigger one to come.
If only HelentheTroll had stuck to what she knows best, confiscatory taxation, intellectual three-card Monty, and hortatory excess toward ex- and future felons, why, she'd have stripped the Billy Goats Gruff to their skivvies and eaten their lunch herself, reminding them as she did it of the starving little goats in Asia.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/787151/posts   (1638 words)

 Three Billy Goats Gruff
LEARN NC, a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education, finds the most innovative and successful practices in K–12 education and makes them available to the teachers and students of North Carolina — and the world.
Three Billy Goats Gruff puppets (Can be made by children after hearing story as an added art activity)
Have the children write their own versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff using story board pictures and/or writing.
www.learnnc.org /lessons/SandraDoyle9222002434   (665 words)

 three billy goats
Here the three billy goats named Gruff live on the plains of East Feliciana Parish, but they want to go up to the hills and hollows of West Feliciana Parish to make themselves fat.
Amy Jackson Dixon adds some humor via her illustrations with tennis shoes, a canister, and a scout cap on the first goat, fishing attire on the second goat, and rootin' tootin' cowboy outfit on the biggest billy goat.
He and the goats speak with dialect but the storyline is the familiar one.
www.udel.edu /erc/bow092302.html   (485 words)

 Amazon.com: Three Billy Goats Gruff: Books: Paul Galdone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
For example in the "Editorial Reviews From School Library Journal" the reviewer says that the 'goats are angry' and that 'the baby goat is wearing a diaper'.
The kids just hoot when they see the biggest and meanest billy goat gruff dressed like a motorcyle dude in his leather jacket and sunglasses.
While I was reading it to her, every time we came to the full-page picture of the billy goat's face, she leaned down and put her cheek against the paper.
www.amazon.com /Three-Billy-Goats-Gruff-Galdone/dp/0899196888   (1425 words)

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