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Topic: Three Mile Island

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Three Mile Island
General Public Utilities Nuclear Corporation (GPUN): In January, 1982 operation of Three Mile Island Units 1 and 2 was divested from Met-Ed and vested in GPUN– a newly created subsidiary of GPU – as a means to disassociate the current actions of the company from those at the time of the accident.
Middletown, Pennsylvania: Town directly east of Three Mile Island; technically the plant is within the coundaries of the Borough of Middletown.
Three Mile Island: The island on which the nuclear plants (Three Mile Island Units 1 and 2) are located.
www.threemileisland.org /glossary.html   (2992 words)

  Three Mile Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Mile Island is the location of a U.S. nuclear power plant that, on March 28, 1979, suffered a partial core meltdown.
The Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station sits on an island in the Susquehanna River in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg, of area 3.29 km² (814 acres).
Three Mile Island Unit 2 was too badly damaged and contaminated to resume operations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Three_Mile_Island   (2969 words)

 Exelon | Three Mile Island Unit - 1
Three Mile Island Generating Station is located in Central Pennsylvania, about 12 miles south of Harrisburg, in Londonderry Township.
Three Mile Island’s goal is to be a good neighbor and is very active in the local community.
In addition, the Three Mile Island is a member of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Middletown Economic Development Corporation.
www.exeloncorp.com /ourcompanies/powergen/nuclear/three_mile_island_unit_-_1.htm   (402 words)

 Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Tokaimura
The three accidents you mention, Three Mile Island in 1979, Chernobyl in 1986, and Tokaimura in 1999, were very different in cause and effect.
Three Mile Island—The accident at Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI 2) in 1979 was caused by a combination of equipment failure and the inability of plant operators to understand the reactor's condition.
Here, three workers were mixing uranium in a small vat which was then to be sent to another part of the factory to be made into uranium fuel for a small, experimental nuclear reactor.
hps.org /publicinformation/ate/q1462.html   (1556 words)

 EPA History - EPA's Role At Three Mile Island
When mechanical failure and human error resulted in the now-famous accident at Three Mile Island in Middletown, Pennsylvania, March 28, 1979, EPA swiftly began monitoring operations to ensure that public health was protected from the discharge of radioactive materials into the environment from the crippled reactor.
Three days after the first glimmering of trouble in the reactor, a team of 19 technicians from the Office of Research and Development's Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory in Las Vegas were in Pennsylvania with monitoring equipment and a specially-equipped plane for more intensive monitoring.
At the time the Three Mile Island crisis erupted a year and a half ago, many outsiders were unaware that EPA had an involvement in radiation.
www.epa.gov /history/topics/tmi/02.htm   (3167 words)

 Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station, located on Three Mile Island.
Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station is a civilian nuclear power plant located on an artificial island (Three Mile Island) in the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States.
For more information on the nuclear accident, see the page on Three Mile Island, which discusses it exclusively.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Three_Mile_Island_Nuclear_Generating_Station   (448 words)

 Three Mile Island Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
The Three Mile Island generation station consists of two pressurized light-water reactorss built by Babcock & Wilcox with electrical design capacities of 786 MW (TMI-1) and 900 MW (TMI-2).
By coincidence, the event occurred a mere three days after the release of the movie The China Syndrome, which portrayed a similar, yet, fictional incident.
It is estimated that 2.5 million curies of radioactive gas were released by the accident.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/t/th/three_mile_island.html   (1052 words)

 Three Mile Island: Health study meltdown | thebulletin.org
In Dauphin County, where the Three Mile Island plant is located, the 1979 death rate among infants under one year represented a 28 percent increase over that of 1978; and among infants under one month, the death rate increased by 54 percent.
In 1997, Wing (who refused any financial support from the Three Mile Island Public Health Fund) published a paper that used the same data but arrived at different conclusions--namely that there was an association between radiation from the accident and cancer risk.
In theory, the group most affected by Three Mile Island included local downwind residents born in the late 1970s, namely those who were infants or fetuses at the time of the accident.
www.thebulletin.org /article.php?art_ofn=so04mangano   (2910 words)

 Three Mile Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
Three Mile Island was not free of damage, however.
One of the most notable outcomes of the Three Mile Island disaster was the ultimate collapse of the nuclear power industry.
The result of these realizations is that soon after Three Mile Island, no new nuclear plants were built and many existing ones were shut down, unable to contend with the dramatic rise in the cost of stricter safety requirements.
www.fatherryan.org /nuclearincidents/tmi.htm   (476 words)

 NRC: Fact Sheet on the Three Mile Island Accident
The accident at the Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2) nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania, on March 28, 1979, was the most serious in U.S. commercial nuclear power plant operating history(1), even though it led to no deaths or injuries to plant workers or members of the nearby community.
There is no doubt that the accident at Three Mile Island permanently changed both the nuclear industry and the NRC.
"Three Mile Island; A Report to the Commissioners and to the Public," by Mitchell Rogovin and George T. Frampton, NUREG/CR-1250, vols.
www.nrc.gov /reading-rm/doc-collections/fact-sheets/3mile-isle.html   (2990 words)

 About Three Mile Island Alert
Three Mile Island Alert, 4100 Hillsdale Rd, Harrisburg PA 17112 ~~ 717-541-1101 ~~ tmia@tmia.com
The Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station is approximately 10 miles SSE of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, United States.
Three Mile Island Alert is a non-profit citizens' organization dedicated to the promotion of safe-energy alternatives to nuclear power and is especially critical of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant.
www.tmia.com /about   (352 words)

 Pennsylvania Highways:  Three Mile Island
The three counties nearest to the plant already had plans to evacuate their residents, which came to a total of about 25,000.
Three Mile Island now sits as a reminder of the strengths and weaknesses of nuclear power.
Sources within the government say that the island was the subject of surveillance by some of the hijackers and their associates in the months before the terrorists attacks.
www.pahighways.com /features/threemileisland.html   (3700 words)

 17, Incident at Three Mile Island, "Secret Fallout, Low-Level Radiation From Hiroshima To Three-Mile Island"
I explained to her that I was planning to measure for myself the radiation levels in the Harrisburg area at different distances from the stricken plant in order to have some idea as to the magnitude of the hazard that the continuing releases were posing for the people in the area, particularly for the unborn.
Three miles from the airport, the readings dropped to only three to four times normal, but at 4 miles, they rose again to eight and nine times their usual rate.
On April 4, 1979, exactly a week after the accident at Three Mile Island had begun, Congressional hearings were scheduled to take place in an effort to learn what the long-range health effects of the accident were likely to be.
www.ratical.org /radiation/SecretFallout/SFchp17.html   (5206 words)

 Echo: The Accident at Three Mile Island
Three independent government commissions investigated the accident, and several public health studies were conducted.
"Three Mile Island: Assessment of Radiation Exposures and Environmental Contamination." In: Thomas H. Moss and David L. Sills: The Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident: Lessons and Implications.
The Three Mile Island Accident: Lessons and Implications (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol.
echo.gmu.edu /tmi   (712 words)

 Three Mile Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
Three Mile Island is a nuclear power plant located near Harrisburg, PA. The plant itself consisted of two pressurized water reactors named Unit 1 and Unit 2 (Three Mile Island:1979, 2001).
Also, TMI was responsible for the creation of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and the National Academy for Nuclear Training (Three Mile Island:1979, 2001).
Three Mile Island was a low point for the nuclear power industry, but thanks to TMI, people are less ignorant about nuclear energy.
www.personal.psu.edu /users/r/m/rmr230/threemileisland.html   (379 words)

 PHMC Doc Heritage: Accident at Three Mile Island.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
Photograph of Harold Denton with Governor Dick Thornburgh responding to questions concerning, the nation's worst commercial nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, March 29, 1979, and school children's cards expressed both fears and gratitude to Harold Denton in the aftermath of the accident at Three Mile Island.
In the early hours of March 28, 1979 an equipment malfunction occurred at the Unit 2 nuclear generating station on Three Mile Island (TMI) near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
In the long term, however, the incident at Three Mile Island began the erosion of public support for this type of electrical power generation.
www.docheritage.state.pa.us /documents/tmi.asp   (518 words)

 Three Mile Island: The Rest of the Story...
The three counties closest to the nuclear plant already had plans to evacuate their residents -- a total of about 25,000 living within 5 miles of the Island.
During the Three Mile Island nuclear materials release, pre-school and pregnant or nursing moms were evacuated within 5 miles of the plant and people were cautioned to stay indoors within a 10 mile radius.
Although the nuclear industry repeatedly told the public that Three Mile Island didn't have a meltdown, about 48 tons of fuel (32%) melted, of which 30 tons reached the bottom of the containment, having melted a 2x5 ft. hole in the inner wall of the containment.
www.ki4u.com /three_mile_island.htm   (4862 words)

 Three Mile Island
The effects of the Three Mile Island incident and the subsequent concern over nuclear power, make it a concrete example of a disaster.
Some effects from the Three Mile Island accident have been documented and others are still to come.
Although the known deaths from the Three Mile Island accident are few, I still consider it a disaster.
www.idbsu.edu /history/ncasner/hy210/3mile.htm   (740 words)

 BBC ON THIS DAY | 28 | 1979: Nuclear leak causes alarm in America
The accident happened when a water pump broke down at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, 10 miles (16km) south-east of the state capital Harrisburg.
A spokesman for Metropolitan Edison - one of the companies that runs Three Mile Island - said the nuclear reactor automatically shut down after the malfunction, but not before the leak.
Three Mile Island remains the largest nuclear incident in US history.
news.bbc.co.uk /onthisday/hi/dates/stories/march/28/newsid_2734000/2734499.stm   (475 words)

 World Nuclear Association | Information and Issue Briefs | Three Mile Island: 1979   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
The atmosphere then and the reasons for it are described well in the book "Crisis Contained, The Department of Energy at Three Mile Island," by Philip L Cantelon and Robert C. Williams, 1982.
What happened on Friday was not a planned evacuation but a weekend exodus based not on what was actually happening at Three Mile Island but on what government officials and the media imagined might happen.
The average radiation dose to people living within 10 miles of the plant was 0.08 millisieverts, with no more than 1 millisievert to any single individual.
www.world-nuclear.org /info/inf36.htm   (3034 words)

 Alsos: Three Mile Island
This book examines the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island as a case study for explaining how such disasters can occur at nuclear power plants.
The effectiveness of the safety precautions and emergency measures taken at Three Mile Island are outlined and their flaws are discussed.
He argues that problems with the design of the plant were brought to the attention of those in charge at the time of construction; however, those who had the power to act ignored the warning.
alsos.wlu.edu /information.aspx?id=836   (109 words)

 Reactor accidents - Three Mile Island
The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is located a few miles from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
The reactor went critical just a year before the day of the accident and the official commisioning was performed three months earlier.
The freeways were flooded by thousands of those seeking shelter and a great number of accidents happened.
www.npp.hu /tortenelem/balesetek2-e.htm   (1103 words)

 Inside Three Mile Island: TMI-Specific Links
Here you'll find the home page of Three Mile Island Alert, a group of anti-nuclear activists based in Harrisburg, PA. Despite the site's strong anti-nuclear bias, there is much useful information to be found among their content, including verbatim excerpts from the NRC's Rogovin Commission report.
Three Mile Island, as one of the galvanizing events in the trend away from nuclear power in the US, is featured prominently.
About a month before the 20th anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident, Sara Kelly of PhiladelphiaWEEKLY visited Three Mile Island and the surrounding area and produced this well-crafted piece.
kd4dcy.net /tmi/tmilinks.html   (613 words)

 Three Mile Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
General Public Utilities Corporation of Pennsylvania has a nuclear power plant at Three Mile Island on the Susquehanna River, near Harrisburg PA. Due to a combination of design flaws, mismanagement, and operator errors, a nuclear reactor was destroyed by a partial meltdown on March 28, 1979.
Although there were no lives lost at the time of the accident; the radiation released is expected to increase the cancer death rate for the region downwind of the plant.
What happened at Three Mile Island A note about the back room activities at the Pennsylvania Governor;s Office, from Pa. state EPA archive.
www.ceet.niu.edu /faculty/vanmeer/tmi.htm   (366 words)

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