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Topic: Three spired Cathedrals

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Cathedral - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
A cathedral is a Christian church building, specifically of a denomination with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Anglican, Roman Catholic and some Lutheran churches, which serves as the central church of a diocese, and thus as a bishop's seat.
In 1542 the abbey was declared a cathedral by Henry VIII.
The Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, the cathedral church of Rome, alone in Western Europe possesses a patriarchal character among Roman Catholics, since the Pope is the Patriarch of the Latin Rite church.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Cathedral   (2846 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Lichfield Cathedral - The Three Spires
Lichfield Cathedral has a long and somewhat violent past, and was unique at the time it was built for having three spires as an original feature.
The Cathedral, with its three distinct spires, dominates the landscape.
The Cathedral obtained two of its most valued treasures in the early part of the 19th Century, the first being in 1803 when Sir Brooke Boothby bought a Flemish stained glass panel from Herckenrode Abbey which was fitted in the windows of the Lady Chapel.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/collective/A16890429   (1091 words)

  Britain.tv Wikipedia - Cathedral
A cathedral is a Christian church building, specifically of a denomination with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Anglican, Catholic and some Lutheran churches, which serves as the central church of a diocese, and thus as a bishop's seat.
In 1542 the abbey was declared a cathedral by Henry VIII.
The Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, the cathedral church of Rome, alone in Western Europe possesses a patriarchal character among Roman Catholics, since the Pope is the Patriarch of the Latin Rite church.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=Cathedral   (2812 words)

 Cathedral xmpg.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The word cathedral is derived from the Greek language noun (cathedra) which translates as seat and refers to the presence of the bishop's (or archbishop's) chair or throne.
In view of this, canon lawyers sometimes speak of the cathedral church as the one church of the diocese, and all others are deemed chapel s in their relation to it.
The Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, the cathedral church of Rome, alone in Western Europe possesses a patriarchal character among Roman Catholics, since the Pope is the Patriarch of the West.
cathedral.en.xmpg.org   (2563 words)

 VRMAG - COLOGNE'S GREAT GOTHIC CATHEDRAL (KÖLNER DOM) IN FULLCREEN VR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The twin spires are each 515 feet tall - more than one-third the height of the Sears Tower in the U.S. Illuminated in green light from dusk to dawn, it dominates the city’s skyline and one finds it hard to believe this enormous structure was conceived in the Middle Ages.
The Cathedral is home to the 13th century Sarcophagus of the Magi, purported to hold the remains of the Three Wise Men, whose bones and clothes were discovered at the opening of the shrine.
The Cathedral was severely damaged during WWII and was fully reconstructed by 1956.
vrm.vrway.com /issue21/COLOGNE_S_GREAT_GOTHIC_CATHEDRAL_K_LNER_DOM_IN_FULLCREEN_VR.html   (984 words)

 Three-spired cathedrals in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lichfield Cathedral is situated in the cathedral city of Lichfield.
The cathedral dates from various periods in 13th and early 14th centuries, although this can not be allocated to fixed years, since the archives were destroyed during the English Civil War.
The central tower and spire is 250 feet (75 m) tall, the western ones reach 200 ft (60 m).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Three-spired_Cathedrals   (707 words)

 Cathedral Encyclopedia Article @ MatronsOfTheArts.com (Matrons of the Arts)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The title of "primate" was occasionally conferred on metropolitans of sees of great dignity or importance, such as Canterbury, York, Rouen, whose cathedral churches remained simply metropolitical.
As with the title of primate, so also that of "patriarch" has been conferred on sees such as Venice and Lisbon, the cathedral churches of which are patriarchal in name alone.
The third dignitary is the chancellor (scholasticus, écoldtre, capiscol, magistral, etc.), who must not be confounded with the chancellor of the diocese.
matronsofthearts.com /encyclopedia/Cathedral   (2959 words)

 Gothic Art And Architecture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
1245) and the choirs and transept of Rochester Cathedral.
At the technical level Gothic architecture is characterized by the ribbed vault (a vault in which stone ribs carry the vaulted surface), the pointed arch, and the flying buttress (normally a half arch carrying the thrust of a roof or vault across an aisle to an outer pier or buttress).
cathedral, which was begun in the late 1370s, but the style continued to evolve, the application of tracery panels tending to become denser.
history-world.org /gothic_art_and_architecture.htm   (5979 words)

 Sicily Tour - Travel Articles, Sicily - Personal guided tours of Sicily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Three villages gathered about the rim of the Great Harbour to his front: Syracuse, Ognina, Plemmyrion, but along the length of Sicily's coast there were perhaps hundreds.
On the south side, there were three walls, one marking the drop of the hillside, with a trapezoidal tower that constricted the forecourt.
The Cathedral of Siracuse is a towering stony amalgam of glued together chunks of Greek temple, Romanesque basilica, and gothic extravagance.
www.sicily-tour.com /newspr.html   (14941 words)

While in the cathedral gift-shop, I was greatly tempted by a Taylor of London bar of lily of the valley soap for £2.95.
From the car park (parking lot) in Wells, the first spired building hints to the unwary that the cathedral is but a stone's throw away from the 60p parking ticket dispenser and "you are here" map.
The famous Wells Cathedral clock (indicates everything from the phase of the moon and sun to the minute, complete with Swiss-clock-works type characters on-the-hour chase, and another character which kicks his heel against a gong, also on the hour) is said to be more of a tourist attraction than the cathedral itself.
www.stanford.edu /~jcolwell/London.Notes.1998.html   (7136 words)

 Italy Italian Delight
Three of the more popular resorts for many U.S. skiers and The Blue Book editors, are Bormio, Cervinia, and Courmayeur.
Selva Gardena may be the best known of the three valley resorts, and is one of the leading ski resorts in the Alps, It is located at the east end of the valley, at an altitude of 5126 feet, at the foot of the Sella Massif.
The multi-spired main Cathedral is one of the world’s great churches.
www.bluebookski.com /bluebook9/Italy_Italian_Delight.htm   (2725 words)

 Britannia Tours & Travel
Cornwall, the most southwesterly part of England, and West Devon are famous for their rustic fishing villages and rugged coastlines that have given rise to mystical legends and literary masterpieces.
This impressive, three spired, modern cathedral, the first built in over 700 years, was constructed in the neo-Gothic style.
The magnificent Gothic Cathedral we see today was built in 1270, but there has been a church here since 932.
www.britannia.com /PriorityTravel/cornwall_devon.html   (921 words)

 Are cathedrals twins or not?
For decades, it has been said that Patrick John Keely, the architect of the Albany cathedral, matched it to the Cologne church at the behest of the Diocese's first bishop, John McCloskey.
According to the "Centenary History of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception," published in 1952, Bishop McCloskey "dreamed of a replica of the lordly Cathedral of Cologne."
One of the stained-glass windows in Albany's cathedral is the St. Ursula window, and she is the patroness of Cologne, Germany.
www.evangelist.org /archive/htm6/0818cath.htm   (497 words)

 Churches in Cornwall, cathedrals to parishes
There is one cathedral in Cornwall, at Truro, and a large number of very old churches going right back to Norman, and even pre-Norman.
- The three spired cathedral is one of the few cathedrals completed in the twentieth century in Britain.
- The 'Cathedral in the Moor' is in a wooded valley where the lane fords Penpont Water.
www.cornwall-calling.co.uk /churches.htm   (621 words)

 Three spired Cathedrals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The cathedral internal length is 370 ft (113m), and the breadth of the nave 68 ft (21m), that dates in its current form from various periods in the 13th century and early 14th century, but the various portions cannot be allocated to fixed years, as the old archives were destroyed during the English Civil War.
St Marys Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh, is a cathedral in the city Edinburgh, Scotland In 1689 after the abdication of James II of England, the Reformed Church in Scotland divided over the issue of the House of Stuart Succession.
Two churches came into being: the Presbyterian Church established by William III of England, and the Episcopal Church which remained loyal to the House of Stuart cause.
read-and-go.hopto.org /British-cathedrals/Three-spired-Cathedrals.html   (673 words)

 Solo Travel: Features/Tips
Throughout the three days, the city arranges events at the local San Miguel Cemetery, such as exhibitions, altar competitions, music and prayers for the dead.
Britain’s cathedrals are not only places of worship and magnificent, historic edifices, many of them contain superb cafés and restaurants selling wholesome, tasty food (including breakfast), home made cakes and good coffee at reasonable prices.
Three Chimney’s Inn, Durham, NH: Innkeeper Karen Meyer feels the presence of an “angel on her shoulder” here; one night after a particularly long week she received a clear message from her guardian angel.
www.sololady.com /Features_Tips_Travel.aspx   (14661 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Staffordshire | Cathedral hit by lightning bolt
Lichfield's historic three-spired cathedral had to be evacuated when it was hit by lightning in recent storms.
Cathedral spokesman Canon Charles Taylor said a group was saying prayers when a loud bang was heard and the floor shook on the morning of 24 June.
Mr Taylor said: "We are very grateful to the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service who attended very quickly and were soon able to confirm that the cathedral wasn't on fire.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/staffordshire/4649979.stm   (191 words)

 Czech Travel Guide: what to do in Prague
From the almost pastoral serenity of St. George's Basilica, to the awe inspiring Gothic power and passion of St. Vitus Cathedral, to the magnificent sweep of the grounds, the castle is wondrous and has attractions for all - history and architecture plus marching soldiers and entertainment.
The cathedral is the spiritual heart of the nation as the mausoleum of the Bohemian kings and the city's greatest landmark.
Although the cathedral was started in 1344 it wasn't actually consecrated until May 12, 1929.
www.czech-travel-guide.com /whattodo.htm   (2319 words)

 Reviews for Titles by Artists/Groups: "T"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Then violin and Oud player Yair Dalal was recorded in the dunes of the Sinai desert, where additional field recordings were done, capturing Bedouin's voices and all the desert ambient sounds that accompany the work from its opening notes to its finale on the shores of the Red Sea.
His three releases with Brian Keane and his three solo efforts (all from Celestial Harmonies) have set the stage for this, his first from Hearts of Space, as he offers a divine hybrid of old and new technologies at its most refined and passionate.
Three years later and with lots of mighty Serge synthesizer space right up front, the follow-up to "Astral Currents" lands safely in the warehouse.
www.backroadsmusic.com /reviews/t_reviews.htm   (10655 words)

 TheTrueLight.Net - World Views Contrasted
Through the centuries, fervent voices have been heard in every kind of cultural setting promoting diverse notions about God’s nature, man’s condition and what the future holds for all of us.
From thatched roofs to towering skyscrapers, from mountaintop stone altars to temples overlaid with gold, from isolated caves to high-spired cathedrals-the expression of religious opinions is as endless as the shifting images of a kaleidoscope.
So there are three main areas of revelation, three essential themes, on which we will be focusing our attention-(God, Man and the Universe)-but under these headings there are seven divisions of important and insightful information.
www.thetruelight.net /worldviews.htm   (804 words)

 parish holidays - have a christian holiday in the village of Mevagissey, Cornwall
There will be time for shopping in the cathedral city of Truro, which is the administrative centre of Cornwall.
Truro has one of Britain’s most modem three spired cathedrals incorporating the ancient Parish Church - it was completed in 1910 after 30 years’ work.
Around the cathedral the streets are in keeping with its venerable appearance.
www.highwaytrust.org /parish_hols/itineraries/mevagissey_cornwall.html   (566 words)

 Around Naples Encyclopedia 24
Sichelgaita was by his side when he died, and she arranged to have his mortal remains returned to Italy to rest in the Hauteville crypt in the Cathedral of Venosa in Puglia.
Scarlatti's attention to the grace of newer and less ornamental forms set the stage for classicism, and his sense of melody, and even his sense of humor, imbued his art with the kind of musical humanism that would one day be the hallmark of Romanticism, itself.
The southernmost one is the Doric Basilica; it was probably dedicated to Hera, wife of Zeus and queen of the Gods; there is a sacrificial altar in front of the temple.
faculty.ed.umuc.edu /~jmatthew/naples/blog24.html   (11913 words)

 Amadeus Symphony Cruise Review
The suites and the highest category cabins are located on deck three and offer large picture windows; Deck three is high enough off of the water so that you are guaranteed excellent views while cruising and in your cabin.
We met the tour escort outside of the old cathedral to begin our tour and were very impressed with the size of the structure but somewhat unimpressed with the overall experience, as our guide seemed more interested in promoting his own religious agenda rather than the history of the church.
We spent the afternoon cruising down the Moselle enjoying vista after vista of vineyards and small villages with their spired cathedrals, multi storied, peaked roofed structures and charming riverside homes.
www.cruisereviews.com /AmadeusWaterways/Symphony1.htm   (6586 words)

 Passport to Knowledge Schedule 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
We will visit the ancient cities of Magdeburg, Wittenburg, Meidden, and Dresden where we will visit some of the world's treasures including Renaissance palaces, spired cathedrals, and ancient castles all set amidst spectacular scenery.
Our 15-day trip begins with three days in Berlin and ends with stops in Prague Krakow, an UNESCO World Cultural heritage site, and Warsaw.
The medieval villages, Baroque and Romanesque churches and Gothic cathedrals that line the river's banks are a testament to its rich history.
aisweb.wustl.edu /alumni/travel.nsf/pages/Travel2001   (1339 words)

 conjectural navel gazing; jesus in lint form: February 2005 Archives
One of the most startling observations, according to Barna, was how few born again parents indicated that one of the most important outcomes parents needed to help their children grasp was salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
The top three teams from the North, Central American and Caribbean region will qualify automatically for the World Cup, to be held in Germany, while a fourth team will enter a two-game playoff against a team from Asia.
I still think of the life of the church as being located in that spired building on the corner of the street....no tall maple trees, no church.
www.anglobaptist.org /blog/archives/2005/02/index.html   (13012 words)

 Untitled Document
The river is the brightest and the widest thing I see; there are farms and green on either side of it, then houses, then Soviet slabs of concrete, then spired cathedrals, cobblestone streets, then people!
The avenues are wide, with room for two lanes of traffic going in either direction, separated by electric tram lines sparking along down the middle.
The tram cars are wooden and rickety orange boxes, linked three or four in a row, warm and crowded and brightly lit.
www.fluxfactory.org /otr/donbudapest.htm   (1781 words)

 Gothic Page & Seeking Illumination (Getty Press Releases)
The artistic and historic period now known as Europe's Gothic era (from around 1200 to 1350) was marked by immense cultural innovation and refinement.
The soaring spires of Gothic cathedrals rose throughout Europe, and in illuminators' workshops a new style of manuscript painting emerged, shimmering with gold leaf and marked by a new sense of naturalism, courtly grace, and beauty.
The Glory of the Gothic Page celebrates the achievements of Gothic manuscript illuminators with a display of 21 lavishly decorated books and pages from the 13th and 14th centuries, including 15 manuscript pages that have never before been on view at the Getty Center.
www.getty.edu /news/press/exhibit/glorygothic_seekillum.html   (806 words)

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