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Topic: Tiberius

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Tiberius Claudius Nero was born on 16 November 42 B.C. to Ti.
Tiberius, despite having a natural son, was required to adopt his nephew, Germanicus, the son of his brother Drusus and married to M. Antony's daughter, Antonia.
"Julians, Claudians and the Accession of Tiberius." Latomus 30 (1971): 1117-23.
www.roman-emperors.org /tiberius.htm   (6306 words)

Tiberius was thus in the most formal manner associated with the emperor in the conduct of the government on the civil side; but Tacitus goes too far when he says that this promotion marked him out as the heir to the throne.
Tiberius was already invested with the necessary powers, and it may even be that the senate was not permitted the satisfaction of giving a formal sanction to his accession.
The principal authorities for the reign of Tiberius are Tacitus and Suetonius.
www.nndb.com /people/932/000087671   (3544 words)

  Tiberius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tiberius was by birth a Claudian, son of Tiberius Nero and Livia.
Tiberius deserves recognition as one of Rome’s greatest generals, whose campaigns in Pannonia, Illyricum, Rhaetia and Germany laid the foundations for the northern frontier.
Tiberius Claudius Nero was born on 16 November 42 BC to Tiberius Nero and Livia Drusilla.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tiberius   (4477 words)

 Tiberius Gracchus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tiberius' political ideals eventually led to his death at the hands of supporters of the conservative faction (Optimates) of the Roman senate.
Tiberius was born in 163 BC, son of Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus and Cornelia Africana.
Tiberius was married to Butchara Pulcheria, daughter of Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul in 143 BC), and had three sons that died young.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tiberius_Gracchus   (1281 words)

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 Tiberius - MSN Encarta
Tiberius was born Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar in Rome on November 16, 42 bc.
When Tiberius returned to Rome in ad 2, Julia had been banished for adultery, and within two years the deaths of both the young grandsons of Augustus, Lucius (died ad 2) and Gaius (died ad 4), paved the way for the adoption of Tiberius as heir to the imperial dignity.
Tiberius also succeeded in quelling formidable insurrections in Pannonia and Dalmatia, and finally in securing the frontier and taking vengeance upon the Germans, who had annihilated the army of the Roman general Publius Quintilius Varus (died ad 9) in the Teutoburger Wald in ad 9.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761574956/Tiberius.html   (591 words)

 The Internet Classics Archive | Tiberius Gracchus by Plutarch
Tiberius was the elder by nine years; owing to which their actions as public men were divided by the difference of the times in which those of the one and those of the other were performed.
Tiberius, immediately on his attaining manhood, had such a reputation that he was admitted into the college of the augurs, and that in consideration more of his early virtue than of his noble birth.
Tiberius was accordingly despatched to the enemy, whom he persuaded to accept of several conditions, and he himself complied with others; and by this means, it is beyond a question, that he saved twenty thousand of the Roman citizens, besides attendants and camp followers.
classics.mit.edu /Plutarch/tiberius.html   (4663 words)

 Tiberius   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tiberius was born in 42 BC, the son of the aristocratic Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla.
Though Tiberius, a large, strong man, had been groomed by Augustus as his successor, he was actually the fourth choice after Agrippa, husband of Augustus' only daughter Julia, and their sons, Gaius and Lucius, all three of whom died in the lifetime of Augustus.
Tiberius though would have none of it, but in order to secure his position he had Agrippa Postumus, the exiled, last surviving grandson of Augustus, murdered, though some said it was organized by Livia without his knowledge.
www.roman-empire.net /emperors/tiberius.html   (1364 words)

 Tiberius: 42 BC to 37 AD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tiberius was only three years old when his mother married the future emperor.This marriage meant that Tiberius would now be a member of the imperial family so even if he did not become emperor he would still rise to important polititical positions.
Tiberius loved his new wife dearly and it was plain to see that they were very happy together and she later bore him a son named Drusus.It is often said that this was the happiest period of his life.However, in 12 BC, the close friend of Augustus, Agrippa died.
Tiberius' stepson,Germanicus, was in command when the Rhine mutiny broke out and his situation was more serious that the one Drusus had faced.Germanicus was a great general and was a man of great charm and manner and his soldiers were completly devoted to him.
library.thinkquest.org /26907/emperors/tiberius.htm   (2598 words)

Tiberius spent his last years in constantly increasing seclusion, misanthropy, and cruelty on the Island of Capri, where it is said he abandoned himself to debauchery.
The ministry and death of John the Baptist and of Jesus Christ occurred during the reign of Tiberius.
John the Baptist was called by God, in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius, to prepare the way for Christ as His precursor.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14717b.htm   (618 words)

 Tiberius - Crystalinks
Tiberius Caesar Augustus, born Tiberius Claudius Nero (November 16, 42 BC­March 16, AD 37), was the second Roman Emperor, from the death of Caesar Augustus in AD 14 until his own death in 37.
Tiberius was by birth a Claudian - son of Tiberius Nero and Livia, but through his adoption by Augustus - who was both his stepfather and father-in-law - he became a Julian.
Tiberius, perhaps sensitive to this ambition, rejected Sejanus's initial proposal to marry Livilla in 25 AD, but later put it about that he had withdrawn his objections so that, in 30 AD, Sejanus was betrothed to Livilla's daughter (Tiberius' granddaughter).
www.crystalinks.com /tiberius.html   (2114 words)

Tiberius' failures, however seem to have been his inability to define his own role within the Principate and the roles of those around him, including the Senate.
Still, Tiberius left evidence of his own desire to be rid of the mantle of authority, being the only emperor to refuse the title 'Pater Patriae' (father of the country).
Tiberius' would be blasted by later Roman historians, all of whom would have ties to the Senatorial elite, and therefore, despite a generally solid rule (especially in terms of provincial administration), his legacy was permanently stained.
www.unrv.com /early-empire/tiberius.php   (766 words)

Tiberius, despite having a natural son, was required to adopt his nephew, Germanicus, the son of his brother Drusus and Agrippa's daughter, Agrippina (the Elder).
Tiberius was most probably encouraged in his decision to retire by Sejanus, who now became the chief vehicle of access to the emperor.
Tiberius, perhaps sensitive to this ambition, rejected Sejanus's initial proposal to marry Livilla in A.D. 25, but later put it about that he had withdrawn his objections so that, in A.D. Sejanus was betrothed to Livilla.
www.aldridgeshs.qld.edu.au /sose/ancrespg/rome/emperors/tiberius/fagantib.htm   (6218 words)

 The Antedating of Tiberius Caesar's Reign
The Antedating of the Reign of Tiberius Caesar
Tiberius was somewhat in disfavor in the years before the deaths of Lucius and Gaius.
If the reign of Tiberius began with the death of Augustus, then Germanicus could not have died after Pilate began to rule Judea, that is, after the 12th year of Tiberius’ reign, and yet have died in the 5th year after the death of Augustus.
www.biblicalchronology.com /tiberius.htm   (2336 words)

 Augustus and Tiberius
Tiberius had been seeking permission to return to Rome from Rhodes for some time, Augustus withheld permission until now, only allowing his to return on the condition that he withdraw completely from public life.
Tiberius cut off the allowance of his wife Julia, still exiled on the island of Rhegium, so that she died of malnutrition before the end of the year.
Tiberius fell ill and eventually died at the age of 78; there were rumors that Macro and Caligula hastened the process by smothering him with a pillow.
www.vroma.org /~bmcmanus/augustus.html   (1904 words)

 Tacitus and Tiberius
Tiberius was also suspected of having orchestrated the death of Germanicus, of whom he was supposed to be jealous.
The reign of Tiberius also saw the immorality of Livia, "the niece of Augustus, the daughter-in-law of Tiberius, the mother of children by Drusus...[who] for a provincial paramour, foully disgraced herself, her ancestors, and her descendants, giving up honour and a sure position for prospects as base as they were uncertain" (IV.3).
Tiberius' disapproval was highly justified and his reasoning that "the spectacle of the slain and unburied made the army slow to fight and more afraid of the enemy" astute, but instead is suspected by Tacitus to be partly because Tiberius " [interprets] unfavourably every act of Germanicus" (I.62).
janusquirinus.org /essays/Tiberius.html   (2804 words)

 Tiberius Gracchus Summary
Tiberius ran for the tribunate of 133 B.C. as the representative of a large liberal faction in the Senate which included Q. Mucius Scaevola, consul in 133 B.C.; Appius Claudius Pulcher, the father-in-law of Tiberius and ranking senator; and P. Licinius Crassus, father-in-law of Gaius and one of the leading lawyers of the day.
Tiberius was born in 163 BC, son of Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus and Cornelia Africana.
Tiberius was married to Claudia Pulchra, daughter of Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul in 143 BC), and had three sons which died young.
www.bookrags.com /Tiberius_Gracchus   (2193 words)

 Tiberius Item @ GreatArtworks.com (Great Artworks)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tiberius returned to Rome and lived as a private citizen when, unexpectedly, Gaius Caesar was wounded during a siege in Armenia (9 September, AD 3) and died as a result (21 February, AD His careful planning for the succession had come to nothing.
The legions posted in Pannonia and in Germania, the most powerful concentration of troops in the Empire, took the opportunity afforded by Augustus’s death to voice their complaints about the terms and conditions of their service, and that they had not received bonuses promised to them by Augustus.
On Tiberius's request, Germanicus was granted proconsular power and assumed command in the prime military zone of Germania, where he suppressed the mutiny there and led the formerly restless legions on campaigns against Germanic tribes from 14 to 16.
www.greatartworks.com /encyclopedia/Tiberius   (3634 words)

 The Lives of the Twelve Caesars - Tiberius
Such was the stock from which Tiberius Caesar derived his origin, and that too on both sides: on his father's from Tiberius Nero; on his mother's from Appius Pulcher, both of whom were sons of Appius Caecus.
Nero, the father of Tiberius, as a quaestor of Julius Caesar during the Alexandrian War [48-47 B.C.] and commander of a fleet, contributed materially to the victory.
Some have supposed that Tiberius was born at Fundi, on no better evidence than that his maternal grandmother was a native of that place, and that later a statue of Good Fortune was set up there by decree of the Senate.
www.historyinfilm.com /claudius/classics/12caesar/tiberius.htm   (3287 words)

 Tiberius   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The older Tiberius fought against Octavian in the Civil War and in 40 BC was forced to flee to Greece.
However, it was at this time that Tiberius was moved into the line of succession in the event that something happened to Augustus and the two young heirs could not guide the empire.
To seal the succession, Tiberius was forced to divorce his wife and marry the twice widowed Julia, a marriage that proved to be a fiasco.
cornellia.fws1.com /Ancientworlds/tiberius.htm   (1305 words)

This denarius, featuring Tiberius on the obverse and his mother Livia on the reverse, is probably the type of coin Jesus held up in his famous speech.
Some historians suspect Livia of arranging for the death or discreditation of all rivals to her son, but others believe Tiberius was simply the beneficiary of a fortuitous (for him) series of accidents.
Tiberius was not a flamboyant public figure like his predecessor, and eventually he retreated from the public eye, taking up residence on the island of Capri in 27.
www.garstang.us /emperors/tiberius.htm   (416 words)

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