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Topic: Tideus

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  Aquitian Rangers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tideus is a very serious person who takes his duties as a Ranger extremely seriously.
Tideus is physically the strongest of the Aquitians, and also is one of the healthiest.
Tideus was entrusted with the power of the Yellow Battle Borg and the Yellow Shogunzord.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tideus   (652 words)

 Writer's Guide to the PR Universe - Aquitian Rangers (unmorphed)
Tideus said the dehydration process could be ignored no longer.
Tideus off toward the left side of the viewport and Corcus off toward the right.
Tideus had been licking, then handing him her orange one.
www.rovang.org /wg/unmorphedmmar.htm   (4518 words)

 Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Tideus remarks, "A bit dirty, wouldn't you say, Cestro?" Cestro concurs, "I would agree." As it approaches, they scoot ahead, not wanting to be made into tuna pancakes.
Tideus somehow is able to get his sword out of the sheath on his back, and into his hands, while remaining encased in webbing.
Tideus has a blinking fit while looking into the camera, Cestro also blinking and twitching, added poinking sound effects enhance the comedic experience; Two Tengas get doused with high pressure streams of water at the Car Wash, likely from large hoses offscreen.
www.planetnaboo.org /pericles/prsw/mmpr3/mmpr152.htm   (7508 words)

 Writer's Guide to the PR Universe - Aquitian Ranger weapons
Tideus broke free of the webbing around him with yellow energy from his sword.
Tideus sliced a yellow energy triangle into the air with his sword, and the shape then flew into
Tideus shot a whirlwind of yellow energy from his sword, creating a large gust of wind which blew the
www.rovang.org /wg/mmarweapons.htm   (244 words)

 [No title]
Tideus executes a flying knee drop right to the gut of Star Lightspeed Ranger.
Tideus throws Star Lightspeed Ranger off the ropes and hits him with a cross-body block.
Tideus grabs Star Lightspeed Ranger's arm, takes him down, and puts him in the armbar.
rainbowr.50megs.com /I41.htm   (2231 words)

 Water Runs Dry, Part 3
Tideus and Corcus shall assist Cestro in the repair of the Battle Borgs.
Tideus threw a mighty kick at the glass, shattering it with his enhanced strength.
Tideus breathed heavily, and saw Cestro and Corcus standing on a hoverpad, welding a gash in the upper leg of the Red Battle Borg.
www.paladar.com /fanware/room15/dawson58.htm   (5784 words)

 Writer's Guide to the PR Universe - Aquitian Rangers
Tideus called out to power up the Yellow Shogunzord, the sky turned into an image of what looked like leaves blowing in the wind, and yellow energy rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Yellow
Tideus sliced a yellow energy triangle into the air with his sword, blasting Arachnofiend with the shape; the other Aquitian Rangers presumably had similar attacks with respective colors and shapes.
Tideus shot a whirlwind of yellow energy from his sword, creating a large gust of wind which blew the Cogs away.
www.rovang.org /wg/mmar.htm   (1746 words)

 [No title]
Tideus executes a flying knee drop right to the gut of Carlos.
Tideus lifts Robot Carlos up and drops him on his knee.
Tideus hits Robot Carlos with the back of his elbow.
rainbowr.50megs.com /I20.htm   (3686 words)

 Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Tideus in turn takes her orange one, and chows down on it.
Tideus has his red one back, having trading with his female teammate yet again.
Just hand over that device!" Billy keeps a tight hold on his backpack (now off his back and in his hands, he's just asking for it get stolen, isn't he?), as Delphine states, "We are in need of that." Rito mocks them, "Aww, i'm sorry to hear that.
www.planetnaboo.org /pericles/prsw/mmpr3/mmpr149.htm   (6122 words)

Her true love, Tideus, knew that she was doing this...and didn't care a bit.
She and Tideus were on that couch, intertwined, lying in each other's arms.
The fact that Billy had seen her with Tideus was hardly a strain on her mind.
www.pcshock.com /PRMania/FicShoppe/kayenasni/halfbreed1.html   (19408 words)

 Mistake Guide -- Along Came A Spider   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
When Rito tried to draw two parallel lines, he actually made three strokes, as his first stroke merely smeared the line he was trying to draw.
After rehydrating in the car wash, Tideus appeared to have fl smudges on his face and neck.
Rita appeared to watch the fight underground between the Aquitian Rangers and Arachnofiend without her telescope.
www.grnrngr.com /mg/mg152.htm   (175 words)

 Mistake Guide -- Climb Every Fountain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The regenerator was in the form of a golden slot machine toy robot, even before young Billy had taken it from the Command Center to his garage and worked on it with his rudimentary equipment.
When the Aquitians began to lose hydration, Tideus jumped from being fine to being weak between shots.
Alpha said that the closest body of water from the Command Center was the fountain in the town square, but in Alien Rangers Of Aquitar, Part II, the closest body of water seemed to be the lake.
www.grnrngr.com /mg/mg148.htm   (283 words)

 [No title]
Tideus sends OhRanger to the corner of the ring.
Tideus trys for a power move but Katherine Hilliard avoids it.
Tideus goes off the top nailing Kat with a flying elbow drop to the gut.
rainbowr.50megs.com /ICA.htm   (3250 words)

 Unda Da Sea | FS | PRM
Two Earth days ago Tideus, Corcus, and Aurico were dispatched to the Iona Quadrant in the Tappia Sea.
Tideus stands on the droid's back to prevent its escape.
Tideus gestures at the ship and the four swim back toward it.
www.pcshock.com /PRMania/FicShoppe/akiko/unda.html   (16109 words)

 Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
When Master Vile turned the Power Rangers into powerless children, Zordon enlisted the aid of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar, which consisted of Delphine, the leader; Aurico, the field commander; Cestro, the technical expert; Corcus, and Tideus.
While on Earth, the Alien Rangers constantly suffered from dehydration, lacking a pure water source as found on Aquitar.
Hydro Hog was destroyed by the Alien Rangers.
www.expage.com /mightymorphinalienuniverse   (365 words)

 The Santharian King Thar the Great
So his father sent him to grow up with his brother’s family.
Tideus Heramiel had a real estate south of Voldar.
Thar was educated there by the best teachers in sciences, trained in the art of war but mastered agriculture as well.
www.santharia.com /people/thar.htm   (3672 words)

 The Golden Plates of Pyrgi
It represents an episode of the Greek myth of the seven chieftains fighting against Thebes.
Zeus strikes by a lightning the hero Capaneus, while another hero (Tideus) is caught in the frightful act of biting the nape of the neck to Melanippos the Theban.
The goddess Athena, struck with horror, withdraws while clasping the small pot containing the philter of immortality that she shall deny to the impious heroes.
users.tpg.com.au /etr/etrusk/po/pyrgi.html   (1617 words)

 Destined For Darkness   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Then Delphine, Tideus, and Billy disappeared in streaks of color: white, yellow, and one in an incongruous deep fl...
Walking down the broad, clean, streets of the city, looking up at the shiny white and silver blocks of buildings, Billy found himself wondering if it was impressive in a good way or in a bad one.
"Not very welcoming, is it?" asked Tideus, glancing at a pair of armed and uniformed men marching down the other side of the street.
www.symbolicagony.150m.com /silvormoon/destinedfordarkness.html   (16913 words)

 Hidden War Episode 40: "The Creator, Part 3"
Tideus seems confused and walks up to Marcus.
Tideus holds his hands in a cupping position and grabs Aundria's breasts: "Baby..
Aundria grabs Tideus' wrists and squeeze them, his hands let go of her chest.
www.geocities.com /prhiddenwar/Hw40.html   (9207 words)

 The Return of Billy Cranston
"Tideus, is the medical staff ready?" James called out.
Tideus' steady and controlled voice filtered into the small room around them.
Switching on a lever, the hiss faded and a slight roar followed, growing fainter by the minute.
www.stellarpath.net /Jenga/Carl/Return.htm   (4253 words)

 The Fight Continues
Tideus said they'd better wait until he thought of something." The boy could say no more.
But I think no matter what Tideus says, they'll still go after her.
"Disobeying Tideus is like disobeying the entire council." Andros muttered trying to think of something better.
www.paladar.com /fanware/room11/astropurple31.htm   (5255 words)

 Water Runs Dry
To Delphine's horror, Aurico, Cestro, Corcus, and Tideus stepped away, allowing Divatox to come dangerously close to the reigning sovereign of the entire planet.
Tommy instantly recognized it as belonging to Tideus, the Yellow Aquitian Ranger.
I do not know for certain," Tideus explained, "Cestria sent him on a quest to find the Sword of Tympanus, to protect if from Divatox.
www.tabletsofdestiny.com /ve/waterrunsdry.html   (22482 words)

 Aria and Aura
The analogy of the walking stick was criticized by Galen De placitis Hippocratis et Platonis 2.5 and 2.7, in Opera Omnia, ed.
G.Kühn, 5: 627, 642; and by Tideus, De speculis, in Axel Anthon Björnbo and Sebastian Vogl, "Alkindi, Tideus und Psudo-Euklid.
I do not mean to gloss over very real differences among Aristotle, Plato, and the Stoics.
www-class.unl.edu /ahis498b/parts/week4/aura.html   (3781 words)

 [No title]
I quickly stuff aything that would fit in my luggage.
After the tideus work was done, I laid myself on the bed.
My sis couldn't get in due to the the strict rules of the condominium.
www.xanga.com /ixidor22/21425555/item.html   (871 words)

 Naruto & Bleach Mania Forums - View Profile: Tideus
Naruto & Bleach Mania Forums - View Profile: Tideus
Tideus is not a member of any public groups
Contact Us - Narutomania.com - Archive - Top
www.narutomania.com /forums/member.php?u=5985   (42 words)

 giles shaxted :: the g network :: journal » Travel
When you get older thats all you want but i stopped going to spain when i was 16 i guess as it has nothing to offer someone between that age and about 30 or more.
If you’d like to go to the part of the gallery that has all the images in here is the link, I dont think i will be linking individual imagesfor right now it’s a little tideus.
So I don’t know how everyone else feels about the recents Tsunami, but it grabs my attention, and enhances my opinion that Mother Earth is cleaning up.
giles.shaxted.co.uk /blog?cat=2&paged=2   (1210 words)

 Jim Gray Photos - Jim Gray News - Jim Gray Information
He used to be the lead singer of a band called "Darkroom".
Although Tideus appeared in Power Rangers Zeo's "Rangers of Two Worlds (2)", the actor that played him was an uncredited guest star, instead of Jim Gray.
He was the first male Yellow Ranger (edit)
www.tv.com /jim-gray/person/23469/summary.html   (130 words)

 Giant Monster Movies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
One of Hollywood’s most famous composers, and an influence on Masaru Sato, he provided the scores for "The Glenn Miller Story", "Peter Gunn", "Mr.
1957: JIM GRAY, who played Tideus the Yellow Alien Power Ranger on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", is born in Canada.
He was also in, and sang the theme song for, "The Little Vampire".
www.giantmonstermovies.com /news/2005_04_10_old.html   (1541 words)

 Allakhazam.com: Final Fantasy XI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
I managed to force myself to level to play WoW for 3 hours before getting rid of it.
Small correction; WoW is less tideus than FFXI.
So you don't have to go back out into the wild and get XXX, YYY, ZZZ, and AAA because you rolled the wrong number.
ffxi.allakhazam.com /forum.html?forum=10&mid=113589817944583729   (5941 words)

 Chance Encounters (Super Sentai World PR style) - RangerBoard
Gerrok got up “Our job here is finished rangers” he teleported out, along with Tezzela and the Cogs.
“Aurico!” Tideus ran over to the red ranger’s limp body.
The two warriors exchanged hits, Automon ducking Tideus’s first strike, and Tideus being knocked to the ground by Automon’s return hit from below.
www.rangerboard.com /showthread.php?t=57089   (6552 words)

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