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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

 Tie-dye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tie-dye is a method of dyeing clothing or fabric originally popularized by members of the hippie subculture.
This is known as a resist technique (the areas that are tied and the inner parts of folds resist dyeing).
This class of dyes works at warm room temperatures and the molecules bind with cellulose based fibers (cotton, rayon, hemp, linen) permanently when the pH is raised.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tie-dye   (585 words)

 Basic Tie Dye
Tie dye was quite the fashion in the early 70's, and the only way to own a tie dye shirt was to make one.
mix ratios and materials), the tie dye idea as well as folding and dying methods are often in the hands of chaos.
Now you are ready to show off your new tie dye, and this is just the start because the combinations of patterns and colors are as endless as your imagination.
user.gru.net /tommason/tiedye.htm   (1197 words)

 Erowid Tie-Dye Vaults
I haven't tried it, but I've heard it works well to use bleach instead of dye for a piece of cloth that's already tie-dyed, or which starts as a color other than white.
Procion dyes are available through the mail from their home page, or at weird stores near you.
Dye each of these 4 sections with different colors.
www.erowid.org /culture/art/art_tie_dye.shtml   (1015 words)

 Craft Information - Tie Dye - Soda Soak Tie Dye Method from Dharma Trading Compa
Folding, tieing, stitching, crumpling or otherwise preparing the fabric inhibits the flow of the dye.
Traditionally, tie-dye is a pattern of color made by preventing the dye from reaching some areas of the material while vat dyeing others.
Remove from bag and while still tied, rinse off the excess dye under cold running water (faucet, hose or shower), then rinse in warmer water while you untie and after garments are untied, until water runs fairly clear.
www.dharmatrading.com /info/soda_soak.html   (1055 words)

 Tie-Dye Instructions Tie Dye
After dyeing, the fabric should stay damp for a day or so to allow the bonding of the dye to the cotton fibers.
In batik, wax is melted on part of the fabric to keep dye out in places; later, the wax is removed by scraping and boiling in water; sometimes wax is applied again in another pattern.
You can (of course) choose another center for your spiral, here's one centered over the heart (if it's in the right place.) This excentric-spiral shirt is another example of the pastellish colors of stain-resistant fabric.
www.stanford.edu /~sipma/tiedyeinstructions.html   (1878 words)

 Tie Dye Clothing by Splash Creations
We use elements of tye dye as part of our process, and the resulting effect is a look that resembles both tie dye and batik methods.
All our tie dye work is handmade in a smoke-free environment, by Steven Holmberg, the artist, with one assistant who helps with the finishing work.
So, while we have the capability of selling our tie dyes wholesale, it is on a very limited basis, due to the fact that we are not a production facility.
tiedyecl.bizland.com /store   (428 words)

 MENDEL'S - Dyes
If you are dyeing a large amount of fabric or if you are doing tie dye with a large group, these larger 8oz containers are the way to go.
For those of you who have tie dyed before and now want to move on to the advanced techniques, this 2 volume set is for you.
They are fiber reactive dyes-- which means that they actually change the color of the fiber, as opposed to staining or sitting on top of the fiber.
www.mendels.com /tiedye.html   (858 words)

 C:\Website\Tie Dye - MX.htm
After the fabric or shirt is tied up and while it is still damp, directly apply the dye solution with a sponge brush, squeeze bottles or syringe.
Be careful not to apply so much dye that color collects in a pool under the shirt or fabric, as colors run together during the "cure" process.
C) water, or by hand in a pot on the stove with ½ tsp (2 gm) PRO Dye Activator or Soda Ash and ½ tsp (2.5 ml) Synthrapol per pound of fabric (454 gm, or 3 to 4 yards cotton muslin, or 8 yards 8mm China Silk, or 3 Medium T-shirts, or 1 sweatshirt).
www.prochemical.com /directions/MX_TieDye.htm   (679 words)

 Tie Dye with Procion
Six colors of procion dye (½ ounce each Black, Clear Blue, Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise and Warm Red), a pound of washing soda, a pound of urea, waxed nylon and rubber bands for tieing, 6 pipets for applying color, gloves, and instructions.
Four colors of Procion dye (4 ounce each Lemon Yellow, Warm Red, Fuchsia and Turquoise), 5 pounds each washing soda and urea, waxed nylon and rubber bands for tieing, 24 pipets for applying color, 2 pairs gloves, and instructions.
With this method, the first step is to soak the fabric or garments to be tie-dyed in soda water.
www.earthguild.com /products/dyes/tiedye.htm   (249 words)

 Tie Dye Express
So anyway, after about 10 years of playing around with the dyes and having parties, my older brother (who had become quite involved with the tie dye parties) and I flew to Ohio to drop in as a surprise on our younger brothers' tie dye 30th birthday party.
The success of the first tie dye party led to an immediate flurry of more tie dye parties, and somewhat fuzzier memories.
You can see that those people are not only pleased with their tie dye creation, they are also quite pleased with themselves.
www.tiedyeexpress.com   (836 words)

 Tie Dye clothing for the whole family from Wildflower Tie Dye
We take a picture of every tie dye we make so when you place an order with us you will receive the actual item you see pictured.
Each tie dye is an original, no two are exactly the same!
Tie Dye clothing for the whole family from Wildflower Tie Dye
www.wildflowerdyes.com   (347 words)

 tie dye science
Although dye is non toxic, it is always good to caution against consumption of liquids and powders and wearing eye protection at all times.
Dyes with two ** require four times the amount of powdered dye.
Have a general understanding of the 3 major steps of tie dying by going through the process.
unr.edu /homepage/crowther/opchem/tiedye.html   (815 words)

 Paula Burch's How to Tie Dye
The whole point of tie dyeing is to prevent the dye from reaching the fabric evenly.
The two most obvious differences between a wonderful tie-dye and a so-so one are color choice and color saturation.
Procion MX dyes, urea, sodium carbonate, thin rubber or plastic gloves, measuring cups and spoons, squirt bottles to put the dye solution into for application, rubber bands, dust mask for measuring out dyes, and a bucket for pre-soaking the fabric in sodium carbonate solution.
www.pburch.net /dyeing/howtotiedye.shtml   (1060 words)

 The Bad Fads Museum - Tie Dye Tshirts
The concept behind both methods was to restrict the flows of a dye from reaching certain areas of cloths and this was achieve through the use of knots, thread, rocks, sticks and rubber bands.
The parts that the dye is able to reach will be altered but the restricted part will stay untouched providing a pleasant contract of colors, generally situated right next to each other.
In Japanese society, Tie-Dying was also practiced as kimonos were colored by using thread to restrict areas of cloth much as the Nigerian knots did.
www.badfads.com /pages/fashion/tiedye.html   (265 words)

 tye-dye t-shirts from The Kind Dyes
These are tye dye tshirts that involve our most complicated and artistic work.
Every tye dye that we offer is a unique work of wearable art.
Similar to Type 1 (Tied with string; unique design on the front; usually different on the back) but the patterns are slightly simpler and take a little less time to tie.
www.kindyes.com /main/tye-dye_tshirts.htm   (317 words)

 Laughing Dragon Tie-Dyes, Hemp, T-Shirts, Clothing, Tye-Dye, Buy Online
Tie dying is a process by where the cloth is folded carefully and dye is placed strategically on cloth to create a pattern.
The tie dye T-Shirt and Sock designs are very time consuming and they can take up to four hours to create.
Batik is the process by where you place wax on a material and dye over the wax to create a design or pattern.
www.laughingdragon.net   (198 words)

 FamilyFun: Knotted Tie-dye Technique - and More Family Fun
Tie It Grab a small section of the shirt, both front and back layers, and twist it as tightly as possible.
Fill the bottles with the individually prepared dye baths and squeeze drops onto your shirt.
If you use this technique on a knotted or marbled shirt, try squeezing one color onto and around each of the tied sections.
jas.familyfun.go.com /crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=11006   (134 words)

When tie dyeing with two or more colors, plan to put adjacent primary or secondary colors next to each other.
Choose an Article to Tie Dye such as a T-shirt, jeans, camisole, sheets, pillowcases, fabric, silk scarves, nylon sportswear.
Tie-dye your T-shirt using one, two or three colors.
www.ritdye.com /artoftiedye.asp#top   (527 words)

If you are only tie-dying one item, you do not need to use all the dye solution.
Make the dye solution as light or as dark as you like.
Mix your different colour dyes according to the package directions.
www.squiglysplayhouse.com /ArtsAndCrafts/Crafts/Tie-Dye.html   (234 words)

 Tie Dye Temple: Tie Dye Clothing, Retail & Wholesale Tie Dye
We'll tie dye anything made of 100% cotton, hemp, rayon, or silk.
tie dyes for kids and babies, tie dye sarongs, hats and bags, and more...
Shop at the tie dye store or e-mail us with a custom order request.
www.tiedyetemple.com   (156 words)

 Amazon.com: The Art of Tie-Dye: DVD: Michael Fowler,Andreas Monies Bøggild
He put a wealth of information in it for the beginner tie dyer "secrets" that are difficult to find.
There are not many tie dyers that will reveal the way to do different designs.
I have been dyeing fabric for a few years now, and still felt I learned from this, and was inspired by his use of color and patterns.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007QQW2W?v=glance   (1128 words)

 Tie-Dye a T-shirt
Tie the fabric tightly where you do not want dye to color the fabric.
Tie-dying is a way of tying fabric so that the dye does not get absorbed into a particular part of the material.
Soak the material or a section of it in the dye solution for the time given on the package or until it is the color you want.
www.michigan.gov /hal/0,1607,7-160-15481_19268_20778-52666--,00.html   (327 words)

 Custom Tie Dye Tshirts and Tye Dye Tshirts
Try our tie dye tshirts for that special event that you want to be different from the rest.
When coupled with custom screenprinted or embroidery treatments, our custom tie dye tshirts are a great way to promote company identity and team spirit and morale.
Embroidered or printed tie dye tshirts are among the best promotional values around.
www.imprintedsportswear.com /tiedyeshirts.php   (546 words)

 Heart Tie Dye Shirt
To dye the rest of the shirt, dilute the blue dye to with two or three times as much water.
Hold the shirt in a plastic tub and liberally squirt on the diluted blue dye until the rest of the shirt is covered, including the back of the shirt.
Apply blue dye to the edge of this area, overlapping some of the yellow to make green.
www.michaels.com /art/online/projectsheet?pid=e00587   (611 words)

 True Tie Dye t-shirts, clothing, tapestries and "how-to" DVD's
Tie dye has been around for literally thousands of years.
But true tie dye artistry is much more than that.
Experience tie dye the way it's meant to be.
www.truetiedye.com   (448 words)

 Tie Dyed Clothing
No matter how you spell tie dye (tie dye, tie-dye, tie die, tiedye, tie dyed, tye dye, or tie dyeing), the Tie Dyed Shop is your best source for tie dyed clothes.
The beauty, originality, and quality of these tie dyed clothes is unsurpassed, as we take extra care in processing your orders and in the quality steps taken in the manufacturing process.
We are particuarly proud of our specialty tie dyed shirts with their very unique tie dyed patterns.
www.tiedyedshop.com   (518 words)

 Learn to Tie Dye
The primary dyes for Tie Dyeing are: MX Fiber Reactive Dye
Our PRO Tie Dye kit is a great companion to experiment with ideas inspired by this book.
This user friendly book shows you how to make 7 designs with photos of each tie dye and dye stage with a full color photo of the end result.
prochemical.com /catalog/tiedye.htm   (426 words)

 The Chemistry of Dyeing: Reactive Dyes
All we have to do to make a permanent bond between the dye and the cotton is to put the dye on the cotton and add washing soda.
After all the excess dye is out, the dye left on the fabric is permanant and looks like this.
Some dyes, such as the kind you can buy in the grocery store here in the US, really just stain clothes, so the dye washes out a little every time you wash it.
www.pburch.net /dyeing/chemistry_reactivedyes_lesson.shtml   (897 words)

 eBay Store - Dixie's Treasure Shoppe: Tie Dye Womens Clothes, material craft items, Women's clothing
tie dye / LEVIS tshirt dyed shades of green and blue
tie dye / Sweatshirt dyed yellow, red and blue / sz M
NWOT Made in the Shade pants tie dyed blues and greens
stores.ebay.com /Dixies-Treasure-Shoppe   (291 words)

 Tie dye onesies, tie dye dresses, tie-dye baby dress, tie dye sarongs
Our collection of tie dye apparel includes a variety of fun and unique items, be sure to browse our one- of- a- kind tie dye onesies
Tie dye onesies, tie dye dresses, tie-dye baby dress, tie dye sarongs
as well as our assortment of tie dye silk items and tie dye tees.
www.mamashome.com   (141 words)

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