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Topic: Timeline of the WWII Eastern Front

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On the southern front, troops of the German 11th and the Rumanian 3rd and 4th Armies begin an offensive from Moldavia toward Vinnitsa and the Black Sea port of Odessa.
Stalin replaces 3 Front commanders, appointing Voroshilov for the northern, Timoshenko for the central and Budjenny for the southern fronts.
On the central front, German forces begin the destruction of several Russian divisions encircled in the Uman pocket.
www.theeasternfront.co.uk /timeline1941.htm   (2294 words)

Eastern Front (WWII) The Eastern Front was the primary theater of combat between 1812.
Front for a Country in Solidarity The Front for a Country in Solidarity (Frente por un País Solidario, or FREPASO) is an...
Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy is a Djibouti.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/front.html   (2410 words)

 Eastern Front (World War II) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Eastern Front of World War II was the theatre of war covering the the conflict in eastern Europe.
Behind the front atrocities against civilians were routine, including the Holocaust of the Jews in German-occupied areas.
Following the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland, the Baltic states and Bessarabia in 1939–1940, Stalin insisted that every fold of the new territories should be occupied: this move westward left troops far from their depots in salients that left them vulnerable to encirclement.
www.bexley.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Great_Patriotic_War   (7157 words)

 Eastern Front (World War II) - Wikipedia
The Eastern Front was by far the largest and bloodiest theatre of World War II, probably of all of history, and involved more land combat than all other World War II fronts combined.
General Georgy Zhukov concentrated his 1st Belorussian Front (1BF) which had been deployed along the Oder river from Frankfurt in the south to the Baltic, into an area in front of the Seelow Heights.
It was by far the deadliest single front in World War II, with over 3 million German battle deaths, Soviet battle deaths that range from 7 milllion to 11 million, and civilian death that ranged from 7 million to as much as 20 million.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eastern_Front_(WWII)   (7556 words)

 Business Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The United Kingdom home front is opened as the government declares general mobilisation of the British Army and begins evacuation plans to prepare for German attacks by air.
See the timeline of the Battle of France for a detailed chronology of the events of the Phony War and the lead up to the Battle of France.
Adolf Hitler is not as earnest as many other nations in bringing war-time measures to the citizens of Germany, as he fears it may erode their support for the war effort.
www.bizencyclopedia.com /index.php?title=Timeline_of_World_War_II   (3267 words)

 World War II
Moscow was again spared, and at the end of 1942 the Soviets succeeded in smashing the Axis' front lines in the south, and surrounding the German 6th Army in the Battle of Stalingrad (Hero City).
In the spring the Wehrmacht was able to restore the front line and make a successful riposte in the Second Battle of Kharkov, but their offensive at the massive Battle of Kursk (July 1943) was so unsuccessful that the Red Army were able to counterattack and regain the ground previously lost.
By now the Soviets had reached the Eastern borders of the German Reich, and her fate was sealed.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/w/wo/world_war_ii.html   (3757 words)

 Eastern Front (WWII) - free-definition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This was done in the hope that the Finnish army, having redressed their country's grievances against the USSR by mounting the Continuation War, would join up with the Wehrmacht and together finish off Leningrad.
In recent years the opening of Soviet archives has afforded considerable insight into the strategies and motives on the Soviet side, supplementing previous accounts that often had to be written largely based on the point of view of the Western Allied and surviving Germans.
The Soviet advance in Germany (unexpected by the German population) drove a wave of German refugees in front of itself.
www.free-definition.com /Great-Patriotic-War.html   (4941 words)

 Eastern Front (WWII)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Eastern Front was the primary theater of combat between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II.
The intent was to pin Army Group South against the Sea of Azov, but as the winter eased the Germans were able to stabilise their front and think about the 1942 campaigning season.
The war on the Eastern Front was unparalleled for its ferocity, intensity, and brutality.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/eastern_front__wwii_   (2215 words)

 Second World War - Chronology/Timeline
This chronological coverage of World War II provides comprehensive daily summaries of events for each day from September 1, 1939 to September 30, 1945 - a timeline of 2222 days.
Political, military, economic as well as socially significant moments are given recognition; battles and campaigns of WWII.
Navigation is based on a "three click" link structure, making any day of WWII accessible from any other day in the timeline with three clicks.
www.onwar.com /chrono   (365 words)

 Finland in WWII: background and timeline
Eastern motti is cleared in Lemetti, very large booty.
Enemy achieves nothing remarkable, but suffers heavy casualties, after last counterattacks on 25th April the front is as it was in the beginning of the attack.
Finnish front in the Carelian Isthmus is exposed to attack.
www.lysator.liu.se /nordic/mirror/sa-int/hist.html   (5250 words)

 Timeline of the Villains & Vigilantes Universe
Serial killer "The Garrotte" is active, slaying twenty over the course of a year before being mortally wounded by a police officer.
In one possible timeline, the first practical manned time machine is built.
In one possible timeline, the cybernetic creature known as 2166 is constructed and sent through time to the year 1985.
www.geocities.com /agent-13/canontimeline.html   (1785 words)

 World War II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The lead-up to the war stretches back to build-ups and smaller regional wars of the 1930s, then slowly drawing in more countries and culminating in massive battles of millions of people in regions across the globe in the first half of the 1940s.
Fighting occurred in the across the Atlantic Ocean, in European theatre in and around eastern and western Europe, in North Africa and Middle east as well as across the mediterranean sea, and in the Pacific theatre in the Pacific, in Oceania and across much of East Asia and South East Asia.
Moscow was again spared and, at the end of 1942, the Soviets succeeded in smashing the Axis' front lines in the south and surrounding the German 6th Army, originally comprised of 300,000 men, in the Battle of Stalingrad (Hero City).
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/W/World-War-II.htm   (4704 words)

 Stalin's War with Germany: The Road to Berlin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The great tank battle at Kursk in July 1943 was the turning point on the Eastern Front, perhaps of World War II.
The Eastern Front is divided into south, north and central campaigns for the sake of discussion.
The progress on these 'fronts' is discussed within the context of developments on other fronts and in other theatres of the war.
www.fox8.com.au /1658.htm   (907 words)

 American Hegemony - A Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
China and the USSR being the "second world" direct intervention is limited in the post-war period, despite their being the ostensible "enemy".
Operation MOCKINGBIRD is a well documented program in which the CIA made infiltrations into domestic media organizations, as well as creating front organizations poising as media groups, giving the intelligence community a high level of influence and occasional instances of direct control in the "free press".
And god forbid, they even have their hands in the establishment left, whatever one makes of that, the arguement is that it keeps them "anti-conspiracist" - a position I would argue is also in keeping with simple rational behavior, by virtue of occam's razor.
www.flagrancy.net /timeline.html   (12636 words)

 Timeline of the WWII Eastern Front - Wikipedia
Below is the timeline of the events of the Eastern Front of World War II, the conflict between the Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945.
1941-08-08–1941-09-19 Battle of Kiev — Soviet Southern Front encircled
Operation Silver Fox German and Finnish forces advance on Murmansk.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Timeline_of_the_WWII_Eastern_Front   (495 words)

 Crazythought: eastern   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This section provides plenty of new material for those not well versed with Eastern Front history and is a great introduction to these personalities.
The map of Europe was changed forever by the fighting on this front, and even today, the world reverberates with the echoes of that fighting, in places like Chechenya and the Balkans.
For almost 50 years, the world had to depend largely on captured German records for its understanding of the Eastern Front, since almost all information made available by the Soviets was propaganda or even disinformation.
www.crazythought.com /search/eastern   (8333 words)

 The History Place - Books on Hitler's Germany
This remarkable story of Rena's survival reveals at its core not a lone heroic struggle, but the power of an unusual relationship between Rena and her younger sister, Danka, who gave her the will to go on under unimaginable circumstances.
The high quality images are accompanied by songs and rhymes the children spoke and sang that made them smile, presented in the original Yiddish with English translations.
From the Russian Front to Hitler's bunker during the final Battle of Berlin, this first-hand memoir offers great insight into the life of a soldier in Hitler's Army.
www.historyplace.com /bookshop/titles.htm   (2570 words)

 Aronsson's Telecom History Timeline
While searching for a better way to organize the timeline, I discovered and started to explore a technology known as wiki, a kind of website where anybody is allowed to update the contents directly from the browser, most successfully demonstrated by
This started out as a timeline for the history of telecommunication, but has grown to include most of information processing, computing, media, electricity, science, and transportation.
The timeline is a list of individual, verifiable events (points in time).
aronsson.se /hist.html   (19118 words)

 WWII Reading List (German)
In this autobiography, he describes his experiences as a sailor in the Baltic, as a soldier on the Eastern Front, the digging out the city of Dresden, and his postwar experiences in the French Foreign Legion and Dutch Army.
On the other hand, it does capture the brutality of the Eastern Front and the overblown aspirations of some members of the German officer corps.
It’s Eastern Front setting is highly unusual for war films distributed in the US, as is its nightmarish, authentically-detailed view of war.
www.reenactor.net /ww2/ww2_read_bu.html   (4290 words)

 World War links
Air Attack on Taranto - in 1940 Royal Navy torpedo planes attacked and crippled the Italian fleet as it lay at anchor in Taranto.
Italy - Italy and the Pacific, The 'Forgotten' Campaigns of WWII - includes personal accounts, combat photos, info, weapons, aircraft, and roll of honor.
WWII In The Pacific - battles in the Pacific including Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Japan, Guam and others.
killeenroos.com /link/war.htm   (2705 words)

 Eastern Front images   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eastern Front in World War II Russian tanks on eastern front, ILN 1943/07/03
Russian front map, or large image, ILN cover 1943/11/06
Russian front map - middle showing Kursk, ILN cover 1943/11/06
history.acusd.edu /gen/WW2Timeline/easternfront-images.html   (45 words)

 History of Belarus (Great Litva)
History of Belarus - excerpts from the book "Belarus - a new country in Eastern Europe", written in 1994 by Uladzimir Novik, a member of the Belarusian Parliament.
Belarusian Nazi during the World War II and their work for the Cold War based on "Belarus Secret" by John Loftus.
Khatyn - WWII memorial to 586 Belarusian villages burned by nazis with population alive.
www.belarusguide.com /as/history/history.html   (2509 words)

 Map Of Europe After Wwii   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
wwii posters wwii wwii letters wwii uniform french wwii leaders of wwii map wwii timeline wwii homefront during wwii.
Six decades after WWII, history exerts its pull to unite veterans with A-Bomb...
German soldiers in the Soviet Union during a December 1943 Soviet offensive on the eastern front.
www.gislinx.com /mapofeuropeafterwwii.html   (247 words)

 History - Eastern Slovakia
Germans disband Slovakia army, occupy and de-nationalize the region for the remainder of the war.
1944 November - WWII - Eastern reaches of Slovakia liberated by the Soviet and Czechoslovak Armies.
Soviet and Czechoslovakia (1st Volunteer) armies jointly sweep east to west across the territory (Fourth Ukrainian Front).
www.iabsi.com /gen/public/history.htm   (2386 words)

 Lindbergh's Transatlantic Flight: New York to Paris Timeline
I no longer have time to keep up with all the traffic on the web site.
Clouds soon appear and thicken as the Spirit of St. Louis approaches a storm front.
Lindbergh's course takes him away from the edge of the storm.
www.charleslindbergh.com /history/timeline.asp   (773 words)

 Home - World War Two Books — Military History Books online - Ceredigion - Wales UK
Explore the World War Two timeline, discover the famous World War 2 battles, read about the panzer leaders who employed Blitzkrieg tactics in the early years, operation Barbarossa, Stalingrad, Kursk tank battle, Pearl Harbor, the D-day landings, Ardennes offensive, and the final battle for Berlin.
Read about the World War 2 weapons that were used, learn about the WW2 tanks and WW2 planes employed by the German and Allied armies in the historic World War Two battles.
Discover our military books on other conflicts include WW1, what were the causes of the Great War, the World War 1 weapons used, and many other conflicts including Medieval warfare, Napoleonic battles, to modern day conflicts like the Iraq war.
www.worldwartwobooks.com   (620 words)

 A Detailed Chronology of Greek History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Council of Eastern Churches endorses doctrine of Energies, Gregory Palamas view of Hesychism that the Orthodox mystic could perceive God¹s uncreated energies, but not God Himself, or His Essence, which is invisible and and indivisible
Gives Greece eastern Thrace, the islands of Tenedos and Imbros and administration of the Smyrna district that stays under Turkish sovereignty for five years.
Eastern Thrace, islands of Tenedos and Imbros reverted to Turkey
www.filetron.com /grkmanual/detailgreekchrono.html   (9764 words)

 The X-Files Timeline - Conspiracy Timeline
This condensed version of the X-Files Timeline is designed to help fans review the alien/conspiracy story arc of the series.
There is nothing in this Conspiracy Version of the Timeline that does not appear in the Main Timeline.
In Delta Glen in eastern Wisconsin, local doctor, Dr. Larson, has been injecting the teenagers and cattle with alien DNA and keeping records of the children by the numbers on credit cards registered to family members.
www.themareks.com /xf/conspiracy.shtml   (21245 words)

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