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Topic: Timothy Leary

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  TimothyLeary.us - Dr. Timothy Leary Ph.D. (1920-1996) LSD
Timothy Leary LSD-Guru Dr. Timothy Leary was a LSD-Guru for the hippie-generation Leary takes psychedelic drugs ecstasy drug test albert hofmann lyserg acid psilocybin marijuana and mushrooms hippies loves Dr. Timothy Leary LSD Lysergic Acid Diethylamide psychedelic drugs lyserg acid psilocybin marijuana mushrooms hippies Dr. Timoty Leary was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1920.
Leary took responsibility, was convicted of marijuana possession under the Marijuana Tax Act and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
In 1973 Timothy Leary was arrested by DEA agents in Afghanistan and returned to prison in California.
www.timothyleary.us   (495 words)

 Timothy Leary v. US, US Court of Appeals, 1967
Susan Leary was tried at the same time as her father, Dr. Leary, by the court without a jury (trial by jury having been waived) and found guilty on Count 3 of the indictment but not guilty on Counts 1 and 2.
Leary testified that he was familiar with the laws of the United States relative to marihuana and was aware that his actions were contrary to such laws.
Leary's own testimony later in the trial was to the same effect and the district judge consequently withdrew the smuggling count from the jury's consideration.
www.druglibrary.org /schaffer/legal/l1960/Leary1.htm   (8157 words)

 Timothy Leary Collection
Timothy Francis Leary was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on October 22, 1920, and grew up as an only child in an Irish Catholic household.
Once Leary was released from prison in 1976, he spent most of his time at his home in Beverly Hills and on the campus lecture circuit where he took on a new role as a promoter of space colonization and life extension through scientific research to retard the aging process.
Leary's activities during the late seventies included the formation of a cooperative to colonize space called Starseed and in 1982 he toured on a debate circuit with his former nemesis G. Gordon Liddy.
www.hrc.utexas.edu /research/fa/leary.html   (1239 words)

 Timothy Leary Tribute Part 2
Leary claimed his non-violent escape was a humorous prank and left a challenging note for the authorities to find after he was gone.
Leary sent information to the Weather Underground through a sympathetic prisoner that he was considering making a deal with the FBI and waited for their approval.
Leary's de facto "family"--his staff of technophilic Gen Xers--updated his website on a daily basis as a sort of proto-blog, noting his daily intake of various illicit and legal chemical substances, with a prediliction for nitrous oxide, cigarettes, his trademark "Leary biscuits", and eventually heroin and morphine.
60sfurther.com /Tao-Guides-Leary-2.htm   (2944 words)

 Psychedelic 60s: Timothy Leary
Leary taught psychology at Harvard and by 1960 was doing experiments with LSD and other hallucinogens, first on prison inmates and then on himself and his friends.
Leary's approach to taking LSD was the opposite of Ken Kesey'sÐLeary believed in "set and setting," a practice of taking the drug in a controlled environment, as a safeguard against bad trips.
Leary took the rap and was sentenced to ten years in prison.
www.lib.virginia.edu /small/exhibits/sixties/leary.html   (440 words)

 Timothy Leary
Timothy Leary was a professor at Harvard University when he began experimenting with psilocybin, acid, and other hallucinogens.
Leary argued publicly that hallucinogens could be used to treat personality disorders, but ultimately these beliefs got him booted from Harvard.
Leary died of inoperable prostate cancer, and he'd planned an elaborate death ritual for himself.
www.rotten.com /library/bio/mad-science/timothy-leary   (977 words)

 Erowid Tim Leary Vault : Long Live Timothy Leary by John Perry Barlow
Timothy Leary -- the high priest of the 1960s movement to create a better world by turning on to LSD -- died of prostate cancer yesterday, leaving behind bitterly conflicting opinions over what his brilliant, erratic and colorful life meant.
Leary, who died in his sleep at 75 at his hilltop Beverly Hills home, was recalled by some as the prophet of a new age of enlightenment.
Leary is survived by a son, Jack, from his first marriage, and by a stepson, Zach, from his final marriage, which ended in 1994.
www.erowid.org /culture/characters/leary_timothy/leary_timothy_remembrance2.shtml   (1341 words)

 The Timothy Leary Interview
The sign announced an upcoming visit with none other than Timothy Leary; and having just spent a mad weekend on Ken Kesey's farm the previous month, I wasn't about to trifle with the Lords of Karma: I was riding a lucky streak.
Leary: [Laughs] Well, of course, one thing I omitted in my litany of brain-changing techniques is the use of drugs, which became popularized in the Sixties, but they trace back to the early 20th century [sic].
Leary: McLuhan said, 'the medium is the message.' You can argue about how great that computer book is, as compared to Proust or Hemingway; that's not the issue.
www.fargonebooks.com /leary.html   (2420 words)

 Timothy Leary
LEARY: I was sentenced to 30 or 40 years' prison for the possession of two small roaches [of marijuana], which were actually planted in my ashtray by a policeman.
LEARY: As a matter of fact, that was happening here in the '70s, but in my case they were using me because I was, and still am, the number one dissenter in America, probably the most influential, and probably the most widely broadcast dissenter to the American government.
LEARY: Yeah, they will be paid, instead of just we coming and watching it, they will be paid by the bank, and anyone who wants to borrow and use their stuff, they'll get two cents a minute or something.
www.jordanelgrably.com /timothyleary.html   (7141 words)

 Mark Riebling -- Was Timothy Leary a CIA Agent?
Timothy Leary, the CIA, and LSD: A Narrative Chronology.
Mary tells Leary that the government is studying ways to "use drugs for warfare, for espionage, for brainwashing." She asks him to "teach us how to run [LSD] sessions, use drugs to do good." Leary agrees.
Leary is charged with possession of illegal drugs, but the case is dropped on technicalities after the Supreme Court's Miranda decision in June.
www.markriebling.com /leary.html   (4558 words)

 Timothy Leary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to Leary's autobiography Flashbacks they administered LSD to 300 professors, graduate students, writers and philosophers and 75% of them reported it as being like a revelation to them, and one of the most educational experiences of their lives.
Leary's de facto "family"--his staff of technophilic Gen Xers--updated his website on a daily basis as a sort of proto-blog, noting his daily intake of various illicit and legal chemical substances, with a predilection for nitrous oxide, cigarettes, his trademark "Leary biscuits" (see below), and eventually heroin and morphine.
Timothy Leary is mentioned in The Who song "The Seeker" which was released as a single in 1970.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Timothy_Leary   (6809 words)

 Timothy Leary
Leary eventually obtained a degree in psychology at the University of Alabama in 1943.
Leary worked as an assistant professor at Berkeley (1950-55), director of research at the Kaiser Foundation (1955-58) before becoming a lecturer in psychology at Harvard University in 1959.
Leary took responsibility for his daughter having the drug and he was later convicted of possession under the Marijuana Tax Act and was sentenced to 30 years in jail.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /JFKlearyT.htm   (3073 words)

 Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D.
Timothy Leary, PhD (1920-1996) Psychologist, philosopher, explorer, teacher, optimist, author and revolutionary avatar of the mind.
Rightly called the Galileo of Consciousness, he went public with his observations of the mind made with psychedelic mindscopes and helped initiate a renaissance which is still only beginning to elaborate itself.
Under the guise of Harvard professors, Bodhisattvi Leary, Metzner and Alpert reveal the secret of life by rewriting an ancient Tibetan sacred manuscript of great spiritual value and universal appeal.
deoxy.org /leary.htm   (761 words)

 Artzar - Timothy Leary Interview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Regardless of your take (and there are many), Timothy Leary will be remembered as one of the 20th century's mightiest figures.
I spoke with Timothy Leary by phone at his home in Beverly Hills in the fall of 1995.
He was in the upbeat process of what he called "designer dying." Leary was again smashing cultural taboos.
www.artzar.com /content/leary   (535 words)

 The Biography Project: Timothy Leary
Awoken early on a Sunday morning, a hung over Cadet Leary retorted that he was "dying and would never be able to make reveille again in his whole life." As a result, the cadet Honor Committee charged Leary with honor violation and "silenced" him, forbidding other cadets from speaking with Leary.
Eventually, Leary was urged to resign from the Academy.
Throughout the 60's, Leary is one of the primary Subculture figures, advocating the philosophy expressed in the slogan: "Tune in, Turn on and Drop out." Spends most of the 70's in jail for minor drug charges or in exile as a political dissident.
www.popsubculture.com /pop/bio_project/timothy_leary.html   (529 words)

Leary was also very prominent in the development of innovative group therapy techniques before the 1960s cultural revolution.
And Leary believes computers may be the key to closing this "information gap." The word computer is defined by most dictionaries as a hand-operated electronic device for processing or communicating human thought.
Leary accepts what he calls the challenge of AI, but he feels that humans can always outwit the big AI combines.
www.fiu.edu /~mizrachs/Leary-cpunk.html   (2811 words)

 Ronin Publishing | Timothy Leary Bio
During the l960s, Timothy Leary's published research and social activism helped trigger the psychopharmacological and counterculture revolution known as the Psychedelic Movement.
Dr. Timothy Leary, Harvard psychologist, counterculture philosopher, and psychedelic turned cyberdelic guru, has announced that his death is near -- and he's looking forward to it.
Leary invites people to join in the conversation regarding his impending death, saying, "...I love topics the Establishment says are taboo." And ever the lighthearted soul, Leary's search for an ideal death has helped keep him vibrant.
www.roninpub.com /TimLea.html   (565 words)

 The Smoking Gun: Turn On, Tune In, Rat Out
Overlooked, though, was Leary's work as a government informant in the early 1970s, a role detailed in FBI files recently obtained by The Smoking Gun.
Aided by members of the radical Weather Underground, Leary was able to bust out of jail and, after hiding in a series of safe houses, get smuggled out of the country with the help of a fake passport and other bogus ID provided by the Weathermen.
After eventually being extradited from Switzerland and returned to a U.S. jail cell, Leary decided, he told FBI agents, to cooperate because he not only wanted to be released, but he was suddenly desirous of a collaborative, intelligent, and honorable relationship with law enforcement.
www.thesmokinggun.com /leary/leary.html   (226 words)

 Timothy Leary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Leary's research at Harvard with psychedelics led him to believe that use of these substances under specific circumstances could help suspend and, in some cases, reprogram a variety of troublesome behaviors (including alcoholism and "personality" disorders).
Leary suggested that human evolve through distinct stages in response to environmental stimuli imprinted at different critical developmental periods.
Leary proposed that four additional stages (neuro-somatic, neuro-electric, neuro-genetic, neuro-atomic) may be triggered by novel enviornmental signals such as space exploration (whether outer space or cyberspace), genetic engineering, nanotechnology and, of course, psychedelic drugs.
www.increasingintelligence.com /8/8.html   (855 words)

 CNN - Space final frontier for Timothy Leary - Apr. 20, 1997
The final trip for Leary, Roddenberry and the others began several months ago when the rocket was loaded under the belly of a cargo plane in California for the flight to Spain.
Leary was an alumnus of UC-Berkeley, where he received his Ph.D. in psychology before gaining fame at Harvard University for espousing the use of LSD.
Timothy Leary Memorial Page - Interviews of and articles by and about Timothy Leary, including reactions to his death.
www.cnn.com /TECH/9704/20/space.ashes   (588 words)

 Timothy Leary at the John & Yoko Montreal Bed-in
While it can be correctly stated that Dr. Timothy Leary came out and gave John and Yoko his support for their peace initiative, curiously absent in this interview was any acknowledgement from the "high drug priest" himself regarding his support to John and Yoko's peace campaign.
Clearly, as the reader will note, Dr. Leary instead discussed his own central platforms important to him at the time: his own utopian vision on drugs and his bid to run for office in California.
Timothy Leary, the high priest of the LSD cult, yesterday dropped hints of one of the strangest political platforms in history during a brief trip here.
beatles.ncf.ca /leary.html   (502 words)

 ACE CyberCatalog - Tapes - Timothy Leary
A classic rap by Dr. Timothy Leary from his Stand-Up Philosopher period, this CD offers a humorous look at the world through the eyes of the premier pioneer on the Inner Frontier.
This newly-remastered recording was originally performed at the Beach Club in St. Paul, MN in 1986, but remains topical and relevant today.
Leary rambles upon such subjects as Evolution & Selection, Drugs (including calcium and oxygen), Original Sin (and the drug bust in the Garden of Eden), Consciousness, Politics, Scientific Paganism and Genetic Optimism.
www.rosencomet.com /catalog/tapes/leary_tim-tapes.html   (187 words)

 Acid Redux: The New Yorker
Leary belonged to what we reverently refer to as the Greatest Generation, that cohort of Americans who eluded most of the deprivations of the Depression, grew fat in the affluence of the postwar years, and then preached hedonism and truancy to the baby-boom generation, which has taken the blame ever since.
Leary’s father was a dentist whose career was ruined by alcoholism; he abandoned the family in 1934, ending up as a steward in the merchant marine.
Leary spent the first part of his career doing normative psychology, the work of assessment, measurement, and control; he spent the second as one of the leading proselytizers of alternative psychology, the pop psychology of consciousness expansion and nonconformity.
www.newyorker.com /critics/books/articles/060626crbo_books   (1212 words)

 Online NewsHour: Timothy Leary in Memoriam -- May 31, 1996
CHARLAYNE HUNTER-GAULT: Dr. Timothy Leary was a respected Harvard psychology professor in the early 60's when he began a series of experiments with mind-altering drugs like LSD.
When Leary was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1995, he made his dying a public event and even started a home page on the Internet to chronicle it.
With, with Leary, certainly more in my agreement to the bad side--I mean, a lot of good things were going on, so we don't want to lambast the 60's while we're trying to sort out Leary's legacy.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/remember/leary_5-31.html   (1776 words)

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