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  Minor characters in Tintin - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Colonel was formerly aide-de-camp to King Muskar XII of Syldavia, whom (in Tintin's own words), he shamefully betrayed, taking part in a conspiracy to steal the Ottokar Sceptre and force the king to abdicate his throne.
In Tintin and the Picaros, Sponz is "lent" as an advisor to General Tapioca, under the pseudonym Colonel Esponja.
Tintin saves him from a pair of goons in Prisoners of the Sun, for which Zorrino acts as Tintin's guide to the Temple of the Sun.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /irma.htm   (2030 words)

 Tintin Books
Tintin is kidnapped, but in a daring escape at sea he meets the brave Captain Haddock, and together they track down the gang in a chase which takes them from the burning Sahara desert to the alleys of a Moroccan port.
Tintin is called in, and he and Snowy are soon following the tracks of the evil and dangerous plotters to the deserts and towns of the Middle East, where their efforts to find them are complicated by hazards difficult even by Tintin's standards...
Tintin is hot on the trail when he is captured and taken to the mastermind of the lake of sharks - none other than his old enemy, Rastapopoulos.
www.princeton.edu /~ferguson/adw/tintin/biblio.htm   (1772 words)

 The Adventures of Tintin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tintin was largely based on Hergé's earlier character Totor, a boy-scout with a striking resemblance to Tintin.
In the later comic book series, Tintin is a young Belgian reporter (as well as an accomplished fighter and pilot) who becomes involved in dangerous cases in which he takes heroic action to save the day.
Tintin in the Congo - (Tintin au Congo) (1930–1931)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tintin   (3381 words)

 Tintin comic magazine
Tintin was the Belgian magazine for realistic comics during the second half of the 20th Century.
The title character, 'Tintin', was created back in 1929 for Le Petit Vingtième by the Belgian artist Georges Rémi, also known as Hergé; and was already extremely popular.
He was relieved to leave Tintin after fulfilling his contractual obligation, but 'Modeste et Pompon' was continued for several years by artists like Dino Attanasio, Mittéï, Griffo and Walli and Bom.
www.lambiek.net /magazines/tintin.htm   (918 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Travel | Culture | Beautifully drawn boy
Rereading Tintin in Tibet at 18, I was amazed to see familiar temples and Buddhist stupas in the background of several frames: easily identifiable as the Kathmandu I'd just visited.
The first adventure, Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, draws heavily on a contemporary account by Joseph Douillet, although the blunt artwork for the strip - originally conceived as no more than a weekly serial in a children's supplement - is, on this first appearance in 1929, much more basic.
The Adventures of Tintin at Sea runs from March 31 to September 5 at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF, 020 8312 8577.
travel.guardian.co.uk /activities/culture/story/0,7447,1180560,00.html   (708 words)

 Tintin's Final Fling With Fate (washingtonpost.com)
In "Tintin and Alph Art," the series's 24th and last book -- and the first new volume since 1976 -- our hero uncovers a fraudulent art scheme and tracks the perpetrators to the island of Ischia off the coast of Italy, where they have stored counterfeit paintings in a grand hilltop chateau.
Tintin creator Georges Remi, known by the nom de plume Herge, died in 1983 before he could finish "Alph Art" and left instructions that no one else should write Tintin stories.
Also in Brussels, the historic Halles Saint-Gery is hosting an exhibit called "Tintin in the City." In French and Dutch, the exhibit studies Remi's drawings of cities and his references to Brussels in particular.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A35930-2004Jun11.html   (1088 words)

 Books | Tintin's Nazi spin
When the Nazi panzer divisions rolled across Tintin's Belgian homeland in May 1940, the boy reporter and his creator, Hergé;, were both in big trouble.
Le Petit Vingtième, the children's newspaper where Tintin appeared, was immediately closed down by the Nazi occupiers - the final strip showing our hero trussed up by Dr Müller's henchmen and dumped in the desert to die.
Tintin is infused not with fascism but with the spirit of arrested development: the driving force of all genuinely popular children's writing from Swallows and Amazons to The Simpsons and Harry Potter.
books.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4266997-99931,00.html   (849 words)

 Tintin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Adventures of Tintin is a well-known comic strip written and drawn by the Belgian writer-artist Hergé;.
Tintin in the Congo[?] - (Tintin au Congo)
Tintin is joined by a crew of secondary characters: Haddock and Tournesol.
www.factbase.info /ti/tintin.html   (1174 words)

 TinTin++ 1.95 Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
TinTin++ is a mud client that runs in console mode.
TinTin++ should run on any unix/linux system (BSD, SuSe, Slackware, Debian, Mandrake, to name a few) and emulators, such as Cygwin for windows.
Beside the tintin source code there is a compiled linux and Mac OSX 10.2 binary available.
www.scandum.com /tintin   (159 words)

 Tintin Figurines & Leblon Statuettes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This stunning statue of Tintin and his constant companion is created by French artist Marie Leblon and stands 13" high.
This stunning statue of Tintin in Tibet is created by French artist Marie Leblon and stands 6 1/2" high.
This stunning statue of Tintin standing with Snowy is created by French artist Marie Leblon and stands 12 1/2" high.
www.karikter.com /HTML/tintin_leblon.html   (114 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Books: Tintin: The Complete Companion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tintin, the extraordinary reporter with his immediately recognizable coif and his dog Snowy, has been a publishing phenomenon since he first appeared in 1928.
You can enjoy the adventures of Tintin and Snowy a million times more with this wonderful companion book filled with amazingly deep and thorough research on the Tintin series by a professional reporter who has got the very same, fair-minded view and enthusiasm as his subject, the creator of Tintin.
Each Tintin adventure gets about 4-6 pages, and each section is beautifully laid out, with perfectly reproduced color panels, along with photos and clippings from Hergé's files to show how reality was incorporated into the books.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/0719555221   (951 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Tintin in Tibet (The Adventures of Tintin)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tintin has a dream about Chang, the boy he made friends with in China back in the adventure of "The Blue Lotus." In the dream Tintin sees Chang lying in the snow, half buried, holding out his hands and calling to Tintin to help him.
Tintin, convinced his friend is not dead, goes off to the land of the ice and snow to save his friend.
Tintin dreams of his friend Tchang -- only to learn that his dream has become reality: his friend is supposed to have died in a plane crash in Tibet.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0316358398?v=glance   (1681 words)

 Comic creator: Hergé (Georges Remi)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In fact, the character Tintin was often compared with the stereotype of a boy scout.
Especially the work on the Tintin reprints - which were being redrawn and colored - was too much of a burden by then.
While the books 'Tintin au Tibet' (1959) and 'Le Bijoux de la Castafiore' (1962) are regarded as his best works, the last completed book, 'Tintin et les Picaros' (1974), is generally held to be Hergé's worst effort.
www.lambiek.net /herge.htm   (575 words)

 Tintin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
An adolescent with no known family, Tintin is a reporter by trade.
Tintin is probably the strangest character in the history of the strip cartoon.
In this way the series of adventures could be enriched, gaining variety and intensity while, thanks to Tintin, retaining that immediacy which makes them so very readable.
www.tintinmilou.free.fr /characters/uk/tintin.htm   (392 words)

 tintin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tintin in the Land of the Soviets HC (in English)
Tintin TPB vol 3: Cigars of the Pharaoh
Tintin TPB vol 21: Tintin And The Picaros
www.indie-scope.com /tintin.htm   (107 words)

 foldedspace.org: Tintin is Dying   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
We wanted to name the cat Snowy, after the dog in the Tintin comics, but we thought that name was too wimpy.
At first Tintin was jumpy; he was quick to claw and bite.
Tintin is well-loved and an important part of our small family.
www.foldedspace.org /archives/001571.html   (841 words)

 yTin Homepage
Tintin++ was one of the most popular Mud Clients.
The author Chitchat is a fan of TinTin++, and had made tremendous fixes on original TinTin++ with friends.
Since the original TinTin++ had stopped developping for some while, I decide to maintain "yet another TinTin++" with new fixes and features.
ytin.sourceforge.net   (228 words)

 Tintin Hergé A Short Biography of Hergé   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Also in 1930, the French weekly Coeurs vaillants undertakes the publication of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, but begins it accompanying each frame with a caption.
Thursday, September 3rd: Filled with African enthusiasms Tintin has already left again, and these are The Adventures of Tintin, Reporter in America.
On September 29th, the inauguration of the statue of Tintin and Snowy, produced by Nat neujean and located in Wolwendael Park in Uccle, Brussels.
www.free-tintin.net /english/herge.htm   (2053 words)

 Tintin The Boy Reporter
Tintin has been delighting children and adults alike since 1929, when he began his adventures as a boy reporter traveling the world and setting wrongs to right.
Tintin first appeared in the weekly children's newspaper Le Petit Vingtieme, on January 19th, 1929.
Collectors or “Tintinologs”(specialists of Tintin’s world) find outlets for their passion in the many publications,animated cartoons, statuettes, games, art pieces, publicity and merchandising items that have been created around the theme of Tintin’s adventures.
www.belgianexperts.com /tintin.php   (321 words)

 Tintin et les oranges bleues (1964)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
While not quite as engaging as TINTIN ET LE MYSTERE DE LA TOISON D'OR(1961), this adaptation is fun and silly enough to impress most children under 10 and adult fans.
The story is typical Tintin fare, with adventure in exotic places(in this case Valencia, Spain) and over the top bad guys.
For those of you not familiar with Tintin, let's just say that every French speaking child(and most European children) under the age of 14 has been thrilled by his comic book adventures for over half a century.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0058663   (471 words)

 Tintin fyller 75 år   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tintins första äventyr till Sovjet inleddes den 10 januari 1929.
Allt som allt blev det 23 fullbordade äventyr som tog Tintin och hans vänner över hela jordklotet och ända till månen.
Tintin är en klassiker inom seriekonsten och finns översatt till fler än 60 språk i över 70 länder!
www.bonniercarlsen.se /Blandat/Tintin/tintin75.htm   (177 words)

 Tintin - Comics2Film
Synopsis: According to the french magazine "L'Écran fantastique", the reason why the 'Tintin' movie project is moving slowly is because Spielberg wants to produce and maybe direct three of them, which would each be based on two separate albums.
Tintin is a huge comic book character in most parts of the world except the United States.
Tintin tells of the adventures of a young reporter's international exploits.
www.comics2film.com /ProjectFrame.php?f_id=304   (819 words)

 KidsArt Art Education Supplies On-Line Catalog- The Adventures of Tintin
Tintin the boy reporter and his faithful dog Snowy have pleased generations of youngsters.
Tintin and Snowy travel the world along with a colorful cast of good guys and bad guys.
But my daughter didn't seem to mind...she discovered Tintin the summer between 1st and 2nd grade, and fell so in love with the adventures that she collected the entire set and read them again and again over the years.
www.kidsart.com /store/tintin.html   (323 words)

 Hergé "record covers/ platenhoezen / pochettes de disques / pochettes de cd / cd covers / cd hoezen / album art / ...
Tintin: Tintin hos gerillan (1977) Cupol (swedish release, CLPM 5031)
Tintin: Tintin hos gerillan (1977) Cupol (swedish release, CK 5031)
Tintin: Tintin i Kongo (1984) Cupol (swedish release, CK 5038)
www.geocities.com /SunsetStrip/Exhibit/3803/herge-cover.html   (1115 words)

With the help of Tintin fans across the net The Cult Of Tintin is fast becoming the best, most...
Herge (pseudonym of Georges Remi, 1907-1983) created Tintin in 1929 and produced 23 volumes by the time of his death.
Tintin is one of most recognized comic strip characters in the World, and is also just plain cool!
mmf.ruc.dk /~ryge/tintin.htm   (307 words)

 Boy scout with strange dreams - Tintin et moi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Now he has made an ambitious documentary, Tintin et Moi, that delves into Tintin's subconscious and explores the correlation between the comic strip and creator Hergé's psyche.
Hergé was divorced the following year and moved in with a woman 28 younger than he, threw his inhibitions to the winds and took on the anti-authoritarian values of that era.
He is a highly sensitive, nervous person who is absorbed by impulses but who tries to maintain control and wisdom at the same time.
www.dfi.dk /sitemod/moduler/index_english.asp?pid=17900   (1569 words)

 Tintin & Steven Spielberg
Other suggested Tintins were Henry Thomas, the young hero from E T, and the pre-Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio.
In 1988 this project was abandoned but lately there have been reports that Spielberg has renewed his interest in bringing the young reporter to the cinemas.
It may also be worth mentioning that a false rumour has spread on the internet that Steven Spielberg owns ALL rights to Tintin and that his Dreamworks Studio has allowed a crossover to be made for Canadian TV where Tintin and Batman team up (!) for an adventure.
www.angelfire.com /space/u_line/steven.htm   (323 words)

 The Cult of Tintin at Tintinologist.org: unofficial Tintin site
Established in 1994, The Cult of Tintin (Tintinologist.org) is the oldest and largest English language Tintin fan site on the Internet.
Tintin Exhibition - Miniatures Museum of Taiwan 28 Jun - 25 Sep 2005 [July 2005]
Tintin 5-disc DVD R1 Box-set Available [April 2005]
www.tintinologist.org   (298 words)

 Tintin Webring
Tintin is the young reporter you travels around the world with his faithful dog Snowy.
Tintin y la actualidad política, las modificaciones, errores, anécdotas, curiosidades y apariciones, las influencias.
"Tintin 60 languages" offers you an overview of all languages in which Tintin is translated, the translated albums and a short description of each language.
o.webring.com /hub?ring=tintinring   (592 words)

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