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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Tobago - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tobago has a land area of 300 km² (116 mi²), and is approximately 42 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide.
Tobago is also a popular diving location since it is the most southerly of the Caribbean island with coral communities.
Although Tobago lies to the south of the hurricane belt, it was nevertheless struck by Hurricane Flora on September 30, 1963.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tobago   (1059 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a nation in the southern Caribbean Sea, situated 11 km (7 miles) off the coast of Venezuela.
Trinidad and Tobago is famous for its pre-Lenten Carnival and as the birthplace of steelpan and limbo.
Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most prosperous nations in the Caribbean, although less so than it was during the "oil boom" between 1973 and 1983.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Trinidad_and_Tobago   (2631 words)

 Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago is a unitary state, with a parliamentary democracy modeled after that of the U.K. From 1962 until 1976, Trinidad and Tobago, although completely independent, acknowledged the British monarch as the figurehead chief of state.
Tobago was given a measure of self-government in 1980 and is ruled by the Tobago House of Assembly.
Tobago's infrastructure for tourism was expected to expand in general after 1987 as a consequence of the 1986 election of a native Tobagonian as prime minister.
www.onlinelearning.net /instructors/smurr/LatAm/carib/trin&tbgo.html   (10094 words)

 Tobago Villas. Tobago Holiday Villas. Tobago Holidays and Vacations in Quality Villas with pools.
But what makes Tobago really special are the simple, beautiful things: long palm fringed sandy beaches or small coves hidden by forested hillsides, rugged mountains, sun soaked villages and countless waterfalls amidst the virgin rain forest of the Main Ridge.
Take to the winding country roads of Tobago to uncover the islands hidden treasures: a deserted secluded beach, a flock of parrots or one of the many lagoons and waterfalls dotted around the lush rain forest on Tobago.
Tobago is well known for its many beaches, with the most popular ones located on the south of the island such as Store Bay near the airport or Pigeon Point with its tall coconut trees swaying over the dazzling white sand.
www.tobagovillas.com /caribbean/tobago.shtml   (390 words)

 Manta Lodge - About Tobago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The two highlights on Tobago’s resume of natural attractions are the Lower Mountain Rain Forest, the western hemisphere's oldest rainforest preserve and the extensive coral reefs that fringe the shorelines.
Tobago's pro-active approach to natural history and resource preservation has gained her a great reputation with bird watchers, and nature lovers of all sorts.
While Tobago is not the run of the mill glitzy brochure destination (far from it!), there are numerous restaurants catering to a wide variety of tastes, from European cuisine to Chinese, Indian and local fare.
www.mantalodge.com /ml/abouttobago.aspx   (1455 words)

 Trinidad & Tobago Features | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
Trinidad and Tobago are among the top 10 spots in the world in terms of the number of species of birds per square mile -- more than 430, many living within pristine rain forests, lowlands and savannahs, and fresh- and saltwater swamps.
Tobago is considered a prime diving destination as the clear waters provide maximum visibility.
Ecoconsciousness is strong on Tobago, where the rain forests of the Main Ridge were set aside for protection in 1764, creating the first such preserve in the western hemisphere.
www.fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=trinidad_tobago@158&cur_section=fea&feature=30003   (1723 words)

 About Trinidad & Tobago
The twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the southernmost islands of the Caribbean chain, only 10 km or 7 miles from the Venezuelan coast of South Americas.
Tobago has a central mountain range with a flat area in the south west.
Tobago's temperatures are cooler, and the island is and less humid than Trinidad, owing to the north east trade winds.
www.tntadventures.com /trinidad_tobago.htm   (402 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago Scuba Diving
Tobago, which lies 22 miles northeast of Trinidad, has sheer cliffs and volcanic mountains covered in rain forests.
While the beaches of Trinidad are volcanic fl, Tobago's are white with a shallow coral reef in the clear, blue water offshore.
The wreck of the Maverick, a 300+ foot passenger ferry sunk in April of 1997 is a must-dive in Tobago.
www.sportdiver.com /destination.jsp?destinationID=10143   (519 words)

 Tobago History, Ocean Point Hotels   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tobago, a small island in the Lesser Antilles, was the haven for the fictional Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe's fictional hero in The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner (1719).
As was the custom with Dutch colonial settlement, the lands which bordered the bays and rivers and were essential to a maritime colony for farming, water power, transport and trade were named after the ruler.
After the establishment of his Tobago colony, Courland sold colonial wares such as tobacco, tropical birds, cotton, ginger, sugar, indigo, rum, cocoa, tortoise shells and feathers of tropical birds.
www.oceanpoint.com /courland.htm   (1028 words)

 Tobago, A Visually-Impaired Vietnamese Leaf Turtle
Tobago, a captive bred Vietnamese Leaf Turtle, was six months old when I got him from the breeder in 1996.
Tobago is now housed in a Rubbermaid tub (21.5 x 15 x 5.5 in.
He begins patrolling his enclosure, and will find high spots to perch on, bracing himself in an almost vertical position, from where he can search the landscape for any females that may happen to be in the vicinity.
www.anapsid.org /tobago.html   (2758 words)

 Trinidad e Tobago: Tutte le informazioni su Trinidad e Tobago su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Trinidad e Tobago è una nazione (5.128 km², 1.104.209 abitanti, capitale Port of Spain) insulare dell'America centrale caraibica.
Più montuosa è invece l'isola di Tobago (303 km²), situata a 30 km circa a nord-est di Trinidad.
Trinidad è largamente coperta da piantagioni, le dense foreste pluviali sono ormai un ricordo e possono essere ritrovate solo a Tobago.
www.encyclopedia.it /t/tr/trinidad_e_tobago.html   (561 words)

 Technorati Tag: Tobago
Tobago Vacations Compare prices, read user reviews of hotels and search for travel deals to Tobago.
Trinidad and Tobago coach Leo Beenhakker has today announced a 24 man preliminary squad for the football World Cup, despite the official deadline for...
Our Beautiful Tobago Villas Stonehaven Villas in Tobago is located on a hillside overlooking the stunning views of Stonehaven Bay.
www.technorati.com /tag/Tobago   (572 words)

 Islands.com | Tobago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tobago is one of those islands that crop up in conversations about places reminiscent of the West Indies decades ago.
Tobago, in fact, is where Trinidadians go for holidays — a slow-paced, tranquil island of natural wonders.
Good overviews of each; the birding section is particularly comprehensive, with advice and tips ("Tobago may not have as much land species as it’s neighbor, Trinidad, but the margin is offset by the extreme tameness of the resident birds").
www.islands.com /tobago   (654 words)

 Tobago - the definitive Visitor Holiday Guide from myTobago.info
This website is our tribute to the stunning island of Tobago, surely the jewel in the crown of the Caribbean.
Our aim is to steer you to the best of Tobago and away from the worst (of which there is very little).
If Tobago is to reap the benefits of tourism and not be spoiled by it, those involved must heed our reader's views.
www.mytobago.info   (577 words)

 TRINIDADANDTOBAGONEWS.COM - Links Around Trinidad and Tobago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Eric Williams Biography of the "Father of the Nation" for Trinidad and Tobago.
Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
www.trinidadandtobagonews.com /att.htm   (89 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago News
If Trinidad and Tobago were islands in the middle of an ocean there would be no problem.
FLAGS from Trinidad and Tobago stood out as tens of thousands of hidden New Yorkers emerged from the shadows this week to demand federal legislation that would make the American Dream a reality for millions of...
TT govt attempts to curb construction costs The Trinidad and Tobago government has responded to calls for measures to be put in place to curb the rising cost of construction on the twin island republic.
www.topix.net /world/trinidad-and-tobago   (610 words)

 Tobago Villas and Tobago Villa Rentals - Vaction Rental
While tourists from the UK and South America have long known Tobago’s charm, Tobago villa rentals and villa rentals in Tobago by Villas Caribe offer all travelers a chance to visit one of the most ecologically attractive islands in our inventory.
Tobago is known for its coral reefs, sport fishing and calming waterfalls.
Please note that most of our Tobago villa rentals and Tobago accommodations feature virtual tours that are exclusive to the Villas Caribe Tobago villa rental inventory.
tobago.villascaribe.com /Content/98.htm   (213 words)

 Governance and the Constitution : Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When Trinidad and Tobago achieved independence on August 31st, 1962, a monarchy was created in that Her Majesty the Queen continued to be Queen of Trinidad and Tobago and all citizens continued to owe allegiance to Her.
After many years of being a monarchy, it was decided that Trinidad and Tobago should no longer be required to owe allegiance to the Queen and should therefore become a Republic having a Head of State in its own right.
The Constitution provides for a President who, in the exercise of his functions under the Constitution or any other law, acts in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet or a Minister acting under the general authority of the Cabinet where provision is made by the Constitution.
www.gov.tt /government   (331 words)

 Perfect Caribbean Holidays in Tobago - TobagoGuide.com
Tobago - a secret caribbean hideaway where mangos, sea spray, and citrus scent the air.
Relaxed, slow-paced and largely undeveloped, Tobago is the last undiscovered gem in the Caribbean.
The Tobago Heritage Festival (summer) with authentic traditional folk and culture shows put on in villages throughout the island, goat and crab races on Easter weekend, village harvests, and the Tobago sailing regatta (May) are just some.
www.tobagoguide.com   (570 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago
The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Limited is a subsidary of RBTT Financial Group, a holding company fully owned in Trinidad and Tobago.
The Birds represented on the Coat of Arms of Trinidad and Tobago are the Scarlet Ibis, the Cocrico (native to Tobago) and the Hummingbird.
Trinidad and Tobago is divided to 8 counties, 3 cities and a "ward" (=Tobago).
www.fotw.net /flags/tt.html   (1395 words)

 rex resorts - caribbean - tobago
This is Robinson Crusoe's desert island (Tobago was the inspiration for the book) - an enchanted land of swaying palms, deserted beaches and secluded half-moon bays sheltered by coral reefs resplendent with underwater gardens.
Surprisingly, Tobago has a torrid past, having been the most fought over island in the Caribbean.
Tobago is fast becoming one of the most sought-after scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean with diving to suit all qualifications and speciality interests.
www.rexresorts.com /_caribbean/_tobago   (238 words)

 The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Online
The islands of Trinidad and Tobago lie between 10° 2' and 11°12'N. Latitude, and 60°30' and 61°56' W Longitude.
Tobago is 41 km long and 12 km at its greatest breadth.
Tobago has an area of 300 sq.km, or 116 square miles.
www.gov.tt   (208 words)

 Tobago Beaches | Tobago | Travel Story and Pictures from Trinidad & Tobago
Tobago is the small sister island of the country, and at least as far as beaches are concerned, the more beautiful one.
Since distances in Tobago are so small, it is also easy to combine a visit to one of the beaches with other activities.
Or visited the island of Little Tobago or the Forest Reserve, after which we relaxed on another strip of sand.
www.traveladventures.org /continents/southamerica/tobagobeaches.shtml   (284 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago
Tobago passed between Britain and France several times, but it was ultimately given to Britain in 1814.
Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago, officially Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, republic (2005 est.
Trinidad and Tobago: History - History Trinidad was visited by Christopher Columbus in 1498 but was not colonized because of the...
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0108046.html   (918 words)

 Trinidad & Tobago
For further information concerning entry, employment and customs requirements, travelers may contact the Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago, 1708 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., Washington, DC 20036, telephone (202) 467-6490, email embttgo@erols.com, or the Trinidad and Tobago Consulates in Miami or New York City.
SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Trinidad and Tobago is prone to occasional, moderate earthquakes - one in October 2000 measured 5.8 on the Richter scale and another in December 2004 measured 5.4.
More recently, parts of Tobago were severely affected by flooding and mudslides from Hurricane Ivan and another major storm that followed soon thereafter.
travel.state.gov /travel/trinidad_tobago.html   (2604 words)

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