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Topic: Tom Goes to the Mayor

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In the News (Sun 22 Jul 18)

  Tom Goes to the Mayor
The story is incredibly simple; a young guy named Tom Peters lives in the town of Jefferton, and since he has nothing to do to entertain his lonely self, he spends most of his time pitching ideas to the Mayor on how to supposedly better the well being of the local citizenry.
Tom Goes to the Mayor with plain characters such as these, is, by apparent design, a slow program, and does little to entice any television viewer looking for something remotely sharp and inventive.
Tom Goes to the Mayor adapts this technique to low-quality simple-pleasures for simple-minds animated lines-of-reason that Williams Street is oft known for.
www.animationinsider.net /article.php?articleID=311&document=1   (453 words)

  Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Mayor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mayors may also function as the head of the city council, sometimes elected as mayor by the council rather the citizens, while day-to-day operations of the city are delegated to a professional city manager.
In Canada mayors are usually elected at large by the citizens of a municipality for a fixed term.
In London, the ceremonial Lord Mayor of London, representing the City of London, should be distinguished from the elected Mayor of London who is responsible for the whole of Greater London.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Mayor   (614 words)

 "Tom Goes to the Mayor" (2004)
IMDb > "Tom Goes to the Mayor" (2004)
The show is based on a short film Tom Goes to the Mayor (2002) by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim which appeared in independent film festivals as well as on Tim and Eric's website.
Cross later made a cameo in the sequel Tom Goes to the Mayor Returns (2003).
www.imdb.com /title/tt0425720   (752 words)

 Noise To Signal: Tom Goes to the Mayor: The Complete Series DVD Review
Tom Goes to the Mayor was a series of thirty episodes (13 in season one and 17 in season two) that run about 11 minutes apiece.
Tom's attempts to spend 11 minutes with his father in "Layover" are painfully sincere.
The game that The Mayor is playing on his computer is totally obscured (a big letdown as it was a full-screen sequence...) and the photograph of Roy Teppert (obviously not the same person who later appeared in the show under that name) has its face blurred.
www.noisetosignal.org /tv/2007/04/tom-goes-to-the-mayor-the-complete-series-dvd-review.php   (2473 words)

 AWN Headline News
TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR, a new animated comedy series from creators Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim and exec producer Bob Odenkirk, redefines limited animation with its odd mix of photoreal cutouts in a fully-realized suburban environment.
Tom Peters is a would-be entrepreneur in the eccentric small town of Jefferton who constantly brings his crackpot ideas to The Mayor, who invariably endorses them.
One of their first projects, TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR, a short, dry conversation about a proposed buffet restaurant, was included in Penn University’s Institute of Contemporary Art and selected by the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema as a short film.
news.awn.com /index.php?ltype=top&newsitem_no=12423&dir=1   (1349 words)

Equal parts hilarious and repellent, "Tom Goes to the Mayor" boasts an intentionally ugly aesthetic typified by characters who consist of static, colour-drained photographs of their performers sent through Photoshop's "photocopy" function, their "animation" being the occasional change in pictures to depict a new facial expression.
Between Jefferton's overload of obnoxious tchotchkes and its smorgasbord of disgusting food platters, "Tom Goes to the Mayor" is uniformly disturbing and sometimes nauseating.
It would be unfair to say that "Tom Goes to the Mayor" completely engulfs itself in fabricated awfulness, as its sharp writing offers one of the finest juggling acts of pitch-fl comedy and subtle lunacy since "Mr.
www.filmfreakcentral.net /dvdreviews/tomgoestoanything.htm   (1405 words)

 Tom Goes to the Mayor - TV.com
The Mayor is eager to embrace almost any proposal, as long as it is accompanied by a snazzy Powerpoint presentation or a cool musical number.
Tom Peters is a would-be entrepreneur and civic do-gooder in the eccentric small town of Jefferton.
tom goes to the mayor is a wierd cartoon set in the made up town of jefforton.
www.tv.com /tom-goes-to-the-mayor/show/31027/summary.html   (817 words)

 Absurdism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Albert Camus' novels The Stranger and The Fall, and philosophical works The Myth of Sisyphus and The Rebel.
Tom Stoppard's comedy play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.
Logotherapy, often called the "third Viennese school of psychotherapy," could be classified as an objection to absurdism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Absurdist   (812 words)

 [adult swim] | Shows - Tom Goes To The Mayor
Joy, Tom's wife, is huge and the mother of three disgustingly overweight boys.
She is terribly unhappy, morbidly obese and due to a loveless second marriage always giving Tom hell.
He is often given assignments to call local businesses for Tom and the Mayor's projects.
www.adultswim.co.uk /shows/tomgoestothemayor.jsp   (361 words)

 Tom Goes To The Mayor: The Complete Series (business Man's Edition) Movie Review at TalkingMoviezzz: Review of the ...
Adult Swim was the perfect niche for "Tom Goes to the Mayor," where its brilliant blend of near-perverse oddness and strange celebration of the American Dream was allowed to prosper.
Tom and the Mayor (as well as many other characters) are played by Heidecker and Wareheim, respectively, and the characters seem to be a fair representation of the two friends' style of humor and writing.
Tom is the straight, but twisted man while Mayor is the overly-energetic relief.
www.talkingmoviezzz.com /view_review.php?id=299   (770 words)

 DVD Review: Tom Goes to the Mayor - The Complete Series
Episode 8: Boy meets Mayor: After the Mayor is caught in a dirty sex scandal, Tom in brought in to be his PR man. In order to boost the Mayor’s public opinion they enter into a local hot air balloon challenge.
Episode 28: Undercover: Tom goes undercover at his son’s school to find out if they are being served high levels of starch.
Tom Goes to the Mayor - The Complete Series is now available at Amazon.
www.monstersandcritics.com /dvd/reviews/article_1294277.php/DVD_Review_Tom_Goes_to_the_Mayor_-_The_Complete_Series   (1457 words)

 Posts from the Tom Goes To The Mayor Category at TV Squad
Tom, however, isn't there just to have his eye poked buy the inquisitive Mayor, he's there to sell hoagies for the annual Father/Son Barrel Goat Hunt, in which the father/son teams hunt the dreaded barrel goat, a creature that is driven insane by the scent of pickle barrels.
Part of enjoying Tom Goes to the Mayor --and I think by this point those who don't enjoy the show have moved on to other things-- is that it exists in a world pretty much void of any adherence to physical or moral laws.
Tom has been killed, gone to hell, inexplicably transported both his father and the Mayor to an airplane in mid-flight, and been trapped underwater with a tiny man trapped inside him.
www.tvsquad.com /category/tom-goes-to-the-mayor   (2870 words)

 Tom Goes to the Mayor - Page 2
There are guest stars for almost every chapter of Tom Goes to the Mayor, from actors to musicians we have individuals playing as shop owners and the like, somehow involved in Peters' and The Mayor's ridiculous schemes.
For example, when The Mayor decides to place bear traps all over the town to make the children safer in the chapter entitled, "Bear Traps," there just so happens to be two store shop owners of bear traps.
I can imagine that the insertion of an overly dramatic character is supposed to offset the apparent lack of complexity amongst the central cast in Tom Goes to the Mayor, but in order for such a thing to occur one would hope that the balance of such character dynamics would not be so lopsided.
www.animationinsider.net /article.php?articleID=311&document=2   (343 words)

 Tom Goes to the Mayor - TV Show - SideReel
On August 21, 2006, at 12:30, Tom Goes to the Mayor was broadcast as scheduled.
However, the upcoming Tom Goes to the Mayor DVD set is marketed as "The Complete Series" which may indicate that there will be no more episodes.
Tom Goes to the Mayor Premiere: November 2004
www.sidereel.com /Tom_Goes_to_the_Mayor   (518 words)

 Tom Goes to the Mayor: Wrestling - TV Squad
Meanwhile, Tom, who is the team's "equipment boy" and dresses as if he's an extra in Flashdance, discovers that the kids have been using an illegal supplement called "Flaxamax." Tom discovers this while hanging the boy's jock straps in the locker room and spraying them down with a garden hose.
Tom takes his concern to the Mayor, but the Mayor is a huge wrestling fan who invented a move called the "crab" that he used to paralyze several children, and he's not about to let Tom expose a scandal that could get the team disqualified.
The Mayor gets an ingenious idea to admit to the city council that the boys have been taking Flaxamax, because he believes that once a team is disqualified the entire match is decided by a coin toss (and he has a two-headed coin).
www.tvsquad.com /2006/07/03/tom-goes-to-the-mayor-wrestling   (647 words)

 Amazon.com: Tom Goes to the Mayor - The Complete Series: Tom Goes to the Mayor: Movies & TV
Tom (played by series co-creator Tim Heidecker) is Tom Peters, recently moved to the quiet suburb of Jefferton and bursting with ideas on how to improve the town and his own miserable life.
The Mayor (co-creator Eric Wareheim) is the infantile head of the town who accepts all of Tom's plans, but "tweaks" them for his own unfathomable purposes, which invariably results in disaster for all (but mostly for Tom).
Tom Peters star of the uniquely titled animated series Tom Goes to The Mayor is a would-be entrepreneur and civic do-gooder in the eccentric small town of Jefferton.
www.amazon.com /Tom-Goes-Mayor-Complete/dp/B000M341RS   (753 words)

 NG BBS — tom goes to the mayor
Tom goes to the mayor isn't the worst show on adult swim,have you ever checked out 12 oz.
Tom Goes to the Mayor is one of the best shows on Adult Swim and Television in general.
tom goes to the mayor is funny but it still sucks, maybe it would be okay if i wasnt a dif.
www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/296451   (853 words)

 Tom Lord - The Jazz Discography - Catalog of Jazz Music
I have been a jazz and popular music archivist since 1956 and in the interim have owned or read virtually every major discography published and even a good number of minor issues.
Tom covers the length and breath of jazz issues better than anyone before or since.
Tom Lord's incredible, imaginative and brilliant discography on CD-ROM is, in my opinion, one of the two most indispensable devices you can use to enhance your collection.
www.lordisco.com /reviews.html   (2646 words)

 BikePortland.org » Blog Archive » Mayor adds Bicycle Master Plan back into budget
Mayor Tom Potter has just sent a letter to all four City Commissioners and the City Auditor detailing six additional expenditures he will be able to fund in the budget.
While the mayor has idealistically pursued to involve the younger generation, he has lost touch with community-wide values, ironically at a time when he is pursuing a citywide visioning effort.
The mayor has time and again said that he wants to fund safety first, so lets all 300 write him to let him know how happy we are about the BMP, but that we also want him to spend some of this found money on fully funding PDOT's safe streets request.
bikeportland.org /2007/05/07/mayor-adds-master-plan-back-into-the-budget   (2610 words)

 DVD Box Set: Tom Goes to the Mayor | LI Reviews
Tom Goes to the Mayor is a show that has an amazingly simple feel to the concept.
Tom Goes to the Mayor includes several appearances by random celebrity guests, which adds to the comic relief of the entire show.
Tom tries so hard to make the town a better place, but the Mayor only hears half the story and messes up the rest like a sheer political pro.
literaryillusions.com /LIreviews/2007/04/15/tom-goes-to-the-mayor-dvd-box-set-review   (879 words)

 Tom Goes to the Mayor
Tom and the Mayor convince the city council to restore the Barrel Goat Bow Hunt to benefit the Two Eyes for the Third World Foundation.
Tom goes undercover at his son's school to find out if they are being served high levels of starch.
Tom plan to use the opportunity to pitch ideas to the Mayor is foiled when Joy’s ex husband Saul crashes the get together with his diarrhea paint and musical Dijaredoo.
timanderic.com /episodeGuide2.html   (674 words)

 ytmnd - you're the man now dog!
tom goes to the mayor tom peters mayor
Tom Goes to the Mayor Tom Goes to the Mayor Adult Swim Adult Swim Cartoon Network ricadicdic ding dong
Tom goes to the mayor mayor michael ian fl tom
www.ytmnd.com /keyword/mayor   (295 words)

 Melanie Phillips’s Articles
Yesterday, the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said in a radio interview that Britain was ‘no longer a Christian country’ because people no longer went to church.
Although it goes to some lengths to pretend that it is hostile only to Israel but not to Jews, its real agenda is all too plain.
Because that in Gaza or Lebanon is far greater than in Israel, the argument goes that the scale of Israel’s response is illegitimate.
www.melaniephillips.com /articles   (11871 words)

 Tom Goes to the Mayor Television Reviewed on Maxim | Rating, Release Date, Special Features Video, Game, TV, Music, ...
Tom Goes to the Mayor, the experimental show that tries so hard to break traditional animation conventions that it forgets to be funny.
The Adult Swim folks must've been brainstorming with Marion Barry when they dreamed up Tom Goes to the Mayor, the experimental show that tries so hard to break traditional animation conventions that it forgets to be funny.
Each episode revolves around Tom Peters, a well-meaning new resident in the small town of Jefferton who presents the mayor with noble ideas for civic improvement only to watch them warp into ridiculously disastrous initiatives (i.e., setting hundreds of bear traps around town to protect children from predators).
www.maximonline.com /entertainment/reviews.aspx?p_id=8744   (333 words)

 Noise To Signal: Tom Goes to the Mayor DVD this spring!
Every episode begins with Tom Peters bringing his latest idea to The Mayor, who then hijacks the idea for his own ends (more out of childish excitement than any sort of selfishness, though) and, of course, brings the entire thing crashing down in a blaze of humiliation for all involved.
I've also heard some say that each episode is a "reboot" of the original situation in which Tom has a new idea and, in classic chaos-theory manner, the events of the episode then unfold entirely differently within the same framework.
Of course, maybe Tom Goes to the Mayor is just an excuse for two very entertaining performers to get together and have fun, being sometimes painfully amusing in the process.
www.noisetosignal.org /tv/2006/09/tom-goes-to-the-mayor-dvd-this-spring.php   (614 words)

 NG BBS — Tom Goes To The Mayor Sux!
tom goes to the mayor was so funny.
Can't argue that Tom Goes to the Mayor sucks, but at least it ain't Super Milk Chan.
Anyone who hates Tom goes to the mayor has a bad sense of humor.
www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/203097   (837 words)

 Meathaus Enterprises » Tom Goes To The Mayor Season 2 Preview
Tom Goes To The Mayor Season 2 Preview
So here is a brand new preview clip from the “My Big Cups” episode of Tom Goes to the Mayor, which is premiering in June.
Tom Goes to the Mayor is playing re-runs of the first season at 1:30 AM Monday mornings right now and the new season starts in June, and I don’t know what time slot they’ll give it.
meathaus.com /2006/04/20/tom-goes-to-the-mayor-season-2-preview   (229 words)

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