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Topic: Tom Siddon

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Siddon that the Lubicons are neither prepared to have the Canadian Courts determine compensation for illegal expropriation of unceded Lubicon lands nor to forgo their aboriginal land rights in order to have compensation arbitrated.
Siddon commenced the February 21st meeting by stating that he was prepared to confirm that the full 95 square mile area agreed at Grimshaw in October of 1988 would be recognized as reserve lands.
Tom Siddon, Federal Indian Affairs Minister I was very happy with the meeting today but I think it's important that the Chief discuss with his people some of the matters we discussed and we hope to meet again soon, very soon.
www.bcgreen.com /~samuel/lubicon/1992/NEG.txt   (6450 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Siddon: Well, if you were to look at the elements of the proposal you'd find that the cost to build and construct a fully modern community adequate to the number of people here and all of the necessary infrastructure, as with other communities we've been constructing across Canada, would be between $30 and $45 million.
Tom Siddon, Federal Minister of Indian Affairs: I'm not going to get into elements of the matters which we've been discussing with Chief Ominayak and with the Province of Alberta until we have an agreement, so there's no question of talking about bottom lines or the details of that today.
Siddon, whose visit to the community 580 kilometres northwest of Edmonton was the first by an Indian Affairs Minister, said he felt it was important to go.
www.bcgreen.com /~samuel/lubicon/1992/UPDATE4.txt   (7057 words)

 New Promise of Lubicon Negotiations
Siddon says the Lubicon's claim to a traditional 7,000-square-miles is not valid because the Lubicon's rights were dealt with in a treaty signed by natives in the area in 1899.
Siddon claims that "both governments have indicated publicly their willingness to negotiate but the band has consistently refused to resume negotiations"; that "Federal negotiator Brian Malone remains anxious to meet Ominayak" and that "The federal government remains committed to resolving this major land claim".
Siddon claimed that "the Alberta and federal governments have made a substantial offer to the Lubicon Lake band" which "the United Nations human rights committee has considered to be an appropriate remedy to the situation..." In fact that's not what the committee said or intended.
www.nisto.com /cree/Lubicon/1991/19911116.html   (8547 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Tom Siddon, Federal Minister of Indian Affairs Given the thought and the discussion that's occurred between the parties, I hope this will be a good foundation for a deal.
Siddon "blew his top" at one point near the end of the meeting when the women were pressing for an answer on an issue, she said.
Tom Siddon, Federal Indian Affairs Minister There has to be a process for assuring that when I go to Cabinet to seek support for a final agreement we have a fairly good estimate of how many people will be the beneficiaries of that agreement.
www.bcgreen.com /~samuel/lubicon/1992/NEG0925.ADD.txt   (13378 words)

 Tom Siddon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Siddon proved to be a hard working and competent MP, and was promoted to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans position on November 21, 1985, in the wake of the tunagate scandal that had forced the resignation of previous minister, John Fraser.
Siddon thus attempted to impose stiff quotas on the catch, despite the protests of fishers and the destruction of whole communities as fish processing plants closed throughout the Atlantic provinces.
Siddon's greatest legacy and success was also achieved as Minister of Indian Affairs with the agreement in 1992 to create the new territory of Nunavut.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tom_Siddon   (553 words)

 Nunatsiaq News
Northern Affairs Minister Tom Siddon announced last Friday that he has accepted a special advisor's recommendation on a boundary to divide the Nunavut land claim settlement area from the various regional Dene-Metis claim areas.
In his report to Siddon, Parker recommended giving a large sector in the south-west end of the sanctuary to the Dene, while the northern and eastern sections would be put in the Nunavut settlement area.
Siddon's special advisor had no recommendations to make about a third bone of contention between Dene and Inuit, which involves claims to the southern Keewatin by Chipewyan bands from Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
www.nunatsiaq.com /archives/april0199/nvt90401_25.html   (923 words)

 Hanna's steady play wins Masters North   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
But he was able to get up and down for par, and was never in trouble the rest of the way.
Tom Siddon, who trailed by two strokes entering play Saturday, shot his second-consecutive 73 to finish three strokes off Hanna’s pace.
I was pleased to see players like Craig Siddon, Joe Bouffard, Mickey Batten and John Blain all have great rounds today.
www.pressrepublican.com /Archive/1999/05_1999/05231999s5.htm   (670 words)

 Mar 19/98: Status of Lubicon-Federal govt. talks
In 1991 then federal Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon, reportedly under pressure from Daishowa who told him he couldn't credibly claim to have the Lubicon situation under control when the federal government and the Lubicons weren't even talking, asked for a meeting with the chief.
Siddon met with the editorial board of the Edmonton Journal, falsely told the editorial board that Bernard Ominayak had requested the meeting, and told the editorial board that he'd agreed to the meeting but that the "take-it-or-leave-it" offer stood and wouldn't be changed.
Siddon that there was nothing to talk about if the Federal government wouldn't reconsider the unacceptable "take-it-or-leave-it" offer or seriously entertain Lubicon settlement proposals.
sisis.nativeweb.org /lubicon/mar1998.html   (4179 words)

 Welcome to the Richmond News - Sports
The longest-serving former MP, Tom Siddon, a Tory, was first elected in 1978 before falling to defeat in the PC obliteration of 1993 which saw Jean Chretien's Liberals storm Ottawa
Now retired from politics, Tom Siddon lives in the Interior, but continues to watch his old riding from afar.
In Siddon's case, he was instrumental in transforming Steveston from a sleepy and somewhat derelict fishing community to a tourism destination.
www.richmond-news.com /vote04/063104/el/063104el1.html   (716 words)

 Eye Weekly - PM Campbell's secret deal to kill a river - 10.14.93
But on Sept. 14, 1987, then-DFO Minister (now Defence Minister) Tom Siddon signed the Kemano Settlement Agreement, effectively bringing to an end a seven- year battle between DFO scientists and Alcan over what constituted a "acceptable level of certainty" for the survival of salmon stocks on the Nechako River.
The means by which the agreement was reached led to an RCMP investigation to find out if there were any grounds for charges of breach of trust, secret commissions, influence peddling, fabricating evidence, perjury or obstruction of justice.
A specific question that should be asked of the Prime Minister is whether she knew of the RCMP investigation into Siddon, deputy minister Meyboom and Alcan that was taking place in 1991.
www.eye.net /eye/issue/issue_10.14.93/NEWS/env1014.php   (995 words)

 Kemanogate: A Scandal Waiting to Erupt - Wagg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Now the spotlight is on Siddon again, because of hundreds of pages of DFO documents leaked to Cheslatta Nation and documents obtained by Cheslatta from the RCMP and DFO under Access to Information legislation.
His probe centred around allegations that DFO scientist Dr. J.H. Mundie, who was preparing expert witness testimony for a 1987 court case against Alcan, was pressured to change his testimony and was dropped as a witness after he refused to make all the requested changes.
Siddon was also Fisheries Minister when Assistant Deputy Minister Pierre Asselin launched an internal probe into the Settlement Agreement in late 1987.
www.bcen.bc.ca /bcerart/Vol2-4/kemanoga.htm   (2139 words)

 Eye Weekly - Furor over the Tories' Kemano Project yet to subside - 07.14.94
This was the final manoeuvre in a long string of behind-the-scene machinations, the audacious highlight of which was former fisheries minister Tom Siddon's ordering in 1987 of his department's scientists to be more "reasonable" toward poor old Alcan.
The reason for the Mulroney cabinet's intervention to shield the prime minister's cronies was a federal review which had found that the impact on the Nechako River's salmon from the Alcan project would be as much as seven times as severe as the company was claiming.
Documents eventually leaked from the fisheries department showed that research scientists were pressured by senior bureaucrats -- acting under Siddon's orders -- and told to tone down their criticisms of Alcan.
www.eye.net /eye/issue/issue_07.14.94/NEWS/env0714.php   (765 words)

 Montrealer leads Masters North   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
He carded a one-under-par 71 Friday to take the opening-round lead in the 16th-annual event — two strokes better than Tom Siddon and three ahead of Brian Pitts.
Siddon, the assistant club professional at the Malone Golf Club, fashioned a two-under-par 34 on the front nine and shot 39 on the back.
"The fairways were down low and the greens were holding," Siddon said.
www.pressrepublican.com /Archive/05_1999/05221999s2.htm   (526 words)

 NATIVE-L (July 1992): Attachments to June 24 Lubicon Update, Part 2 (48k)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Siddon, whose visit to the community 100 km east of Peace River was
Tom Siddon came halfway across Canada to meet with the Lubicon Cree
Tom Siddon, Federal Minister of Indian Affairs: I stressed to the
www.native-net.org /archive/nl/9207/0023.html   (5930 words)

 Nunatsiaq News
At that time he said he received a phone call from Northern Affairs Minister Tom Siddon, who told him Inuit negotiators wouldn't accept the agreement unless Ottawa promised to create a Nunavut territory.
After that phone call, Mulroney gave his blessing to Article 4, a section of the agreement that would lead to the Nunavut Accord — the political deal in which Ottawa has promised to pay for the creation of Nunavut.
During his stay Siddon made a midnight trip to the floe-edge with Paul Apak.
www.nunatsiaq.com /archives/april0199/nvt90401_30.html   (951 words)

 Untitled Document
The band council, the Mohawk contingent recognized by the Canadian government, and the traditional Longhouse group both attend the meetings.
In a meeting with federal Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon, the Longhouse Mohawks ask that all existing construction on Mohawk land be reviewed and all new development planned for the land be suspended until an agreement on land rights is reached.
Siddon tells the Mohawk band council he will not deal with the Longhouse Mohawks.
www.nfb.ca /webextension/rocks/main12d.html   (1233 words)

 NATIVE-L (April 1992): Lubicon Negotiation Information Package - Supporting Documents
Affairs Minister Tom Siddon and his Alberta counterpart Dick Fowler.
Siddon is to discuss Friday's meeting with the federal cabinet and
The timing of a settlement "remains to be seen," said Siddon.
nativenet.uthscsa.edu /archive/nl/9204/0144.html   (2218 words)

 Council for Yukon Indians Sign Umbrella Final Agreement - Four Yukon First Nations Sign Land Claim and Self-government ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Resolution of the CYI land claim and the completion of self-government agreements (SGAs) are key factors in the development of the Yukon territory," said Tom Siddon, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND).
It was signed today in Whitehorse by Tom Siddon, Judy Gingell, and Yukon Government Leader John Ostashek.
The four final settlement agreements will, among other things, contribute to certainty of land title, and benefits will include cash, land, and participation in wildlife and other management boards.
www.ainc-inac.gc.ca /pr/agr/ykn/1-9325_e.html   (613 words)

 NATIVE-L (Nov-Dec 1991): New Promise of Lubicon Negotiations (2 of 2)
Siddon claimed that "the Alberta and federal governments have made a
Siddon appears to be offering less than Ottawa was prepared to give in
Siddon does not seem to have the stomach to administer the "coup de grace"
www.nativenet.uthscsa.edu /archive/nl/91d/0105.html   (4454 words)

 Thibault and Fage renew Canada/Nova Scotia Memorandum of Understanding on Aquaculture Development
It is very encouraging to see that the federal government wants to continue working with us in our efforts," added Minister Fage.
In March, 1986, then Ministers Tom Siddon and John Leefe signed the first Canada/Nova Scotia MOU on aquaculture development.
The MOU forged a co-operative spirit and working relationship between Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries on the development of the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia.
www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca /media/newsrel/2002/hq-ac63_e.htm   (374 words)

 Phase I, mise en valeur du Saint-Laurent, 3 juin 1988
Montreal, June 3, 1988 – Federal Environment Minister Tom McMillan announced today that the Canadian government will spend $110 million over the next five years to protect, conserve and restore the St. Lawrence River.
Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Tom Siddon, who said he was pleased to be associated with the St. Lawrence action plan, restated his intention to announce a beluga survival action plan by the end of June.
The plan was being developed by his department in conjunction with Environment Canada.
www.slv2000.qc.ca /communiques/phase1/tommcmillan_a.htm   (716 words)

 Letter to Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Enclosed for your information is a copy of a good letter to Canadian Federal Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon on the Lubicon situation.
February 05, 1993, letter to Federal Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon from William F. Phipps, Executive Secretary, Alberta and Northwest Conference, United Church of Canada
I do not need your `standard mail out' with respect to the Lubicon situation, but I would like a direct response to these particular concerns.
www.nisto.com /cree/lubicon/1993/19930210.html   (447 words)

 NATIVE-L (January 1993): Some Letters re Lubicon (10k)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Minister Tom Siddon, along with the replies of a couple of people who
Siddon to people writing the Prime Minister about the Lubicon Lake
Tom Siddon, P.C., M.P. November 23, 1992, letter from Lubicon supporter Al Cox, Cos Cob,
www.native-net.org /archive/nl/9301/0041.html   (1311 words)

 CARC - Northern Perspectives (Volume 21, Number 3, Fall 1993)
I am pleased to be in Iqaluit to celebrate the signing of the Nunavut Final Agreement.
The claim settlement and the creation of Nunavut represents a new relationship between Inuit and Government.
Prhlle Ministel- Mulroney flanked bv Tom Siddon, Minister oi Indian Affairs and Northenn Denclopments and Paul Quass.l.
www.carc.org /pubs/v21no3/nellie.htm   (756 words)

 Iroquois Chiefs conspired against Mohawk during 1990 crisis
Instead, the Warriors would have been tried according to native law.
Federal Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon believed the proposal had come from the Confederacy.
Joe Deom, speaking for the authors of the peace plan, insisted last night it is legitimate.
sisis.nativeweb.org /mohawk/jun15mnn.html   (1345 words)

 Daily captures PGA PING event in Malone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Daily, who carded rounds of 69 and 74, is the first golfer to win the event back to back.
Daily was tied with Catskills Golf Club’s Brian Lowe following the first round and held off three golfers who finished a stroke back following the final round played in windy conditions, including the Malone Golf Club’s Tom Siddon.
To enter, contact Tom Welch, at 561-7087, Rick Cross, at 963-7915, or register with Dwight Campbell, at the Willsboro Pro Shop, 963-8989.
www.pressrepublican.com /Archive/2000/08_2000/08092000s1.htm   (845 words)

 [No title]
They went through public meetings and eventually got the support of most of the people.
Minister of Indian Affairs, Tom Siddon, and Quebec Minister of Indian Affairs, John Ciaccia, approached the Coalition.
They wanted to know who spoke for most of the people.
www.angelfire.com /folk/sovereignty/dec.28.05.html   (1699 words)

 Mulroney the Eco-PM? :: thetyee.ca
It was all I could do to keep my dinner down when Brian Mulroney got an award for being the "greenest" prime minister.
It was during Mulroney's watch that Kemano II was approved by a DFO that was ordered to do what the minister, Tom Siddon, wanted.
I haven't time nor space to tell all about that, but basically, Kemano II would have lowered the Nechako River to about 20 percent of its natural capacity, thus putting into serious jeopardy the large runs of Sockeye salmon who traverse part of the Nechako en route to spawn.
thetyee.ca /Views/2006/04/24/MulroneyEcoPM   (4705 words)

 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
The formation of a Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples was announced by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Minister of Indian Affairs Tom Siddon in 1991.
Its final report was tabled in the House of Commons on November 21, 1996 by Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien's Minister of Indian Affairs Ronald A. Irwin.
If they don't, it’s only a matter of time before First Nations Peoples find themselves again forced to live in the sub-standard conditions of yesteryear!
www.danielnpaul.com /Col/1996/FirstNationsReport-ExpensiveExercise.html   (843 words)

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