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Topic: Tombolo

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

Il pizzo viene eseguito lavorando con piccoli fusi in legno su cui preventivamente è stato avvolto il filo ed appoggiandosi sopra un cilindro imbottito chiamato "tombolo".
Il pizzo deve essere precedentemente disegnato su di un cartoncino che viene assicurato sul tombolo, poi con l’aiuto di spilli che ne fissano i punti di incrocio viene tessuto muovendo ed intrecciando in modo opportuno i fusi.
The lace must be previously designed on a paper that come fixed on the "tombolo" and then with the help of pins that fix the point crossing, it become woven, moving and crossing on the right way the little "Fusi".
www.erga.it /pizzo   (318 words)

  Tombolo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A tombolo is a deposition landform which connects an island to the shore.
[Brandizzo, TO] Fabbricazione Italiana Pizzi; produzione di pizzi a tombolo, nastri elastici e rigidi a crochet, pizzi a crochet, profili, elastici, bordure.
Grand Hotel Tombolo [Marina di Castagneto] Albergo ristorante provvisto di piscine in grotte ove si effettua la talassoterapia e di un centro di benessere.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Tombolo.html   (433 words)

 merletto a tombolo - offida
Il tombolo si inserì, facilmente, su una produzione locale di passamaneria, nel 1400 circa, ad opera di dame o nobildonne.
La merlettaia, che lavora seduta china sul tombolo, vi fissa il cartone forato con lo schema del disegno del merletto che si vuole realizzare.
Per distinguere il merletto a tombolo di quello confezionato a macchina, occorre ricercare la traccia lasciata dallo spillo, la presenza dei nodi, (occultati nel manufatto) e che i fili siano fissati fra loro nelle varie girate.
www.parcopiceno.com /tombolo.html   (510 words)

 tombolo or ayre
Although tombolos are by no means rare in archipelagos, they are numerically few relative to other classic forms of marine deposition.
The sand-covered tombolo of St Ninian’s Isle has been in existence since at least the Dark Ages when the island was the site of a church (Smith, 1993).
The tombolo is more liable to natural fluctuations of profile and beach area than a conventional arcuate beach.
www.fettes.com /shetland/tombolo.htm   (518 words)

 Coastal Antiques and Art
"Tombolo," an exhibition of Sandoz's recent paintings that will open at Gallery Espresso on Nov. 14, unveils her exciting new style as she experiments with oil paint, developing a looser, more intuitive approach to painting Savannah's landscapes and seascapes.
The emphasis in "Tombolo" is on horizontal landscapes that cut across the paintings, with an emphasis on the relationship between the sea and the land.
The sky in "Tombolo" ranges from a deep sapphire to a pale baby blue, laced with grays, greens and whites.
www.coastalantiques.com /archives/november2002/ANTtombolo.html   (684 words)

 Il tombolo
I lavori sono caratterizzati dal ridimensionamento dell’uso dei ricami a metraggio con il ritorno a dimensioni ridotte delle produzioni e dalle immagini meno ridondanti e leziose.
La particolarissima lavorazione del tombolo è sopravvissuta fino ai giorni nostri grazie alle donne isernine di ogni fascia sociale che di generazione in generazione, di madre in figlia se ne sono tramandate i segreti.
Per realizzare un lavoro al tombolo il tempo varia a seconda della grandezza e della complessità, si può andare dalle poche ore fino, addirittura a diversi mesi.
www.provincia.campobasso.it /htm/parcoiovine/alim-artig/tombolo.htm   (581 words)

Tombolo lace can be free, created without supports, using a single thread to join sections.
The technique to tombolo is had finally, that it produces the peak tombolo and that is most complex.
Famous they are the peaks to tombolo of Burano, citizen on a island in the lagoon veneta.
lace.lacefairy.com /International/BRIANZA.html   (828 words)

 Puget Sound Shorelines: Shore Forms   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tombolo, an Italian term, is a spit or bar connecting an island to the mainland.
A single tombolo is a single ridge connecting to an island.
Double tombolos can form in areas where there is a seasonal shift in shore drift.
www.ecy.wa.gov /programs/sea/pugetsound/bluffs/forms.html   (514 words)

 Travel Trade Italia - TOMBOLO TALASSO RESORT   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Summer is only a fading memory and winter is at the door but the weather in Tuscany is still mild and inviting so leave the noise of the city behind and dedicate yourself the pleasure of relaxation.
The 96 rooms face the garden or the sea of Marina di Castagneto Carducci, while the sun softly sheds its light on the “tomboli”, the sandy dunes which give the Resort its name and are distinctive of this part of the Tyrrhenian coastline.
Together with the Thalasso and Relaxation Itineraries in the five warm sea water pools which characterize the Tombolo Talasso Resort, these are the special autumn scents which awaken the senses and create a concert of unique sensations which are essential to the body’s well-being.
www.ttgitalia.com /ttifiera/pagine/pagina.aspx?ID=espositorid002&L=IT   (423 words)

 Internet e Ue fanno rinascere l’arte del tombolo - Kataweb
Gli strumenti delle merlettaie sono semplici come quelli di un cartografo: il tombolo, un rullo largo 25-30 centimetri del diametro di 15-20 centimetri imbottito di crine vegetale, oppure in passato di paglia, foglie secche o segatura, e i fuselli, bastoncini sui quali viene avvolto il filo per lo più di cotone.
Si può affermare che tutta l’economia della città dipendesse dalla folle danza dei fuselli: perché il merletto delle Fiandre e di Brabante era ricercato in tutta Europa, vale a dire in tutto il mondo del tempo.
Ai pratici che chiedono a cosa possa servire imparare il tombolo si può rispondere che economicamente è un’attività di difficile futuro.
www.kataweb.it /detail.jsp?channel=portale&id=711444   (838 words)

 wetland restoration
Based on all the information collected from the soil boring investigation, it was concluded that the most protected portion of the interior of the tombolo complex was probably occupied by a sedge-mat or shrub-carr wetland, surrounded by a dynamic forested upland.
Plans called for only a portion of the tombolo to be restored, so after the wetland community type had been identified, another field investigation was undertaken to identify the limits of the area to be restored.
In September of 1999 the gravel fill on a half-acre portion of the tombolo was carefully removed down to the buried peat layer.
www.d.umn.edu /~pcollins/sugarloaf/wetland.html   (1137 words)

 spa vactions in italy at grand hotel tombolo
he Tombolo Talasso Resort is a five stars Resort in the heart of the Etruscan Riviera, in Marina di Castagneto Carducci near Livorno.
Built in the 1930s, it was refurbished without altering its original architecture: four wings arranged to make a star (formerly the children’s dormitories) and a central part facing the sea which housed the cafeteria.
Leaning on the banister you have the impression of being on the deck of a cruise ship and are captivated by a multitude of colors: the blue of the sea, the green of the “tombolos” and the white of the beach umbrellas.
www.spatime.com /tombolo_GOOD_intro.htm   (505 words)

 Definition of tombolo - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Learn more about "tombolo" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "tombolo" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "tombolo" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /dictionary/tombolo   (40 words)

 Scanno - L'arte del Merletto al Tombolo
I mariani, che attraverso le coste raggiungevano le zone interne, scambiavano i loro prodotti tra i quali sono menzionati merletti con i prodotti tipici di Scanno: lane e formaggi.
La prima fase del lavoro a tombolo per le merlettaie di Scanno è la realizzazione del disegno su carta modello.
E principalmente geometrico e viene realizzato con i seguenti punti fondamentali del lavoro a tombolo.
www.scanno.org /scanno_merletto_al_tombolo.htm   (1223 words)

 Escapio ☼ Tombolo Talasso Resort | Hotel Marina di Castagneto Carducci | Tuscany
The Tuscany Hotel and Spa Tombolo Talasso Resort uses these extraordinary natural resources to help the guest regain a sustained balance regarding both his body and his soul on a splendid Tuscany vacation.
As a matter of fact the guestrooms at the Tuscany Hotel Tombolo Talasso Resort don’t seem to be used a lot because there are so many other places to hang out and relax at that place.
The Romantic Hotel Tombolo Talasso Resort is also a perfect venue for a twosome getaway if you are still a two-person family.
en.escapio.com /hotel/tombolo-talasso-resort   (560 words)

 [No title]
Slide of tombolo at Fort Barrington, northwest corner of Antigua.
Slide of east end of double tombolo in eolianite, west of Palmas Altas.
Tombolo and boy behind beachrock in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.
louisdl.louislibraries.org /cgi-bin/queryresults.exe?CISOROOT=/BRS&CISOFIELD1=descri&CISOBOX1=tombolo&CISORESTMP=/site-templates/browse_results.html&CISOVIEWTMP=/site-templates/item_viewer.html&CISOMODE=grid&CISOGRID=thumbnail,A,1;title,A,1;subjec,A,0;descri,200,0;0,A,0;50&CISOBIB=title,A,1,N;subjec,A,0,N;descri,K,0,N;0,A,0,N;0,A,0,N;50&CISOTHUMB=6,5&CISOTITLE=100   (93 words)

 Bayfield Peninsula Southeast Watershed (LS07)
A large, isolated portion of the wetland in the northwestern section of the tombolo is quite acid, dominated by heath-like shrubs, especially leatherleaf, few-seeded sedge and beaked sedge.
The forked sandspit bordering Presque Isle Bay on the west side of the tombolo is forested with mature pines.
The canopy on the eastern fork is dominated by red pine, with a subcanopy of fl spruce and balsam fir.
www.dnr.state.wi.us /org/gmu/superior/BasinPlan/watersheds/ls07.html   (9542 words)

 Amazon.com: tombolo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Tragic Forest, Tales of the Forest of Tombolo by John A. Schillace and 1944 and Oct. 30, 1947.
An ephemeral tombolo at Gabo Island, Victoria: A summary of the documentary evidence since 1770 (Occasional paper / Department of Geography, Faculty of...
L'arte del tombolo aquilano by Emiliano Giancristofaro (Unknown Binding - 1995)
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=tombolo&tag=lexico&index=blended&link_code=qs&page=1   (487 words)

 Dicomano - Scuola Comunale di Pizzo a Tombolo
Dicomano - Scuola Comunale di Pizzo a Tombolo
Gli strumenti per la lavorazione a fuselli sono oggi gli stessi di ieri: il tombolo, cuscino cilindrico o rotondo, come base di appoggio e i fuselli, strumenti di legno su cui si arrotola il filo per la lavorazione e che sono usati a coppie.
La Scuola di Pizzo a Tombolo partecipa a importanti manifestazioni del settore e del Comune, ha partecipato alla IX Edizione della Biennale Internazionale del Merletto di San Sepolcro dal 9 Settembre al 9 Ottobre 2000 e tornerà alla Biennale Internazionale del 2004.
www.zoomedia.it /Dicomano/tombolo.html   (539 words)

 Definition of Tombolo
Tombolo at Stockton Island, Ashland County, WI A tombolo in Puget Sound
A tombolo is a deposition landform such as a spit or bar which forms an isthmus between an island or offshore rock and a mainland shore, or between two islands or offshore rocks.
They usually form because the island causes wave refraction, depositing sand and shingle carried in suspension where the waves meet.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Tombolo   (187 words)

 Tombolo - Moviefone
Synopsis: Tombolo was one of several Italian films dwelling upon postwar Black Market activities.
Tombolo, paradiso nero (1947) Tombolo, paradiso nero on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.
Tombolo - Cast & Crew, movie showtimes, plot, synopsis, exclusive features, trailers, clips, theater listings, reviews, message boards, dvd, videos, rentals and more on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /movie/tombolo/1186725/main   (170 words)

 Tombolo Talasso Resort in Castagneto Carducci, Florence and Tuscany | Travel + Leisure   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tombolo Talasso Resort in Castagneto Carducci, Florence and Tuscany
“Water, not wine, is the point at the Antinori family's beachfront Tombolo Talasso Resort, one of Italy's first thalassotherapy spas.
In a 1930's structure, the lobby (wicker chairs with animal-print cushions; coconut mats) is pleasant enough.
www.travelandleisure.com /hotels/tombolo-talasso-resort-castagneto-carducci   (134 words)

 The Institute Content
This tombolo is a strand, a land bridge that Mother Nature has created to connect Stockton Island to Presque Isle together as a part of a web of life.
Explain to the students that we will be doing a group of activities that are required to make a tombolo.
We will do the first activity again and go over how this tombolo is formed and I will point out that in the process a bog and dune is also formed.
www.northland.edu /soei/ais_tombolo.asp   (923 words)

 tombolo (I'm a lasagna boy!)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The mouth of the Irish Sea around Dublin also features a tombolo, a sandbar that extends from a beach to connect with a substantial island.
I had a spectacular view of this recently, but was not carrying a camera - my recent habit of wearing pants without ample, baggy pockets has some unfortunate side-effects, alas....
I had a spectacular view of this recently, but was not carrying a camera -- my recent habit of wearing pants without ample, baggy pockets has some unfortunate side-effects, alas.
salim.virji.net /blog/2006/09/30/tombolo   (178 words)

 Tombolo Talasso Resort | Marina di Castagneto Carducci | Toscana | Italy
There are places where a traditional holiday can be combined with looking after ones self.
The Grand Hotel Tombolo is one such place.
Immersed in its own 4 hectare park at Marina di Castagneto in the heart of the etruscan riviera the complex provides 130 rooms and suites of a superior standard of comfort.
www.tophotels.com /luxury-hotels/welcome.php?hid=738   (132 words)

 Gems of Italy 2005 and 2006 - Indulge Yourself in the Luxury of Italian Spas
at the Tombolo Talasso Resort where you can soak in the benefits of the sea and sea water spa treatments, or Thalossotherapy.
Immersed in its own 4 hectare park at Marina di Castagneto in the heart of the Etruscan Riviera, the Tombolo Talasso Resort is an excellent base from which to explore the beauty, culture and history that is Tuscany.
The Grand Hotel Tombolo has 130 rooms and suites with views of the park or the sea.
www.mindbodytravel.com /spagems/tuscan.html   (566 words)

 Tombolo | Wisconsin Hikes
Here, however, the process adds to the shoreline, forming sand bars that mature into vegetated dunes as the lake recedes.
A tombolo, a spectacular example of these creative powers, is a land bridge (connection) that forms between two previously isolated bodies of land.
In this case, rocky Presque Isle, once a mile off shore, became a part of Stockton Island.
www.trails.com /tcatalog_trail.asp?trailid=HGM067-007   (198 words)

 Tombolo, paradiso nero (1947)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Renzo and his fellow gang members had also set up Andrea in such a way that they arranged a theft from the depot he was supposed to be guarding and that resulted in the death of two men.
The band of criminals which Renzo is associated with operates out of a notorious locale called Tombolo, a den of iniquity located in a pinewoods area not far from the city.
It opened in New York at the end of 1949 at the downtown City Theatre, but never seems to have gotten much distribution or any audiences to compare with other Italian imports of that time.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0039905   (506 words)

 Coastal Explorer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
They are controlled by the moon's gravitational pull on the Earth.
Tombolo: a beach which reaches out to join an island to the mainland.
Tourists: people that visit for the day or stay on holiday in interesting places.
www.kented.org.uk /ngfl/subjects/geography/coasts/page19-20.html   (377 words)

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