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In the News (Wed 16 Jan 19)

  God's people in Tondo
At 45,000 people per square kilometer, Tondo is one of the most, if not the most densely populated place in the world - more than New York City (19,000), more than Calcutta (24,000) and more than Hong Kong (40,000).
When Dr. Rebecca Parrish came to Tondo, from Indiana in 1906, conditions were even worse than they are today.
Much work is needed to assure that Mary Johnson is able to continue its healing ministry in Tondo.
gbgm-umc.org /news/2001/oct/tondo.htm   (620 words)

  tondo - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Tondo is one of the districts of Manila capital city of the Philippines and is one of the most densely populated areas of land in the world.
Tondo is one of the districts of the Philippines' capital city of Manila.
The de Brécy Tondo - The de Brécy Tondo and it's relationship to...
ca.encarta.msn.com /tondo.html   (160 words)

Tondo is one of the districts of the Philippines' capital city of Manila.
Tondo is located in the northwest portion of the city and is primarily residential-industrial in nature.
Tondo is notorious for being the poorest and most underdeveloped district.
www.freewebs.com /rotaryclub_tondo/tondo.htm   (183 words)

Tondo reaffirmed the assumption that if given security of tenure and basic services, families will build their own housing, the quality of which surpassed even the most optimistic predictions.
Tondo residents were active participants in upgrading and became property owners with a stake in stability.
Upgrading in Tondo was a highly ambitious goal that was successfully achieved in physical and social terms.
web.mit.edu /urbanupgrading/upgrading/case-examples/ce-PH-ton.html   (560 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Tondo is one of the districts of the Philippines' capital city of Manila and is one of the most densely populated areas of land in the world.
Tondo is notorious for being the poorest yet most underdeveloped district of the country.
During the Spanish colonial era, Tondo was one of the first provinces to be established, and on 1896, it was also one of the first to declare rebellion against Spain.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Tondo,_Manila   (298 words)

 Blue Madonna - John Robinson, Michelangelo Pitti Tondo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
As soon as the Tondo arrived in my studio in Somerset the first thing I did was to draw a pupil on to one of Mary’s eyeballs, so I could see what a live eye would look like against a dead eye.
He had made two wax casts of the Tondo just in case of a mistake, one of bees wax and one of a mixture of bees wax and resin, the later being better for lost wax casting.
The Pitti Tondo was carved in 1503 in what is sometimes called the Michelangelo finish, where the surface shows fine chisel marks while in some places the background is very rough, almost hacked out.
www.bradshawfoundation.com /jr/bluemadonna/blue-madonna.html   (3283 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Tondo, Manila
The main terminal of the Luzon railway system is located in Tondo.
Tondo is well over a thousand years old
Historically, Tondo was first mentioned in the Laguna Copperplate Inscription found in the National Museum of the Philippines, dated April 21 900.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Tondo   (268 words)

 Tondo, Manila
Tondo's devout Catholics mournfully prays for the passing of Pope John Paul II through a concelebrated mass and vigil.
Majority of the residents of Tondo take as their livelihood small-scale entrepreneural ventures like selling fruits in push carts that are easily transferred from place to place.
When the theater-loving Katipunan founder was born in 1863 in a small wood and nipa hut, Tondo was still dotted with rice fields.
www.manila-map.com /index.html   (356 words)

 MySpace.com - tondo - Birmingham, Midlands - Experimental - www.myspace.com/tondotheband
MySpace.com - tondo - Birmingham, Midlands - Experimental - www.myspace.com/tondotheband
a band from three of the four corners of the globe concieved passionately from one huge rusty gillespie tondo are making conceptual inroads into the realms of scaredom!
do not be afraid for tondo are with you
www.myspace.com /tondotheband   (241 words)

 Every Nation | Tondo, Philippines: Heroes of the City Dump - p.1 - Church Planting, Campus Ministry, World Missions
Tondo, Philippines: Heroes of the City Dump - p.2
Tondo, Philippines: Heroes of the City Dump - p.3
Tondo, Philippines: Heroes of the City Dump - p.4
www.everynation.org /en/top/features/citizen-journalists/tondo-philippines-heroes-of-the-city-dump.html   (324 words)

 tondo matsuri
The Tondo Festival occurs in early January around Koshogatsu, the lunar new year.
At Tondo, a huge bonfire is made and into it are placed the shimekazari and other new year ornaments.
The fire is lit by someone born in the same animal year, at this Tondo it was a 12 year old boy, and as the flames and smoke rise in the sky the people pray for health and blessing for the coming year.
www.hurusato.net /m/ojisanjake/tondo.htm   (225 words)

 Bulatlat - The Philippines's alternative weekly magazine
Tondo is ubiquitous to many who have passed by the urban poor communities along the North Harbor since it became populated in the mid-1950s.
Looming ahead is something that will change their lives: Their simple efforts to earn a day’s earning in Tondo may be put to a halt by a demolition plan under government’s privatization plan for the Manila North Harbor gets underway.
Thousands of Tondo residents were sent to relocation centers in Bulihan and Dasmariñas in the province of Cavite, Sapang Palay in the province of Bulacan, Bagong Silang and Dagat-Dagatan in the municipality of Caloocan.
www.bulatlat.com /news/6-43/6-43-port.htm   (1311 words)

 Doni Tondo
As in the sculpture David, the controlled energy is also found in the Doni Tondo, which dates back to 1504.
In this painting the artist concentrates his energetic and clear plastic language on the study of composition and form.
Michelangelo painted The Doni Tondo as an exploration of three dimensional form through the illusionistic medium of paint.
www.geocities.com /rr17bb/DoniTondo.html   (193 words)

As aging strikers on the Liberia national soccer team Lone Star prepare for retirement in a not too distant future, young and promising star Isaac Tondo is gradually paving his way for one of the top jerseys.
Some argued that young Tondo is strong and skillful enough to replace any of the big players on the team while others shared opposing views.
Young Tondo is a local who plays for St. Anthony in Monrovia.
www.liberiansoccer.com /pLAYERSPAGES/tondo.htm   (396 words)

 Long-Term Lithium for Bipolar Disorder -- BALDESSARINI and TONDO 158 (10): 1740 -- Am J Psychiatry
Tondo L, Baldessarini RJ, Hennen J, Floris G: Lithium maintenance treatment of depression and mania in bipolar I and bipolar II disorders.
Baldessarini RJ, Tondo L, Hennen J, Floris G: Latency and episodes before treatment: response to lithium maintenance in bipolar I and II disorders.
Baldessarini RJ, Tohen M, Tondo L: Maintenance treatment in bipolar disorder.
ajp.psychiatryonline.org /cgi/content/full/158/10/1740   (405 words)

 Definition of tondo - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Etymology: Italian, from tondo round, short for rotondo, from Latin rotundus -- more at
Find more about "tondo" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "tondo" in the Visual Thesaurus
m-w.com /dictionary/tondo   (40 words)

 Mystery of Madonna, Child painting solved - Technology & Science - MSNBC.com
Howell Edwards, a specialist in Raman spectroscopy at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, used laser-based technology to detect yellow pigments and glue typical of the Renaissance period, which dates the painting between the 14th and 16th centuries.
During the past 24 years, 8 laboratories around the world have also scientifically examined the "Tondo" to try and determine when it was painted and by whom.
Although the artist of the "Tondo" still cannot be verified, the scientific evidence described by Edwards and Benoy help place the painting within Raphael's reach.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/17130671   (482 words)

 Sun.Star Manila - Tondo fire displaces 4,500 families
FIRE hit the Baseco compound in Tondo, Manila, after midnight Monday, leaving an estimated 4,500 homeless.
There were no reported casualties in the fire, which reached the highest alert level.
The fire victims are now housed in various evacuation centers near Baseco.
www.sunstar.com.ph /static/man/2004/01/13/news/tondo.fire.displaces.4.500.families.html   (160 words)

 tondo - veilingkijker - nieuwe en tweedehands
kerstboek voor tondo rien poortvliet toon hermans eppo doeve
kerstboek voor tondo met zeer vele illustraties en verhalen
laatste zoekopdrachten: tondo cora kemperman damesfiets tank fietsendrager thule w710i restpartij parket westfield kitcar ikea billy schluter heteluchtverwarming camper sterfgeval smart gym pet marine dolfinarium 3 4 gitaar karcher 1000 ffn akku battery siemens s45 s45i me45 spf 60d
www.veilingkijker.nl /tondo.html   (212 words)

 Sweet charity unearths treasures in Tondo dump - INQ7.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
DEEP in the heart of Vitas, Tondo, a woman with a heart of gold is helping children of garbage pickers or scavengers, as they are often called, make their dreams come true.
In Tondo, PCFI has started a preschool in the Helping Foundation Building at the Smokey Mountain Temporary Housing North Pier 18, a dilapidated structure where over 200 children, aged 8-16 years old, living on and around the dump, were being educated, fed and clothed.
Aside from the children in Navotas and Tondo, the PCFI has also been providing education to underprivileged children in a dump in Baguio and Bacolod.
news.inquirer.net /metro/index.php?index=1&story_id=71359   (821 words)

 Online Art Gallery, Buy Artwork and Sell Art, Original Art - Ke'e Tondo
Ke'e Tondo, a soft pastel on paper, reflects upon the concept of reflection.
This format was inspired by the tondo paintings of Claude Monet.
Description: Ke'e Tondo, a soft pastel on paper, reflects upon the concept of reflection.
www.thevisiongrove.com /page.cfm?action=art&artid=2146   (191 words)

 Amazon.com: Tondo: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Tondo for Short by Peter Inchbald (Leather Bound - 1982)
Tondo and the Helicopter (Reading Worlds - Discovery World - Level 2) by Dawn Ridgeway (Paperback - Sep 15, 2001)
Natale a Genova: Il "tondo" tradizionale by Nelio Ferrando (Unknown Binding - 1991)
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Tondo&search-type=ss&tag=webulanet-20&index=books&link_code=qs&page=1   (570 words)

 Michelangelo - Olga's Gallery
To look at auction records, find Michelangelo's works in upcoming auctions, check price levels and indexes for his works, read his biography and view his signature, access the Artprice database.
Tondo Pitti - Virgin and Child with the Young St. John.
Doni Tondo - The Holy Family with St. John the Baptist.
www.abcgallery.com /M/michelangelo/michelangelo.html   (291 words)

 Del Tondo & Thomas Law Firm Selects Fujitsu ScanSnap to Modernize Office Operations : FUJITSU United States
Since the installation of the first ScanSnap scanner less than one year ago, Del Tondo and Thomas has implemented an internal policy requiring that a scanner be installed at every work station in its Irvine, California offices.
Del Tondo and Thomas selected the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner over competing products based on its ability to provide a simple, fast and easy to use method for converting information contained on paper into digital image files at the touch of a button.
With the implementation of the ScanSnap scanner, Del Tondo and Thomas has accomplished the three primary goals it sought to fulfill: increasing employee productivity, reducing liability resulting from data loss and improving process efficiency.
www.fujitsu.com /us/news/pr/fcpa_20040810-02.html   (835 words)

 OT: Name Chg: Raymond Hellstern -> R. Del Tondo
My girl and me got married yesterday, and since we didn't want a double name, nor two separate names, I took the name of her family.
And may your children grow up "the right way" learning RPN and liking HP calculators as much as we all do.
Congratulations, and contrary to others I wish your interests shift from calculators to your wife and, as their time comes (as luck permits) your child(ren).
www.hpmuseum.org /cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv010.cgi?read=26353   (849 words)

 Plate of Nativity (Berlin Tondo) by MASACCIO
This round plate with a Nativity on the front and a putto and small dog on the back dates from Masaccio's last period in Florence, before he went to Rome.
It was defined by experts as the first Renaissance tondo, and they drew attention to the important innovations and the corect architectural perspective reflecting a greater knowledge and affirmation of the classicism of Brunelleschi.
Here the Florentine idiom is evident in the colour sequences of the geometrical patterns on the walls of the building and in the court.
gallery.euroweb.hu /html/m/masaccio/tondo.html   (143 words)

 B&B MONTE TONDO Soave, Bed and Breakfast Soave
Only a few kilometres from Verona in the hills of Soave on a slope from where you overlook the valley is located the wine-growing company Azienda Agricola Monte Tondo.
Who loves nature and the peacefulness of the small medieval village of Soave with its castle the BedandBreakfast Monte Tondo is in an charming atmosphere the ideal place to stay in comfortable rooms, suites and mini apartments.
The BedandBreakfast offers: 3 rooms with 2 single beds with bathroom, TV, air-conditioning and minibar; 2 suites equipped with antique furniture, large bed, bathroom with whirlpool, air-conditioning, TV and minibar; 5 mini apartments for up to 4 people with bathroom, kitchen corner, attic story, large bed, sofa bed for 2 people, TV and air-conditioning.
www.traveleurope.it /see2.php?id=3884&lingua=eng   (384 words)

 Italian Wine | Monte Tondo - winery in I-37038 Soave (VR) Veneto, Italy
The wines produced by the Monte Tondo estate are pleasant to drink and have potential.
Monte Tondo is a winery in I-37038 Soave (VR) in the area Veneto.
Monte Tondo and I-37038 Soave (VR) (Veneto) are located in Italy.
www.vinarium-italy.com /www/en/winery/winery/7479_monte_tondo.html   (177 words)

 United Pentecostal Church Philippines Incorporated - UPC Tondo
God used Pastor Nomer Trinidad our National Gen. Treasurer of UPC Philippines to fulfill our prayers for the church building in #2097 Angat St., Raxabago Tondo, Manila Philippines.
But still the church is under satan's attacks, because were renting the land where the church building built and the owner of that land decided already to sale their property for Php3million (about £30.000.00).
And Pastor Jonathan P. Raymundo, his brother who look after the church in Manila Philippines while Pastor Diorny (known in UK) Raymundo working in the UK.
geocities.com /upc_tondo/the_church   (529 words)

 The Manila Times Internet Edition | TOP STORIES > 26 warehouses in Tondo raided by Customs officials
TWENTY-SIX warehouses in Tondo, Manila, containing millions of pesos’ worth of smuggled and counterfeit goods, were raided Thursday by the Bureau of Customs, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.
Acting Customs Commissioner Napoleon Morales, concurrent head of the Task Force on Antismuggling, led the raid on the warehouses inside a large compound at 1613 Antonio Rivera Street, Tondo.
Morales said the compound is owned by a suspected big-time smuggler and is the source of most smuggled goods sold in shopping malls in Divisoria and Binondo.
www.manilatimes.net /national/2006/may/05/yehey/top_stories/20060505top9.html   (303 words)

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