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Topic: Top (BDSM)

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  Top (BDSM) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Topping from the bottom is a related BDSM term, meaning a person who wants to be dominated but simultaneously direct the top to do it according to their wishes.
Topping from the bottom is usually considered poor practice amongst lifestyle BDSM devotees, although fairly common amongst the "BDSM curious" or newcomers who have had submissive fantasies but lack experience with a sexual dominant.
Also, a top in BDSM need not be the 'insertive' sex partner; for example, a female dominant may command her submissive to penetrate her.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Top_(BDSM)   (325 words)

 BDSM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BDSM may or may not involve sexual roleplaying.
Some BDSM players are polyamorous or are sexually monogamous but engage in non-sexual play with others.
BDSM ideas and imagery have existed on the fringes of Western culture throughout the twentieth century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/BDSM   (2997 words)

 Encyclopedia: Top (disambiguation)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
ToP is also the acronym for the video game Tales of Phantasia.
A top with sides marked in Braille A top, or spinning top, is a childrens toy that can be spun on an axis, balancing on a point.
A top, or spinning top, is a children's toy that can be spun on an axis, balancing on a point.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Top-%28disambiguation%29   (698 words)

 The Top Ten Myths About BDSM and the People Who Practice It   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BDSM is s form of alternative sexuality that is high in drama and theater and, when practiced correctly, somewhat low in danger, despite appearances to the contrary.
BDSM activities are regulated between partners by means of intense negotiation, the setting of limits (activities partners will not engage in), and the use of ‘safewords’ (words to signify that one partner needs to slow down or stop an activity).
BDSM is never done with the intent to harm or endanger, and never done in anger or times of stress.
www.cufsmaine.org /topten.htm   (1448 words)

 Out of the Shadows: About BDSM, Part 1
BDSM is depicted routinely in art from the Middle Ages, and is the subject of some of the earliest photography from the middle 1800s.
What BDSM is about is often a very personal experience, something to be worked out and tailored between the partners, something that grows and changes with the individuals and in their relationships.
Tops and doms typically are no more acting out roles when they play than a mother is just pretending to be a mom when she tells her children to wash up before dinner.
www.sexuality.org /l/subnet/AboutBDSM1.html   (4701 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Bottom (BDSM)
In the terms of BDSM scenes or interactions, a bottom refers to the person who takes on the submissive role for the duration of a scene.
In order to explore BDSM sex, it is essential to be careful and choose a top who will be responsive to one's needs, feelings, and limits.
Note that in BDSM sex, it is commonplace for two partners to switch roles from one encounter to the other, depending on mood and preference, a practice known as switching.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Bottom_(BDSM)   (304 words)

 Top (disambiguation) - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Top (sex), a person who assumes the "top" role in sex
Top (BDSM), a person who assumes the dominant role in BDSM
Top element, in lattice theory, the greatest element in a poset
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/Top_%28disambiguation%29   (147 words)

 Out of the Shadows: About BDSM, Part 2
While most tops do not want to engage in therapy that may be better left to qualified counselors and psychologists, tops and bottoms are usually caring partners who are not living in a vacuum when they interact.
BDSM is a risky activity, and a top who courts a bottom heatedly and then refuses to allow the bottom any way out, no matter how miserable the bottom is during the experience, may be forcing the bottom into a nonconsensual situation.
Tops learn to go slowly when working with a new partner lest the bottom be pushed into a state that is bad and from which the bottom cannot safeword or otherwise signal that things have gone too far.
www.sexuality.org /l/subnet/AboutBDSM2.html   (6380 words)

 What BDSM means?
BDSM is a word composed from the following abbreviations: BandD (Bondage and Discipline), DandS (Dominance and submission) and SandM (Sadism and Masochism).
BDSM can be a lifestyle, it can be a favourite game regularly played with a partner, or it can be something what would be never understand by some.
There is a rule for this: top usually uses capital first letter, a bottom uses all letters in small case and switch uses capital letter somewhere in the middle in his/her name.
members.tripod.com /moula/infoE.html   (1451 words)

 Tammad's BDSM Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BDSM and erotic power exchange are important parts of my life.
One of the most wonderful aspects of the BDSM "community" is the tremendous tolerance and acceptance for variety.
Nobody is turned on by all aspects of BDSM play, yet we all respect the fact that every kink has its fans.
ms.ha.md.us /~tammad/over21/bdsm.html   (839 words)

 Why BDSM?
BDSM is highly erotic, usually (though not always) involves sex or sexual tension; and is highly psychologically charged.
One person (the "bottom" or "submissive") is choosing to allow the other person (the "top" or "dominant") to have control over him or her in some way--perhaps by allowing the dominant to tie them up, perhaps by allowing the dominant to spank them, perhaps simply by doing whatever the dominant instructs them to.
Everything that happens in a BDSM relationship is consensual; and believe it or not, it's not just about the dominant getting what he or she wants--it's more about the submissive getting what he or she wants.
www.xeromag.com /fvbdsm.html   (4635 words)

 Top   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The top point of a mountain or hill; "the view from the peak was magnificent"; "they clambered to the summit of Monadnock".
In order to explore BDSM sex, it is essential for a top to be very responsive to the needs, feelings, and limits of his or her bottom.
The top image is the Valles Marineris region(centered on roughly 60 degrees longitude), the middle image is the Tharsis region(centered on roughly 160 degrees longitude), and the bottom image is theSyrtis Major region (centered on roughly 270 degrees longitude).These three images are individual frames from one press release photograph.
www.websters-online-dictionary.org /to/top.html   (4000 words)

 Third Date
The restoration was a daunting project, but she was impressed at the progress that was already evident in the few short months since he’d owned the place.
Finally they reached the top floor, where he had torn out all of the walls to create a large master bedroom suite.
No part of BDSM Cafe may be reproduced without express written permission from the authors.
www.bdsmcafe.com /stories/short/3date.html   (739 words)

 Gay Leather Top, BDSM, Fetishes, Bondage, Kink
If you are interested in hot gay kinky erotic play, BDSM, fetishes, Bondage and Discipline, S&M, slave training, handballing, watersports, or raunch, and if you are looking for a dominant male who enjoys slow, sensual erotic adventure with other gay or bi men who have a taste for kink, you've come to the right place.
I say that I'm a Dominant Top because I enjoy playing with submissives as well as bottom guys--that's where the "dominant" part comes in.
I enjoy the power, control, intensity, sensuality, and eroticism, pure and simple--this is why I am proud to identify myself as a leatherman and a Top.
www.kinkmaster.com   (382 words)

 BDSM WS - Directory of BDSM, movies, bondage, fetish, domination, pictures and more   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This page contains BDSM, Fetish and Female Domination movies and pictures that may be offensive to some individuals.
You must be at least 21 years or older to access this BDSM site.
Please leave now if you are under the age of 21 or in any way offended by such content.
www.bdsm.ws   (78 words)

Top - The top is the person who enjoys being dominant and/or sadistic.
People use the word top to indicate the person who enjoys giving the 'sensations' involved in D/s or SM play.
Switch - A person who enjoys both top and bottom roles, often changing from top to bottom or vice versa depending on the situation and his or her sensual needs.
www.perils-of-pleasure.com /BDSM/Definitions.html   (499 words)

 Emblem Project FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
I'm into BDSM!" The difference is that the Flag is an overt symbol while the Emblem is covert.
The Flag is for the out and proud to declare their interest to the world and the hell with anybody who doesn't approve.
The Emblem is a quiet, secret, discrete identifier for those who feel they cannot or should not be out to the public about their BDSM interest.
members.aol.com /quagmyr/faq.htm   (2387 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of Drawn Together episodes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Spanky obtains food by bullying Wooldoor into trapping and killing the woodland animals that Clara is able to summon by her singing, and Foxxy and Captain Hero enter into a short-lived hardcore BDSM relationship.
Bleh slowly undresses and takes the top off her bikini to the melody of The Cars' "Moving In Stereo".
This is a parody of Phoebe Cates's famous pool scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-Drawn-Together-episodes   (12519 words)

 The Voyeur
He teased and taunted her with the thought that she may be "watched" by another pair of eyes besides his.
Come sit on top of my hard cock he tells me, I jump to obey, eager to be filled with this man's cock.
I could feel my heat rising from the bottom of my feet to the top on my head, my need to cum was so great but just as I started to cum I remembered to at ask for Master's permission.
www.bdsmcafe.com /stories/short/voyeur.html   (2810 words)

 bdsm articles & Such
Top, recognizing that a bottom is having trouble dealing with the immediate pain will often stroke the reddened skin outward
Any Dom/me or sub who is reputable and trustworthy should have no problems with these or similar procedures, and if they do, perhaps that should be a warning signal that they are not what they appear to be.
top of buttocks near spine, the muscular ridge on both sides of the spine [accuracy], the ribs where not
www.darkrose.com /bdsmarticles.html   (8621 words)

 Tapestries MUCK Forums: BDSM => Can a Top be a submissive? (A random musing from the Lioness Queen.)
After many unhappy experiments and roleplays and fooling around with MUCKs I think the division between what is a Top and what is a Dom/me is much more pronounced in the online world than in the physical world.
Maybe this is why I keep wanting to be "dominant", but founder when I get a genuinely submissive bottom in front of me. I've been told on more than one occasion to quit trying so hard to please the slave.
Being a bottom or Top doesn't necessarily align with whether someone is Dominant or submissive.
www.fur.com /tapestries/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=7686&rid=&S=e94bc4a67982f62ebe3a601b85d601ac   (645 words)

 Serious minded Top seeking subs for kinky bdsm play - m4w   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
From the top, I’m 34 y/o attractive hwp male, I’ve been actively involved in BDSM for about 6 years now as a Top/Dom/MasterÂ…the titles are sort of overlapping and really, I can describe myself as any, or none, depending on the particular scene and situation.
I’m not a ‘24/7’ type person, I like BDSM because I find it fun and frankly it gets me offÂ…but at the same time I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t take it very seriously.
The sub-of-my-dreams would be one who also likes a variety of different BDSM scenes and is a bit (or more) of a pain slut.
seattle.craigslist.org /cas/121372839.html   (416 words)

 Open Directory - Adult: Arts: Online Writing: Fiction: BDSM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BDSM Cafe - Contains stories, a novella and a novel of bizarre fetish, spanking, bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, pain, submission, kinky fun and tit torture.
BDSM Fiction - A collection of eighteen BDSM stories.
BDSM Library - An story archive for BDSM and fetish fictions.
dmoz.org /Adult/Arts/Online_Writing/Fiction/BDSM   (843 words)

 Topbit - What does a Top male wear to Subversion BDSM club?
I have a pirate top that regulary wear and also a purple chinese shirt.
This is one of the conundrums of being a top male.
Tops in uniforms seemed to be a popular theme at Subversion, so you could go for that and certainly not feel out of place.
journal.topbit.co.uk /55562.html   (595 words)

 Links around the Society, Hartford CT
New England Dungeon Society provides a protected and comfortable environment for people of all walks of life to learn and practice BDSM, to meet others who are learning about BDSM, and to form valuable and lasting relationships with other members.
CUFSmaine is a support, social, education, and safety group located in Southern and Central Maine, serving the Maine and New England BDSM community.
Our list is an informal group of people in the BDSM Alternative Lifestyle primarily in the Northeast, including members of local groups from Virginia to Maine.
www.thesocietyct.org /links.html   (996 words)

 BDSMAustralian & NZ Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This website is an accumulation of resources for those interested in BDSM of all sorts, and is not limited to just us West Aussies.
This yahoo group list is provided as place where members of the Australian BDSM community can feel free to talk to others with similar interests.
For people interested in some aspect of BDSM who would like to submit a personals post to find others in Australia.
www.geocities.com /cbdsm/Oz_links.html   (769 words)

 Japanese Bondage World
Leave a few inches of slack in the loop on the back between the shoulderblades.
Tie or weave the ends for the first time just above the breasts (top and of the "cleavage").
Next make knots or weaves just under the breasts, another one three fingers under the bellybutton and - if your like - one on Mons Venus.
www.powerotics.com /shibari/shib23.htm   (407 words)

 View From The Top Updates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The first addition to it is a little bit about our relationship and steps we are taking at the moment, with a couple of pictures.
The first award graciously granted to View From The Top has been posted to the award gallery.
Some move changes that affect View From The Top are the new address and the new guestbook and absolutely private update mailing list.
vft.clowd9.com /vftupdates.html   (237 words)

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