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Topic: Total chances

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Total chances - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In baseball statistics, total chances (TC), also called chances offered, represents the number of plays in which a defensive player has participated.
It is calculated as follows: Total Chances = assists + putouts + errors.
Fielding percentage is calculated as chances accepted divided by total chances.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Total_chances   (89 words)

 MLB Fielding Abbreviation: MLB Baseball Fielding Abbreviation
Divide the total number of putouts and assists recorded by the fielder, by the total number of putouts, assists and errors credited to the fielder.
Add the total number of putouts and assists recorded by the fielder, multiply that total by nine, and divide by the number of innings played.
A runner is credited with a stolen base when he advances to the next base, without the ball being hit into play, and unaided by a hit, a putout, an error, a force out, a fielder's choice, a passed ball, a wild pitch or a balk..
www.mlb-teams.com /abbr/field_abb.php   (575 words)

 Glossary of terms
TOTAL BASEBALL RANKING The "MVP" of statistics, this ranks pitchers and position players by their total wins contributed in all their endeavors, revealing the most valuable performers in a given year.
TOTAL BASES RUN A silly stat of one year's duration, 1880, this was sort of an RBI in reverse, from the runner's perspective.
TOTAL PLAYER RATING The sum of a player's Adjusted Batting Runs, Fielding Runs, and Base Stealing Runs, minus his positional adjustment, all divided by the Runs Per Win factor for that year (generally around 10, historically in the 9-11 range).
www.baseball-statistics.com /Leaders/glossary.htm   (4166 words)

 DNR - Weighted Lottery for Elk Hunting Licenses
In this system, hunters will receive one additional "chance" in future drawings each year they apply for an elk license and are unsuccessful in the drawing, starting with 2003 applications.
This allows individuals to maintain their application history and acquire an additional "chance" for future years, without the possibility of being drawn for a license in the current year.
The "chance" standing of any applicant who is successful in the elk drawing will return to zero "chances" after the drawing.
www.michigan.gov /dnr/0,1607,7-153-10363_10856_10893-118957--,00.html   (368 words)

 Bill Freehan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bob Boone broke his major league mark for career total chances in 1987, and Boone and Gary Carter surpassed his putouts total in 1988; Carlton Fisk broke his AL records in 1989 (total chances) and 1990 (putouts).
In addition to his HRs and total bases, his.412 slugging average and totals of 1591 hits, 706 runs and 476 extra base hits all put him among the top five AL catchers to that time.
His batting totals are particularly remarkable in light of the fact that offense was at a low throughout the sport during his career, with a decided advantage toward pitchers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bill_Freehan   (1064 words)

 What is the probability that the policeman will shadow the correct person?
The total probability the police officer chooses the right person is therefore 1/5 + 1/10 + 1/30 + 1/10 = 13/30.
In all cases, it is the same problem: The candidates go by one by one, and you want to pick the biggest, but you have to make a snap decision, and you can never go back to the candidates that have gone by once before.
With probability 1/5, the smallest walks out first, and then the policeman's only chance is that the tallest is the next one to come out, and the probability of that happening is 1/4.
mathcentral.uregina.ca /QQ/database/QQ.02.06/kolby1.html   (959 words)

 Encyclopedia of Baseball Catchers - Dominating Catchers
For this study I counted the number of times a catcher led his league in the categories and divided that number by the number of total chances the catcher had to lead in those categories.
To compute total chances I took the number of years as a full-time catcher times the number of categories (four).
If he led the league (amongst catchers) in the four categories a total of five times, his percentage would be 5/40 (12.5 percent) -- not very good, as you shall see.
members.tripod.com /bb_catchers/catchers/dominate.htm   (334 words)

 Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A probability is a number from 0 to 1 inclusive, usually expressed as a fraction, which is the ratio of the number of chances of a specific event to the total number of chances possible.
There is one chance of a blue marble and 4 total chances (marbles).
Odds are expressed as the number of chances for (or against) versus the number of chances against (or for).
mathforum.org /library/drmath/view/56495.html   (335 words)

 Texas Rangers News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Rogers said total chances are a good barometer of how well a pitcher covered his position over the course of a season.
The.985 fielding percentage for Rogers was the highest among AL pitchers with at least 50 chances.
He was third in the AL with his 65 total chances and fourth in assists (48).
www.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/tex/news/tex_news.jsp?ymd=20041102&content_id=909268&vkey=news_tex&fext=.jsp   (570 words)

The second factor that you need to know is the number of chances that Mary had.
To calculate on base percentage, you need to know the number of total plate appearances, walks, intentional walks, hits, and times that you have reached first base on a passed ball.
She had 19 hits, 15 ground outs, 8 flyouts, 7 walks and reached once on a passed ball, so she was on base when she walked, got a hit, or reached on a passed ball.
www.nfca.org /pagebank/?id=421   (489 words)

 Esmerel: Accident Statistics
So the chance that it was actually Blue is the chance of it being correctly identified as Blue (12%) over the chance that it was identified as Blue, whichever colour it actually was (12% + 17%, or 29%).
The catch is that the small chance of his incorrect identification is swamped by the huge number of Green cabs, which just make it so much more likely that any cab in the city is Green.
The chances of a correctly identified Blue is 10% x 80% = 8%, and the chances of a misidentified Green is 90% x 20% = 18%, so the chances of a cab identified as Blue actually being Blue is only 8/26, or 31%.
www.esmerel.com /circle/numeracy/accident.html   (922 words)

The chance of one of of the dice matching any arbitrary number is the same as the chance that it will match some particular number, such as the one (1) in problem (6).
Therefore, the chance that an even card is a heart will be the chance of getting an even heart (2/9) divided by the chance of getting an even card (19/45), which equals 10/19.
When pairing up to ride the motorcycle, a person has one chance in 4 of being the driver, and the remaining people have one chance in 3 of being the rider, so each driver-rider permutation has 1/4 X 1/3 = 1/12 chance of happening -- implying that there are 4x3=12 possible permuations.
www.benbest.com /science/theodds.html   (6696 words)

 Softball   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
She posted a.280 batting average with 44 hits, including eight for extra bases, scored 15 runs, and totaled a career-best and team-leading 25 RBIs.
In 23 MAC games, she hit.357 with 25 hits and 13 RBIs and registered a.983 fielding percentage with just two miscues in 119 total chances.
She also ranks number-two, all-time, in home runs (7) and runs scored (84), number three in triples (13) and total bases (245), number-five in hits (168).
www.bsu.edu /alumni/article/0,1384,128511-9913-22493,00.html   (320 words)

 Cal Ripken: Year by Year
Fielding percentage:.970, led AL in assists (534), chances (831), chances without errors (806) and double plays (113).
Fielding percentage:.986, led AL in percentage, games (162), put-outs (267), assists (528), total chances (806), total chances without errors (795), double plays (114).
Fielding percentage: 977, led league in games (162), assists (495), total chances (738), total chances without errors (721).
washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/sports/longterm/memories/cal/ripyears.htm   (1129 words)

 Senior Total Man
The older we get, the greater the chances are that we will have problems with one or more of these degenerative diseases.
Some of the decline seniors experience may not be totally age related, but caused by poor nutrition.
Senior TOTAL Man was specifically designed to help you get more out of life.
www.evitamins.com /product.asp?pid=3440   (395 words)

 BLBEX.COM - Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In other words, a third baseman with five chances earns fielding points because the chances per game for 3B is about 3.
The reason for this is obvious: The more plays fielders make in a game, the greater their impact on its outcome, hence the greater their share of the points.
Included (from left to right) are fielding average, total chances, putouts, assists, errors, and double plays.
www.blbex.com /story.php?storyid=81   (492 words)

 Biographical Stuff
In 1991, Alex led Gulf Coast League shortstops with 247 total chances.
Also in that year, he led the Southern League shortstops with682 total chances and 92 double plays.
In his second full year with Toronto, 1996, Alex led the American League shortstops with 765 total chances and 122 double plays.
www.angelfire.com /fl/gonzalez08/bio.html   (401 words)

 ESPN.com: Mark Grace Career Notes
Ranked third in the league in hits (180), sixth in runs scored (97) and total bases (285), seventh in at-bats (552), eighth in on-base percentage (.395) and tenth in slugging percentage (.516)...
Committed five errors in 1,573 chances for a.997 fielding percentage...
Led major-league first basemen in chances and putouts (1,456) for the third consecutive year...
espn.go.com /mlb/profiles/notes/4194.html   (845 words)

 Texas Rangers : Official Info : Press Release
He led AL first baseman in games started (159), total chances (1572), putouts (1480) and double plays (158).
Teixeira also set club records by a first baseman in putouts, total chances, double plays and fewest errors.
In four major league seasons, Teixeira has made only 21 errors in 5,377 total chances in 572 games at first base for a.996 fielding percentage.
texas.rangers.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/news/press_releases/press_release.jsp?ymd=20061102&content_id=1730189&vkey=pr_tex&fext=.jsp&c_id=tex   (412 words)

If you have 16 on your first two cards, and the dealer is showing a 6 on their first card, you can stand and hope that the dealer busts.
So for totals from 12 to 14 inclusive, you are more likely to make it than bust on your next card.
So if we have a total of 15 or 16 on our first two cards, and the dealer is showing a 5 or 6, we should be better off standing than hitting.
www.snakegully.nu /darryl/gamb/bj.html   (735 words)

 Calculate lotto odds, probability: Formulae, free software
Therefore, the probability of hitting '5 of 6' is calculated by dividing total possible combinations C(49,6) by total chances of '5 of 6' (258); 13,983,816 / 258 = 54,200.8 to 1 or '1 in 54,200.8'.
Therefore, the probability of hitting '4 of 6' is calculated by dividing total possible combinations C(49,6) by total chances of '4 of 6' (13,545); 13,983,816 / 13,545 = 1,032.4 to 1 or '1 in 1,032.4'.
Therefore, total number of '3 low, 3 high' combinations is: 2024 x 2300 = 4,655,200.
www.saliu.com /oddslotto.html   (2854 words)

 Gold Glove Standard - Baseball Fever
Consequently, if Player B makes one error, he would need more than 112 chances to pass Player A. I definitely think there can be a best fit, taking into account the kind of numbers we'd expect to see from year to year.
Also, having an exponential function means there is a larger difference between 50-100 chances than 100-150 chances, and 150-200 and so on...
I agree that total chances is a good first-order measure of fielding range; even better if you give credit only for chances fielded CLEANLY.
www.baseball-fever.com /showthread.php?t=4187   (1660 words)

 How to Calculate Fielding Percentages - eHow.com
Total chances are equal to your number of putouts, assists and errors combined.
You can have more than one total chance on a double or triple play.
A play in which you didn't have a putout or assist or error is not considered a "chance" even if you fielded or threw the ball.
www.ehow.com /how_9731_calculate-fielding-percentages.html   (249 words)

 Rogers And "Pudge" Among AL Gold Glove Winners - MLB
Rodriguez had just two errors in 801 chances after committing twice as many miscues in 2005.
Jeter had a.975 fielding percentage, which was tied for fourth by a shortstop with at least 600 total chances.
He finished with four miscues in 355 total chances for a.988 fielding percentage.
www.nbc30.com /mlb/10227925/detail.html   (888 words)

 Rogers And "Pudge" Among AL Gold Glove Winners - MLB
The lefty had a career-high five errors in 57 total chances for a career- worst.912 fielding percentage.
Tigers pitchers set a Major League record by committing five errors in the World Series, however, Rogers was perfect in his four chances.
Rogers' batterymate Rodriguez collected his 12th Gold Glove, grabbing the award in 1992-'01 and '04, while leading AL catchers with a.998 fielding percentage with at least 800 chances.
www.wmur.com /mlb/10227925/detail.html   (872 words)

 Seven Chances Movie, Review, Cast for Seven Chances | TVGuide.com
Buster Keaton's SEVEN CHANCES, though not one of his greatest silent films, is still a very charming and amusing comedy about a man who has to get married in one day in order to inherit $7 million.
Jimmie Shannon (Buster Keaton), a partner in a brokerage firm, has been dating his sweetheart Mary Jones (Ruth Dwyer) for over a year, but can't tell her he loves her.
There are no group posts for Seven Chances.
www.tvguide.com /detail/movie.aspx?tvobjectid=132165   (142 words)

 STLtoday.com - Printer friendly - Seametry: Grading Gloves (Vol. SS)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eckstein did have a career-high of 775 total chances this season, 159 more than he had in any previous year.
He had 5.2 chances per nine innings played – sort of like an ERA for infielders – and that was also surpassed by Furcal (5.3).
So obviously Cardinals infielders saw more grounders, dealt with more chances and therefore their ranges and their raw totals are going to be skewed, for better or worse.
www.stltoday.com /blogs/sports-bird-land/2005/11/seametry-good-golden-and-gilded-gloves-vol-i/print   (1194 words)

 ESPN.com: Ray Lankford Career Notes
also led the club with 265 total bases, 79 walks, 35 steals, eight triples and tied for the club lead with 36 doubles...
Topped Cards' outfielders in both putouts & total chances and had the second highest fielding percentage (.990).
Finished among the NL top 10 in hits (175), total bases (287), multi-hit games (52), doubles (40), steals (42), slugging percentage (.480) and extra-base hits (66)...
espn.go.com /mlb/profiles/notes/4547.html   (747 words)

Slugging Percentage: Divide the total bases of all safe hits by the total number of at-bats.
On-base Percentage: Add the total number of hits, walks and hit-by-pitch and divide by the total of at-bats, walks, hit-by-pitches and sacrifice flies.
Fielding Average: Divide the total putouts and assists by the total of putouts, assists and errors (total chances).
www.whitecaps-baseball.com /CLASS/math.html   (297 words)

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