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Topic: Tourism in Israel

    Note: these results are not from the primary (high quality) database. > News > North County -- Students depart on pilgrimage to Israel
Tourism to Israel was at an all-time high in 2000, with 2.7 million visitors from around the world, according to the Israel Ministry of Tourism in Los Angeles.
Israel is preparing to withdraw troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip and a portion of the West Bank this summer as part of a peace plan.
As a dozen local seniors recently prepared for a trip to Israel and Eastern Europe that is scheduled to begin tomorrow, they said they viewed the region as a haven, a comfort and a second home. /news/northcounty/20050501-9999-2m1israel.html

 Fortean Slips: Armageddonland
Israel is anxious to do whatever it takes to get travelers coming back, short of ensuring that violence and bloodshed won't interfere with the sightseeing.
Today Megiddo is a nondescript Israeli town, noted as much for its archaeological digs and its maximum security prison as for its appearance in the Book of Revelation.
He wishes to curry favor with the Republican party and the U.S. Christian far right, as leverage against Clinton and other Democrats who favor having Israel give up land to the Palestinians. /articles/slips/fs14_01.htm   (690 words)

 The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles
The trip’s sponsors, the tourism ministries of Germany and Israel and Lufthansa airline, conceived the mission as a way to increase tourism, but the rabbis found deeper meaning in it.
Coming to Israel from Germany was "a shot of adrenaline" for Rabbi Rebecca Schorr of Long Beach, whose father, Rabbi Steve Einstein of Fountain Valley, was also on the trip.
Despite the security situation in Israel, he said, "if the Israel leg of the journey had been canceled, I would have canceled the trip completely." In the end, he added, none of the rabbis canceled. /home/print.php?id=8512   (950 words)

 Globes [online] - Defense Ministry willing to move Eilat Navy base
The Eilat municipality and tourism groups in the town have sought for years to move the Navy base, which is located on land held by the Israel Ports Authority.
The Eilat municipality, Ministry of Tourism, Israel Land Administration, and the Israel Hotels Association are the main groups urging the removal of the Navy base.
The Ministry of Defense has stated that it is prepared to vacate the Israel Navy base in Eilat, provided that external financing is provided to vacate and move the base to an alternative site. /serveen/globes/docview.asp?did=813343&fid=942   (950 words)

 Travel Video Television News
As the number of visitors to Israel continues to climb, Israeli Tourism Ministry Abraham Hirchson is calling upon the country's civil aviation authority to embrace an "open skies" policy that would allow more flights to Israel and encourage more competitive airfares in the international marketplace.
The fair is produced by ORTRA Ltd. and Israel Travel News, and sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, the Israel Hotel Association, the Israel Tourist and Travel Agents Association and El Al Israel Airlines.
Israel and Uganda are to boost up cooperation in trade, investment and exchange of labor. /news/index.php?id=C0_7_1   (950 words)

 World Trade Organisation
World Economic Organisations and Divisions - Annotated links to regional organisations for trade policy, domestic policy, and international affairs.
Israel Trade Commission, Sydney, Australia - A non-profit organisation whose mission is to advance trade relations between Israel and Australia.
Southnet Trade Australia - A Riverina Region based trade organisation which promotes and sells a diversity of Australian agrifoods to the world. /encyclopedia/article/World_Trade_Organisation.html   (950 words)

 Mail Tribune Online Edition - Letters to the Editor - February 27, 2005
Israel (where tourism atrophied in the same period) is not considered to be part of the Middle East.
Israel is a member of both organizations, but it is politically incorrect to offend Arab/Muslim sensibilities by stating the obvious: The Jewish state of Israel exists right in their midst and intends to remain there.
The World Tourism Organization which provided the graph may earn a passing grade in counting people, but it certainly fails geography. /archive/2005/0227/edit/let.htm   (1507 words)

 A Virtual Travel to Israel - Medinat Yisra'él - Israel Tourism
A Virtual Travel to Israel - Medinat Yisra'él - Israel Tourism
Destination Israel, a virtual guide to the "promised land".
A travel and tourism guide to the Galilee region. /oneworld/israel.htm   (1032 words)

They are, however, required by Israel’s competition to sell their holdings in Arkia Airlines and its tourism and cargo operations.
TORONTO – There will be no management changes, said Stanley Morais, Canadian general manager of El Al Israel Airlines, despite the purchase of the airline by twin brothers Israel and Dedi Borovich, owners of Arkia, the airline and tourism company.
According to Morais, if the airline had not negotiated to eliminate pre-clearance at US customs in Toronto, it would be necessary for passengers who boarded in Israel to disembark in Toronto, clear Canadian customs and then go through US Customs at Pearson. /tribune/jt-050111-05.html   (307 words)

 Convention Photo Essay - 2002 - OUPR - OU.ORG
At Thursday’s dinner, which was sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, Rami Levi, Consul, North America, Israel Ministry of Tourism, presents an award to Rabbi Shmuel Goldin of Congregation Ahavath Torah, Englewood, NJ, for his success in organizing missions to Israel; 49 other OU rabbis were honored as well.
The OU National Convention, held from December 26-December 29 at the Rye Town Hilton in Westchester County, NY, featured many memorable moments.
Convention Chair Elliot P. Gibber, OU President Harvey Blitz, and OU Executive Vice President Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb participate in a session. /oupr/2002/convphotos02.htm   (307 words)

 Czech Republic - the Official Travel Site of Czech Tourism
Israel travel, hotels and tourism guide provides tourist information and vacation packages in Israel; maps, city guides, special deals on all hotels, bandb, tours and car rental in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, Eilat, Galilee and Dead-Sea.
Portal providing complete offer of accomodation service, air tickets and other services connected with tourism in the Czech republic.
Award winning bed and breakfast and travel guide offering travelers their choice of 1600 rated, inspected or reader reviewed accommodations located around the world. /index.php?show=001007129&lang=3   (6821 words)

 Israel Ministry of Tourism
The ministers of tourism of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority met for the first time together, in order to promote tourism in our region.
If you are planning a trip to Israel in 2006, and concerned about your budget, these coupons are a solution!
The ministers agreed to meet four times a year with the next meeting scheduled to take place in the city of Bethlehem.   (171 words)

 Israel Travel and Hotels Guide - -
israel travel guide israel tourism israel tours israel hotels jerusalem hotels dead sea hotels eilat hotels kibbutz ho
Take a Virtual step, Israel amazing virtual tours from around the country more...
Find special offers and great deals on leading hotels in Israel, car rentals and travel services, along with updated information and rich content about Israel. /tour/main.html   (169 words)

 Governments on the WWW: Israel
Israel Tourism Office in New York, United States of America
Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, China (Republic)
Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in New York /govt/en/il.html   (248 words)

 Israel Ministry of Tourism
The ministers of tourism of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority met for the first time together, in order to promote tourism in our region.
Israeli Tourism Minister Avraham Hirchson and Delta's Chief Executive Officer Gerald Grinstein
We are offering 34 online discount coupons free of charge, that will help budget-conscious travelers save time and money while in Israel.   (171 words)

 Netanya travel and tourism guide and hotels in netanya -
Hiking and biking tours, customed designed to your needs, in Israel, Egypt and Jordan.
Three features have contributed to the development of Netanya as a city of tourism and leisure: beautifully maintained sea shores offering a variety of high standard services, a wide selection of
Netanya, the largest city on the crossroads between /netanya   (171 words)

 Elat, Israel and Palestinian Authority, pictures
Elat, southernmost town in Israel, a port on the Gulf of Aqaba (also called the Gulf of Elat), an arm of the Red Sea.
Oil from Egypt is piped through Elat to refineries at Ashqelon and Haifa, both in Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea.
Some of the world's acient building are found in israel....... /Middle_East/Israel_and_Palestinian_Authority/Elat_town.html   (171 words)

 Israel-Palestine peace process - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Israel-Palestine peace process
Israel's far-right minister of tourism, Rechavam Zeevi, was assassinated by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) on 17 October 2001 in revenge for the killing by Israeli forces in August of the PFLP leader Abu Ali Mustafa.
Israel began to cede percentages of the occupied territories to Palestine, and Arafat pledged to combat terrorism against Israel.
Peace talks between Israel and the PLO resumed in July 1997, but were suspended two days later when 15 people were killed and around 150 injured in two explosions that took place in the centre of Jerusalem; the attacks were the work of two Hamas suicide bombers. /Israel-Palestine+peace+process   (5046 words)

 Transport in Israel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Transportation in Israel is well developed, and is continuously being upgraded to meet the demands of population growth, political factors, military needs of the Israel Defense Forces, tourism and increased traffic.
The Egged Bus Cooperative is Israel's largest bus company (and the second largest in the world), and operates routes throughout the entire country.
Israel has an extremely developed bus route system, as buses are the country's main form of public transportation. /wiki/Transportation_in_Israel   (327 words)

 Netanya Hotels, Israel Hotels - Netanya Discount Hotel, B&B in Israel Hotels, Travel & Tourism Guide
Netanya Hotels, Israel Hotels - Netanya Discount Hotel, BandB in Israel Hotels, Travel and Tourism Guide
Located in the center of Netanya, directly above the Beach, with a marvelous view of the Israeli coast.
Located on top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea, The Seasons hotel is the only 5 stars hotel in Netanya, renowned high standards of quality and elegance.. /netanya.htm   (327 words)

 Israel Travel and Hotels Guide - -
israel travel guide israel tourism israel tours israel hotels jerusalem hotels dead sea hotels eilat hotels kibbutz hotels israel kibbutz haifa israel lodging israel accomodations
Israel Travel and Hotels Guide - -
Find special offers and great deals on leading hotels in Israel, car rentals and travel services, along with updated information and rich content about Israel. /tour/main.html   (327 words)

 Where To Go Next Travel Newsletter
AKKO, Israel - The El-Basha Turkish Bath- or Hamam- built by the Ottoman Turks in this Israeli port city in 1795, has been transformed into one of the country's most charming museums, says Rami Levi, Tourism Ambassador of Israel to North and South America.
Akko (in English, known as Acre) is one of three UNESCO Heritage Sites in Israel (the others are the Old City of Jerusalem and Masada), and has been a draw for visitors ever since it became the capital of the Crusader Kingdom in the twelfth century.
Akko, twenty minutes north of Haifa, and ninety from Tel Aviv, is a delightful Mediterranean port. /releases/2003_7_1_Akko_Unveils_Restored_Turkish.php   (348 words)

 Israel Ministry of Tourism
Israel's Egged Bus Cooperative is the world's second largest bus company (second only to London Transport), offering frequent service between every city, town, village, kibbutz and settlement in Israel.
Israel's two domestic airlines are Arkia Israel Airlines and Israir.
All international car rental companies are represented in Israel, and there are a variety of reliable Israeli companies too. /planningyourtrip/gettingAround.asp   (339 words)

 Travelogue: Daniel Chazin's Trips on Israel Railways
One of the articles announced the new internet site of Israel Railways,, and another article was an interview with the Minister of Transport and Tourism, who stated, inter alia, that the Israeli rail lines should not be privatized because.
I also stopped at a museum which featured pictures of the Land of Israel from 1900 to the present (a few of the pictures were rail related, such as one showing the construction of the original Haifa railroad station in 1906).
I definitely enjoyed my trips on the Israel Railways, but I really wish that the line to Jerusalem was still being operated. /travelogues/dchazin/2001a16a.html   (3955 words)

 Mizpe-Yam Hotel Netanya, Israel - Facilities
Designed in a modern style, suitable for special occasions.Such as: Bar Mitzvahs, Brits, Weddings, Shabbat Chatan, Birthday and every occasion that you would like to celebrate.Maximum occupancy 170 people.Kashrus supervision provided by Netanya Rabbinate.There are options to hold Lectures at the hall.
Netanya as a city of tourism and leisure:
The sun roof, situated on the fifth floor, provides a sea view and a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation and sunbathing. /facilities.htm   (3955 words)

 Israel Ministry of Tourism
Israel, perfectly located at the fulcrum of Europe, Asia and Africa, is a world-class destination for sophisticated travelers.
Israel offers cultural attractions on a par with Europe, the U.S. and Canada, luxury hotels, glamorous spas and a hot restaurant scene - all within an atmosphere that combines the very ancient with the ultra high-tech, and the exotic with the contemporary.
Israel has more museums per capita than any country on earth Including the legendary Israel Museum in Jerusalem. /DiscoverIsrael   (338 words) - Archaeologists wait for strife to subside in Holy Land
Ancient ruins and biblical history are the bedrock of Israel's tourism industry, which has plummeted to almost nothing since the Palestinian uprising began in September 2000.
Israel and the Palestinian territories — the crossroads of ancient civilizations and cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam — are the world's most densely excavated areas.
MEGIDDO, Israel — The New Testament says this peaceful rise overlooking the lush Jezreel Valley is the site of Armageddon, the last great battle between good and evil at the end of days. /news/science/anthro/2002-06-20-holy-land.htm   (1602 words)

 Israel Tours Nat Tours Israel
We specialize in tourism in Israel and the tri-country region that also includes Egypt and Jordan.
Celebrate your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a private tour of Israel, and we have a special gift for you--the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrant is ON US (in parents' room or with siblings).
This Winter and Spring, Israel is here waiting for you to explore and discover.   (1602 words)

 Space Adventures
Founded in 1998, Space Adventures Ltd. is the world's leading space tourism, entertainment, and event-production company delivering the public opportunities to experience space today.
Global Sales Network — Space Adventures' maintains an international reseller network with agent offices in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, and the UK.
Space Adventures client base spans markets across the spectrum - from individual adventurers, to corporate buyers, to media firms, to family adventurers. /about   (484 words)

 Friendly rivalry between Jordan, Israel over site of Jesus' baptism
Bethlehem (AP) — Israel's new tourism minister knew better than to get involved in the friendly rivalry over the site of Jesus' baptism.
Israel has been trying to attract pilgrims to Qasir Al Yahud on the other side of the river, in an area of the West Bank that remains under Israeli military control.
There have been some tensions between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority over Millennium preparations, with the Palestinians accusing Israel of trying to steer tourists away from the Palestinian areas. /091499005.htm   (484 words)

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