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Topic: Toyotomi clan

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Toyotomi Hidetsugu
Toyotomi Hidetsugu (豊臣秀次; 1568 - July 15, 1595) was a nephew and retainer of Hideyoshi.
Putra Hideyori yang bernama Toyotomi Kunimatsu juga dibunuh, sedangkan nyawa anak perempuannya yang bernama Putri Naa mendapat pengampunan karena bersumpah untuk menjadi bikuni.
Dokumen yang sama mencatat bahwa Ieyasu mengambil keputusan untuk menghancurkan klan Toyotomi setelah melihat penampilan Hideyori yang begitu berwibawa.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Toyotomi-Hidetsugu   (966 words)

  Toyotomi Hideyori - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Toyotomi Hideyori (豊臣 秀頼 Toyotomi Hideyori), 1593-1615, was the son and designated successor of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the general who first united all of Japan.
However Ieyasu continued to view the young Hideyori as a potential threat, and attacked Hideyori in the Siege of Osaka in winter 1614.
Hideyori was forced to flee to the mountains, where he committed suicide at the age of 22, thus putting an end to the official authority of Toyotomi's clan, which exist only a short decades of 30 years.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Toyotomi_Hideyori   (237 words)

 Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Toyotomi Hideyoshi was born in what is now Nakamura-ku, Nagoya in the Owari province, the home of the Oda clan.
Toyotomi's underaged son and designated successor Hideyori lost the claim to the power his father once held, and Tokugawa Ieyasu was declared Shogun following the Battle of Sekigahara.
Toyotomi's stereotypical, monkey-like appearance, for example, is used in Onimusha, and he is portrayed in the popular video game as a sneaky and cunning character.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Toyotomi_Hideyoshi   (1708 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Osaka castle
Toyotomi wanted to build a castle that mirrored Oda's, but surpassed it in every way: the plan featured a five-story main tower, with three extra stories underground, and gold leaf on the sides of the tower to impress visitors.
Osakajo fell to Tokugawa, and the Toyotomi clan perished.
Grave of Toyotomi Clan at Mount Koya Toyotomi Hideyori (豊臣 ç§€é ¼ Toyotomi Hideyori), 1593-1615, was the son and designated successor of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the general who first united all of Japan.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Osaka-castle   (1475 words)

 Toyotomi Hideyoshi - The Encyclopedia
The stability of a Toyotomi dynasty after Hideyoshi's death was put in doubt with the death of his only son Tsurumatsu in September 1591.
By June 1598, the campaign was stalled and reduced to approximately 60,000 warriors under the Shimazu clan commanders, Shimazu Yoshihiro and his son Tadatsune.
Rather than strengthen his position, the military expeditions left his clan's coffers decreased, his vassals at odds over responsibility for the failure, and the clans that were loyal to the Toyotomi name weakened.
www.the-encyclopedia.com /description/Toyotomi_Hideyoshi   (2646 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Battle of Sekigahara or popularly known as the Realm Divide was a decisive battle on September 15, 1600 (on the ancient Chinese calendar, October 21 on the modern calendar) that cleared the path to the Shogunate for Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Even though Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified Japan and consolidated his power, his ill-fated invasion of Korea significantly weakened the Toyotomi clan's power as well as the loyalists that continued to serve and support the Toyotomi clan after Hideyoshi's death.
For example, the Mori clan, which was displaced from its home provinces to Chōshū-han, remained angry toward the Tokugawa shogunate, because the clan never actually took part in the battle.
maeda.clan.en.wikivx.com   (5166 words)

 Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Shinjitai (modern Japanese) writing: 豊臣秀吉; Kyūjitai (historical) writing: 豐臣秀吉; born Hiyoshi-maru 日吉丸; coming of age (gempuku) as Kinoshita Tōkichirō 木下藤吉郎 and later made Hashiba and martial nobility in the style of Hashiba Chikuzen no Kami Hideyoshi 羽柴筑前守秀吉; 1536 - September 18, 1598), was a Sengoku daimyo who unified Japan.
Following Toyotomi's death, the other members of the Council of Five Regents were unable to keep the ambitions of Tokugawa Ieyasu in check.
Toyotomi's stereotypical, monkey-like appearance, for example, is used in Capcom's Onimusha, and he is portrayed in the popular video game as a sneaky and cunning character.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hideyoshi   (2248 words)

 Tokugawa Hidetada jerak.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1590, the new ruler of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, joined Tokugawa Ieyasu in attacking the Hojo northeast of Mikawa, the traditional powerbase of the Tokugawa in the Odawara Campaign.
In 1598, Hideyoshi died, and Hideyoshi's son Toyotomi Hideyori, became the new ruler of Japan, with five regents - one of which was Hidetada's father, Ieyasu.
In 1600, he and 16,000 of his father's men were in Shinano Province, containing the Uesugi clan, who were allied with the Westerners, waiting for an order from Ieyasu to arrive at Sekigahara so that father and son could fight against the Ishida.
www.jerak.org /en/Tokugawa+Hidetada   (898 words)

 The End Game
The Toyotomi were still a significant threat, and Ieyasu devoted the next decade carefully planning their eradication.
Female monks of the Takeda clan, who had no great love for the new Shogun, developed an extensive network of spies and secret agents and agreed to help Lord Sanada extract his revenge on their common enemy.
To Lord Tokugawa, the continued existence of the Toyotomi family in Osaka presented a threat with the greatest potential for damage.
www.koreanhistoryproject.org /Ket/C13/E1305.htm   (3942 words)

 Sengoku Jidai Database - Tokugawa Ieyasu
The Matsudaira clan was under control by the Imagawa, the influental clan during that time, based in Suruga, a province located at Mikawa's eastern border.
However during the march, the Oda clan ambushed the Imagawa army at Okehazama, and Imagawa Yoshimoto was slain in the midst of the ambush.
In 1572, the Tokugawa clan was assaulted by the Takeda clan, which was based northeast of the former's lands.
sengoku-database.tripod.com /tokugawaieyasu.htm   (806 words)

 Yodo-Dono   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lady Yodo moved to Osaka Castle and with her son Hideyori, plotted the restoration of the Toyotomi clan.
She was also sometimes considered an obnoxious woman who bewitched Toyotomi Hideyoshi, took over the rightful place of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's wife, and tried to manipulate the Toyotomi clan for her gains, indirectly leading to its demise.
However, many also believe that accusations against her were in fact partially propaganda spread and encouraged by the rising Tokugawa shogunate, as Lady Yodo was the virtual ruler of the Osaka Castle and the Toyotomi clan, being the guardian of the young Toyotomi Hideyori.
www.tocatch.info /en/Yodo-Dono.htm   (703 words)

 Everything About the Real-Life Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu
Original clan name was inexistent, because Toyotomi was born into a peasant's family.
The clan name 'Kinoshita' that he claimed to be his father's was his own invention.
The name of Toyotomi's father was unknown, although he claimed it was 'Kinoshita Yaemon'.
www.geocities.com /azuchiwind/oda.htm   (796 words)

 ....Historical Liner Notes....
Known as a wise samurai general, Yukimura of the Sanada Clan from Ueda fought with his father in the Western Army.
After his father's death, Yukimura would have been the new warlord of the Sanada Clan, but he resigned and gave authority to one of his brothers to control the family line and instead disappeared into the mountains with his band of Koga ninjas(including the loyal Sasuke and Saizou).
Together with Ieyasu, Hidetada brought the Toyotomi Clan to collapse during the Summer Siege of Osaka in 1616.
www.samuraideeperkyo.us /encyclopedia.html   (979 words)

 Toyotomi Hideyoshi
The Toyotomi progress was almost leisurely, especially since the only real Shimazu resistance would come at the Sendai River on 6 June, and this was in essence a show of simple defiance by the proud Shimazu warriors.
The event allowed for a certain irony: the Hôjô, the clan many consider the first true 'sengoku daimyo', were the last of the great families to lose their independence.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi was truly a remarkable figure, an anomalous character in the pageant of Japanese history that continues to provoke debate and study.
www.samurai-archives.com /hideyoshi.html   (8027 words)

 Japanese Culture and History and Language
Toyotomi Hideyoshi succeeded Nobunaga and united the nation in 1590.
After Hideyoshi's death, Tokugawa Ieyasu utilized his position as the regent of Hideyoshi's son Toyotomi Hideyori as well as the conflicts among loyalists of the Toyotomi clan, to gain the support of warlords.
After defeating Toyotomi clan, at the Siege of Osaka in 1614 and 1615, the Tokugawa clan became the rulers of Japan, setting up a centralized feudal system.
1dollar-tattoo-designs.com /about_japan   (994 words)

 All Information of Battle of Sekigahara   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Though it would take three more years for Tokugawa to consolidate his position of power over the Toyotomi Hideyoshi clan and the daimyo, Sekigahara is widely considered to be the unofficial beginning of the Tokugawa shogunate, the last shogun ate to control Japan.
For example, the Mori clan, which was displaced from its home provinces to Chōshū- han (Japan), remained angry toward the Tokugawa shogunate, because the clan never actually took part in the battle.
The Shimazu clan blamed the defeat on its poor espionage.
battle.of.sekigahara.en.xvip.org   (2065 words)

 Nina's YST FAQs: The ancestor of Touma - Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536 - 1598) (K) and (P)
Toyotomi Hideyoshi (last name first) was born a peasant (his nickname was "saru", which means 'monkey').
Hojo clan and Date clan were once alliance, and Hojo was said to lost the battle largely because Date clan chose not to help...
Mouri Motonari (1497-1571): Mouri clan is the ruler (feudal lord) of the chuugoku area (Southwest Japan), was an alliance of Hideyoshi.
members3.boardhost.com /nina_yst/msg/91.html   (655 words)

 Midnight Eye Round-Up #18: Rebel Samurai special (Samurai Spy, Sword of the Beast, Samurai Rebellion, Kill!)
As people are murdered left and right and clan allegiances shift and then solidify, the fog of war begins to roll in, culminating in a showdown that is at one time both bloody and poetic and a precursor to the Osaka winter war.
The request of the clan lord is not only an affront to the Sagahara family name, but it is a cynical flexing of power that is designed to make Isaburo wallow in his social status as a lowly vassal.
The clan lord's cruelty, it turns out, was a present in disguise - and not only that, Lady Ichi's aforementioned rumored disgraceful behavior was a situation of her honor and moral rectitude conflicting with those of the hedonistic clan lord.
www.midnighteye.com /reviews/round-up_018.shtml   (3166 words)

 SoulCharge.com - The Game - Arenas - Hoko-Ji Temple   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Thus by killing a great life to make the hall and using the statue forged from iron that had tasted the blood of men it was only natural that this place would bear the seeds of disaster as it shed its dark pulse.
It is also well known that the kanji carved on the great bell of the temple became the direct cause of the fall of the Toyotomi Clan.
Though the Toyotomi Clan did not intend this, Ieyasu saw this as a curse of magic that wished the fall of the Tokugawa clan and challenged the Toyotomi Clan formally.
www.soulcharge.com /thegame/arenas/show.asp?arid=1   (590 words)

 Christian Samurai, Warlords, and Rebels of 16th-17th Century Japan   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Because Arima surrendered before any great casualties at Toyotomi's side were tabulated, he was given leniency, and his men were incorporated into Toyotomi's joint army, the Arima clan was to be bound by all the duties as Toyotomi's vassal.
Toyotomi kept an eye on this area because of obvious reasons; if the local warlords got a busy port, they'd get rich, and they'd stock ammo, and they'd turn against him.
He pledged allegiance to Toyotomi's rule and was assigned to captainhood under the command of General Konishi Yukinaga, whom Goto followed across the waterway to invade Korea in 1892.
www.geocities.com /nobukaze23/arima.htm   (3591 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
It is a popular spot during festival seasons, and especially during the cherry blossom bloom, when the sprawling castle grounds are covered with food vendors and taiko drummers.
The grounds also house a museum, the large indoor arena Osaka-jo Hall, and the Toyokuni Shrine dedicated to Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
Although the Toyotomi forces were outnumbered approximately 2 to 1, they managed to fight off Tokugawa's 200,000-man army and protect the castle's outer walls.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Osaka_Castle   (639 words)

 The People of the Unicorn Clan
This section gives an overview of the population of the clan, as well as some background on the clans families and most prominent figures.
Given that Rokugan's population total nears 30 million and that the Unicorn Clan is likely the second smallest clan (the Dragon Clan probably being smallest), the Unicorn Provinces probably boast about 2 million inhabitants of which there are approximately 300 thousand samurai (about 240 thousand bushi, 20 thousand shugenjas, and 40 thousand "others").
The hinin population is considerably less proportionally in comparison to the other clans as handling dead animals as a profession (tanners, trappers, etc.) is not considered dishonourable among the Unicorns (after all, the Unicorn cavalry uses saddles made of leather).
www.holycow.com /unicorn/people   (909 words)

 Anime Academy Lounge - any1 heard about Tokugawa clan??   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He grew up in the time of feuding clans and was sent as a hostage for the Matsudaira alliance with the neighbouring Imagawa clan in 1547.
Then he returned to the Imagawa clan as a hostage once more and was released after their to defeat Oda Nobunaga's clan.
Shortly after the death of Hideyoshi (1598) Ieyasu was sworn to ally with Hideyoshi's successor(son) and eventually through treachary and forbidden allies, he crushed the Toyotomi's clan and instated the reign of the Tokugawa shogunate.
www.animeacademy.com /forums/printthread.php?t=3577   (632 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Takeda Clan began a march towards the capital to control the Imperial Court.
Due to the relentless assault by the Oda, the Saito Clan was in shambles and Saito vassals, Mitsuhide Akechi and Ranmaru Mori, knew they were at the crossroads of their destiny.
Nobunaga is the lord of the Oda Clan.
www.cheatcc.com /psx2/sg/samurai_warriors.txt   (17200 words)

 The Real-Life Oda Nobunaga's Family & Such Annoyance: The Succession Battles
Both wanted to be THE Oda of their time, but Toyotomi Hideyoshi (click here for story and pictures) shocked them and everyone else by citing the rule of succession that the true heir of Oda Nobunaga's was Oda Hidenobu, the infant.
Toyotomi got Oda Nobunaga's legacy for himself, and Tokugawa waited for his turn (click here for a more 'scientific' chronology of events).
Toyotomi Hideyori, Hideyoshi's and Yodogimi's one and only son, had grown up to be a fine Chief Minister ('Kuampaku' in Japanese) promising to be worthy of the hereditary office, and looking a whole lot handsomer than his late dad whose nickname was 'the Monkey King'.
uk.geocities.com /rainforestwind/oda17.htm   (1330 words)

 Articles on Art
Toyotomi Hideyoshi was the second unifier of Japan after a period of more than 100 years of civil wars that had ravaged the country.
The great naval battle of Dannoura in 1185 was the final climax of a long series of bitter wars of two powerful families in feudal Japan.
The Minamato clan under their brilliant military leader Yoshitsune defeated the Taira in the naval battle of Dannoura - off the northern island of Kyushu once and forever.
www.artelino.com /forum/articles.asp?mey=11   (441 words)

 Новая страница 0
Former Chosokabe retainers never quite came to terms with the new ruling family, the Yamausa clan.
In fact, the Yamausa clan made a distinction between its own retainers and former Chosokabe retainers, giving them lesser status as well as discriminating treatment.
According to tradition, Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary kensei, was present at the battle among the ranks of Toyotomi Hideyori's army.
www.soldiers-russia.com /new_soldiers/far_east/sekigahara.htm   (1452 words)

 Ryo Sanada - Yukimura Sanada   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Toyotomi's clan had a vast army, but most were ronin.
So, he renounced his Samurai status and gathered a small renegade Ninja to aid the Toyotomi clan to defend his castle.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi started out as what many pictured as an adventurer.
buck-tick-bound.us /History_.htm   (1364 words)

 Samurai Spy (1965)
The battle put the winning Tokugawa clan in power and the losing Toyotomi clan and its allies on the ropes, but not completely destroyed.
The Sanada clan is more or less neutral and Sasuke's main role as its leading spy is simply to keep an eye on both sides and report back the findings.
Another nice visual touch with regard to costuming is the wearing of traditional Japanese masks by one of the clans whose chief interest is in rescuing the movie's pivotal character, Tatewaki Koriyama.
www.kungfucinema.com /reviews/samuraispy_112805.htm   (1196 words)

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