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Topic: Tracy Smothers

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In the News (Thu 19 Apr 18)

  Tracy Smothers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tracy Smothers competed in World Championship Wrestling for a number of years, forming a long-term tag team with Steve Armstrong known variously as the Southern Boys and the Young Pistols.
Smothers' last major appearance for WCW was on January 21, 1992 at The Clash of Champions, as he teamed with Terry Taylor in a loss to Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Brian Pillman.
Smothers wrestled at both of the June 2005 ECW reunion shows, defeating The Blue Meanie at Hardcore Homecoming with the help of J.T. Smith, and accompanying Little Guido to ringside for his match with Yoshihiro Tajiri and Super Crazy at ECW One Night Stand 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tracy_Smothers   (863 words)

 Wrestling Observer - headlines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Smothers lets the hosts know he is currently on the road on his way back from Lexington, Kentucky to his home in Nashville since he hadn't been home for a while due to his new busy schedule.
Smothers said he can't remember seeing a wrestling crowd that mad before in his career after they heard some of the stuff JBL said and joked that if the fans had guns that night all of the WWE guys would have been dead.
Smothers called JBL a "punk ass bitch" for what he did and that there was no reason to do something like that with 50 guys brawling in a ring.
www.wrestlingobserver.com /wo/news/headlines/default.asp?aID=13542   (2371 words)

 Warned.net - Tracy Smothers Court Update, Girlfriend Responds
The Nashville City Paper reported that Tracy Smothers had his day in court yesterday on harassment charges brought on by his girlfriend.
Smothers’ defense attorney requested a court-ordered review of his client’s mental status.
Smothers' girlfriend posted the following on the www.wrestlingclassics.com message board in regard to the situation, "The case is now being dealt with by mental health services.
www.warned.net /TracySmothersCourtUpdate.html   (238 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tracy Smothers formed a long-time tag team with Steve Armstrong known as The Southern Boys/The Young Pistols..
Tracy Smothers briefly competed in the WWF using the name "Freddy Joe Floyd" a goofy southern hick..
Tracy Smothers wrestled for XPW and formed a tag team with Chris Hamrick known as Southern Comfort..
www.obsessedwithwrestling.com /profiles/t/tracy-smothers.html   (3002 words)

 Tracy Smothers - Definition, explanation
Tracy Smothers (born September 2, 1962 in Springfield, Tennessee) is an American professional wrestler.
Smothers wrestled at both of the June 2005 ECW reunion shows, defeating The Blue Meanie at Hardcore Homecoming with the help of J.T. Smith, and accompanying Little Guido to ringside for his match with Yoshihiro Tajiri and Super Crazy at ECW One Night Stand.
On June 18, 2005 at a Championship Wrstling event, Smothers challenged WWE employee John "Bradshaw" Layfield to a fight after JBL shot on The Blue Meanie during a brawl at the end of One Night Stand.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/t/tr/tracy_smothers.php   (316 words)

 Update on former ECW & WWF star Tracy Smothers in court & girlfriend
In an update from yesterday, The Nashville City Paper is reporting that former ECW & WWF star Tracy Smothers was in court yesterday in regards to harassment charges brought on by his girlfriend.
Smothers will be back in court on November 2 with findings.
It should be noted that Smothers wrestled last night in Lewisberg, TN for a promotion called ASW and according to those at the show, Smothers was said to have been in a really good mood backstage.
www.wrestleview.com /news2006/1161974519.shtml   (361 words)

 Tracy Smothers Continues To Call Out JBL - BOARD OF LEGEND
Smothers said that place is where it is at and that you get pumped with so much adrenaline that you are prepared to go through a wall so to speak.
Smothers said everyone else involved was great and he heard they are going to try to do some more shows like it soon.
Smothers said he doesn't think it is funny or cool to make fun of the ECW talent and call them garbage.
www.ryanmcbain.com /forums/showthread.php?t=4607   (2149 words)

 Pro wrestling news and analysis WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, 1PW and more - WrestleMag
Tracy Smothers, the former WWF, WCW and ECW star who was part of WWE’s ECW ‘One Night Stand’ PPV, has hit out at JBL, accusing him of being a bully and ripping into him for taking liberties towards the end of the ECW PPV where JBL attacked The Blue Meanie.
In a video that has been posted on www.championshipwrestlingtv.com, Smothers discusses the incident and admits to hitting JBL several times while he was being held by the Sandman.
Smothers stressed that this video is not a work, but a legitimate challenge to fight JBL one on one, saying he’ll even put his life savings and house on the line to do so.
www.wrestlemag.com /news/index.php?p=579   (258 words)

 Tracy Smothers shoots on JBL, AWA announcer passes away, and Nash
According to reports, former ECW star Tracy Smothers cut a "shoot promo" against WWE's John Bradshaw Layfield at an independent event for UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee on Saturday challenging JBL to "step up like a man" after his actions against The Blue Meanie at the ECW One Night Stand PPV last weekend.
Smothers' promo will air on the promotions television show and was not a worked storyline.
Tracy will be commenting in more detail about this situation on Wrestling News Live this Sunday night at 11pm Eastern/10pm Central.
www.wrestleview.com /news2005/1119073143.shtml   (294 words)

 The Stomping Grounds » Blog Archive » Tracy Smothers wrestles a bear   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The video is of Tracy Smothers wrestling a bear sometime during the 1980s for Continential Championship Wrestling.
I’ve had the opportunity to watch Smothers in person and have found him to be quite an entertaining and talented wrestler who can really work the crowd into a lather.
Tracy is one of the few people to get the bear on it’s back… He is also one of the toughest guys in the business.
www.timesnews.net /blogs/lane/?p=68   (279 words)

 Pro wrestling news and analysis WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, 1PW and more - WrestleMag
Tracy says that he was a trainer and many of the wrestlers that the drunken WWE guys were laughing at from the Hammerstein Ballroom balcony went through his training.
Tracy says that even at the rehearsal, they were trying to punk out the ECW guys.
Around that time, Tracy was in the ring with Chris Chetti and heard Layfield telling WWE guys “don’t hesitate to knock somebody out.” Smothers turned around and said, “There’s a flip side to that.
www.wrestlemag.com /news/index.php?p=2477   (1551 words)

 Pro Wrestling Insider - XTRA Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
Smothers did the deal where he walked towards the back and then sprinted to the ring to beat the 10 count.
Smothers used a ridiculous jumping chop drop and reapplied the sleeper.
Smothers used a double leg takedown to pin Morton with his feet on the ropes.
www.pwinsiderxtra.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=1761&p=1   (1400 words)

 2xzone.com :News :Tracy Smothers In Trouble With The Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tracy Smothers, 44, who also was known as “Freddy Joe Floyd” when he was affiliated with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), is scheduled to appear before a General Sessions Judge on Thursday to face two charges of criminal harassment.
In March, Smothers’ live in girlfriend, Melba Renee Payne, told authorities that Smothers made a series of phone calls to her threatening bodily harm.
Payne went on to allege that Smothers called later that day and “stated that he was going to get me when I least expect it and take me away in a car where no one would ever find my body,” according to a second affidavit written by Payne.
www.2xzone.com /messages/9591.shtml   (436 words)

 Former ECW Star Tracy Smothers challenges JBLTo Real Fight [Archive] - Wrestling Forum : WWE, TNA, E-Fed, Wrestling ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Smothers dared JBL in the promo to "step up like a man" and mentioned how he didn't care if JBL met up with him in Tennessee or New York City.
Smothers was among many of the ECW guys at the One Night Stand PPV who were offended by JBL's actions towards Blue Meanie in the ring at the closing segment of the PPV.
Smothers was one of few who voiced his displeasure at the incident backstage after the show, and was also one of the guys who took a physical stand in the ring as it was happening.
www.weforums.com /forums/archive/index.php/t-200141.html   (426 words)

 Declaration of Independents - The Number 1 Independent Pro Wrestling Website in America Today.
The DOI has received footage from Richard Shook, who works as a photographer for IWC, of Tracy Smothers shoot promo on JBL.
Smothers cut this promo at IWC's 7/1 event, from Pittsburgh, which took place this past Friday night.
In this promo, Tracy Smothers calls out JBL, and challenges him to a fight, due to JBL's cowardly attack on the Blue Meanie.
www.declarationofindependents.net /doi/pages/smothersshootiwc.html   (198 words)

 Pro Wrestling Insider - XTRA Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
Smothers and Matthews sneak attack the good guys and try to whip them into each other, but McGuinness and Dalton reverse it by dropkicking their opponents into each other.
Smothers knocks TJ down with a clothesline and Matthews comes in without a tag, as the ref is trying to hold back McGuinness from entering the ring.
TJD nails Smothers with a desperation DDT and a dual tag is made, as McGuinness and Matthews come in.
www.pwinsiderxtra.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=519&p=1   (2102 words)

 Message Board - Had a chance to meet Tracy Smothers again
I had the chance to meet Tracy Smothers for the 2nd time at the Hardcore Homecoming in Pittsburgh last week.
Anytime I know Tracy Smothers is on the card i know there will be at least 1 one good match.
As I was going through the autograph line, I told Tracy that I enjoyed his XPW match at the Golden Done and he responded "The one where the ring broke." Danny Doring (who was also in the match) spoke up and said "I remember that!"
kayfabemistress.proboards50.com /index.cgi?board=tracy&action=display&thread=1127710597   (215 words)

 EWFArena.com: Extreme Wrestling Federation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In the past 21 years, Tracy Smothers has wrestled all over the world with virtually every major promotion.
Tracy was trained by Stan Lane and Steve Keirn (Skinner - Doink WWE) and started out working various Indy shows around the Nashville area.
After leaving WCW Tracy was ready to get out of the wrestling business until he got a call from Jim Cornette wanting him to come back to Tennessee to work for Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
www.ewfarena.com /smothers.html   (332 words)

 Ring of Honor Discussion Forum - Tracy Smothers
One guy I'm completely shocked about that ROH hasn't brought in yet is the "Original Wild Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers.
Tracy Smothers -v- JBL as a main event match = Gold.
Smothers is a bad ass, I wouldn't object to a part time undercard entertainment role.
www.rohwrestling.com /messageboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=21558   (284 words)

 Tape # 251
When Smothers hits the fourth and final turnbuckle to win the match and the Smoky Mountain heavyweight title, the fans jump out of their seats and cheer wildly, a scene usually only witnessed in this day and age in Japan and/or Mexico.
Smothers inaugerates Horner as his corner-man in the "Coward Waves The Flag" match with Dirty White Boy and his crippled manager, Ron Wright.
Tracy Smothers then makes the save, but Tammy Fytch sprays him in the eyes.
members.aol.com /luslurid/tape251.html   (2317 words)

 Pro Wrestling Insider - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
Tracy says he saw it on the Internet, knew he had heat with WWE, and figured he wouldn’t be at the show anyway.
Tracy wonders why Bradshaw didn’t confront Meanie at 2pm when they got there.
Tracy then goes into his problems with people on his message board and mentions the English that posts there.
www.pwinsider.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=18480&p=1   (1444 words)

 Message Board - The Upcoming ECW PPV
On that note I must profess against any JBL, Tracy Smothers matches on WWE territory as the only way I see JBL or Vince agreeing to bring you into to work is if the match would be a 3 minute squash.
Tracy i think you deserve to be at that show, who cares what u said about vince or steph your only telling the truth anyway.
I mean cmon Tracy, he hasnt accepted your challenge after a year, and you continuing to whinge about things is not making you look like the better man. You're just looking like a guy who wants some attention.
kayfabemistress.proboards50.com /index.cgi?board=tracy&action=display&thread=1149519047   (3695 words)

 Al Indie work 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Smothers however, countered this by using a chain to strike Al in the head, which went undetected by the referee.
Smothers accepted this stipulation on behalf of his team and vowed to defeat The Meanie for the third consecutive time.
Using classic tag team wrestling strategy they were able to position Al Snow in their half of the ring, baiting The Meanie into the ring to assist his partner in order to distract the referee to illegally double teamed Snow.
members.tripod.com /alsnowshead/indieal2006.html   (1437 words)

 Smoky Mountain Wrestling July - September 1995
Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy beat The Headbangers.
Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy beat Al Snow & Unabom to win the SMW Tag Team Title when Smothers pinned Snow.
Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy beat Al Snow & Unabom in a "loser leaves town" match when Smothers pinned Unabom.
www.prowrestlinghistory.com /smw/results/1995c.html   (1724 words)

 Tracy Smothers Responds To Comments Dave Meltzer Made
Wrestling insider Dave Meltzer sometimes posts at the wrestlingclassics.com message board and he made some comments in regards to how Tracy Smothers would do in a fight against John Bradshaw Layfield, who Smothers called out earlier this week.
Smothers was a very good high school wrestler but he's 43 now.
Word got back to Tracy Smothers and he fired back with this scathing response to Meltzer.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/2005/articles/1119472765.php   (990 words)

 Transcript of Tracy Smothers challening JBL - Wrestling Forum : WWE, TNA, E-Fed, Wrestling Videos, Women of Wrestling ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tracy Smothers, the man you're seeing, was on the PPV.
Tracy is a legit tough guy too, I'll bet he would stomp JBL.
I'd hate for Smothers to lose if this ever happened, he's putting quite a bit on the line if he ever did run into JBL.
www.weforums.com /forums/showthread.php?t=200582   (820 words)

 Smoky Mountain Wrestling October - November 1995
Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy beat Larry Santo & Ron Davis.
Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy beat SMW Tag Champs The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) via DQ.
SMW Tag Champs The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) beat Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy in a "hospital elimination" match.
www.prowrestlinghistory.com /smw/results/1995d.html   (865 words)

 MMAFighting.net Forums - Tracy Smothers challenges JBL to legit Fight   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Smothers challenged JBL to "step up like a man," nothing that he'd be interested in a legitimate fight anywhere in the country.
Speaking on behalf of the wrestler, the webmaster of TracySmothers.biz confirmed that the promo took place and referred to it as a "straight shoot." The interview was taped for the promoter's television show.
JBL is an asshole and other than die hard wrestling fans people don't even know who Tracy Smothers is....nothing will come of this.
www.mmafighting.net /forum/archive/index.php?t-10763.html   (453 words)

 Smoky Mountain Wrestling January - March 1995
Tracy Smothers beat Bryant Anderson in an "I quit" match.
Tracy Smothers & Robert Gibson beat The Gangstas.
Tracy Smothers & Scott Armstrong beat The Masked Infernos.
www.prowrestlinghistory.com /smw/results/1995a.html   (1633 words)

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