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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Trait theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The factors are readily conceptualised as measurements of traits.
Correspondingly, trait theory has come under attack from those who preferred a more qualitiative, intuitive approach to personality analysis, and psychometrically inclined personality theorists are often accused of reifying as traits measurements that are simply mathematical abstractions.
In general personality theory, the traits discussed tend to be broad tendencies such as extraversion or neuroticism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Trait_theory   (214 words)

 Trait - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As synonym for trait can be sometimes used the term phenotype; the difference is that this second term can also indicate the total physical appearance or constitution.
An important reference point along this string is the centromere; the distance from a gene to the centromere is referred to as the gene's locus or map location.
A chromosomal region known to control a trait while the responsible gene within not being identified is referred to as a quantitative trait locus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Trait   (569 words)

 TRAIT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The traits of intelligence, dominance, self-confidence, high energy and activity level and task-relevant knowledge are most often mentioned and are commonly agreed upon across all leadership analyses.
(Another tie-in between traits and behavior.) Experience cannot be seen as a leadership characteristic, however, it may impact the leader’s use of various characteristics or traits that influence the leader’s ability to successfully carry out necessary leadership responsibilities.
It is undoubtably true that the personality or motivational orientation of the leader plays its part, for it will affect the likelihood of his attaining a leadership position and the way he will behave in that position, and hence, the likelihood of his success.
tech.clayton.edu /eddins/trait.htm   (952 words)

 Statistical Methods for Rater Agreement
Because disagreement on trait definition and disagreement on rating category widths are distinct components of disagreement, with different practical implications, a statistical approach to the data should ideally quantify each separately.
If the underlying trait is assumed to be continuous, use latent trait models to assess association among raters and estimate the correlation of ratings with the true trait.
(1) use latent trait models to assess association of raters' ratings with the true trait; (2) use latent trait models to test for similarity/differences among rater thresholds.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/jsuebersax/agree.htm   (2204 words)

 Narcissism: A Genetic Trait -- Genetics of Personality Disorders
Each trait is based on a major pleiotropic gene (a gene determining several related characteristics) that follows the rules of Mendelian genetics.
The mode of transmission of the traits was deduced from archetypal family pedigrees.
Perfectionism (P) The trait of perfectionism is not a basic drive of ambition and is not associated with a rage reaction.
narcissism.homestead.com   (849 words)

 Personality Test Prerequisite: The Role of Narcissism
Each trait is based on the expression of a single gene that follows the usual rules of Mendelian genetics.
In a pejorative connotation the trait of narcissism may reveal itself in the context of conceit, exhibitionism, vanity and messianism.
A. The trait of perfectionism is a mediator of the drives of aggression and narcissism, and it is not associated with a rage reaction.
www.geocities.com /ResearchTriangle/Campus/4847   (1017 words)

 Sickle Cell Trait   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Trait is also found in persons who come from Central America, Asia and the Mediterranean.
If one parent has sickle cell trait there is a 50 percent (one in two) chance with each pregnancy of having a child with sickle cell trait.
If both parents have sickle cell trait there is a 25 percent (one in four) chance with each pregnancy of having a child with sickle cell disease.
www.stjude.org /phecom/0,2777,632_3542,00.html   (357 words)

 Trait definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A dominant lethal trait is a trait that is expressed if present in the genome and therefore precludes having descendants.
A mendelian trait is one that segregates in accordance with the laws of genetics set forth by Gregor Mendel.
A nonpenetrant trait is a genetic trait that is in the genome but does not manifest itself in the individual.
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=11705   (362 words)

Moreover, if that trait is to be unique to that species, it cannot occur in any other species for the entire existence of life on this planet.
Selection causes a trait to become prominent in a species only if that trait is passed down from one generation to the next.
Kitcher is correct that biologists attempt to explain the traits of organisms in two ways: sometimes they cite the ultimate, or evolutionary, cause of a trait; other times they cite a structural feature of an organism with that trait.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/species   (5741 words)

 Trait to Treaty
ET15 5.271 15 It is a new trait of the nineteenth century, that the wit and humor of England...have taken the direction of humanity and freedom.
SA 8.95 8 What a good trait is that recorded of Madame de Maintenon, that, during dinner, the servant slipped to her side, Please, madame, one anecdote more, for there is no roast to-day.
Res 8.150 23 It was a pleasing trait in Goethe's romance, that Makaria retires from society to astronomy and her correspondence.
www.walden.org /Institute/thoreau/about2/E/Emerson_Ralph_Waldo/Concordance/TRAIT-TREATY.HTM   (19633 words)

 Encyclopedia: Intelligence (trait)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Although nonscientists generally regard the concept of intelligence as having much broader scope, in psychology, the study of intelligence generally regards this behavioral trait as distinct from creativity, personality, character, or wisdom.
The mind is the term most commonly used to describe the higher functions of the human brain, particularly those of which humans are subjectively conscious, such as personality, thought, reason, memory, intelligence and emotion.
Despite the variety of concepts of intelligence, the most influential approach to understanding intelligence (i.e., the one that has generated the most systematic research) is based on psychometric testing.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Intelligence-(trait)   (470 words)

 FAQs Sickle Cell Trait   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sickle trait can cause you to have some blood in the urine and a slight increase in problems with kidney infections.
Individuals with sickle trait may have children with sickle cell disease if their partner also has sickle, thalassemia, or hemoglobin C trait.
This is the first successful attempt to use this genetic procedure to enable a couple to have a child unaffected with sickle cell disease, according to an article in the May 12, 1999 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
www.scinfo.org /faqtrait.htm   (2183 words)

 Trait Theories
They are especially interested in finding which traits are broad and possibly genetically based, as opposed to ones that are rather peculiar and change easily.
One of the earliest trait theories was introduced by a colleague of Sigmund Freud's by the name of Carl Jung.
The traits are seen as opposites, and the first set is introversion and extraversion.
www.ship.edu /~cgboeree/genpsytraits.html   (1808 words)

 Latent Trait Models for Rater Agreement
T is the latent trait level of a given case; Y is the perception or impression of a given rater of the case's trait level; b is a regression coefficient; and e is measurement error.
The latent trait is what the ratings intend measure--for example, disease severity, subject ability, or treatment effectiveness; this corresponds to the "signal" emitted by the case being rated.
The basic estimated parameters are: (1) parameters that describe the distribution of the latent trait in the sample or population; (2) the regression coefficient, b, for each rater; and (3) the threshold locations for each rater.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/jsuebersax/ltrait.htm   (1160 words)

 Scorpio trait
Scorpio trait experimental analysis of behavior,, and the philosophical underpinnings of this science, dominated zodiac psychology for much of the 20th century, with its main competitor being the more asrtologicaly oriented Scorpio Psychoanalysis.
The Scorpio trait research methodologies mentioned do not tell us which scorpio genes are involved, only the relative scorpio influence of all genes as opposed to zodiac environment.
There are basically two camps on the scorpio trait of intelligence: those who believe in one unilinear construct of general intelligence (GI), and those who believe in many different intelligences like Scorpio Universal intelligence.
www.onecer.net /scorpio/scorpio-trait.html   (2476 words)

Idiographic approach: determine which traits are most important for a particular individual and study those (rather than studying everyone on the same traits).
Discovery of source traits the most important goal of personality psychology.
That is, they may, in part or wholly, be measuring the same trait or set of traits.
www.utdallas.edu /~kprager/trait.htm   (1386 words)

 Leadership Trait
Trait theory explains leadership in terms of personality and character of the leader...
TRAIT THEORY OF Even though Trait Theory, one of the earliest leadership theories gave way to...
For instance, the trait approach is concerned with the permanent...
www.1-organizational-culture.com /1/leadership-trait-.html   (515 words)

 Multi-trait Productive Life 2000
The two calving ease traits receive little emphasis in PL predictions, whereas DPR is now the most important trait in predicting PL. Correlation estimates were previously revised in November 2000 and in August 2002.
Expected correlations among the differences between PTA and PA for each trait for cows are determined from the daughter equivalents from the cow's own records and progeny instead of only from progeny as for bulls.
Traits that are more highly correlated with PL and that have higher heritabilities receive more weight than traits with lower correlations and heritabilities.
www.aipl.arsusda.gov /reference/multi-pl.htm   (1724 words)

 Autopsy results probed - Columbia Missourian
When a person with sickle cell trait is infected with malaria, the cells break down and are removed by the spleen.
Some in the medical community willing to discuss the trait and sudden death say the most minimal adjustments can prevent these rare deaths: a slow buildup to strenuous exercise when the weather is hot and humid and attention to how much water an athlete is drinking.
The NCAA describes sickle cell trait as a “benign condition that does not affect the longevity of the individual” and says it is not a barrier to “outstanding athletics performance.” Eight to 10 percent of the fl population in the United States has the trait, according to the NCAA.
columbiamissourian.com /news/story.php?ID=15959   (2503 words)

 Trait Theory
Response to personality as consisting of broad, internal traits that are consistence across situations and time.
Personality traits exert a stronger influence on an individual’s behavior when situational influence is less powerful.
Link between traits and situations specified: more limited and narrower a trait is, more likely it will predict a behavior; not everyone consistent on the same trait; traits give a strong influence on an individual’s behavior when situational influences are less likely to affect personality.
www.revision-notes.co.uk /revision/71.html   (904 words)

 Northern California's Comprehensive Thalassemia Center at at Children's Hospital Oakland
This means that a person can only get Thalassemia disease or trait by inheriting the genes for Thalassemia from their parents.
Most types of Thalassemia trait cause the red blood cells to be smaller in size than usual, but there is no scientific evidence that Thalassemia trait causes health problems.
Therefore, although Thalassemia trait is found in all populations, it is most common in people from regions where Malaria occurs.
www.thalassemia.com /thal_trait.html   (365 words)

 Latent Trait Analysis and Item Response Theory (IRT) Models
They are not a comprehensive guide to latent trait modeling, but only an accretion of pages and files that deal with specific aspects of the subject.
Latent Trait Analysis (LTA), a form of latent structure analysis (Lazarsfeld & Henry, 1968), is used for the analysis of categorical data.
If one merely wishes to develop a scale consisting of a few (3-20) items that all measure the same trait and to administer this scale to measure some trait of interest, it often is not necessary to apply latent trait models.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/jsuebersax/lta.htm   (1188 words)

 Larch Frequently Asked Questions
The sections of an LSL trait are determined by the LSL grammar [Guttag-Horning-Modet90].
One of the implications in this trait is that
A mixin trait typically does not have a generated by or partitioned by clause (although the latter sometimes are implied by such traits), whereas an ADT trait typically will have at least a generated by clause.
www.cs.iastate.edu /~leavens/larch-faq.html   (15434 words)

 Trait Anxiety Self Evaluation Scale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Trait anxiety deals with individual differences in the tendency to view the world as threatening or dangerous, and in the frequency that state anxiety is experienced.
For example, a male scoring 18 on the trait anxiety scale has a percentile rank of 75.
This table - which shows how responses on each item are scored - indicates how each statement contributes to the overall trait anxiety score.
www.kenyon7.freeserve.co.uk /TraitAnxietyScale/TraitAnxiety1.html   (390 words)

 Complex Trait Consortium
Complex Trait Consortium, an international effort by 300 geneticists to create a population of mice that mimics the human population when studying disease as well as drug reactions.
Most science is still done by looking at a single gene within a single mouse strain, for two reasons: Until recently it's not been possible to study how multiple genes work in concert.
Substitution mapping identifies two distinct blood pressure quantitative trait loci at the q-terminus of rat chromosome 3 in congenic substrains derived from dahl rats
www.complextrait.org   (596 words)

 Complex Trait Consortium
The CTC (http://www.complextrait.org) is an international group of scientists (geneticists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticists, statisticians, etc.) working to identify networks of genes and allelic variants that modulate complex phenotypes in diverse environments.
The goal of the Complex Trait Consortium (CTC) conference is to bring together investigators who have common interest in the development and use of the laboratory mouse as a genetic tool for understanding human health and disease.
The CTC is an international group of researchers working to identify the genetic variants that underly complex traits, particularly of quantitative trait loci (QTL), in model organisms such as rodents.
www.complextrait.org /meetings/main.php   (2265 words)

 Six Trait Handbook
I have divided the handbook into seven sections--one section for each of the six traits and another section for revising and editing.
Everything I use--posters, handouts, manipulatives, etc.--that has do with that trait or section, is put on the same color.
Included in each section below are the color and an explanation of the icon I use for that trait.
www.kimskorner4teachertalk.com /writing/sixtrait/sixtrait/handbook.html   (499 words)

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