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Topic: Transmit flow control

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  Transmit flow control
Transmit flow control: In data communications systems, control of the rate at which data are transmitted from a terminal so that the data can be received by another terminal.
The transmission rate may be controlled because of network or DTE requirements.
Note 2: Transmit flow control can occur independently in the two directions of data transfer, thus permitting the transfer rates in one direction to be different from the transfer rates in the other direction.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/fl/Flow_control.html   (100 words)

 Flow control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computer networking, flow control is the process of managing the rate of data transmission between two nodes.
Flow control is important because it is possible for a sending computer to transmit information at a faster rate than the destination computer can receive and process them.
Transmit flow control may occur between data on and off terminal equipment (DTE) and a switching center, via data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE), or between two DTEs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Transmit_flow_control   (621 words)

 Support Software and Hardware Flow Control
Flow control means the ability to slow down the flow of bytes in a wire.
Flow control is needed for modems and other hardware to allow a jump in instantaneous flow rates.
When the device driver (on orders from flow control) stops the flow of outgoing bytes from the computer, what it actually stops is the flow of outgoing bytes from the large transmit buffer in main memory.
www.pccompci.com /flow.html   (2450 words)

 Network Interface Metalanguage
Transmit flow control is implemented by selective supply of transmit control blocks to the NSR by the ND.
The transmit control block also implements a completion urgency hint which is used to indicate to the ND the relative urgency of completing the transmit quickly.
When allocating a control block internally for use, the control block index argument passed to udi_cb_alloc specifies the appropriate type of control block; the resulting allocated control block will be large enough to be used for any of the control blocks within that index group.
ou800doc.caldera.com /en/UDI_spec/m_net.html   (11345 words)

 Text-Terminal-HOWTO: Flow Control (Handshaking)
Flow control (= handshaking = pacing) is to prevent too fast of a flow of bytes from overrunning a terminal, computer, modem or other device.
In the case of a modem (with data compression but no flow control) the speed from the computer to the modem must be slow enough so that this same speed is usable on the phone line, since in the worst case the data is random and can't be compressed.
That is flow control and the flow control signals are always sent in a direction opposite to the flow of data which they control (although not in the same channel or wire).
www.tldp.org /HOWTO/Text-Terminal-HOWTO-10.html   (2667 words)

 Serial (COM) port
Transmit flow control is enabled by including the "Require CTS" and/or "Require DSR" elements in the options.
Transmit flow control is enabled by assigning "On transmitting" or "Both" to the "Type" property.
Software data flow control can be setup on receive, transmit or both modes, but so as the great number of device doesn't need data sending, select only control mode "On receive".
www.aggsoft.com /serial-data-logger/help/tid_comport.htm   (1527 words)

 Vendors on flow control
Flow Control was originally invented to prevent packet drops by switches that were running at less than media-speed.
Flow control in the core can cause congestion in sections of the network that otherwise would not be congested.
We decided the 1200 should send flow control frames in only two situations; when the ingress buffer on a particular port is full it will send a pause message on that port and when the switch fabric is congested it will send pause messages on all ports.
www.networkworld.com /netresources/0913flow2.html   (2068 words)

 [No title]
Data is transmitted between the devices over a shielded serial cable with a 25-pin male (DB-25P) connector to the modem and a 25-pin, 9-pin, 8-pin, or custom-built connector to the computer.
We recommend the use of hardware flow control, because actual data may be mistaken for the control characters used in software flow control and the data may be distorted.
The transmitting modem stores a copy of each frame it transmits to the remote end until it is acknowledged by the receiving modem.
www.aces.edu /ctu/general/sportster.txt   (15272 words)

 Hayes Enhanced Serial Interface
The flow control levels may be set to higher values with the "Set Flow Control Type" (08h) and "Set Receive Flow Control Levels" (0Ah) commands.
Similarly, a transmit routine could check the amount of free space in the transmit buffer by using the Get Transmit Space Available (15h) command after a block transfer to determine whether any additional data may be placed in the transmit FIFO.
After the system DMA controller is set up, the host must initialize the DMA controller and issue an Initiate DMA Transmit (17h) or Initiate DMA Receive (16h) command to the COM-bic chip.
www.cs.wisc.edu /~bolo/shipyard/esi.html   (8628 words)

 Welcome to Flow Control - Solutions for the Fluid Handling Industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The flowmeters are small, plastic-bodied instruments capable of measuring pulsating flows from air and solenoid-driven metering pumps.
The meters transmit a continuous flow signal, measure and display both flowrate and total flow, and provide a variety of outputs including relay alarm outputs.
Flow measurement accuracy is +/- 1 percent of reading above 10 percent of full scale, +/- 3 percent below 10 percent of full scale.
www.flowcontrolnetwork.com /products.asp?PID=314   (294 words)

 ProCurve Networking by HP - Support - FAQs
For fiber-optic connections, verify that the transmit port on the switch is connected to the receive port on the connected device, and that the switch receive port is connected to the transmit port on the connected device.
These flow control packets may cause the Switch 2224 Activity LED to flicker or remain on constantly and may also cause a device attached to the Switch 2224 to indicate activity (in terms of received packet statistics).
You may disable flow control on the remote device to prevent it from sending flow control packets to the Switch 2224.
www.hp.com /rnd/support/faqs/sw_2224.htm   (3258 words)

 Flow-Control Mechanisms (Linktionary term)
Congestion control mechanisms allow network systems to detect network congestion (a condition in which there is more traffic on the network than can be handled by the network or network devices) and throttle back their transmission to alleviate the congestion.
A receiver uses flow controls to signal to the sender that it is overloaded.
Flow controls are necessary because senders and receivers are often unmatched in capacity and processing power.
www.linktionary.com /f/flow_control.html   (600 words)

 Flow control feedback
Flow control is a mechanism created to manage the flow of data between two full-duplex Ethernet devices.
Through flow control, a device that is oversubscribed - either macroscopically from a system resource perspective or microscopically on a port-by-port basis - sends a pause message to its link partner to temporarily reduce the amount of data it's transmitting.
The pros and cons of flow control implementations depend on how a device is deployed in an enterprise and the type of network traffic (data, voice or video) being carried among its link partners.
www.networkworld.com /netresources/0913flow.html   (713 words)

 PC104-Plus 10/100 Ethernet Controller - PPM-10/100
The selection of duplex operation and flow control is done in two levels: MAC and PHY.
Flow control is optional in full-duplex mode and can be selected through software configuration.
There are three modes of flow control that can be selected: frame-based transmit flow control, frame-based receive control and none.
www.pc104plus.com /products/pc104plus/ppm100.html   (827 words)

 Data flow control
Software flow control (XOn/XOff) - Two bytes that are not usually used to transmit text are assigned to two special characters of pausing (XOff) and resuming (XOn) data transmission.
They cannot be used to transmit binary data, for binary files may contain the characters XOn and/or XOff.
Hardware flow control (DTR/DSR) - The DTR (Data Terminal Ready) and DSR (Data Set Ready) signals can also be used for handshaking.
www.aggsoft.com /dnc-precision/help/tid_flowctrl.htm   (428 words)

 Welcome to Flow Control - Solutions for the Fluid Handling Industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
To translate this concept to a flow measurement application, consider a pair of transducers, A and B, located upstream and downstream of the flow respectively.
With swirls, the flow velocity of the liquid is no longer parallel to the axis of the pipe.
If you consider a swirl component, the flow velocity measurements though the ultrasonic paths AB and CD are higher and lower than the actual axial flow velocity respectively.
www.flowcontrolnetwork.com /issuearticle.asp?ArticleID=135   (1603 words)

 [No title]
If there is room in the transmit buffer the return will be immediate, otherwise it will wait until there is room to store the character in the transmit buffer.
Flow control (documented below) can make your system hang on this call in a tight uninterruptible loop under the right circumstances.
Bit 3 = 1 Xon/Xoff on Receive Flow control is enabled, or disabled, by setting the appropriate bits in AL for the types of flow control we want to ENABLE (value = 1), and/or DISABLE (value = 0), and calling this function.
www.bbsdocumentary.com /research/PROGRAMS/NETWORK/FOSSIL/fsc-0015.txt   (4203 words)

 Documentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
When checked, and link negotiation is enabled, the adapter will negotiate 802.3x transmit flow control with the device at the other end of the link.
If 802.3x flow control is supported by the other device, it will be enabled.
When checked (default), and link negotiation is enabled, the adapter will negotiate 802.3x receive flow control with the device at the other end of the link.
support.dell.com /support/edocs/network/78jhu/winnt.htm   (2173 words)

 ProCurve Networking by HP - Support - FAQs
These flow control packets may cause the Switch 2124 Activity LED to flicker or remain on constantly and may also cause a device attached to the Switch 2124 to indicate activity (in terms of received packet statistics).
When two Switch 2124 units are connected to each other, flow control will always be on.
You may disable flow control on the remote device to prevent it from sending flow control packets to the Switch 2124.
www.hp.com /rnd/support/faqs/sw_2124.htm   (2939 words)

 XON/XOFF - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
XON/XOFF is software data flow communications protocol for controlling the flow of data between computers and other devices.
The XON/XOFF protocol is controlled by the recipient of the data being transferred.
The attached devices are capable of transmitting and receiving simultaneously.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Device_control_3   (532 words)

 [No title]
Fundamentals of FOSSIL implementation and use Page 9 Communications functions AH = 0Fh Enable or disable flow control Parameters: Entry: AL = Bit mask describing requested flow control DX = Port number Exit: None TRANSMIT flow control allows the "other end" to restrain the transmitter when you are over-running it.
RECEIVE flow control tells the FOSSIL to attempt to do just that if it is being overwhelmed.
Enabling transmit Xon/Xoff will cause the FOSSIL to stop transmitting upon receiving an Xoff.
www.textfiles.com /programming/FORMATS/fossil.txt   (4189 words)

 Stallion Technologies: Online Documentation - UNIX Manual Chapter 5
UUCP turns all flow control off, and uses its own sliding window protocol.
This results in all transfers between the board and the terminal being temporarily suspended (flow controlled).
This section is relevant only if your system uses software flow control characters other than ^S and ^Q. If a device is receiving characters faster than it can process them, the device will request the port to stop sending characters.
www.stallion.com /html/userdoc/discontinued/chapter5.html   (1273 words)

While the problem of congestion control is still under discussion in the ATM Forum, it is expected that the final solution will use a variety of techniques, including end-to-end, link-by-link, rate-based, and credit-based traffic-flow control.
With end-to-end control, the network measur es the minimum available bandwidth along the connection and communicates the amount of bandwidth to the application, which then transmits at the appropriate rate.
When a c onnection is made from an end-to-end device, the link-by-link device would simply perform the end-to-end flow control when talking to that device.
www.byte.com /art/9412/sec10/art5.htm   (2270 words)

 Extended Commands for USR(3com) Sportster Modems - OIT Help Desk
Command controls the carrier detect signal from the modem to the computer.
Command controls the DTR signal from the DTE to the modem.
Initiates digital loop back test at any link rate, modulation, compression or error control, which allows the remote end to test out their transmit and receive paths.
www.helpdesk.umd.edu /topics/communication/dialup/hardware/2154   (3191 words)

 Server Setup
The purpose of deriving a user class is for client connection management and session flow control management.
These parameters directly impact the transmit flow control behavior.
The client itself has no control on the address that is provided.
docs.hp.com /en/5971-3502/ch09s03.html   (879 words)

 Fundamentals of FOSSIL implementation and use
This function is used to control the DTR line to the modem.
the output buffer (not transmitted yet) is discarded.
Flow control is enabled, or disabled, by setting the appropriate bits in
pcmicro.com /netfoss/FSC-0015.html   (3316 words)

 Intel® 82559 Fast Ethernet Controller - Overview
The 82559 Fast Ethernet controller with an integrated 10/100 Mbps physical layer device is Intel’s leading solution for PCI board LAN designs.
Designs based on the 82559 for desktop systems, laptops, PC cards and servers will set a new industry standard for energy conservation.
Compare the Intel® 82559 Fast Ethernet controller and the Intel® 82550GY and 82550EY Fast Ethernet multifunction controllers.
developer.intel.com /design/network/products/lan/controllers/82559.htm   (200 words)

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